Party House

Party House

Every neighborhood has that one house that all the stoners hang out at and party. In our neighborhood it was Jimmy’s’. His mom was a full born drunk and his dad had died a few years prior. As long as you kept his mom in beer she would drink till she passed out and we could party all we wanted.

Jimmy had an older sister about 35 that had got married and moved out but lived just down the street and would often leave her two daughters at Jimmy’s house. Kathy had quit a reputation on the block but I will leave her story for later. This one is about Kelly and Kim.

Kelly was 13 and had just got her rack that summer. She was a fair haired blond sweetie with big blue eyes and a tight little ass. Kim was 12 and while her tits were just starting to show she had a nice little ass that stuck out. She had brown hair and big pouty lips.

I had known these girls all there lives and we would all swim in Jimmy’s pool when they were younger. When they were 4 or 5 they would swim naked and we would all try to keep from staring at there little pussies but when you’re 8 or 9 you cant help but look. They both wore bathing suites when they came over now and had become more of an annoyance now that I was 16.

When we were 13 we thought it was funny to get the girls stoned but with the price of weed and never having enough to go around we had put an end to that and would tell them to leave us alone when we smoked out.

As usual Jimmy, Rob and I were in Jimmy’s room passing around the bong, when in comes Kelly and Kim. “Let us have a hit” Kelly asks me. “No way” I tell her as I blow out a large cloud of smoke. “ oh come on, I will make the same deal with you that I made Jimmy” she says “ shut up and get out” Jimmy yells and points to the door. Jimmy was getting uptight big time so I had to ask her about this deal. Jimmy again told her to keep her mouth shut. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell them, I told Kim and she wants to play too.” “Dude we got to here this” Rob says as he chocks on a bong load. Jimmy is now just staring at Kelly with a look of anger and fear. This made Rob and me even more curious so I told Kelly I would give her a bong load if she told us.

Kelly put her sweet lips to the bong and took a long hit. As she let out the smoke she smiled and said “I get naked and do stuff with Jimmy for bong loads” Jimmy’s face had know turned white as he waited to see what we would say. “ dude that’s assume why didn’t you tell us” Rob said, I pulled out my hole bag of weed and said “lets party” Jimmy started freaking out saying his sister will kick our ass if she finds out. “Don’t worry moms cool now somebody give me another hit” with that Kelly took off her bikini top and sat down between me and Rob her tits were perfect with small pink nipples that were rock hard. I could feel me dick getting hard in my pants as Rob handed Kelly the bong. “Hey my tities aren’t as nice as Kelly’s but I will let you guys look at my pussy for a hit” Kim took off her bikini bottoms and jumped on to the bed across from us so we could see her 12 yr old cunt. She had just started to get pubes and she had very large pussy lips that stuck out begging to be sucked. Jimmy had by now combed down and he sat down next to Kim and began to look closely at her pussy. I handed the bong to Kim but could not take my eyes off her tight young fuck hole.

“Hey guys I’ve got a pussy too” and Kelly pulled down her bottoms to revile another sweet young cunt. Kelly had very fine blond pubs and you could see her wet pussy lips clearly. They did not stick out like Kim’s but still I had to get my tongue in that snatch.
Rob asked Jimmy how far he had gone with Kelly but Jimmy did not answer as he had moved down to the floor and had his face right up to Kim’s cunt. He had pulled his swim trunks down and was stroking his cock as he stared at Kim’s big lips. This seemed to be the answer Rob and I needed so we dropped our trunks and both our hard dicks popped out. Kelly said Kim had never played with her and Jimmy but they had been licking each other since she was ten. If we promise to smoke them out they will show us.
Jimmy had already stared to eat Kim’s cunt so we had to pull him off her so we could see the show. Kelly climbed on to the bed with her little sister and removed Kim small bikini top Kim’s tits had just started to grow and were not very big but she had huge nipples that got hard as Kelly licked and sucked them. I was now beating my dick trying hard not to cum yet. Jimmy and Rob were both stroking there cocks and this turned me on even more as I watched the heads of there dicks swell.

Kelly kissed and licked her way down Kim’s small body and was soon sucking her pussy, she swung her legs around and the girls moved into a 69 position. It was clear that they knew what they were doing as both of there cute faces were covered in pussy juice. I asked Jimmy if he had fucked Kelly yet. “fuck yea dude I popped that cherry three months ago” “oh fuck I can’t stand it I got to cum” Rob moaned as he moved over to the bed the girls were on, Jimmy and I also got up and climbed on to the bed. Kelly stopped sucking her sister’s cunt and Rob put his dick in her face, Kelly grabbed his dick and pulled it to her mouth as she sucked and licked the head of his dick with her sweet lips. This was more than Rob could take and he started to groan as he began to pump load after load of hot come all over her face and mouth. This set Jimmy and me off and we both started to cum hard. Our loads covered the girls and some even hit the wall next to the bed. We all fell in a pile of sweat and cum.

Kelly and Kim climbed out from under us and went right to our stash. They sat there and smoked our dope laughing about how they had knocked us out. “Kelly you promised you would show me how to suck Jimmy’s thingy” said Kim. Kelly said ok she put down the bong and moved back to the bed were the three of us were now all sitting up. “its just like licking a popsicle but you got to get it hard first” Kelly grabbed Jimmy’s dick and began to stroke it, sone it began to get hard as she put her head closer. “Than you just lick it up and down” she was now licking the shaft and worked her way up to the head of his cock. Her mouth covered the tip of Jimmy cock and she slowly moved her mouth down his dick into her throught. Jimmy let out a moan as Rob and I sat on either side of them beating our dicks hard. “Looks like she knows what she is doing” Rob said “I want to try! I want to try” Kim said with her little girl voice; she jumped up and grabbed Robs dick. She began licking it up and down and soon had the head in her mouth sucking it like a lollypop. Kelly took Jimmy’s dick out of her mouth just long enough to tell Kim to be careful with her teeth.

I now climbed down on the flour behind these two little cock suckers and moved Kelly up on all fours. This gave me a great view of her fuck hole and I began to work my toung up and down her sweet pussy lips. I could not believe how good she tasted and I soon had my toung deep in her cunt, I licked her clit and she was now squirming as she contued to suck Jimmy cock. I heard Kim say “I want to suck Uncle Jimmy cock” and her and Kelly switched places. There before my eyes were now the most buitefull pussy I had ever seen in my young life. Her lips were huge and she was clearly aroused from all the sex play. She had almost no pubes so her cunt and asshole were shinny and clean. I moved my face down to her sweet hole and began to poke my tongue in and out of her cunt. Her hot juice began to cover my mouth as I sucked her big pussy lips. I had never eaten an asshole before but the sight before me was so hot that I was soon licking her shit hole clean. In a deep voice that I did not expect from this little girl she moaned out “oh Kelly he’s got his toung up my poop hole ohhhhhhh” her body began to shack and quiver. I slowly began to move my finger into her pussy while I licked her asshole. I could now feel her hymen and knew I had to be the one to bust this cherry. She pulled away at first but then began to relax and move back and fourth on my finger. I began to worry I would bust her this way so I moved behind her and placed my hard dick head between her big virgin pussy lips. Kelly who was still sucking Robs dick noticed what I was about to do to her sister and said “ just hold still and it will only hurt for a second” she stopped sucking Rob and rapped her arms around her mid section as if to hold her for me. Kim stopped sucking Jimmy and gave her sister a slow kiss. “Please go slow it’s a lot bigger than your finger.” Kim said in a low voice.

There was a strange quit in the room as we all watched me slide the head of my dick into Kim’s hole. She started to pull away but Kelly held her tight and I could now feel the skin of her hymen blocking my dicks way. “Pound that little fuck hole” Rob yelled out as he stroked his cock hard. “Please no” Kim cried “don’t worry I will go easy sweetie” Than with one hard thrust I pushed past her virginity and deep into her hole. She let out a half moan half cry and I could feel her hot mix of juices on my balls. I began to move slowly in and out picking up more speed with each stroke. “See I told you it would not hurt for long” Kelly assured her sister. Kelly than pushed Jimmy back on the bed and climbed on top of him. She moved her pussy over his dick and sat down on his cock with one stroke. The sight of her sister getting fuck for the first time had her so hot she was now riding Jimmy like a bucking bronco. Rob jumped up on the bed next to them and crammed his dick in Kelly’s mouth as he watched me fuck Kim from behind.

I slid my dick out off Kim and lifted her small body up on the bed; she laid back her eyes red with tears. I sucked her hard nipples and moved my dick in position to finishes off her first fuck. I could see a small amount off blood on my cock as I slid it back in her tight pussy. Kim put her legs around me and held me tight as I pumped her hard and steady. I could her Kelly, Rob and Jimmy next to me grunting panting and moaning but my focus was on cumming in this hot little pussy. It was so tight that I was concerned that I would rip her apart but soon as my balls started to tighten up cumming was all that mattered. “Do it, do it, do it” “fuck her hard dude cum in that hole” Rob said over and over.
I grabbed Kim’s ass hard and began to fill her with fuck juice. She let out a little cry as I pushed her hard into the bed trying to get all the cum in my dick as deep as I could inside her. When I was done I kissed her softly and rolled off her my now limp cock sliding out.

Before Kim had a chance to catch her breath Rob pulled his dick out of Kelly’s mouth and pounced on her. “Now your little pussy is mine” Rob grabbed Kim’s legs and spread them wide. He slammed his dick all the way in her cum filled cunt hard as she screamed out in pain. Her hole took his dick easily but the pounding he was giving her was too much for her to take. Kelly jumped off Jimmy and went to her sister’s aid. “What the fuck are you doing asshole stop it your hurting her” Kelly tried to pull Rob off her sister. “Get this bitch off of my” shouted Rob. Jimmy grabbed Kelly from behind and got her up on all fours. I helped push her away from Rob and Kim and grabbed Kelly around the waist the same way she had held her sister for me. Jimmy slammed his dick hard into her cunt. Rob eased up a little on Kim but still continued to fuck her like a madman while Jimmy did the same to Kelly. Both girls had no chance of fighting back as the too young boys fuck like animals. I held Kelly and played with her tits, I could feel every thrust of Jimmies dick as he pumped her over and over. Rob began to cry out “oh fuck my dick is going to explode” Jimmy screamed “fuck, fuck, fuck you cunt here it comes” he than filled Kelly’s pussy with a huge load of cum. “you wanted to do some loads with us, well here is a load you won’t forget” Rob said as he pumped Kim faster and faster. Rob let out a grunt as he began to cum in Kim after his first burst he pulled his dick out and let lose with a blast of cum right on Kim’s cute face. Two more squirts came after that and Kim’s face was covered with his cum.

The two girls lay almost passed out on the bed as Rob, Jimmy and I moved over to our stash. Rob filed the bong passed it to me and said “looks like we got the last laugh on this one” Kelly slowly sat up and said with a wicked little smile “ you think so huh well give me a bong load or I will tell my mom you fucked my baby sister, BUSTED”

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