One frustrating weekend

One frustrating weekend

One frustrating weekend.

I was at my desk, making reservations for a trip to Atlanta to attend a weekend seminar, when a woman, Vicki, who does freelance work for me dropped by. We chatted for a little while then she asked what I was doing. I told her about the seminar I was going to and that I was making all the reservations for it. She told me that she wanted to go too, but couldn’t afford the hotel and that her car wouldn’t make the five hour trip.

Well, she’d been a friend, and just a friend, for about three years, so I told her she could come with me and I’d get a room with two beds, so all she’d just have to pay for the seminar. I have a real nice expense account, so she wouldn’t have to worry about meals either. She agreed and we made plans for the trip that was three weeks away.

I didn’t think much more about it and picked her up early that Friday morning, and off we went. We got to the hotel just before noon. I checked in, and then we had lunch at the café in the lobby. After lunch I suggested we take our things to the room, and that I might take a nap before the event started late in afternoon.

Well, when we got to the room we got a big surprise. You guessed it, it only had one king size bed. We both laughed, she looked at me and said my wife wouldn’t like this. I called down to the front desk and was told that they had no more rooms, so we had to stay there. I looked at her and said that with a bed that big that we might not even see each other once in it, so she decided it would be ok.

So we unpacked, and I washed up, then lay down, still dressed, for a nap. She got on the other side and lay down too. After a few minutes I fell into a deep asleep. After about an hour, I started to stir. I forgot where I was, but felt something familiar curled up next to me. Then it hit me where I was and it wasn’t my wife next to me. I opened my eyes and looked beside me. We had both rolled to the middle, I had my arm around her, and she had her head on my shoulder.

Vicki is a VERY WELL built woman, nice tits that didn’t need a bra, a flat stomach, and flat ass. One of my hands was cupping her large left breast. A lot of things went through my mind. Like how good her boob felt in my hand, even with her blouse on. Like how long would it be before she woke up and freaked? Like when would she notice my dick that was making a tent in my pants?

I was enjoying the feel of her left boob very much, maybe a little too much. I started squeezing it softly and she stirred a little, and then opened her eyes. I quickly closed mine and waited to see what she would do. I was a little disappointed when she took my hand and moved it down off her breast to her flat belly. Then I opened my eyes like I was just wakening up too. I looked at her and tried to look too surprised. She said it was all right since we both still had our clothes on.

We stayed like that, talking about the rest of the day. She had taken her hand off mine, but left mine on her smooth belly. I started to softly rub it as we talked. She didn’t say anything, but her blouse fell open a little more and I started rubbing all over her hard belly. She got quiet and started to moan a little. I didn’t know how far this would go, but I forged ahead. I turned a little and got my other hand into the action. I started to unbutton her blouse to get at her tits. Vicki doesn’t wear a bra, and likes to tan herself nude, and I was getting my first look at them after three years. My mouth was starting to water. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it, but I didn’t want to scare her by moving to fast. I was gently tweaking her nipples and was kissing her neck. I started moving my other hand down over her pants and rubbing her pussy.

She was getting real hot, but suddenly looked at me with surprise in her eyes. She said that she was sorry, but we shouldn’t go any farther. She said that she’d like to fuck my brains out, but I was married, and she wouldn’t fuck a married man. She hadn’t stopped my hands, so I kept rubbing her pussy thru her pants. I told her that was fine, but how about letting me go down on her, I’d keep my clothes on and just eat her pussy. I told her that I loved eating pussy, and would be satisfied with just that. She thought for a second and said ok, but no fucking. I started undoing her jeans, and she helped me get them off. She took off her blouse and lay back naked with her legs spread. Holy Shit!!!

I was kneeling between her legs looking down at her wondering why I never thought of doing this before. She is stunning! I started rubbing her thighs softly, moving my hands up towards the Promised Land. She had closed cropped hair covering her pussy and it was starting to show a little dew. I gently started stroking her pussy lips, working up to her engorged clit. She put her head back and closed her eyes.

She started to moan again and move her hips to the rhythm of my strokes. I started to move my lips closer and got a whiff of the sweet musky smell from her now very wet pussy. I took my tongue and started to slowly lick her pussy lips very gently. I moved up to her clit and then she push it into my mouth.

Of course, I’m thinking that I’ll get her all worked up and she’ll let me fuck her. She then started her first orgasm, griped my head with her hands and told me to suck her cunt. With that I started working two fingers in her wet tunnel of love, and kept up the pressure on her clit. I found it hard to get the fingers all the way in at first. She was as tight as a virgin. When I got them all the way in, she started cumming again. I have a full beard, and she was making it as wet as her pussy.

She started yelling at me to finger fuck her harder. I put another one in and pushed them in and out as fast as I could. In a couple of minutes she started to tense up and I knew a big one was coming. She clamped down on my head with her smooth thighs and started to flood my mouth with more pussy juice than I’d ever seen before. She clamped down hard on my fingers with her pussy, like a vice, and I couldn’t move them any more. I kept sucking her clit and felt wave after wave of her orgasm sweep over her. Then I slowed my sucking and was able to remove my fingers from her pussy as her orgasm subsided.

She was still breathing hard when I raised my head as she looked down at me and said that she didn’t have sex too often, but that this was the best she’d had in a very long time. I smiled, but before I could say anything, she said she still wasn’t going to fuck me. I told her that I didn’t think my wife would be any more upset if we did. My balls were about to explode, but she wouldn’t budge. She said that if I needed relief, she’d rub my balls while I jacked off.

I took my clothes of in a flash, laid down, and she got between my legs. I was still thinking she would still give in. I started jerking my dick, and she rubbed my balls and spit on my dick for lube. She was encouraging me and kept drooling spit on my hard hot shaft. I just knew that at any second she’d take it in her mouth or straddle it and slide it into her dripping hole. But NO! I started to feel my balls getting ready to blow, and told her that I was going to cum. She just squeezed my balls and I shot a huge load up that landed from my chin to my belly.

Now don’t get me wrong, that felt good, but I was still disappointed. She did rub my cum all over, then stroked my dick some more and that sent more small shocks waves through me. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said that she hoped I understood. With that she got up and took a shower BY HERSELF!

I kept reminding myself that we were just friends and that was more important than a piece of ass. I didn’t believe it, but I kept thinking it. After we cleaned up, we went to the ballroom and checked in for the seminar. They had a cocktail reception and dinner. The whole time, Vicky was holding my hand or had hers on the small of my back, just above my ass. This all felt good and all, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. I was hoping it meant that we were going to fuck when we got back to the room.

We had dinner, and then the after dinner speakers started. They lowered the lights, and three or four very boring speakers talked for about an hour and a half. While everyone was listening to the speakers, I leaned close to her and put my right hand on her inner thigh, just below the hemline of her short skirt, and started rubbing it. After a little while, she opened her legs a little wider. I looked over at her, and her eyes were a little glassed over and was breathing a little heaver. I was slowly moving my hand up her thigh. I was feeling brave because the tablecloth was covering us up.

She slipped down in the chair a little bit, and now my hand was rubbing her wet twat. She didn’t have any panties on. As I started rubbing her pussy lips, she put her hand under the table, and grabbed my ragging cock thru my pants. I couldn’t help but think that fucking was on the menu tonight. I looked at her beautiful face and saw her eyes were shut, and she was biting her lip. I started rubbing her love bud harder, and she started slipping over the edge to an orgasm. She shook a little, but kept biting her lip, and never made a sound. My hand was very wet from her pussy juice, and I brought it slowly to my mouth, and then I sucked my fingers like I’d spilled sometime on them, just in case anyone noticed. She saw me do that, leaned over, and told me to help her get my dick out. She wanted to return the favor.

I was hoping we weren’t too obvious and getting any unwanted attention, but we got my dick free and standing proud, under the table. She took her hand and rubbed her pussy to get it lubed, then started stroking my love stick. She couldn’t do it to fast, without everyone around us knowing I was getting my knob polished, so she made up with technique. I reached under the table and started squeezing my nuts as I felt the pressure building up. I looked at her, and she could tell by looking in my eyes, that I was ready to cum. She jacked a little harder and I started to blow my nuts. I shuttered as I was blowing my sperm between my legs all over the floor. Vicki kept squeezing my dick until I stopped spewing cum. She brought her hand up, covered with cum, and grabbed a napkin to clean her hand off. She handed my mine so I could clean my hand and my now limp cock. I got everything stuffed back in my pants, as the last speaker was finishing up.

The lights came up and we got up to leave the ballroom. I looked down, and saw a large glob of spunk on the tip of my right shoe. I told Vicki. We both laughed, and I looked for a place to rub it off. I was just happy that cum wasn’t all down the front of my pants. I must have left a large puddle on the floor under my chair.

We hung around talking to other people about the night’s speakers, but the whole time I’m thinking she’ surly going to give me some of her sweet pussy now. As we were on the elevator, she whispered that she still wasn’t going to fuck me, but she decided that she could suck my dick.

As soon as we got in the room, we were stripping, kissing, and getting to the bed as fast as we could. I told here that I wanted to sixty-nine with her. She agreed, and I got on the bottom. She sat across my chest, then leaned over and started licking my shaft. I got my arms around her waist and brought her wet pussy to my mouth. I’m now working to bring her the most pleasure I can; thinking she’ll get carried away, and finnaly fuck me. I was trying to ignore the deep throat blowjob I was getting, and just concentrate on her. It wasn’t easy.

I was kissing and nibbling around her pussy without making any direct contact. I’d swirl my tongue around the edges of her cunt lips, and lightly graze her love nub. I pulled her down a little more and worked my tongue up to her ass hole. She was shuttering as I rimmed her for a while, getting her ass hole wet. I worked my way back to her tight wet cunt hole and dove my tongue right in. As I tongue fucked her she started her first orgasm. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and lapped her gushing cum juice as it poured over my face. I quickly got her big clit in my mouth, and started sucking it as fast as I could. That pushed her to two more orgasms.

Then I started to feel what she was doing to my dick. Being excited by her orgasms, she began sucking my dick harder and deeper. I could feel my balls starting to boil. I threw my head back and yelled that I was going to cum. She doubled her effort on my dick, sticking it all the way to the back of her throat, and was sucking till I wasn’t sure if she wasn’t going to rip it off. Then I blasted down her throat. I kept blasting load after load down her throat, screaming the whole time. She pushed me off a little, but kept my dick in her mouth, and I filled her mouth with the last of my thick spunk. She took my cock out, and spit the cum back on my dick and balls, rubbing in around with her hands. She then started to lick everything clean as I came back to earth.

She got off me, turns around, put her arms around me and started kissing me with her cum slick lips and tongue. She asked how she did. I told her that I was trying to get her so hot that she would want to fuck me. But instead, she completely deflated my dick with one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever had. She laughed and said that was the idea. I tried to figure out why this was different from fucking. We had done EVERYTHING but actual penetration. She said it was just a rule of hers not to let a married dick into her pussy, only single men.

We did variations of that four more times before we left on Sunday night. It was late and dark on our drive home. She lay down with her head on my lap as I drove. I pulled her pants down and played with her pussy for the last three hours. When we pulled up in front for her place, she gave me one more earth shaking orgasm and swallowed my load. When she got out of the car I noticed the passenger seat was soaking wet with her pussy juice. I was real happy that it was a rental car. The next people who rented this car are going to be smelling Vicki’s sweet pussy. I hoped they enjoyed it as much as I did.

We got together a few more times, before she moved out of state the next year, but I never did get my dick in that pussy.

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