My boss and a few co-workers were going to a sports bar. We had just worked a long day and got out late, my boss offered to buy us a round if we all went. Didn’t want to be perceived as anti-social, so I went. We meet a couple of his business partners, their friends and so on; soon there was quite a large group of people in our “area”. It was loud and smoky, two things I really can’t stand – especially together. I’m one of those people who would enjoy a smaller and more intimate environment. I finished my beer and excused myself to go to the restroom. As I made my way through the over-crowed place, I caught a glimpse of a young woman who seemed to be out of place. It wasn’t that she didn’t belong there, well not anymore than I did anyway. Her group was rather large too and she seemed to be just there passing time. She had mid-length blonde hair, long legs and a beautiful form. She wore a silky white blouse, short khaki skirt and sat with her legs crossed, much like a true lady should. She was sitting so I couldn’t really tell how tall she was, but she wasn’t short. She wasn’t too skinny either, she was just right. And her lips as she put them to her drink could only be described with one word, luscious. She truly was beautiful in my eyes, much like a dream. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen her before, ‘perhaps I did see her in a dream,’ I thought with a smile. I must have been staring because one of her friends jabbed her in the arm and pointed my way laughing. I attention quickly snapped back to the task at hand and continued my path to the back of the bar and into the restroom. ‘I would never have a chance with a woman like that’ I thought as I stood there. ‘She probably has a boyfriend anyway. And this isn’t really my environment, I’m going to call it a night’ I said to myself as I washed my hands. I walked out the door and started making my way back toward my now extended party of mostly unknowns. I stood there bidding my leave with everyone when I found my curiosity of the woman who had earlier caught my attention getting the better of me. Between the crowd and dim lighting, I tried to see her once last time only to find she was no longer there. I was a little disappointed, but not surprised. ‘Just as well’ I thought. All I really wanted to do was pick up a steak and drop by blockbuster to get a movie or two. ‘Life of a champion’ I said to myself grinning and waving bye to everyone. But that was more my style and pace, something most would consider boring. It didn’t seem like I could get out of the place fast enough, I wanted to rid myself of the noise and crowd. ‘Reminder’ I said to myself just happy to be out of there, ‘next time say no’. I was fidgeting around in my pocket looking for my keys when I caught sight of the woman from inside about to get in her car, and this time she was staring at me. My disappointment quickly subsided and was soon replaced by anxiety. I didn’t know what to do; I stood there unmoving with a deer in headlights look. I finally broke the stare with a polite smile and walked over to my pickup. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid’ I said to myself as I hit my head with the palm of my hand. ‘You haven’t had sex in almost 6 months and all you do is smile and walk away?’ I neared my truck and was about to insert my key into the lock when I heard a soft but very auditable voice from behind me.

“Hey there.” I turned to see the woman who I had just missed my chance with was now giving me another. ‘Well don’t just stand there you idiot’ came a voice from my head, ‘say something’ “Hi” was all I could muster as my throat went dry. Maybe it was still the buzz from the few beers I had that made me walk to her car, but my heart was beating at the fastest pace it has in a long time. A slight breeze whipped around me stirring the sent of a storm moving in. In the air their was a charge of excitement and a mystry of what was to come. ‘Calm down,’ I said to myself. ‘Deep breaths walk slowly, not to eagerly’.

“Leaving your party early?” she asked

“What, that?” I asked throwing thumb behind me as I knelt on the pavement. “It’s not a party, more like a B.S throwing contest.”

She smiled at my poor attempt at humor. “You have somewhere you need to be?” She asked

‘Wow, straight forward isn’t she?’ I thought. “Nahh, I was just going to grab a movie and pick up something to eat.”

So, your hungry?” she asked.

“Not really, was just going to do it out of habit.” I replied. I could smell her perfume coming from her car as I knelt there, the fragrance so soft yet demanding of attention. She was indeed a beautiful woman, and here she was giving me another chance that I had better not miss. “But how about ice cream?” ‘That a woman ought to enjoy,’ I thought.

“Your cute, get in,” she said through a smile.

Hell, why not. I opened the door to her car in climbed in, my head swimming from the sudden rush of blood, partially from standing up so fast and some from the beers I had just polished off. “I’m Thomas, Tom for short.” She started out of the parking lot.

“I’m Megan. Can I ask you a question?” she asked as she drove the opposite direction from the nearest ice cream place, which happened to be in the same shopping center. I didn’t say anything; I was already in the car and who cared about the ice cream.


“Is it true what they say about big guys like you? Ya’ll have, ummm…large assets?” she asked. “Your what, 6 foot?” she added.

‘Dang, this girl doesn’t waste any time,’ I thought. “Possibly, but I’m not giving away all my secrets just yet.” I said in reply. “And yes, I’m something like 6 foot.”

“Guess I going to have to find out,” she said in a flirting voice. God, she was beautiful and sexy all at the same time. And I was right about those lips, there were very luscious. As she sat there, her short skirt was barley covering her gorgeous thighs. I loved short skirts on women with long legs, especially when they are barley covered. “That’s the third time you’ve been caught staring.” She said.

“Sorry,” I said jarring my attention to the street ahead. “Hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”

“It doesn’t, I kind of like the way you’re looking at me. Tell me what about me makes you keep staring?” she asked.

“God, where do I begin? Everything about you is sexy. But to be absolutely honest, I was just sitting here wondering what you felt like, or what it felt like to touch you rather.” She looked shocked for just a second, and then a smile crept slowly across her lips.

“Well, I have to admit,” she said, “That’s original, and extremely hot. I like you.”

“I like you too. You seem sweet and funny as well as beautiful. And I’m sorry to stare, but you have my full and undivided attention. Your eyes and lips, down to your toned legs, your perfectly gorgeous.”

“Flattery can go both ways, sweetie,” she said as she reached down and pulled up her skirt just a bit to barley reveal soft white panties. “And what do you think of my thighs?” I wasn’t surprised when I felt an immediate erection.

“Umm, wow,” is all I could say. She laughed softly and caressed the crease that was her pussy lips in her panties. I managed to close my mouth and swallow to moisten my dry throat. I tore my eyes away for just a second to meet her eyes as she gave me that ‘I want you’ look.

“Where can we go to be alone?” she asked. I didn’t have to ask why, we were both adults and wise enough to know where this was going. My head was swimming; I couldn’t believe what was happening. She was the exact persona of a dream, or a fantasy. The dryness in my throat had been replaced by my heart as it beating twice as fast as before. My erection was throbbing, almost begging for attention.

“Turn here, this road leads to an area that’s pretty isolated,” I managed to mutter. She looked at me with knowing eyes and took the turn. After a short distance we came to a field with a rarely used dirt road that lead around some trees. She took the dirt road pulling up close to one of the trees and turned off the car. The music was still on, local country station playing a song by Garth Brooks. The moon was big and bright, with brief flashes of lightning in the distance as she turned to me. Neither one of us had to say anything; the desire was apparent from the both of us. I looked at her beautiful eyes sparkling in the pale light and leaned in to caress her cheek. She put her face in my hand and closed her eyes to relish the moment.

She slowly opened her eyes and put her hand on my wrist. “Your pulse is racing, are you sure you want this?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I said softly trying to swallow my pounding heart. “Do you?”

She didn't say anything, she didn't have to. She reached over and unzipped my pants, never taking her eyes from mine. For the first time in a long time I was speechless. She looked down as she revealed my swollen dick, muttering a soft ‘ummm’ she took it all the way in her mouth. I gasped as she started sucking and working my testicles with her hand. I leaned my head back and just enjoyed the moment. It wasn’t long before she had my dick bigger than it had been in the moments before. She released my thick shaft from her mouth and sat up. “Didn’t think this was going to be the end, did you?” she asked smiling.

“I hoped not,” I said. She effortlessly pulled off her white panties, pulled one leg over the shifter and console, then the other – kneeling over me. I managed to pull my pants down to my knees as she slid into a comfortable position. She started unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my neck. I was working her blouse buttons when she grabbed my hand. “Are you sure no one can see us or will come investigating?” she asked with her lips nearly touching my ear. Her perfume was almost overwhelming as I inhaled the scent with every breath.

“No,” I replied. “But if anyone can see, they should be smart enough to know what’s going on and enjoy from afar.” She smiled a devious smile and started unbuttoning her blouse, then unhooked her bra. Hers breasts were indeed large and so succulent, her nipples erect as I softly licked and nibbled. I slowly kissed her, moving up her chest to her neck, then her lips. I kissed her deeply, releasing any inhabitations I held. It felt so good to have a woman next to my skin, her breasts pressing against my chest. My dick was throbbing up and down, touching her wet pussy. Goose bumps ran down my back and then down my legs as I yearned to be inside her. We both continued to touch and feel the other, my hand running down her back and across her round ass, down further until I felt the wetness from her pussy. I put one, then two fingers between her pussy lips, caressing her swollen clit. My dick seemed to get bigger just touching and playing with her, jumping up every now and then to touch her wet lips. I could tell she was getting more excited as she kissed me harder, longer and even biting my lip softly. I continued to use one finger to spread her clit, softly caressing. I felt my way back further, pushing two fingers deep inside her. As she sighed, I moved my two fingers in and out quickly. She moaned and took deep breaths as I kissed her neck and chest as she moved up and down slightly. I wanted to get her close to cumming, so I quickened the pace at which I moved my fingers in and out of her. The cool feeling of her wet juices dripping on my dick was driving me crazy, strange that it seemed to almost burn with desire.

“Take me now,” she moaned. She pushed me back, lifted the seat release and I feel back with a sudden jolt. She lowered herself on my dick with all the ease of a gentle rain, taking me all the way in her. She was so hot and wet that my body quaked with goose bumps as she embraced me from deep within. She lay there on my chest, slowing her pace so we both could enjoy the moments to come. She moved up and down slowly, her breasts pushed against my chest. Her hot breath spilled on my neck and ear, and with the smell of her perfume all around me combined with the feel of her warm body, I almost lost my composure. I had craved the feel of a woman close to me for so long now, but this was more than I had ever hoped. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as she moved her hips back and forth. ‘Yes, slow and steady’ I thought. I just relaxed my whole body to enjoy being inside this woman. The breathing was heavy, from both of us, as the windows on the car started to fog. We kissed each other furiously as we made passionate love. My hands glided over Megan’s body and around the sides of her breasts. “Oh yes.” I muttered between our deep kisses. She moaned softly in reply. I caressed her back and moved down her ass to feel every part her, doing my best to commit every second to memory. I moved my fingers across her ass hole to where I filled her with my dick. I filled her so completely that there was no mistaken to how a woman and a man could come together. She started moving a little faster as I touched the both of us feeling the connection we made. She moaned louder and with more feeling this time. I played with the crease between her ass and pussy as I continued to explore with my hands. She started taking long strokes on me pushing down as far as she could. It was so sexy to feel her on me, moving her body to a sexual rhythm. I moved my arm between us to feel her swollen clit, caressing and slowly rubbing her pussy as she moved her hands to touch and explore too. She took hold of my hand, moved across the small of her abdomen then back down to where I filled her, exploring the touch together. We ran our hands up my shaft, to her pussy, then guiding one finger into her asshole as she gasped. She then left my hand there to again caress and fell the love we made, and moved her hand to her pussy. There she began to masturbate herself, breathing heavily between our kisses. ‘Now this is sexy,’ I thought. A sense of euphoria came over me as I started to feel cum swelling inside me. Her moans started to reach a higher pitch as she moved her hand on her pussy faster and faster. She was close and so was I.

“Yes, oh yes,” she moaned as she allowed the feeling to come over her. She threw her head back and moaned while she continued to move her hips. Her hips moved faster with longer strokes. She winced and whimpered as she tightened her body. She was coming and wanted me to know it. Her breasts heaved with every breath she took and her body shook like a delicate leaf in a summer breeze. With her head back she moaned, arching her back, her legs slightly squeezing my waist. It was beautiful, the site and the sound of her orgasam. It almost seemed to be over to quick as she looked at me and smiled, licking her fingers. “Now,” she said. “your turn, make it feel good. Enjoy being inside me. Fill me with your cum.” she whispered into my ear. I grabbed her firm ass with both hands and started fucking her hard. “Harder, Faster!” she moan, throwing her head back. My eyes closed, as I got ever closer. I buried my face in her breasts and she cradled my head, running her fingers through my hair.

“Look at me baby” she said. I couldn’t believe I was making love to this woman as our eyes locked. The pressure built to where I could no longer hold back. All my senses exploded as I released inside her. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and for a moment I forgot to breathe. As my body began to succumb to the ease and relaxation that now enveloped me, I realized that I still held Megan close to me. “Oh my god, Megan…” I managed to say.

“That’s Goddess Megan to you.” She said playfully as she rested her head against my chest. Her legs were still wrapped around mine as we laid there catching our breath. Together we watched the storm getting closer and the flashes of lighting getting more beautiful. She let out a soft ‘ummm as my dick slid out of her. “That felt so good.” She said as I ran my hand across her back and down her ass to her thighs. We were both still wet from the sweat we worked up. I again moved my hand past her thighs to softly caress her pussy as she shivered with goose bumps. “What’s up with you feeling me?” she asked kind of giddy.

“Touch carries such sensuality for me, I want to feel everything about you.” I said not backing down. “Does it bother you?”

“Not at all,” she said. “In Fact it was such a turn on that I could hardly control myself. I’ve never been touched like that before. I guess wisdom doesn’t always come with experience, does it?”

“Trust me, I’ve spent so long dreaming of what it felt like to explore a woman’s body that I just have to know what it really feels like.”

“You haven’t been able to do this before with anyone?”

“No, never have. I'm not new to sex, but no one has ever let me explore through touch like this.”

“And, how was it?” she asked

“You were amazing, I don’t want to stop touching and feeling you.”

“You don’t have to…” she said as she moved my hand back around her ass to fell her cunt. She was still hot and wet as she pressed her lips to mine again in a long kiss. She started getting wetter as I caressed her clit and moved my fingers in between her lips. She moaned softly as she pressed her body against mine. I could fell my dick starting to swell once again as I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I moved them in and out fast as she started to tense up again. She started biting my chest softly and I used one hand to caress her clit while I used the other to finger fuck her. She had her hands on my back and at times dragging her nails across. “This is amazing…ummm.” She whispered. “Don’t stop…” She again lifted her head off my chest and pressed her lips to mine. I moved one hand back up to touch her head and face while the other continued to moving back and forth between caressing her pussy and finger fucking. I loved to feel a woman in this manner, areas that normally would go untouched or unexplored was now my way of sharing the pleasure I got. My dick was again erect as I moved to put myself back in her. She reached around and swatted my hand away and grabbed my shaft. I softly moaned, our lips still passionately exploring each other mouth as she rubbed my dick back and forth. She would insert the tip of my dick into her pussy then take it out and rub her pussy with it. The feeling was so overwhelming that I broke our long kiss to catch my breath with a sigh. She smiled as she saw the pleasure it brought me. I again moved my hands to play with her pussy as she continued to tease me. She came a couple times as we continued to play this way, each time she did she would look me in the eyes and smile as if asking for more. She kissed my neck and chest, now and again moving her breasts to my face as she would sit on my dick, momentarily taking me all the way in.

“I want you to fuck me again.” She said as she opened the car door. She pulled away from me and got out, almost dragging me behind her. She took me around to the back of the car bent over the trunk. Oh, what a sweet ass she had. I loved to seeing her bent over, showing her ass. The moonlight was getting dimmer as the clouds moved in, but I could see how perfect a form it had. I came up from behind and started pushing myself in her, just the way she wanted. She gasped at how big she had made me. “Fuck me,” she said through a moan. I did, moving with long, hard strokes, wanting her to enjoy it. I moved my hands around the front, again caressing her smooth pussy with one finger between her pussy lips as I fucked her from behind. I kissed her back and shoulders, moving up and down her spine with my lips and hot breath. She moved her body just like a woman should responding to my touching, moaning and gasping with pleasure. I ran one hand through her hair as I continued to use the other to caress her breasts and pussy. Our bodies were again so close together that it was hard not to notice how the warm summer breeze felt cool and crisp as it danced around our sweat drenched bodies. I softly moved Megan’s hair to expose the small of her neck as I had a couple of times already. I again kissed and nibbled on her softly as she quivered in my arms. I loved the smell of her perfume and the feel of her hair on my face, I moved up her neck to kiss and nibble just behind her ear as she whimpered time after time. I was close to coming and if I wasn’t mistaken, Megan had cum once or twice more too. I pulled out for a bit more staying time and was again greeted with a nippy breeze on my wet dick. I turned her over to look her in the eyes and again kissed her deeply and softly, and then I picked her up and rested her on the trunk of the car. I moved down her neck and over to her ears, laying her back on the window. I kissed, licked and bit softly on her breasts and nipples, caressing the other breast and nipple with my hand. I moved down kissing her chest, stomach and abdomen. I moved quickly while not neglecting any part of her body. I picked up her leg and rested it on my shoulder as I kissed and nibbled on her inner thigh. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy and taste the sweet both our bodies were drenched in. I was still so turned on that I wanted to taste her sweet pussy, so I cupped her ass with both hands and buried my tongue in her. She moved her body and raised her hips with every kiss and lick, moaning and groaning with pleasure. After a short time of teasing with my tongue and sucking her clit, there was a sudden release of moisture and juices from her and I knew she had cum. I smiled as she sat up pulling me to her face. She kissed and licked my face, breathing heavily as she also tasted herself on my lips. I put my hands around her back and pulled her closer to my penis, it throbbing against her wet pussy. She again wrapped her hand around my hard dick and put it in her as she caught her breath. She threw her hair and head back as I moved my hips in and out, slowly at first. She again lay back on the window and practically screaming, “Fuck me!” I put her legs against my chest, both sticking straight up. I fucked her, pushing as far as I could with each thrust. She was so wet and hot that with each move I could come completely out and glide back in effortlessly. I quickened my pace and with each new penetration her screams seemed to get loader and higher. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed as her hands cupped and squeezed her own breasts and nipples. Quicker and harder I went with my arms holding her up stretched and toned legs as close together as they would go for a tighter feel around my dick. I was right on the edge holding back as she came with the thrusting of her hips and the release of more moisture. It was more than I could handle and I came, releasing thrust after thrust everything I had left. The breath was again taken right form my chest as I looked straight up in to the night as lightening flashed overhead. Everything seemed to blur and I became light headed for just a second. The ecstasy we had experienced together was no doubt to be remembered for many years to come.

“Holy fuck…” I managed to say between breaths. I crawled on top of the trunk to lie on the window next to her. Megan’s breath too was quite labored, as she also seemed to be worn out.

“Told you I was a goddess,” she said rolling over to look at me. She ran her hand across my chest then down my stomach closing her eyes and uttering a soft ‘mmmm’. “Next time, and there has got to be a next time honey,” she said. “ I’ll give you a piece of heaven.” We both started laughing, but I knew she was serious about next time. We had been so immersed in each other and the love we made that we tuned out the world around us with the approaching storm and the radio in the background. “I love this song!” she said jumping off the car. It truly was a beautiful site as she started dancing naked, her body swaying gracefully as she moved to the music.

“Dance with me,” she held out her hand for me. “Please.” she pleaded. I got off the car and took her hand, pulling her close to me. We were still dancing as the rain began to fall; it was one of those moments that seemed to be from a movie. We embraced for a long kiss with the rain falling over our bodies. She shivered, so I held her closer. The rain only lasted a few minuets more, long enough for us to hold each other and danced a little longer, our bodies steaming from the rain that had just cooled us from the hot and passionate love we made.

Reality butted in just then when her phone rang. She left the temporary comfort of my arms and made her way to the passenger side to answer it. I followed her, watching as her beautiful ass swung side to side. She opened the passenger door and climbed halfway in reaching over to grab her phone. ‘Oh Yes!’ I though smiling and I admired the view of her naked body in the glow of the car light. I reached down and cupped her ass and ran my finger through her pussy one more time. Didn’t seem to faze her one bit as she climbed out of the car with a smile. “Time to go,” is all she said returning the slap on the ass. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she redressed. I couldn’t help but think of earlier when I had first seen her in the bar, how radiant she was then and is now. As we drove back to the parking lot, we talked about the sexual repression I had and how she once was repressed in her marriage too, and how she overcame it.

“So, you’ve done this before?” I asked

“Yes, but none of them have I ever wanted to see again. Your different though, not selfish and open. I like that.” Megan said.

“Why me?” I asked. “What made you want me when you could have had your pick of anyone in that bar?”

“Why not? I’m not the bar type person, and I hate those that are just looking to get laid by anyone. What caught my attention was your stare, and the startled look when I caught you!” she said laughing. “ I though it was kind of cute and most guys would have come up and talked to me. But you just seemed different from the start. A bit shy and not too presumptuous, I found that very sexy in a way.”

“Shy is sexy, huh?” I asked. “Not many women agree with you.”

“You probably couldn’t tell it, but I’m a bit shy too.”

“Really?” I asked is disbelief. "I couldn't tell."

She pulled back into the parking lot and it was deserted with just a few cars left. The bar was just closing and suddenly I realized it was after 1A.M. “I hope I haven’t got you into any trouble." She pulled up to my truck and parked.

“Hell, don't worry about it.” She said. “Here’s my private cell number, leave a message if you want to see me again. I will get back to you as soon as I can. And remember, this must be discreet if it is to work.”

“You have a secret cell number? Man, you got this down to a T – don’t you?” I said laughing.

“Don’t make fun of me! It Works!” She said laughing and punching my arm. Just then I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me for one more long passionate kiss. “You better go,” she said, “before you can’t.” I did go, but not willingly. And as she drove away, I stood there wondering if I would ever see her again. Should I ever see her again, that was the more approiate question. I wasn’t surprised when I felt my boss’s hand on my shoulder; I had seen his truck when we pulled up. I figured he had either had someone take him home, which was highly unlikely, or he was waiting for me. “Something like that only happens once in a lifetime,” he said as he joined my stare. “Cherish it man, and don’t ever let it go. And don’t worry, my lips are sealed.” He slapped me on the back with a smile and walked back over to his truck and left. I walked over to my truck as well, got in and turned the key. There would be a next time, I was very hopeful of that. I had never felt so free to make the kind of love, or lust, I had with Megan. I wonder what I would tell my wife about where I was as I put my truck into gear. The rain started to fall again and this time it was different, but somehow I knew it never would be the same again.

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