Tonight was another of daddy’s ‘contacts’ nights. He always said that in his line of work it wasn’t always what you knew but it definitely mattered who you knew and it was important to keep his contacts keen. That’s where I came in, along with my older sister Louise. We had both been in infancy when daddy started grooming us and now it was just a way of life for us to have sex with him or anyone else he wanted us to. It was also good fun being the centre of attention with so many important people and the feeling of power it gave us over them was fantastic.

These contact nights were pretty frequent and took place at our house or at one of the contact’s houses and they were all big parties. Sometimes Louise and I would be the only women there and other times there would be someone’s swinging wife to join in the fun and, more rarely, there were occasions when other daughters were there too. Daddy’s contacts are all high profile people – he sees no special reason to involve anyone less. They include corporate managers, doctors, lawyers and judges and even several politicians, one of whom is a former Cabinet Minister (if I stated his name most readers would be able to picture him, especially those in the UK).

Tonight we were going to a politician’s house. He is tall and dark with piercing blue eyes and he has a charisma to light up any room he enters. I shall call him Andrew for the purpose of this story. Daddy told us he expected there would be about a dozen or so people present and it was to be a small social and business event followed by our involvement in ‘keeping everyone happy’.

We drove down the long gravel entrance way to park at the front of the house. There were half a dozen other cars there already and the door was unlocked for us to walk right in. This house is one that I really love. It is quite large with wood panels everywhere and a beautiful central staircase leading off to two wings. We went through to the large library area where everyone else had gathered and daddy began to circulate as Louise and I helped ourselves to drinks and eyed the other visitors. We knew most people present and were greeted as we walked through the room. Our host’s wife (whom I shall call Angela) was also present and she was talking to another woman when she saw us and waved us across to her.

“Louise, Ruth,” she beamed at us, “you both look so ravishing tonight you really do put me to shame. Have you met Chantelle?” she indicated the other woman who smiled and air kissed us both. “Chantelle, this is Louise and Ruth, they are Michael’s daughters and I’m so pleased to see them both here as I’m sure you will be too.”

The four of us chatted there and absorbed the admiring looks from the men around the room. Louise and I had dressed for the occasion – we are both tall and slim blondes with neat 34B boobs and long shapely legs and we were both wearing clinging little black cocktail dresses with nothing beneath but hold-up’s. Angela wore a bottle green halter neck gown, slashed to the thigh and Chantelle wore a deep blue velvet dress with a plunging neckline. Angela was probably the eldest of the four of us in her mid forties, Chantelle maybe a couple of years younger, Louise was twenty five at the time and I was twenty three.

“You two really are lovely,” Chantelle purred giving Lou and I a knowing look, “you could easily pass for twins which would be so special tonight but I’m sure I will enjoy the company of sisters such as you two just as much.”

“Now Chantelle, you know we have to go through the boring bits of the evening first or the men will get very haughty if we interrupt their business connivings” mused Angela as she draped her arms around us both and brushed her finger tips over my nipple. I felt it spring to life immediately and it pushed forward in the material, drawing an admiring stare from Chantelle who disengaged from Angela’s other arm and gently stroked Lou’s arm, tracing her finger up and along it to eventually caress the side of her neck. “Come,” continued Angela, “lets get some air in the garden whilst they finish off their business chatter” and she led us through the French windows, out onto the paved walkway.

Almost as soon as we exited the room, Angela took my hand and led me across the patio and over to a wicker bench where she sat before me and reached up under my dress to begin caressing my buttocks and raising my hemline so that she could look at me neatly trimmed pussy. “You are just so gorgeous Ruth, it’s times like this that I wish I were a man so that I could fully enjoy you,” she mused as Chantelle and Louise joined her on the bench. Chantelle reached forwards and gently ran her finger along my slit and I felt the cool night air as she parted my lips there.

“Such a pity we have to be bothered with the men tonight,” she agreed with Angela, “although I’m sure you two have enough charms for the men and us tonight.”

Louise obviously agreed with her as she nestled her lips into Chantelle’s neck and began to lightly kiss her there, moving around to plunge her tongue slowly into Chantelle’s open mouth as she slid her hand inside that deep neckline and began to softly stroke her breasts.

Angela glanced sideways at them and gave a throaty laugh, her hot breath flowing over my pussy lips “Well ladies, I think we have something to savour between us here and as lovely and inviting as you all are,” she leaned in to me and swept her tongue along the crease between my pussy lips, “mmmm that tastes so nice, yes, as inviting as you all are I think the men will be expecting us by now and I for one am ready to oblige them now and as hostess for the night I think I have little choice than to take us all back inside.”

We spent maybe another five minutes or so on and around the bench kissing and fondling each other and then we followed Angela back into the house.

“Ah, there you all are!” beamed Andrew as his wife led us back into the room “We were about to send out a search party to look for you but it seems that you were anything but lost out there” and he grinned broadly while fixing his gaze on me and I felt myself getting wetter just at the thought of what was shortly to come. He moved over to me and held his arm for me to take as he led me through into the library. As I expected, everyone else followed us there, Angela grouped herself with a small cluster of the men whilst Louise and Chantelle moved over to the large couch and a few other men followed them there.

Andrew however, had other ideas for me and he edged me towards a large oak reading table where he pressed me back towards its edge and began to kiss me heavily, his tongue swirling around my mouth. I could feel his bulge growing as he nudged it against my crotch and his hands began to fondle my breasts and buttocks, slowly raising my dress upwards above my waist, then over my breasts and finally removing it over my head to leave me standing naked except for my hold ups and shoes. “My darling Ruth, you are so beautiful. I have someone who would like to spend some time with you, if you don’t mind of course. Here is His Honour Judge Baker who has a particular yearning for you.”

“Of course I don’t mind, in fact I’m rather flattered,” I responded, fully aware of the reason daddy had brought Louise and I to this party “good evening Judge, how may I be of service to you?” I crooned at the judge whilst staring demurely into his eyes.

Judge Baker was into his mid 60’s then and although he was anything but attractive there was something about him that I liked. He was always ultra polite and very respectful and he had a sparkling gleam in his pale blue eyes which suggested he had been something of a lady’s man in his earlier years. Now though he was much more a voyeur and usually preferred to gain his pleasures in his mind and his imagination although on occasions he would still indulge.

“Well my dear, you know how much I have admired you over the years and I would just like to spend a little time with you again, perhaps getting to know you in greater detail once more.” I had a fair idea what he was going to suggest as he had done so several times previously and it would be interesting to see how the others reacted tonight. “I wonder, would you mind lying on this table for me and showing your charms?”

I smiled and nodded agreement, “Of course, your Honour” and I slid myself up onto the table and eased myself onto my back with my feet tucked up and my legs spread open in front of his eyes as he drew up a chair to sit himself comfortably between my open thighs. He sat there in silence for a few minutes as I smiled knowingly through my spread thighs at him and then very gently he reached forward and eased my pussy lips open before sitting back to stare again. “Oh my dear Ruth, you have such an exquisite quim you know. I could simply stare at its delicate pink folds for hours as I sniffed your sweet aroma. If only I could feel myself inside there, now that would be heaven.”

“Thank you Your Honour, but you know very well that I would just love to feel you inside me again, if you wished. You always flatter me and I would be so pleased to return a favour to you.”

“You are so kind my dear, but I think the times for me to venture into a young lady such as yourself, probably need a little more stimulation for an old man although I would greatly appreciate it if you permit me to watch you through the night and if anyone could charm me to enter them then I’m sure it would be you.”

“Oh Judge Baker,” I admonished “you are not an old man and I’m sure you would thrill me as much as I would you if we did get together later.”

The judge and I smiled at each other between my thighs and as he continued to visually examine me, I began to turn my attentions to the rest of the room. I soon spotted Angela and Louise, both of whom were as naked as I was. Louise was spread across a couch with Angela licking her in front of a circle of the men, most of whom were stroking their cocks at the sight whilst one was slowly fucking the kneeling Angela and another had hitched himself up over the side of the couch so that Louise could nibble his cock head and swirl her tongue around the tip as she grinned impishly at him and the rest of the audience.

For a moment I couldn’t see Chantelle but I knew where she was as there was another cluster of men over by the fireplace and they were clearly well occupied there. As they moved I caught a glimpse of her as she squatted on her haunches in the small circle, moving from one cock to the next, stroking or sucking each in turn. She was still wearing her dress at this stage although the plunging neckline had been slid off her shoulders to reveal her superb breasts thrust before her. I noticed daddy was one of her admirers at that time and he smiled broadly over to me when he saw me look across at the group.

I felt a hand on my head and turned to see Andrew at my side, his cock was thrust through his open fly and was standing proudly before him so I turned and opened my mouth to take him in. Neither of us spoke as I licked the bead of precum from the tip of his cock and swirled my tongue slowly around the joint between the head and shaft of his cock, paying particular attention to the strip of tight skin beneath. Daddy has taught me well in the art of cock sucking and I guessed that I was pleasuring Andrew at a more intense level than Angela could. He held my head tighter and pushed himself forwards into my mouth and began to steadily thrust into me as I filled my mouth with saliva and sucked gently on his thick shaft, clicking his cock head with the back of my tongue with each in stroke.

Judge Baker continued with his praises of me and now included comment on my oral skills. “Ah Andrew, if that feels half as good as it looks then I don’t know how you are managing to keep from filling that delectable mouth with your cum. Even I can feel my cock twitching just watching you and I feel I must decide between the sight of Ruths lovely mouth and her delectable pussy – which I clearly can’t do so I’ll just enjoy watching them both. Michael” he called over to daddy “come see this beautiful daughter of yours in all her glory.”

As I continued to suck on Andrew I noticed daddy cross the room to us and he stood at the other side of the table from Andrew and then I felt him stroke his fingers along my pussy slit. “Open it a little for me Michael,” judge Baker pleaded “let me see deep inside her. My god, how wet she is, and such a beautiful bright pink colour. You have trained her well my boy.”

“That was easy Judge” daddy replied “Ruth and Louise were both born for sex and they enjoyed my attentions from very early ages, isn’t that right my dear?”

I smiled at this little diversion from the game “But of course daddy, we had such fun together and maybe we can have some more fun on the way home later tonight as well.” At that, all three of them laughed and I returned to sucking on Andrew as daddy began to insert his fingers into me and stroke deep up to my ‘G’ spot with Judge Baker watching intently as I began a shuddering orgasm.

This continued for a few minutes and I was lost in the ecstasy of the situation when I felt another pair of hands fondle my breasts and stroke my nipples to a hard erectness. Maintaining Andrew’s cock in my mouth I looked sideways to see that it was Chantelle who had now joined our group, bringing another two or three of the men with her and it was she who stroked my nipples to attention. She had shed her dress somewhere in the room since I last saw her and her large breasts wobbled gently before her and I admired the lovely brown areolas on them as she, in turn, favoured my own breasts. “I love your little tits,” she mumbled as she began to suckle on them, flitting from one nipple to the other and back again. Now she began to kiss and lick me lower and lower until she was nuzzling my pussy and I felt her tongue dart into the gap held open for her by daddy. She dipped the tip of her tongue in and then raised it to flick my clit and then dipped back again, rushing me towards another orgasm as daddy continued to plunge his fingers in and out of me and Andrew rapidly fucked my mouth.

Someone took hold of my hand and placed another hard cock in it for me to milk and I slowly began to stroke along the hot rigid shaft. Daddy extracted his fingers from me and I felt Chantelle gasp as he moved around and plunged his cock into her from behind.

“Ah yes, yes,” gasped Andrew as he finally lost control and began to shoot into my mouth where I gulped his sperm down until he pulled free and jerked the final few spurts onto my titties as I then turned to the cock in my hand to repeat what I had done with Andrew. I had hardly begun to suck on this new cock when he began to cum down my throat. I could feel the thick jets travel the length of the shaft and then hit the roof of my mouth in a series of large gobs, much thicker in consistency then those of Andrew and I admit I was a little disappointed that he had not lasted longer for me to enjoy sucking on him.

I continued to slowly wank on the cock after he had finished but I released it from my mouth to enable me to watch Chantelle licking me as daddy slowly fucked her from behind. “Oh yes! Oh that feels so good Chantelle. I think I’m going to cum again with your tongue in me like that.” I gently bit my bottom lip and gave the Judge a long and sensuous stare and ran my tongue around my lips to accompany my sensuous stare as I watched Chantelle’s tongue lap around and plunge into me.

Judge Baker remained where he had been all night and watched the scene with open mouthed pleasure when Chantelle reached behind her and undid his zipper to ease his semi limp cock out which she then began to stroke with such skill that he began to harden almost immediately. “Oh my god Chantelle! Don’t stop, this is marvellous! A hard cock after so long. Keep going, I think you are going to make me cum after all!”

I had been with the judge previously when he had cum but he did not do so often and although it was a rarity, when he did cum he shot copiously and I looked at his hardening cock with anticipation as Chantelle now began to concentrate on getting him off. She moved from my pussy lips to flick her hungry tongue over the judge’s cock head as she began to speed up her stroking. Now he was really hard and it was evident she would get him to cum soon and he was gasping and clenching his teeth as he concentrated on keeping hard and tweaked her hard nipple between his finger and thumb.

“Oh yes Chantelle,” he gasped, “now, now yes!” and the first spurt of his cum flew through the air to hit my open pussy and I felt the warmth of it as it splashed over me. Chantelle then surprised us all as she tugged him forwards and stuck the end of his cock into me as he shot spurt after long spurt of cum which I could feel deliciously splash up into my cervix. “Oh my god, I’m in her!” he cried and then he took over the plunge and shoved himself fully into me and I shuddered through another orgasm and gripped his cock in my rhythmic contractions and squeezed his juice from him as daddy looked on and smiled in encouragement and I smiled back knowingly. Daddy could now surely rely on Judge Baker for his support in whatever his next venture might be.

“Oh judge,” giggled Chantelle between gasps as daddy continued to slam up into her, “you are such a naughty boy pretending you couldn’t cum like that when you really had such a massive load in you!” She had reached behind him when she first pushed him into me and she eased his trousers down to allow access to his hole where she slid a finger in and began to massage his prostate for him causing his cock to twitch and bob all the more. He had felt good inside me when he started to cum and now he felt even better as with Chantelle’s ministrations assisting him, he managed to maintain a degree of hardness to his cock as he slowly fucked me.

Judge Baker gasped and smiled at her and at me as he continued to slide in and out of me, gradually breathing more slowly and leaning forward to support himself on the table edge as he savoured every moment inside me. I had to admit he did feel good and when he eventually softened I began to feel sorry that he had not been able to fuck me for longer. As his cock slackened and slid from me another of the guests, David, eased him to the side and took his place with no form of preparation as he slid fully into me and began to fuck me at speed.

Unlike the judge, I disliked David but he was one of daddy’s ‘targets’ so I endured him again. He was a senior administrator with the government and he made every effort to remind people how important he felt he was and how he believed he was able to influence some decisions made by the cabinet. This may or may not have been true but if he had been the Prime Minister himself I would still not have been impressed by him. However, I smiled at him as he plunged into me and pretended to be enjoying his ferocious thrusts. I clenched my muscles to increase the pressure on him and this soon had the desired effect as he yelled out and began to shoot his load into me, pulling out and pumping his cock so that he could watch the final spurts land across my belly.

Chantelle squealed in delight as daddy began to cum into her and she reached between her legs to rub her clit and bring herself to orgasm with him and he leaned across her back and smiled at me, knowing I had allowed David to fuck me because daddy would be wanting a favour from him later in the evening. David meanwhile had simply pulled out, finished cumming and then walked off to get a drink without speaking to any of us, just demonstrating what a self opinionated bastard he was.

Now Angela took my hand and helped me from the table. I had not realised how uncomfortable I was until then and we both moved to the rear of the room where we helped ourselves to more drinks and turned to watch the others. Angela draped her arm around me and we both half turned to each other and pressed ourselves together and I felt her superb tits press into mine as I reached down and slid my finger into her and sipped wine from the glass held in my other hand.

Across the room Lou had taken over from me in entertaining the men for daddy and he subtly nodded to the ones he wanted her to pleasure and at some point or other he would lead them over to her and she would either suck them or bend for them to fuck her from behind as Chantelle indulged herself with the others.

“They are both so beautiful like that” murmured Angela as she gasped to the feel of my fingers inside her. I followed her gaze to Chantelle who was on her knees before a Harley Street surgeon. She was gazing up into his eyes as she slowly wanked his cock for him. She would make a long, slow down stroke pulling his foreskin right back from the head so that it almost split at the joint and then she would ease her hands back along the shaft to finish the stroke with a swirl around the head. “It looks like Chantelle is preparing to get a discount on her next batch of surgery” laughed Angela as we both viewed the look of ecstasy on the surgeons face as Chantelle stroked his cock to completion, I nodded my agreement with Angela as we watched a long thick stream of cum fly from his cock and spatter over Chantelle’s head to the cheers of the men grouped around them.

Chantelle grinned widely and swooped her mouth over the leaking cock head to suck the remnants of sperm from it before reaching out to start repeating the process with the next cock in line. “What do you think of Chantelle Ruth?” Angela asked “She once told me that she loved wanking men off and sometimes she preferred it to having sex. She says she loves the feel of a hard cock shooting in her hand, knowing that she has just made it cum.”

“I think she’s gorgeous,” I responded “and I know just how she feels. There is something very rewarding in making someone else cum with no real effort from them. I love the feel of a shooting cock as well and I also love the feel of a pussy squelching and throbbing round my fingers as I bring a woman to orgasm.” So saying, I gave her proud clit head a swift tweak with my thumb and brought her off all over my hand as she dropped her head onto my shoulders and sobbed and shook as I kept her feelings going.

As her shuddering subsided we were joined by daddy and Neil, a trader in the city and I felt daddy’s hand cover mine and replace me inside Angela and he tipped her face backwards to slide his tongue into her mouth as Neil replicated this with me. Neil is another member of daddy’s group whom I like, with strong shoulders and legs and a rather large thick cock which he knows how to use. As daddy moved my hand away from Angela he gently placed it in his mouth and sucked her juices from my fingers before leading her towards a sofa where he spread her legs and opened her, ready for him. I watched with a little tinge of jealousy as he swiped his cock across her open pussy lips and then slid it inside her where he began to slowly plunge in and out as she wrapped her legs around him and crossed her ankles behind his waist.

Neil meanwhile had grasped hold of my buttocks and pulling me tightly to him he opened and closed them alternatively, stretching my pussy and my ass hole at the same time. I could feel his handsome cock pressing against my belly and I clung around his neck as he raised me from the ground. I lifted my thighs and gripped either side of his waist as he lowered me onto his cock. He felt sensational and it was almost never ending as he slowly slid me down his pole. “Oh my God Neil! This is wonderful” I gasped as I clenched my pussy walls to grip him tighter and I shot through yet another orgasm as I felt his rigid cock bump against the opening of my cervix.

He continued to prise the cheeks of my bottom apart as he lifted me up and down his cock and I just clung to him, enjoying every moment. Then he began to move forwards and I started to giggle at what he was doing as he paraded round the room with me impaled on his cock. At every group of people he would stop and pump me up and down on his rigid rod and when he received sufficient cheers he would move on to the next group and repeat the performance. Whilst I’m not particularly heavy, he was amazing the way he simply carried me around whilst lifting me up and down his cock with no apparent effort. Even daddy seemed impressed when he stopped alongside him and Angela to present him with an eye level view of his daughter being fucked in mid air as he himself laboured inside Angela. Angela however, got a fit of the giggles like me and her vibrating abdomen was enough to send daddy over the top and he suddenly began to cum deep into her as he held her tightly to himself.

Neil then seemed to think it appropriate for him to do the same with me as daddy watched and he began to raise and drop me with increasing speed. I was gasping for breath with the excitement and as daddy pulled out of Angela to turn and face us I watched a thin stream of his white cum leak from her, as it had done from me and Lou so many times in the past, and dribble over the edge of the sofa. Neil gave one great roar and slammed me down hard onto his cock and I felt him buck and thrust inside me as the first thick hot wad of cum shot from him followed by spurt after spurt. His head was tipped backwards in this primeval roar as he filled me with his cum and I could feel it leaking from around the edges of my pussy, down the sides of his shaft and drip onto the floor at his feet.

I clung tightly to his neck and kissed him deeply as he jerked inside me and I went through a roller coaster series of orgasms before we both collapsed onto the sofa next to daddy and Angela. The next thing I was aware of was the rest of the guests applauding us and I began to giggle again. Daddy was smiling at me and Lou was laughing her head off at the show we had given. “Me next!” she yelled and Neil just rolled his eyes upwards and everyone laughed all the more.

The party continued for another couple of hours but I was too exhausted to join in much more and apart from sucking off another few cocks I just rested to the end, knowing that daddy would treat both Lou and myself to something special when we eventually got home the next day.

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