Only son becomes mom's best lover

Only son becomes mom's best lover

I was a prematured baby and my mother's only child. As such mom smothered me with love and attention and was overprotective. She continued to bathe me right up to age ten and after that allowed me to take a bath with her in the shower or in the bath right up to age thirteen. So from an early age I have a complete visual image of my mother, her fair silky skin, her big firm breasts, her plumb protruding buttock and thick thighs. I used to stair at mom's thick pubic hair in the shower.

Sometimes my father joined us in the shower. On several occassions I saw father put his finger into mom just under her pubic hair and she started to giggle and sighed. And on a few occasions I saw father pushed his big long penis into mom under her pubic hair and started fucking her in the shower while I watched. On some occasions they just left the shower and fuck each other on the bedroom flour and I looked at them from the shower.

I was a late developer and what you would called a studious nerd. But even so when mom rubbed, squeezed and washed my penis when I was aged ten, I felt a sensation and saw the penis got bigger. When this happened mother would turned up her face to look at me and smiled and said nothing. After ten I still sometimes shared the shower with mom but she no longer washed me. I attended a very strict Catholic school, so even at thirteen and sharing the shower with my beautiful and voluptuous mom I still have no idea what sex was.

When I turned fifteen my parents had a divorce and mom and I had to move to a poor neighbourhood. I started to learn about sex and news of my huge cock sort of got around and I had a few girls who were more than willing to fuck with me. I remember two black girls could not have enough of me, saying that the other boys' cock did not quite satisfiy them

Of course mom no longer shared a shower with me but everytime I recalled those shower scenes with mom and vivid images of her body I had a terrific erection. I often phantasized about fucking mom on the bedroom floor like how father used to do. Each time I needed to jerk off. Sometimes even watching mom in her tight-fitting blouse and jean sent my cock into a frenziedly nodding, thick nine inch meaty-rod. Sometimes when I found mon's panties in the bathroom I would wraped the panty around my huge cock and masturbate. On one occasion I forgot to wash the panty and mom found it soaked with my sperm. She just advised me not to indulge in it too often because masturbation is bad for my health

Mom was a highly sexed woman and she had a few lovers after her divorce. One night after a particularly bad breakup she came home deeply depressed. It was passed midnight she came into my room, laid next to me, hugged me and weeped. She was drunk. She was half-undressed, still wearing her bra and panty. When I woke up and found mom hugging me from behind, I reached out and turned on the light. Mom's half naked body woked me up completely. I shifted my body, turned to face her and embraced her. I started kissing her on the cheeks and then the lips. Then in the next few seconds all the pent up yearnings for mom surged and my cock rosed to its full nine inch glory.

After a few minutes mom stopped weeping and dozed off. I released her from my embrace and turned her on her back. I stared at her voluptuous body for a while, took off her bra and started to fondle and squeeze both her breasts. Mom woke up, looked at me and said nothing. She closed her eyes again. I started to suck her tits. Mom breathed deeply and moaned a little. I then stroked mom's ample belly and licked her belly button. She moaned, crossed her legs and squeezed them together hard.

I knew what I should do next. I parted her thighs and got between them. I started licking and biting into that familiar thick bush, pulling it with my teeth. It has grown much thicker than the last time I saw it. I started licking her pussy and all around it. I felt mom moved her bottom slightly sideways, left and right, which meant that she was no longer drunk and is fully alert and is enjoying the sensation from my tongue on her pussy.

I pulled the pussy lips apart and started licking their insides and then the clit. Mom by now was moaning loudly and turned her head left and right. I stuck my tongue inside her pink hole and tongue fuck her. She started bucking up her pussy into my face.

"Jim darling, fuck me now. Give mom a good fuck", mon said those words through her clenched teeth. I raised my eyes to look at her. Her face was red and sweaty and she was grimacing.

I realised from my experiences that to wait any longer would be to torture her. I decided that she was my mom and she must get the best fuck I can give her. I pushed my cock into her. It wasn't too tight as it was never out of use and she had a constant supply of cocks up her pussy all the time. And judging by the broadness of her hips she is one of those women with big pussy. So my nine inch cock fitted her as snuggly as it fitted those two black girls I told you about earlier on.

"Jim, go all the way in. Pull half way out and jam in hard. That's is the way I like it". She knew what she wanted. Big pussy woman love it this way.

I think my nine inch cock was able to hit her cervix and she was in ecstasy. I pumped her for five minutes she cried out "Ah! O God" and went into her first spasm. She sank her nails into my back and ground her teeth. After her orgasm subsided a little she pulled my face to her and kissed me. I changed my style. I pulled my cock all the way to the tip and slowly push it in. I continued to fuck her this way while talking to her.

"Do you enjoy that mom?'

"I certainly do Jim. When I was washing you when you were just ten I knew you will have a big penis when you grow up, because at that age it was already bigger than the sixteen years old boys I used to fuck before I was married. Your cock is just right for me. It was thick enough to fill me up and long enough to hit my cervix. It was slightly painful but well worth it." mon grinned and jerked up her pelvis to make a point.

"How do you like the long stroke mom?". I asked, as I continued pulling my cock to its tip and then jammed it in all the way. I had been doing it for the last two minutes.

"I didn't have a long one inside me before. With your nine inch I think I would like to try the long stroke". She started to go red in the face again and starting to breath hard. She is hot and ready.

"Jim, give it to mom long and hard"

I quicken my pumping. I pulled a lot of her juice out of her pussy as she moaned, tossd her pussy and grinding her teeth. This went on for another ten minutes.

"Harder, harder, Jimmy boy, fuck your mom, fuck…….fuck……Ah! She let out a loud long howl, her pussy tightened around my cock and she went into her second spasm. I could no longer hold out. I resumed the short jabs, the way she prefered, and after twenty or so jabs I exploded into her

Of coursse, it went without saying, mom recovered from her breakup with her boyfriend. She was thirty eight years of age and was at the peak of her sexual maturity. I left all my other girls and devoted my self to mom, fucking her whenever she or I wanted to. Even when it was she who got horny and I am not, I can easily obliged her, because one look at her thick bush will make my cock hard. I am one of those guys who love lots of hair around the pussy and mom got lots of it. Since I started fucking her I forbid her to trim her pubic hair and it is now two to three inches long and it extened to her anus.

Sometimes on weekends we went naked all day and fucked maybe three times or four times in twenty four hours. Both mom and I were surprised how often we could fuck. I think after my marriage I would still be able to take care of my mom sexually in addition to my wife. Everytime I repeat this promise to her mom would chuckle and told me not to worry because by the time I get married her sexual appetite would certainly not be as insatiable as she is now.

I showed the story to mom she loved it and it made her horny again. she told me to fuck her right away on the carpet next to my computer. But she wanted to suck me first, as she love to see the full nine inch in her hand and in her mouth.

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