Only Son Becomes Mom's Best Lover – Part II

Only Son Becomes Mom's Best Lover – Part II

My mom does not have sexy good looks. Most men would, however, find her averagely pretty, and her demeanor is sweet and cheerful. She looked like that thirtish mom in the TV Serial "The 70's Show", only mom is much bigger. She is 5' 8" tall and weighs about 170 lbs. She is volumptous like the women in Reuben's oil masterpieces. She is a nurse. Looking at her nobody in their wildest imagination would believe that such a woman would seriously fuck her son.

The two weeks after our first mother/son fucking was very intense. We fucked almost everyday. After that it became three or four times a week. After about four months we only fucked occasionally, perhaps once or twice a week. But if I came up with something new and exciting she would asked to be fucked three or four time a week for about two weeks. And then it was back to the routine. She has a cute "come on" line for me. She would wriggle her behind and asked wantonly: "Hey, sony boy, wanna visit mummy's womb?".

Mom started going out again and only rarely fucked other men who were all in their forties and fifties. Out of curiosity I once asked her why she did not go for younger men. She said that she dated because she wanted to find a husband. She got all the sex she needed from me. That was good for her because she could then afford to play her "hard to get" tactics for longer than most women her age would. And it is comforting to me that I remained the one and only young buck in her life.

Sometimes we had long fucking sessions, going on and off for over an hour while watching the TV, sometimes with only one of us finally getting an orgasm, and we called it a night and went to bed. It was getting to be a little like a loving pair of husband and wife. It was often studded with intimate conversations. Like this one, for example:

"Mom, didn't it bother you to fuck Dad in front of me?". I asked once.

"Yes, it did bother me at first. But your Dad said you just won't know what it is all about. You were only ten, anyway. But sometimes I suspected he actually enjoyed the fucking more with you around. At those times I noticed that he seemed to fuck me more furiously and for longer duration.", She replied smiling.

"You were right. I thought you and Dad were just fooling around….like wrestling or something. But you know what? I think my obsession with pubic hair in later life has much to do with watching you bathe. Perhaps even then subconsciously I was aroused by that thick dark bush below your belly button.". I said

And of course we resumed taking showers and baths together. Each such session would last an hour or more. This was really exciting for me. She would wash me like she did when I was ten. But now she allowed me to wash her in return. I would soap her standing up. I would start from her hair and face and move down. Before I soap her I would kiss her nose, her face, nibble her ear lobs, suck her lips and her neck. Then I started on her breasts, first sucking them, playing with them and then applying the soap. Then I move on to her lovely ample belly and that belly button. She told me she get a sensation in her pussy every time I push my stiffen tongue into her belly button and tickle it. And then there was that thick patch of hair down below. By now my cock was usually fully erect and throbbing. I sucked her pussy for ten minutes before I put on the soap. Then I climaxed with that bulbous behind and those thick thighs. I always pushed aside her buttock cheeks and licked her asshole.

By this point we were both ready for fucking. We only had time to wash the soap from our loins and then moved into the bedroom floor where we had earlier on laid one of those gym-mattress. I laid her on her back and fucked her just like the way my Dad used to do.

Such pre shower fucking often turned out to be long and refreshing. Mom was never greedy. She always asked me to end it after each of us had our first orgasm. Perhaps she did not want to wear me out. It may seem strange to some of you. Actually I did have a big cock but I was not at all muscular or strong. I was still that skiny kid she used to wash.

If we were in the bath she would be incharged. She slowly added on more hot water until it was steamy hot like it was in a Japanese hot tub. She would kneel and hover over me. I would kiss her long and hard. I would suck her nipples which the very hot water had turned bright red. I would then finger fuck her pussy and her asshole. Then we reversed positions and it was my turn to kneel over her and she got to work on my cock, squeezing and rubbing it. She would squeeze my butt cheeks and finger fuck my asshole. When we were all pink and hot from half an hour in the steamy hot water we would move over to the bedroom floor and fucked till we both got our explosive climax.

One night during one of those TV watching long slow fucking session, mom started to get bored because neither of us is getting an orgasm, and we have been at it for half an hour already.

"We have fucked for what, half an hour now? Do you want to stop? I am getting a little tired". She yawned.

"No mom. That was only the warming up. I have planned something brand new to night". I said, smiling wantonly.

I slipped off the sofa and pressed my face into that lovely patch. I rubbed my nose in it and smell that musty smell. I took a sip from the hot tea to warm up my tongue and lips and started licking her pussy. She sighed. I repeat the process with constant sips of the steamy hot tea. I even squirt a little tea into her vagina. On those occasions she would shudder a little and moaned louder. (For those of you who might want to try, simple plain tea is quite safe as it is acidic like the vagina's own fluid. Actually in some culture tea is used as a cleaning agent. She could flush it out with her urine. There is no side effect like irritation or infection).

Her pussy was now bright pink and she was clenching her teeth. I took a hot towel from the flask and wraped it round my big cock for about two minutes. My cock became big, hard and red. I got between moms' thigh and slowly pressed my cock through into the pink pussy. Mom took a big gulp of air and exhaled loudly.

"Oh God! This is great. Si…………….si………I love more of this Jim." She gasped making a hissing sound.

I repeated my "red hot piston" trick. I kept my cock inside her until I thought it has lost its heat, then I took it out and heat it up with another hot towel and pushed it in again. I did this for three or four times and her pussy was dripping juice. Next I started fucking. My cock felt a bit numb but mom's orgasm came after five minute of sharp, short jabs, the way she liked it.

"Wow, this is the real Hot Rod. It sure feels different. You thought of it all by yourself? You like to rest a while" asked mom lovingly.

"A guy who can't keep going long enough to bring his wife to orgasm invented this. He was frustrated because he used to errupt after only five minutes or less of fucking. His wife who fucked me told me that this trick not only let her cum faster, it also enabled her bubby to pump her much longer. To night we shall see if it really works." I said.

Meanwhile mom rest and watch her TV. I took the towels and soaked them in hot water, wrung them dry and put them back in the flask. We watched the rest of the show so that mom can rest more. After about an hour mom said she was rested and would like to fuck again. This time I didn't heat mom's pussy with any hot tongue licking because I wanted to be sure she could endure a lot more cock fucking before another orgasm. I thought probably she could because she had already got one orgasm earlier on. I certainly don't want her to lose her sexual appetite before I am really over. I had women who felt satiated, lost their appetite, then their vaginas became dry and they asked me to stop because it got to be painful for them. I had to pull out and jerk off

With the four towels I got my cock red, hard and hot to the touch, and it looked slightly bigger. I squeeze some jelly into mom's pussy, smeared some on my big cock. She knelt on the sofa with her hands on the sofa back. I pushed my cock in without any ceremony and began fucking her hard with my usual long strokes. She accompanied my fucking with her usually moaning.

She was able to take more fucking this time lasting all fifteen minutes before her orgasm. She said she was tired and would like to call it a night. I persuaded her to rest for another half hour to see if she can take more. She said she had never taken three orgasms with such short interval between each. She doubt she could take it. We have fucked three times in 24 hours before but they were well spaced out, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and another just before going to bed.

I let mom rest for about an hour and started again. I only got going for ten mimutes before her vagina became dry and she wanted me to stop altogether. However she was happy to suck me. I let her suck for a while but I decided to wank off myelf for it was getting late. She is after all already 38 and she is my mom. After about ten minutes of wanking I shot my sperm all over the TV screen, "in the face" of some actress of a late night show. Mom burst out laughing. We went to sleep in each other's arm, fully satisfied.

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