One Long Weekend ( Part Two)

One Long Weekend ( Part Two)


We finished watching the game on T.V. and I have to say it was more exciting the night before because we were there last night. We knew everything that was going to happen. Anyway, The game was finally over and and all three of us were hungry. So I grabbed some stakes for the freezer and headed out to the backyard. Gabby and Diem when back to my room to find some clothes to put on and come out with me.

BBQing was fun for me and i liked to cook so it was no big deal. Then I saw both of them in matching black bikinis that barely covered anything. They must have planned this weekend because first their bra and panties, and now the matching bikinis. They both greeted my dogs and headed to the pool, and went for a swim. My dogs were just as happy to see them as I was.

During this BBQing i was preoccupied with, Gabby sneaks up behind me and unfastens her bikini bottom and came up behind me and just like she did with my paper she pissed on the back of my leg. She kissed me and I kissed her back and she just smiled at me and went back to swimming with no bottom on

Finally the steak was done and I called the girls and they came to the table and sat down. We had our lunch and just talked about the shit that was going on at school. Something must have caught Diem's eye because
she just stopped talking got up. Removed her Bikini Bottom and Sat back down. I was confused at first but then realized what she was doing, well both of them were doing…. THEY WERE BOTH SHITTING ON MY PATIO. But the weird thing about this, they both just kept on eating while they shit. Diem for a little girl she shits a lot and Gabby wasn't Far behind her.

" Feel Better "
" Yes" Diem, " Very " said Gabby.

" You Know we still have the rest of today and tonight " Gabby said
" Then better not waste it " Diem added

They both wiped their asses and headed back in the house. I cleaned up the patio and the grill. Went back into the house and put the dishes back in the cabinets after I washed them. Gabby came up and turned me around and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. Diem snuck in unbuttoned my shorts and exposed my already hard cock.
" Now it is time to wash up " They both said together as Diem grabbed my cock and pulled me along while Gabby walked ahead of us.

We got to the bathroom the shower already started Gabby got in, Diem followed still with my cock in her hand. When I got in a three way kiss happened were both of their mouths were everywhere. The kiss broke up and Diem jumped into my arms and Gabby got down and helped my cock in that beautiful Asian pussy of Diem. Up and Down she went it wasn't long before we both came and let her down. Diem got down from my arms and she started to suck my cock. Gabby was already bent over and ready, but Diem had to decide wear it should go. Diem grabbed my cock and jammed it right in the small ass hole of Gabby. She screamed at first but then seem to get used to it. stroke by stroke, she screamed a little and finally after a few minutes I blew my load in her Ass.

Diem turn the water off and we all grabbed a towel. Another three way kiss later and we were back on my bed Fucking like there was no tomorrow. Diem and Gabby kissing passionately their wet hair getting tangled and me fucking the sit out of these poor little girls pussies. I was so exhausted that I finally had to stop. I pulled my cock out of Diem's pussy and just blew my load onto both of girl's stomachs, legs and pussies. I just feel back and off the bed. Must have hit the ground hard because I crack two more ribs.

I tried to explain how i cracked to more ribs that Tuesday at Practice. He was not to happy with me. I didn't tell him that I feel off the bed fucking two girls. I told him i fell off my roof fixing the shingles because the falcons damaged them. I was kind of shock to me because I didn't realize I cracked two more ribs until I had X-Rays done on Tuesday that following week..

Anyway back to the story…. both girls rushed to me but i was out cold, sleeping like a Rock. Diem and Gabby tried to wake me but I didn't wake. They just laid next to me, one on either side. They both finally also drifted off the sleep.

Next thing i know, I wake up and look up at the clock…. 12: 22 am Sunday son of a bitch, I was out for 8 hours. I got up and looked around.


I got up and stumbled to my feet… The girls were gone. I went to the bathroom and took a leak and i could feel my breathing get harder. I went back to my room and found some shorts and put them on. I walked out to the living room. No Girls, Kitchen….again No Girls….. Looking around the house and then I saw that the Patio Door was open.. I went outside and aw a white and golden figures in my pool.

" Good Morning Sleepy Head." Gabby greeted me…. Diem Got out of pool completely naked and we started to kiss. Damn It was one of the best kiss from her I have had.

Gabby got out of the water and got behind me and …..

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