Our Night Out – Part 2

Our Night Out – Part 2

While we were getting dressed in the cool night air beside the open rear door of my van she had told me about the after party she suspected was going on at Nancy’s houses. Nancy lived alone in a house past the edge of town and whatever the girls did after a night at the club usually happened there. I followed Sheila’s directions across town and onto a dirt road that lead us up to a small single level house, there were about eight cars and trucks in the front and just a few lights on inside.

As we opened the gate and crossed the yard, Sheila suggested we go around the back and let ourselves in unannounced. As we got closer I could hear music coming from inside I think it was then that my heard began to race and I started to get the feeling of eager anticipation and excitement. The night had already been amazing, I had done it with one of my wife’s best friends and it had been one of the best sexual encounters of my life, the kind of sex you fanaticize about or see in porn but never thing you could actually have. But what may be going on in this house could take everything to another level entirely. I knew my wife had taken other lovers and she knew I had too, and we both knew that we knew but as crazy as it seems in five years of marriage we had never discussed it. We had talked about it, ‘swinging’ and we knew, as a fantasy, it turned both of us on but actually facing the truth that we were both sleeping around was a reality we had not faced. We still enjoyed a very potent sex life, I know we shared fantasies, perversions, and intimacies with each other we could never express with our other lovers and I believe that level of trust is what kept us together.

Sheila slid in the back door and into the kitchen, I followed and as we headed down the hall a girl slipped out of one of the rooms in front of us, I recognized her as she and Sheila hugged, it was Nancy, one of my wife’s friends I had met earlier at the bar. Nancy had dark skin her black hair was mussed and she was in her panties and a t-shirt, I saw a shitless black man moving in the bedroom she had just come out of.

“Hay baby, having fun?” Sheila asked

“Hell yeah, just like always, and you?” Nancy looked at me and smiled, I couldn’t miss her massive tits tipped by two little rock hard points beneath that tight white ‘wife-beater’ t-shirt of hers.

“Oh, we’ve been getting to know each other pretty well,” Sheila said as she grabbed my arm and pushed her tits onto my chest to emphasize her point. “Where’s our girl?” she asked.

“I left her in the living room, she’s getting plenty of attention,” Nancy’s eyes darted from Sheila to me and back she managed to squeeze between me and Sheila and slid her hand on my hip and across my waist as she did. She moved slowly down the hall, shaking her tight black ass for me to see as she disappeared into the kitchen “See you later.” ‘Plenty of Attention,’ I thought about her words as I watched her go, tonight was going to be a new step in my marriage I wondered if I would still be able to have the same relationship with by wife after this night, then I wondered I might get to fuck Nancy.

We walked into the living room at the end of the hall and my eyes took a minute to adjust to the dim light. I could see several men gathered around something in the center of the room, my heart felt like it was in my throat, I was so excited, I stared but they did not notice us. I wondered could it be, was it? I saw a woman’s leg stretch out from between two of the men, the foot arched, the toes clenched in a ball, I recognized it immediately and I almost dropped my jaw on the floor, it was her it was like a fantasy, I fully expected to wake up in bed any second with a big wet spot in my boxers. Sheila had to take my arm to bring me back to reality she held a finger to her lips to remind me to keep quiet as she showed me to a chair right in front where I could enjoy a full view.

I sat down and Sheila stretched out on the couch to the side placing her feet up on the back of the couch. As my eyes adjusted to the darkens I began to get a better view of what was happening no more than five feet in front of me. A slim muscular man had his back to me his bare buttocks was thrusting gently, in his right hand was my wife’s bare left leg. A soft voice let out a long moan that I knew was her, the moan turned into a rhythmic whimper matched to the beat of the man’s thrusts. I had no idea how long they had been fucking before I came in the room but it was reaching its climax as I watched. His strokes got faster and deeper he let out a groan and clenched my wife’s hips pulling her pelvis into his I could tell he was cumming, he pulled her body in tight and I could tell he hadn’t pulled out one bit he had cummed deep in her and I could hear her groaning and loving it.

After a moment of them frozen together he pulled out and stepped back I saw is hard dick dripping with my wife’s pussy juices drops of cum dripped of the tip of his erect member. I immediately realized he was not wearing a condom, she was fucking him and probably all these men with no birth control, I felt my own cock stiffen even more at the thought of them cumming in her unprotected vagina. As he moved from between her legs I got my first good look at her, she was lying on her back either propped up on a table or a soft high chair, I couldn’t tell. She was naked her big milky soft tits lay on her chest heaving and glimmering in sweat, her reddish blond hair in a mess, as she gasped to catch her breath.

There were a total of four men around her, to her left by her head was a white man who’s erection poked out of his boxers he was pointing his dick right at my wife’s cheek as he jerked off, His cock was shining and wet and I suspected it had popped out of my wife’s mouth just seconds before her orgasm I recognized him as the man I had seen her dancing with as I left the club hours earlier. Beside him was a taller black man who was completely naked, the huge thing between his legs was truly amazing, it was a black log, uncircumcised, it looked like it belonged between the legs of a horse. He had taken her leg in his hand and held it up putting her foot close to his shoulder he was caressing her and running his big black hand from her ankle all the way down her white thighs to her wet snatch. His two long fingers parted her full lips and disappeared into her, his hands and eyes were all over her lower body with a hunger that told me he had not yet fucked her. The man across from him on her right was also black but he was shorter and was still in his boxers, his hands were also all over her body massaging her tits, hips, and legs. She returned the favor by reaching in through the front of his boxers and taking his cock in her hands, short groping strokes inside his underwear told me she was attempting to get his dick hard, his lack of a erection and the attention she was giving his soft black hose made me think he may have been the last to arrive in the group.

The guy who had just finished fucking her had moved up beside her face she wasted no time in reaching over with her free hand and guiding his cock into her mouth. I watched my wife take the hard rod deep in her mouth and pump it. She swallowed it all the way, cleaning their cum off of it, her head bobbed quickly gulping the cock from tip to base, after every few strokes she turned her head and gave the fellow on her other side the same treatment as he jerked off his own cock in her face. With two fingers in her pussy, her head was going back and forth on two cocks, while she was getting another one hard in her hands. I was amazed how she seemed to be in such control, she looked like she could handle twice as many guys with ease. She popped the cock out of her mouth and turned her head grabbing the other guy’s dick in her lips and not missing a beat, she continued to jack off one guy while sucking the other. The hand that was in the black guys boxers now began to move in longer smoother strokes and she brought the thick black snake out of the front of his boxers. As the eight hands explored every inch of her flesh, leaving no erogenous zone untouched, stimulating every sensitive part of her, she made sure to express her gratitude by giving full attention to each one of their hard dicks bringing them to the verge of orgasm and keeping them there. She dropped her other hand down to her waist and felt up the taller black guy on her left. The second her hand grasp his cocks she made her decision on who she wanted in her next. In a truly stunning display of her limberness she raised her left leg up and over the tallest man and brought it down on the other side of him pulling him over a few steps right between her legs. My view of her was now eclipsed by the dark black six and a half foot tall nude, she crossed her ankles right at the small of his back and pulled him in closer.

I moved quietly over for a better view and found the couch Sheila was on, I sat down as quiet as I could I didn’t even notice Sheila placing the heel of one foot gently on the back of my neck and wrapping her front leg around my torso. I now had a better side view and as Sheila massaged my neck and shoulders with the sole of her foot I saw my wife’s new black lover had his ten inch black erection in his hand and was rubbing it against my wife’s swollen pussy lips. She was quivering at the sensation of the rock hard dick splitting her lips. She moaned, with another man’s dick still in her mouth, the muffled sound was an unmistakable sign of the pleasure they were all bringing to her body. He took a half a step back as he teased her asshole with the tip then rocked forward sliding the length of his rod against her pussy as his balls came up to her clit the head was now all the way up to her tits. He rocked back again and she shivered. He guided the tip down and this time the back monster parted her pussy right in the center and he drove deep deep inside her. She was helpless and the sensation caused her to cry out, the hard white cock of another man spitting out of her mouth as she lost control. It only took two deep full strokes in her pussy for her to get back in the rhythm. I watched her now two different dicks in both hands and one in her mouth as the biggest one took her legs in his hands and impregnated my wife with long smother strokes from his tight longs black rocket.

After watching them fuck for what seemed like hours my trance was broken by wet gushing noises from beside me. I looked over to see Sheila’s skirt was pulled all the way up, her panties were gone, and she was steadily pounding her pussy with two fingers as she watched her friend getting off four men and watched her friend’s husband watch her do it. Her legs were tightening around me, she looked so good and the more she fucked herself the wetter she got; I was getting splattered by drops of her cum. I shifted and lower my face to her pussy. I put my lips around it and reached my tongue towards her asshole. I felt her fingers come out and brace herself as her back arched and I slid down the rest of the way planting my face in her crotch and putting the tip of my tongue deep where her fingers had just been. I grabbed her ass and pushed her into my face it took no time for her to reach orgasm and she bit her lip trying to stay quiet, not wanting to disturb the others in the room. I sucked every drop of juice out of her and swallowed mouthfuls just as I began to realize my own dick was so hard it felt like a hot iron weight in my pants. I looked up at her and her eyes told me to come on, she pulled me up with her legs and undid my pants so I could slide out of them. Our mouths locked and she grabbed my dick and guided it into her, I have never been in a pussy that was as wet as hers was just then. I sucked on her tongue and bottom lip and when our lips parted and we both looked over at what was still happening beside us. I thrust inside Sheila thinking about how good her pussy was and about how good my wife was getting fucked, we were both having the best sex of our lives and it could only get better. I pulled Sheila in tight as I began to cum I my shot load after load in her pussy as she tightened her muscles milking my cocks draining it into her already soaking snatch.

Our orgasms ended just in time to see my wife sit up and dismount her seat, the men were slowly jerking their hard cocks and I could tell the last one had resisted the temptation to cum in her he had saved his load for this. As she got down on her knees I could tell she had notices us on the couch if she could see it was actually me and Sheila I was not sure. Now on the floor she looked up at them as they got into position in front of her. She took one of the white guys first he jerked his cock faster and faster as she held her chin up and her eyes closed a stream of cum shot out and hit her right between the eyes. He moaned as he squeezed out the last few drops and his thick load stayed oozed down her face. Next was the shorter black man his thick hard cock shot a massive cup of cum across her face, the white cream sprayed across her forehead and in her hair, her eyes and forehead were now covered with cum. The white guy who I had seen fucking her earlier now stepped up. His contribution was still impressive considering he had busted one inside her half an hour earlier, his cum shot right above her lip and some entered her nose. She opened her mouth for the first time catching a breath and the white mass of seaman that was now covering her face began to run down and drip off her lips.

Finally it was the big ones turn he stepped up and when she realized who it was she shut her eyes tight and braced herself. He jerked his long cock feverishly and let out a long grunt as the first stream shot out. It was almost like she was being sprayed in the face with a water hose at point plank range. It covered her face and shot into her hair matting over her eyes and gleaming off her lips. It kept on and kept on pouring on her as he groaned and jerked it. I thought for a moment he was pissing on her, I had seen ejaculation like that in porn but I never thought they could be so long and sustained. When he finally finished her face was covered, white thick seaman ran down her face and dripped in long string from her chin onto her tits. She reached up with both hands and wiped her eyes wiping cum down off her cheeks she opened her mouth and pulled it in sucking it from her fingers before reaching back to clean up the rest.

The guys were moving away and she knelt on the floor by herself cleaning cum off her face and hair. I know this sounds crazy she was the most beautiful I had ever seen her, and I was so in love with her at that moment as she knelt naked, covered in cum, me with my dick still in her best friend. She looked over at us squinting and blinking trying to clear her eyes and said, “Oh my god that was great!”

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