Ralph, Dick and I part 1

Ralph, Dick and I part 1

“Ralph, what the fuck are you doing?” I knew what he was doing, jacking off again; I was just too embarrassed to acknowledge it.

“He’s whacking it again”, Said Dick.

I blushed crimson red. You see I was only 13, Ralph was 15 and Dick was 16. I was very conscious of trying to not look like a homo. Ralph masturbated several times a day and did not care if we knew or not.

“You guys leave me the fuck alone. I’ll be out when I’m finished,” Ralph yelled from inside his bedroom.

“Come on Ralph, we need to get going or we’ll miss the tide,” Dick yelled back at him.

The tide was low and we would only have 2 hours of prime time snorkeling before the depth and current would become too dangerous for us to work on that giant clam we found yesterday. The clam was huge, at least 4 foot wide, and would bring us 300 to 500 rupees from a tourist on the dock.

“Uh, uh, uh, aaaarrrrghhhh!!!,” Ralph grunted from his bedroom.

“Fucking pervert,” Dick uttered. “The guy is addicted to his cock, Harry,” Dick’s eyes were red from the beer we stole from my parents and drank last night as he looked at me and winked. I turned even redder, if that was possible.

The year was 1969, I was 13 and lived on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean 3 degrees below the equator. Mahe was the main island of a group of more than 100 peaks of a granite mountain chain sticking up out of the expansive ocean.

“Damn Ralph, let’s go,” I yelled out of desperation and embarrassment.

“OK. Just let me clean up,” Ralph murmured.

Ralph appeared from his bedroom all sweaty and glassy eyed. We heard the lorry’s brakes squealing as it was coming to a stop at the bus stop on the road above us and we ran like hell to catch it. It was pulling away as we got to the road and had to run and jump into the back. The natives already on the bus helped us get in. Bus, it was really a large flatbed 2 and half ton truck with seats in the bed and a canvas top. It would take us up and over the mountain and down to the north side of the island where the clam was.

This wasn’t the first giant clam we’d dug out of a coral head, but it would be the largest and the most dangerous yet. It was 16 feet deep in an area that was notorious for strong ocean tides and sharks. We had a system whereby one of us would dive down and relieve the guy working on the clam. The relieved would rise up and help the third guy scan for sharks. The third guy would dive down and relieve the clam worker, etc.

I was busy hacking at the coral around the clam with my 8 inch divers knife when I got the bump on the shoulder that would be my relief. I thought to myself that it was too early and put it off to Ralph being anxious to finish it today. I turned around to flip him off and was staring at a 12 foot shark looking at me like I was his next lunch. It rushed me and I thrust out my knife as my only defense and drove it into his snout. The shark went wild and swam off with my knife in his nose.

I looked up to my friends and saw them treading water 16 feet above me. There was blood in the water and was already attracting more sharks. As I rushed to the surface to see why they didn’t warn me of the sharks I saw Ralph and Dick jerking their cocks off in the water. I thought, “What the fuck is wrong with these guys.”

When I broke the surface I saw them staring intensely at the beach while jerking their cocks. I looked towards the beach and it all made sense. There were no less than 8 nude European women on the beach sunbathing. I was enthralled and lost all sense of time and urgency.

All of a sudden Ralph was pulled under and he came back up quickly and yelled, “I’m gonna kill that little fucker Harry!”

Dick was laughing and said, “Did Harry pull you under again, hahahaha!”

“It wasn’t me,” I said from behind them.

They both spun around and were very surprised to see me. Then they looked down into the water and saw all the sharks gathering under us and started yelling. We practically ran across the top of the water to the beach 150 feet away.

The women on the beach had no idea what they were witnessing as they saw 3 boys rushing towards them yelling at the top of our lungs. When we finally made it to the beach they started yelling at us and throwing things at us. They were all nekked and running around. Tits flailing here and there and shaved pussies glistening in the sun, was this another wet dream?

Dodging another can of soda I realized why they were so scared of us, we all had boners that were very visible, mine being the only one covered by my swimsuit. Ralph and Dick’s cocks were fully exposed and bouncing here and there as we dodged cans of soda and sand. We took off running as fast as we could with our flippers still on into the palm trees.

Running through the trees Dick tripped and fell, I tripped over him and Ralph tripped over me and landed on top of me with his still hard cock pressing against my neck. I hit him in the balls.

“OOWWWWE!!!” yelled Ralph. “Why the fuck did you do that?”

“Keep your little pecker to yourself Ralph.” I told him. Dick looked at me and started laughing uncontrollably. I started laughing while Ralph looked like he was gonna kill me until he looked down and saw his right flipper, most of it was missing as the shark had bitten it off. He held it up and stared at it as Dick and I laughed even harder. We all just laughed until we had tears.

Forgetting about the clam the three of us snuck back through the trees and spied on the naked women. We jerked off watching them.

“Man, I got to get me some pussy,” Dick said as he put his cock back into his swimsuit.

“I know where we can get laid real easy,” said Ralph.

“Not on the beach with those women, Ralph, they think we’re crazy,” snickered Dick.

“Ha ha ha, yeah. No, there are 5 sisters up the hill from us and the 3 oldest are hookers.” Ralph was practically salivating.

“When the fuck were you going to tell us?” asked Dick.

“No, I just found out last night.” Ralph said. “I was beating off in the bushes by the bus stop when they got off the bus and caught me. They told me they would fuck me for free because I’m a virgin and from America”

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