On my knees for the guy I love.

On my knees for the guy I love.

The park was within walking distance so we did not need to worry about driving at night after we may have had something to drink. That was not always a guarantee as neither of us were older than 21 but you never know. The spring celebration was going on all weekend and we decided to go on Saturday, which was a good choice because the weather was great. Nice and warm for a spring day. I wore a t-shirt and a tight pair of cotton shorts and sneakers. I like to show off a little bit but not look like a slut. The party went all day and we were able to look at the craft carts and eat at the vendors. There were ice cream stands and all kinds of foods available. The big attraction was the main stage where different groups performed throughout the weekend with the biggest shows in the evening. The crowds were great and we had a really nice time.

This was not the first time we had been together, of course, but it reminded us of the first time we did something together that did not involve any parents. Now I was 17 and Bill was 16 and we were just one year apart in school. That was nice because we could be together a lot just to enjoy each other as friends. We were not dating, just hanging out together and doing things that you might do as girlfriend and boyfriend, which we were not. The relationship worked well for both of us because we could share things and talk about stuff like our other relationships that did not work out. We talked about everything with each other and we loved each other, but we were not a couple. In fact we encouraged each other to date but it never really worked out for either of us. I think we both really wanted to just be together.

Anyway we were enjoying the spring festival and it was getting dark and the bands were playing. As it started to get colder Bill took off one of the two shirts he was wearing and helped me put it on. That was nice and I moved closer to him to cuddle and keep us both warm. I love the feeling of being in his arms and holding him close. It was about 9pm when we got up to leave. The walk was only about a mile back to our neighborhood and would not take too long and would take us past the school and through the woods. I had been staying extra close all afternoon and wanted to get even closer. Once we were in the trees I pulled Bill over and pinned him up against a large Oak. He did not resist and looked at me with lust in his eyes as I held his head and kissed him deeply. He responded by pulling me closer and running his hands all over my back and down to my ass. I was rubbing myself on his thigh as my mouth worked on his and sucked his tongue.

I could feel his dick harden under the palm of my hand as I rubbed it back and forth, coaxing it more to life. I was no longer cold as I could feel the heat from his dick and his hands on me as he started moving his fingers under the wide belt of my shorts, seeking my shaved pussy. I had other plans, though, and pulled his hand away and brought it up to my mouth. As I looked at Bill, I put his fingers in my hot mouth and sucked each one of them. “It’s my turn.”, I told him. Bill smiled as he understood what I meant. Our relationship is one of being there for each other but we do not let intercourse cloud our feelings. In fact when we have ever had sex of any kind we take turns at different occasions. This time was my turn and I wanted him to feel great and let me take over.

I kissed him hard on the lips again and worked my tongue back into his mouth while my hands found his buckle. I undid his belt slowly and pulled it away. Then I pulled back a little so I could look at Bill while I unzipped his shorts. He stared at me with his mouth open as I reached inside his shorts and pulled his boxers away from his body. Then I reached my small hand into his shorts and found the tip of his very hard dick, already wet from the excitement. I reached my fingers down his shaft and traced his length up and down, making him jump a little. He was loving the control I had and he just leaned back against the tree and let me take over. Bill did not shave his pubic hair but he did keep it trimmed very close, which I really love. It allows me to feel his hair and tickle him without it getting in the way. I moved my hands around to his back and slowly pulled his shorts down his legs to his ankles. This left him totally exposed to my fingers and I reached up and cupped his ass cheeks in both hands, running my fingers all around and in his crack. As I did this I pushed against him and let his now rock hard dick push against my crotch and rub against my shorts, which were soaked with my own juices.

I brought my hand around and returned to lightly fingering his shaft, from the tip down to the thick base. Bill’s dick is about seven inches long and nicely curved. I think it is a beautiful thing and I like it when I can touch it while it is soft and feel it harden in my fingers. This, of course, was not happening now, as he was as hard as I have ever felt him. As I stroked him I reached down and gently touched myself through my shorts. I was soaking my panties and my shorts but did not care. Bill saw me reach down to touch myself and smiled even more. He loves watching me masturbate as much as I love watching him, which we have done on numerous occasions, but tonight was not about that. I pulled my hand away from the front of my shorts and reached under the opening at my leg and ran my finger right into my soaked pussy. My knees almost buckled right then and there from my own touch but I braced against Bill so I would not fall down; not yet.

I removed my finger and brought it up to Bill’s nose so he could get a little of the sweet smell then I placed my fingers into his mouth and let him get a taste of my juice. Bill sucked deeply on my wet fingers while staring at me, hoping for more. I had other plans and I reached my fingers down his shaft and wrapped them under his stiff balls. Bill jumped slightly at the new touch and I started to rake my short fingernails under his balls in his short hair, reaching down further and lightly stroking his ass crack again.

All this time Bill had his hands on my back and my waist, rubbing me and feeling my curves. I love it when he holds my waist gently and he knows this. Now I reached for his hands and brought them up to my shoulders. I took one of his hands and placed it on the back of my head, hinting at what I wanted him to do. Bill did not disappoint and started to gently push me down to my knees. As I lowered myself down to his waiting member I kissed him on the lips and nuzzled his chest. When I was finally down on the ground I rubbed my face against is hard dick and lightly fingered his balls. My lips found the wet head and I kissed it and tongued it liberally. I licked up and down on the shaft and went underneath to lick and suck his balls. Bill was holding my head down and running his fingers through my shoulder-length hair, moaning my name quietly. We both like to watch sex, especially when we are involved, so Bill was pulling my hair to the side to he could see my lips and tongue go to work on his dick. I knew he would be watching so I pulled his dick down level with my mouth and pointed it directly at my tongue while I stroked him in my fist. I was staring in his eyes and jerking his dick at my open mouth with my tongue sticking out. I did not know why he would not come right then and there as I think that is really hot to watch. I was glad he did not come right then because I wanted to really get a taste of his dick so I placed it in the opening of my mouth and wrapped my lips around it and sucked it all the way down.

When he reached the back of my throat I swallowed and took even more of him in. Then I clamped my lips around his shaft and sucked while I pulled back to the tip. Then I sucked him deep again and swallowed some more to get him in all the way. I was lightly stroking his balls again and running my fingers up and down the crease at the top of his thighs as I sucked his dick into my mouth. I love sucking Bill’s dick and learning new ways of pleasing him. I always get wet when I do it and I think about sucking him when I masturbate. Now I wiped some of my saliva off my chin with my finger and reached under his balls and found his tight asshole. As I deeply sucked his rock-hard dick I rubbed my slender finger around his asshole, making it wet. Bill spread his legs some more, allowing me access and telling me he liked this new sensation. I have never fingered his ass before and thought he might like it. Now he was encouraging me so I gently stuck the tip of my finger up is dark hole and twisted it around to get more inside. As I did this I made sure I went down his shaft with my lips, sucking while I went.

I could feel Bill start to buck in my mouth and I knew he was getting close to coming. I sucked harder and faster on his dick and wrapped the fingers of my other hand around the base of his shaft, stroking him into my mouth. Bill loves coming in my mouth especially because he knows I like drinking his come. I do like the taste of come and I really like the way it makes Bill feel. He was staring at me down on my knees so I pulled my mouth off for a moment and looked at him. “Will you come in my mouth?”, I asked? I knew the answer already. Ever since the very first time I sucked his dick and told him it was ok that he come in my mouth. Bill had a wild look in his eyes as I looked at him and placed my lips around the head of his engorged dick. I sucked the tip and stroked his shaft with my fingers while I moved my other hand from his ass and fingered his swollen balls while I sucked even harder.

Bill was thrusting into my face and holding on to the back of my head when he started to come in my mouth. He shot four or five times while I sucked his hot sperm into my waiting mouth, tasting it on my tongue. I continued to stroke his dick while I kept his head firmly between my lips with come on them. When he finally relaxed I carefully removed my lips, while keeping all his come in my mouth. I had a special treat for my lover. I stood and leaned close while wrapping one arm around his shoulders and the other had at the back of his neck. Then I opened my mouth to show him his hot come which I played with my tongue. Bill was gaping at me and telling me how sexy I was. I played with Bill’s come for a moment then swallowed hard while staring right in his eyes. Before I could lick my lips, Bill dove on my mouth and kissed me deeply and licked his remaining come from my tongue and my lips. He swallowed his own come from my mouth and kissed me again before pulling away.

We were both out of breath when I whispered, “I love you” and he responded “I am so in love with you I can’t stand it!” “Next time it is my turn, you know.” I just smiled knowing that he can take care of me better than anyone, but that was for another time and that was our agreement. I helped Bill pull his shorts up over his now hardening dick and we walked the rest of the way holding onto each other. I didn’t know when the next time would be but I am sure we both thought about it when we each went to bed that night. Hopefully we can continue to be happy just being together when we can.

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