Party Store Fuck – 2

Party Store Fuck – 2

This story takes place about six months after the last story I wrote about my fun at the party store where I worked for 7 years in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This one is about a woman who was in sales for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business. Her name is Lynn. She’s maybe 5’10”, 135lbs, with a body that makes any man look twice when she walks into a room. My only complaint might be that her ass is a little flat, but I got over that the first time I saw her naked. Just didn’t seem to matter anymore.

She started coming into the store early spring about once a week. As we got to know each other, she started coming in much more often, sometimes just to talk and flirt a little. She was 31, divorced with two teen-aged girls. When she found out that photography was my hobby, she asked if I would come to her place and take photos of her girls some weekend. I told her I’d be happy to, because it would help me to start getting a portfolio together.

I went out to her house late on a Sunday afternoon. She lived in a great neighborhood, one that was way out of my league, so I was a little nervous when I pulled into their long driveway. I mean I was a clerk in a party store who lives in a small duplex in a working class part of town, and she was a well to do woman who lives in the best part of town. It was a beautiful Ranch style house that sat on a long sloping hill with beautiful flower gardens and tall trees around the house.

As I was getting out of the car, Lynn was on the patio with a cool beverage and she got up and came to greet me. I gotta tell ya, she looked a lot different than she does when she comes into the store. Instead of her usual business attire, she was dressed in a very skimpy pair of shorts and a tight silky shirt that was tied just below her tits and only a couple of buttons where keeping it together. My eyes almost popped out of my head. Good god almighty, her legs were amazing, tanned, shapely, and seemed to go on forever. Her boobs looked even bigger than I had imagined, and her nipples were perfectly outlined thru the very thin material. No bra here!

She walked up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. She saw how I was looking at her and told me that she likes to dress a little more comfortable on the weekends and hoped I approved. I told her I approved whole-heartedly. After I got my camera bag out of the car, she took my hand and led me over to the patio. She asked if I’d like a gin & tonic, and that the girls would be ready in a little bit. So I had a short one while we talked and waited for the girls to come out.

Sitting there, I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She would lean over the table we were sitting at, and they would lie on the table and her shirt would open up to show most of her beautiful boobs. She finally looked at me, cupped them, and said she wasn’t sure I liked them. I asked her what in the world made her think that, She replied that since she’d been coming into the store, I had never made one real pass at her and she thought maybe I didn’t like big boobed women. I told her that I was trying to be professional and that I was married. She was now massaging her cantaloupe-sized boobs thru her top, and asked me if being married was a problem for me. I swallowed hard and said I didn’t think it would be.

Just then her daughters came out and Lynn introduced me to them. I was hoping that they didn’t notice my hard on that was making itself known by the tent in my pants. I was doing my best to hide it with my camera bag. Lynn was smiling at my discomfort. Her daughters, Mary and June, were 14 and 15. They were both very good looking, and they too were wearing shorts and colorful short-sleeved shirts that were tied like their mothers, but they had more buttons buttoned. Mary, the older one, was much more out going than her younger sister. I could tell she was a handful for Lynn.

We found some different places around the yard to take photos of them. The girls were having fun and we worked for a couple of hours and got some great photos. Lynn only wanted to be in a few. When we finished, Lynn led the way back to the patio. She made me another, much larger, gin and tonic, and the girls went back in the house.

As she brought me the next gin and tonic, she pulled her chair close to me. She unbuttoned the few buttons she had, and opened her shirt. She said that I might like a better look since I was staring at them so much. I reached out and started caressing them. She let out a low moan as I was rolling her nipples. She opened her eyes and asked if I’d like to go to her bedroom now. I answered by standing up and taking her in my arms, kissing her, and said we’d better hurry before I took her right here on the patio.

We walked into the house and I asked about her daughters. She said they didn’t mind her having a man in her bed. She hadn’t closed her shirt, so her boobs were bouncing as we made our way thru the house. As we were passing Mary’s room, she looked at me and winked, and I noticed she was smoking a joint. Lynn told me she let the girls smoke dope and drink a little, as long as they did it only at home. I was beginning to wonder if I was in Wonderland.

We got to her room and she pushed to onto the bed and started a strip tease with the little bit of cloths she had on. She told me to get naked because she wanted to see that cock that had been poking her when we hugged. I quickly got out of my clothes, lay back down and started stroke my seven-inch dick watching the show.

She took her shirt off and started rubbing her tits in time with the music that was only playing in her head. She had her eyes closed as she was running her hands over her body from the waist up. She was mesmerizing the way she swayed and played with her body.

She started pulling her shorts down, and when I got my first look at her pussy, I thought I would cum right them. She had a heart shaped patch of hair above her cunt lips. She looked at me and told me not to stroke to hard, because she had something in mind for my cum. My dick was leaking pre-cum at a rate I’d never had before. She now had one hand caressing her boobs and the other one was starting to work on her love hole.

It was then that daughter Mary came to her mother’s door that we hadn’t closed, and asked if she and June could go to their swim club. I was a little startled, but Lynn never stopped and told her that it was fine and they should take her car. Mary looked at me but was talking to her mother, and said it looked like we were going to have some big fun. Lynn smiled and told her to close the lock the back door on her way out.

Lynn came to the edge of the bed and crawled on, going right for my dick. She was licking her lips and telling me that she hoped I was ready. I looked at my cock, and it was a blue veined throbber. Told her I couldn’t be any more ready. With that she took my cock in her hand, rubbing the slick pre-cum around, and started kissing and nibbling the head. She kissed and licked up and down the shaft while rolling the head around in her hand. She worked her way to my balls, and gently sucked one then the other into her warm mouth.

She looked up at me after a few minutes and asked if I was ready to shoot a load of cum into her mouth. She didn’t wait for an answer, and started slowly lowering her mouth onto my cock. I watched as she slowly put my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. When her nose was against my pubic hair, she started shaking her head while drool started running out around her lips. The gargling like noise she was making was a huge turn one. Then she started fucking me with her face. Slowly at first, almost taking my dick all the way out, then slowly engulfing it again. She picked up the pace, face fucking me faster, and her slobber was flying all over the place. When she started rubbing my wet balls, I could feel them starting to tighten. My head was thrown back and I screamed that I was going to cum.

She started sucking even harder as the first blast shot out of my cock. It felt like I was on fire. I don’t know how much cum I let loose, but it had to be more then I’d ever cum before. Lynn was still sucking my spent cock, sending tremors thru my body, when she finally took my dick out of her mouth and let a flood of cum and spit flow out over my dick, and then slapped her face with it. She got up on her knees and started rubbing the gooey mess over my cock and stomach.

She smiled down at me and asked if she had done well. I smiled back and replied that words were not enough for what she had just done to me. I told her that when Mary showed up at the door, I thought the moment was lost. Lynn told me that they have a very open house, and no one ever closed any doors, so everyone could see what everyone else was doing. That way there were never any questions about what was going on. Of course she was the only one having sex in the house, so it meant that sometimes the girls would stick their heads in, for one reason or another, on the few occasions she had a man over. She said that some times they just wanted to watch and she wouldn’t even know they had been there till later when one of them would ask a question about what she had been doing and how it felt. She said that they were probably having sex by now, but she asked them to wait until they were at least sixteen, then they could have guys over and have sex in there rooms. She said she would feel better knowing the girls couldn’t be taken advantage of and would be having safe sex.

I was thinking that I wished she’d been my Mom. I told her that gave me a lot of fantasies. What man doesn’t think about a Mom and Daughter three-some? She looked straight in my eyes and said that I’d have to wait another four months, and then maybe they would make that come true for me.

Well that made my dick jump right back to fucking hard. She giggled and said that I seemed to like that idea. She was still rubbing the mess she’d spit on me, and sucking it off her fingers. She would offer me some, and I’d greedily suck her fingers clean of our juices. Hell, at that point, I’d do anything she wanted me to do.

She crawled up, stratled my head facing the headboard, and placed her dripping pussy right over my waiting mouth. She slowly lowered her love gash to where I could start licking her wet hole. She started rocking back and forth over my tongue, moaning with pleasure. The way she had my arms pinned to my sides, she was in complete control of what I could get my mouth to. She finally moved her clit to my lips and put more pressure down and I started sucking her little friend. Her love juices were flowing down into my mouth and both sides of my face. When I started to nibble her clit, ever so gently, she clamped my head harder with her thighs.

I knew that she was at the edge, and I wanted to push her over. I sucked her harder and was flicking her love button with my tongue at the same time when she started a low scream of pleasure that increased as her orgasm swept over her. At this point, she was gushing pussy juice on me, and had my head clamped in like a vice. I’d never seen so much girl cum. I have a full beard, and it was running thru it and then down my neck and pooling under my head.

She slowly started coming back down from where ever she had soared, and moved off my face and lay on top of me. She took my face with both her hands and started kissing me with so much passion. I had my arms around her pulling her tight to me. She was kissing and licking the slick mess she’d left on my face. Then she felt my dick throbbing between her legs. She never stopped kissing me as she reached back and guided my cock to the opening of her pussy.

She sat up a little bit and I pushed my dick into her soft, wet, cunt. She started pulsing her pussy and rocking back and forth on my dick. She moved so I could fondle and suck on her big smooth tits. She started talking dirty, about how she wanted me to cum in her pussy, and maybe later she’d let me fuck her ass too. Then she started talking about how she was going to let me fuck her daughter. She said that I would be eating her pussy while her daughter would be fucking me like she was doing right now.

Well, all talking about her daughter pushed me right over the top, and I started shooting rivers of cum into her cunt. She ground herself down, called me a daughter fucker, and then popped off my dick as I was still shooting cum. She pointed my dick up and I blew more cum up as far as my chin. She smiled as she kept jacking me, and before I could come back to earth, she jumped back onto my dick.

She said that it was now her turn to cum with my dick. She started sliding up and down my still hard dick. She had her hands on either side on my chest and her breasts were bouncing up and down in my face. She closed her eyes and started fucking so her clit was rubbing against me. Her pussy was so hot and was still full with my cum, and you could hear her pleasure box squishing with every movement she made. I could tell she was building to her orgasm, and I just tried to hold on.

She looked up at the ceiling and yelled at me to FUCK HER AND FUCK HER HARD! Then she pushed herself down, got all of my dick into her pussy, and exploded. She was yelling so loud that I was afraid that the neighbors might call the cops. Then her face got bright red and she was holding her breath as she shook with pleasure. She kept that up for a while before she finally took a deep breath and rolled over beside me. She snuggled up next to me with one leg still over me and started cooing.

We were holding each other, basking in the after glow, when we both noticed that Mary was standing in the door watching us. Not only was she watching, but she had her shorts down around her ankles and was finger fucking herself. Lynn asked her what happened to going to the pool. Mary said that she thought we’d be more fun to watch. I wasn’t sure what to do, but Lynn started fondling my cock and balls, so I just relaxed.

Then Mary said she heard her Mom was going to let me fuck her after she turned sixteen. By then she was sitting on the side of the bed, and unbelievablely, my dick was standing straight up again. Her mother and I were a mess from head to toe from our juices, and Mary couldn’t take her eyes off of us. She still had two fingers in her pussy and asked her mother if she could at least rub our cum around. Lynn said that she could, but she could only use her hands.

With that, Mary took my dick from her mother and started jacking me off. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Mother and daughter, both jacking me off! Lynn put her head over the top of my cock and let her spit run down onto the head while Mary jacked. I don’t think I had any cum left, but I was enjoying the shit out of this a LOT.

Mary then pulled her shirt and bra off, and she had some great tits too. In a few years, they’d be a big as her mothers. She pushed her mothers head out of the way, bent over me and started rubbing her nipples over the head of my dick. She asked her mom to jack me so she could finger fuck herself again. Lynn started jacking me again while Mary kept rubbing my dick head with her nipples. Mary started three fingers sliding in and out of her young pussy.

They Lynn asked if Mary wanted to suck my dick for a little bit. Mary just took my dick in her mouth and started sucking the head as an answer. Lynn told her to slow down and relax so she could get more in her mouth. Mary had about half of my shaft in mouth when I felt my balls starting to tighten up again. I couldn’t believe that I was going to cum again. I told Lynn that I was about to cum, to warn her so Mary could get my dick out of her mouth. Instead she just told Mary to keep going and not worry about swallowing my sperm, just keep sucking.

Hearing that, I started blowing my load. It wasn’t as big as the last one, but it was just as enjoyable. I couldn’t believe that I was cumming into a 15-year-old girl’s mouth while her mother was holding my dick. I hadn’t had a fifteen year old in ten years, when I was fifteen. I shook forever as they both worked my cock. She took all my cum and then she lifted her head up and let it all slide back out of her mouth and onto my dick. She and her mother were both rubbing it around my shaft and balls. Then Mary started licking it back up. OH SWEET JESUS!!!

When she looked up at me again, she had my spunk dripping off her chin, and she asked me if she’d done a good job. I told her she’d done a GREAT job. Lynn told me that she’d been teaching her with a banana for a couple of months, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Had I died and gone to heaven and just not figured it out yet!

Mary said that she hadn’t cum yet and need to badly. Lynn asked if she’d ever had her pussy eaten before. My eyes went wide at that, and so did Mary’s. She said no, most of the boy’s know she can’t have sex till she’s sixteen, so they always stop when she tells them to. Lynn looked at me and asked if I’d do the honors. OH SWEET MARY YES!!!

Lynn asked her if she wanted to sit on my face or lay back and have me get between her legs. She chose to be on her back, so I put a pillow under her ass, and started licking my way around her inner-thighs. I looked up to see where Lynn had gone, and to my surprise, there she was sucking on her daughter’s tits. I started licking my way over Mary’s virgin pussy. It was so hot you could almost see steam coming off it. I took my fingers and spread her lips wide and started tongue fucking her. She was starting to move her hips and moaning with pleasure. I worked my way to her engorged clit and put my lips around it and started sucking it like I had her mothers just a little bit ago.

Between her mother and I, Mary was on the verge of cumming. I slid two fingers into her very tight pussy and just started rotating them. With that, she pushed her clit hard into my mouth, and started screaming like her mother had done, but Mary was flooding my mouth with more cum juice than Lynn had. She was still having spasms as I took my mouth from her sweet mound, and replaced it with fingers. I continued rubbing her clit, and when I looked up, I saw mother and daughter French kissing and Lynn was pinching Mary’s nipples. I smiled and crawled up on the other side from her mother and just put my arm around them both.

Mary looked at her mother and asked since we’d gone this far, couldn’t she go ahead and fuck me now. I was all for it, but Lynn said we’d done way too much this time, and we’d both have to wait the four months till her birthday. We got up and went into the master bath where we all got into the shower. It was big fun being in there with both of them. That’s when I realized that my dick was real sore and I couldn’t have fucked more even if I wanted to.

We were all soaped up when little sister June came in. She looked at us and said it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t join in our fun. Lynn told her she could join us in the shower, but I couldn’t touch her. June shucked her clothes and came in the shower stall with us. Her mom and sister started soaping her up and she grabbed my dick. She looked at her mom and said I couldn’t touch her, but she hadn’t said anything about her not touching me. She fondled me for a few minutes before I told her I couldn’t take any more, but if her mother asked me, I’d come back real soon.

But that is another story.

This is a true story except having sex with Lynn’s daughters. That part was all my fantasy. Mary did watch and play with herself, but Mom wouldn’t let her join in, and we all did shower together. Lynn kissed me as I got into my car, and asked if I wanted to come back for Mary's birthday party. Oh baby!

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