One Long Weekend ( part one )

One Long Weekend ( part one )

It was Friday night and my High School was buzzing because the big football game was tonight against our arch rival the Knights. I was excited too even thought I couldn't play because I had two badly broken Ribs from the week before. (Stupid South Guy just beat me to the corner and hit me with full force).So I would be on the sideline watching and helping the coaches. At lot of people were there that night watching the game, it was pretty exciting we won by one point. As I watching the game I could see Diem a girl that i kind had a crush on and more than a few weird moments with too and see was talking to one of best friends Gabby. Gabby and I have been friends since we were in grade school. she was a pretty latina girl with brown eyes and brown hair. Diem was the cutiest girl in school, an asian with black hair and Green years. Anyway, after the celebration of our win. I drove home and just remembered that my parents were out of town for the weekend on business and, my brother and sister were also out of town. I got up my house, I locked my truck up and headed for the house and then a car pulled up into the driveway. At first I couldn't tell who it was, but then I heard a familiar voice, it was Gabby. I give her a hug and a kiss like I always did and she said she had something to tell me.

We entered the house and I turned on the TV to get the rest of the cities scores. As I was doing this I did not notice Diem walk through the front door and I was surprised when I look to see her on my couch next to Gabby. Diem sat there quietly while Gabby talked which I did not really pay attention too. Then I heard the words "FUCK US" I started too.

WHAT!!! was all I could think. She said since I couldn't play in the game they decided that I needed a little game of my own and the best game was with the two of them. All of a sudden before I knew it they had my shirt off and were unbuttoning my shorts until my cock was in full sight. Next I know I was getting my cock sucked by Diem while Gabby stripped down to her bra and panties. They wiped off all their clothes without me knowing it. Now both girls were in their Bra and Panties and they must of planned this because they were both wearing sexy black panties and dark blue bras.

A knock on the door was the next thing I heard. It was my neighbor Brandi she was Freshman while the rest of us were Juniors at the same school. She stripped down to the same black and dark blue underwear the other two were wearing. Diem bent down and started to remove Brandi's panties and threw them in to the back yard, through the open window in my kitchen. Diem took off her bra and Gabby stripped naked while she continued to suck my cock.

Gabby finally stopped and pulled me by my cock to the kitchen where she put a condom on my cock herself. Then she motioned it into Brandi's pussy and ordered me to fuck her wild. Meanwhile I fucked the shit out of the young Freshman Diem and Gabby were trading kisses with me. Faster and Faster I went until I exploded and withdrew,and leaded back against the counter for a while, It wasn't too before Diem was naked and jumped into my arms, then lowered herself on my cock. while she tried to lower herself, i notice were Gabby had gone, she was on the counter peeing in the kitchen sink. I let her finish and then we all headed back to my room, where all four of us fucked for a good two hours and we all passed out on my bed.

Later that night, I felt something pushing me and moving me closer to one of the girls on my bed. Then I felt a hand on my cock that removed the condom and started the else it into a hole. After my cock was in the hole I could feel four hands jerking it. I soon cum in the hole and feel back to sleep. I woke up about an hour or two later, with a scream from Gabby. I was laying on top of her with my cock in her ASS and cum all around her ASSHOLE.

The next Morning i Woke Up between Gabby and Diem. Brandi was, well, she must have gone home because she wasn't anywhere I could see. I got up and put some shorts on and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast for me and the girls. I saw the clock and it was around 8 A.M. the normal time I got up on a Saturday. I went outside got the morning paper and was greeted by the nice church lady from down the street.

While I was talking to her I noticed that Gabby and Diem were up and about and I used every hand signal in the book to have the stay back but they didn't. I introduced them both to the lady who was confused on why they we're here. Finally we ended talking the her and I went back to make breakfast while the girls when out to the living room.

" You do know that you two could have screwed me there " I said…
" Good thing we didn't come down the stairs naked like we wanted to " Gabby said….
" Yeah" Diem added to our conversation.

I finished making breakfast and where watching T.V. and there it was "A.P. Knights defeated by W.F. Wolverines… in a magical finish 22-21"
Gabby reading the paper found a great article about the QB from A.P. " on how he was going to beat the HELL out of us " and this article happens to be printed the day after the game,and she just throws the paper on the ground and pulls down her shorts she was wearing and just pees like there is NO tomorrow on the paper.

" You know my parents want to read that when they get home, RIGHT " I said…
" I'll buy them a new one don't worry " Gabby….

She got right on top of me and with a deep passionate kiss, Diem was already at my shorts and she was getting my ready for Gabby's Pussy again. Sucking so good I wanted to blow right into her mouth.Stiff and Ready after that little B.J. my cock easily slipped right into Gabby's Pussy. She was Cowgirl riding me like a horse on the fourth of July. We heard the doorbell ring and Brandi was standing right there

" I only have an hour till my parents come back" Brandi
Just as Brandi said that Gabby got up and both her and Diem stripped Brandi down to nothing.. She came over to me naked and slipped a condom on my cock and put her tight as Hell pussy on cock.. I fucked her till I came and a little more after that. She then got up and took the condom off my cock and sat down on lap with my cock go right into her ass. Gabby and Diem helped her get through the first pain by kissing her all over the place. I couldn't stand it anymore I blew my load right in that freshman girls ass. She got up and got the rest of the paper and placed it on the floor and Diem came over followed by Gabby started to finger the girls ass. Just a few minutes lated all the cum that I just blew into Brandi was out into a bowl that I don't remember seeing come out. The cum was shared by Diem and Gabby Brandi wasn't left out of it and Diem after finishing the cum got up and put her pussy right up to Brandi face and peed on her face. Gabby also peed right in the poor girls face but she seemed to enjoy it That Brandi returned the favor and peed in both of their faces.

I was just sitting on the couch wondering when this weekend was going to end and wish that it would never end. Brandi quickly took a shower and went back home. Gabby, Diem and I just sat there on the Couch and just started to watch the game on T.V. ( repeat from last night ). I still had a night and a day left on this weekend I didn't know what would happen NEXT…

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