Party Toy Part 3

Party Toy Part 3

Party Toy Part 3

When we left off : He just laughed as he looked back at everyone. “Should we leave her like this for the rest of the night? Ha ha ha ha.”.
“We should” Answered my bf, “But for now (he picked up the huge black dildo now on the floor by the couch) lets put her back together so we can use that sweet asshole of hers” Passing him the toy.
“Spoil sport” He answered, taking the toy and patting my bf on the back.
He pushed the end of the big black rubber cock against my exposed anus and slowly pushed it returning my ass to me at the same time. It hurt more than releasing the valve and felt totally different as I arched my back at the same time in a mixture of pleasure and pain..

“Now I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s time for some cock sucking”! All the guys in the room agreed and let my bf know by hooting and cheering. My bf took me by the hand and led me to the back of the couch in the open lounge. He told me to sit so I slowly did as my ass hurt from the punishment it had just received. I sat with my legs out straight in front of me and my back against the back of the tan couch.
“I will show you all the way I want it done” My bf said looking around the room and unbuttoning his jeans to show off his big cock. “Arms up” I lifted my arms up and he held my hands while sliding his erect cock toward and into my open mouth.
With my arms held up I couldn’t resist his cock when it went to deep and when I tried to move my head back from him cock I was stopped by the couch hitting the back of my head. My bf went deeper than he had ever been with me. Making my eyes water. They stung from the make-up running into my eyes. He pushed down deep and hard making me hold him all the way down my throat, I was making little gagging sounds as everyone cheered him on to keep it deep. Then he pulled out and said “That’s how I want it done boys except I want you to be as rough as you can with her pretty little mouth. What are you waiting for? Line up, come on!”

About 10 or so guys lined up straight away. The first came over and lifted my arms up while one of the girls knelt on the front of the couch facing us and held my arms up behind me while a waiting guy held my feet down against the wooden floor. A big 6 foot 2” black guy named Luke steeped up and undid his black jeans. He reached into his underwear and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was absolutely massive like 12” and very wide. “Open up princess” He said as he moved himself into a good stance with his hands on the back of the couch for leverage. I opened my mouth and he instantly rammed his big black cock down my tiny throat. I gagged coughing up saliva onto his balls. “Oh come on love, you can do better than that” He put one hand on the bottom of my jaw and the other on the top of my head. Once he had me at his mercy he started thrusting his cock into my tiny mouth with the full force of his hips and abs while pulling my head towards him at the same time. I thought he was going to split the corners of my mouth he was so big. The sucking and slurping sounds were so load. He was crazy rough and getting rougher. He started really going for it, fucking my face. Back of my head pounding into the couch then springing back only to take that black cock deeper. Pushing on the back of my throat. Faster and faster. Rougher and rougher. “Can I cum” He asked my bf. “Hell yea, everyone can. Fill her up I say” He answered. The black guy kept going even harder with more force than before. I could feel the veins on the cock as it starting pulsating. I knew he was about to cum. He gave his big cock a final thrust pushing it as deep as he could then leting his cum go. It squirted hot down the back of my throat. He pumped and quivered as he emptied his load into me while I chocked and struggled to get free and get some air. He pulled out and flicked his cock at my face sending some cum flying right into my eye. I turned my head to the side in pain and he must have noticed. “Oh. Little-miss-loves-cock doesn’t like cum in her eye. Well lets help you get over your fear” He told the dark haired girl in the sheer black short dress, who was sat next to the blonde holding my arms, to “Hold her head still” While he used his thumb and pointing finger to hold my left eye open while he milked the last of his cum directly into my eye. It stung so bad and felt like it had turned red. When he let go I couldn’t help but blink my eye pushing the cum around and out but hurting so much! “You bastard”! I said but all the guests just laughed.

The next guy was already unzipping by the time Luke walked away happy and picked up his drink. For the next hour the guys fucked my mouth one after another. Some came in my mouth. Some on my face. Some all over my pert breasts. Some in my hair and some just everywhere all over me. They all fucked me really hard and my throat felt like it had been abused by cocks. My lips and mouth hurt from all the stretching and lack of saliva. There was spit all down my chin and on my breasts. My lip stick smeared over my lips and face. I must have looked a mess. After the last guy in the queue, (number 12 I think I lost count) had finished with me and given me a face full of sticky cum I asked my bf, “Can I have a little break babe? I really need to pee”
“How badly do you need to go little girl”?
“Really really badly” I answered twisting my legs together.
“Stand up then….”
When I did he swiftly yanked my panties from my still slightly swollen pussy by the edge of the waste band that had slipped out causing me to lurch towards him and let out a cry.
“Put these back on”
“But I need to pee babe”
“I know, and you will be able to trust me”
I put my panties on. They were sticky and wet from being inside me so long. He then got my bra and told me to put it back on.
“Get you shoes” He told me next. I had no idea what was going on. When I had found my shoes and put them back on he told his mate Grant to get the van ready. It pulled up out the front shortly after and my Bf told 6 of his friends to get in the van.
“When can I pee babe” I asked
“Soon I promise” He grabbed my arm and led me to the van. When Grant asked him where we were heading he told him to drive to the mall, about three blocks away. I couldn’t work out what was happening. We took a park in the car park and when my bf started to lead me out of the van and towards the mall I said “Babe, I can’t go in there like this. It’s 8pm on a Friday. The mall will be jammed.”
“Do you want to pee or not”?
“Yes but why couldn’t I have used the toilet at the house”?
“Who said anything about a toilet” He said as he pulled me through the doors.

There was a caf?ight beside the front doors where we all sat down. My bf ordered the boys a drink and took out the video camera. “Lisa darling. I want you to go into the open over there, stand in front of those 5 business men eating sitting on that bench, pull up your skirt and wet your panties for us”
“I can’t do that babe”
“Hey! You said when you agreed to be my birthday present that you would do anything now get over there and wet yourself while I film”!
“Sorry babe I forgot. I’ll go now”.

By the time I got to the guys in suites I was busting and they were already staring at me like most people in the mall. The site of a girl in a see-thru black lace tutu wearing white panties, a bra and only heels with make-up all down her face tends to draw attention. I looked at my bf and his mates. I could see my bf holding the video camera and even the red light showing it was recording. I didn’t really have time to think about what I was about to do because by this time all the alcohol in system wanted out so I lifted my skirt facing the men, crossed my legs and watched them watch me turn my panties completely see-thru with my own pee. It felt so good to let it out but I also felt so dirty as it ran through my panties and down my legs to the floor. The men didn’t move. Shocked at what they were seeing. Looking at each other to see if what they had just witnessed was real. I stood there standing in my own pee on the hard tile till my bf motioned for me to return to them. I ran from the mall to the van trying to avoid being seen by more people.
When the boys arrived at the van they all jumped in till just me and my bf were left outside the van. He got in and took the seat closest to the door. As I tried to step into the van my bf stopped me and said “Take your skirt off before you get in please” Even though there were mothers with children and waiting fathers all around us I took off my tutu and handed it to my bf as quick as I could in order to get out of the mall and this particular humiliation as soon as possible. But when he had my skirt he slammed the door, opened the window and said “Sorry babe, no room in here. You will have to walk back. See you at home” He blew me a kiss and the van drove away leaving me standing there in the busy car park in only my heels, bra and wet pee soaked white cotton panties that had gone completely see thru with the pee so my shaved pussy was visible to all looking..

I couldn’t believe he had done this to me but I was also aware I needed to get back to the house as fast as I could….

Part 4 coming soon boys and girls!

Micromini xoxoxoxox

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