Raped Me [Part l]

Raped Me [Part l]

As i was walking home from the movies with my friend, we stoped because we had noticed that a car had pulled over. A guy opened the door and asked us " Do you girls need a ride? " The girls were confussed and cooled since all they were wearing were miniskirts and tank tops. The girls nodded yes as they got into the truck the man asked them " Where do you guys i mean girls need to go? " one of the girls slowly spoke up saying " Ummm 98 Street 32 Avenue thats 10 miles from here " As the man said " WOW! that far. " As they kept on driving it was quiet no one said anything.

As the guy that was driving kept looking at my friends leg (Victoria). Victoria spoke up " Excuse me are you looking at my pussy? " The man nevously said " Well no, i am just looking at your wonderful legs." As we kept driving he kept looking at Victoria virgina. He just won't stop looking there as i looked at him i relized he had a gotten a stiff cock looking at victoria legs. As i wonder what he was thinking he spoke up saying " Girl would you like to come into my place for a bit for a drink or something to eat " Victoria like " Umm sure we sure do need something to eat. "

I am thinking i guess i get no say in this as Victoria gets out of the truck and i slowly follow. The driver comes out askings us what are names were. We nevously said " Victoria and Rachel " As i looked at him smiling but i knew that was just a fake smiling trying to do a fake evil plan. As he opened to a motel i saw the number 13 on the door as Vicotira slowly walked in. He asked what drink we wanted " Coco Cola would be nice " Vicotria spoke up. As the driver walked into the kicthen he had gotten the drinks but as i relized he had put a drug in it. We didn't relized it till it was all dranking up. We felt dizzy. As me and victoria became dizzy we had " Knocked out "

As we woke up we relized me and Victoria Were straped to a table not noing what to do we became scaried and I screamed to the top of my lungs. Not knowing if anyone heard me. Two Minutes later the driver (Alex) as myself were moving around trying to break free i just wouldn't move. As i looked at Victoria she wasn't moving she was still sleeping or something as i became move scaried the Alex came up and said this " I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD AND I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU HYMEN AWAY FROM YOU MAKING YOUR NOT A VIRGIN NO LONGER AND VICTORIA HER TOO! "

As he grabbed something i wasn't sure what it was all of sudden something became to viberate in my pussy not noing that and whatever it was it took my hymen In pain i was crying in so much pain. It was viberating an d it was in there and it wouldn't stop and it still wouldn't stop! As Alex didn't take it out, i tryed to sleep through it i couldn't have four organism for whatever was in my pussy after relizing it was dildo. And As i feel asleep finally.

I woke up i looked around for Victoria not seeing her i heard screaming and a little tv in front of me showing Victoria giving Alex a blowjob as i could hear her screaming is because she was in the next room. I could see Alex holding her head down as he lets up his hands and then her head comes up and he gets up, and fucks her mouth watching her gaging her for air knowing she couldn't breath.

As he cummed in her mouth. As he turned her over whispering in her " Scream and i am going to fucken kill you." As he pulled down her miniskirt and licked her pussy as her hips went up and as her hairless cunt moved up and down. As Victoria Moaned as she scream " I am cumming i am cumming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! " as Alex slurp up her cum eating her up.

As Alex grabbed her and put her on his lap putting his 9 inch cock and thick into her virgina breaking her Hymen. Screaming and crying in so much pain as her face turned red her face slowly became normal. As Alex lifts her up and down as she moans and say " DEEPER AND FASTER! UH UH UH UH UH UH! YES YESSSS YESS! MORE MORE! " screaming that over and over again.

And lifting her up and putting her onto the ground on her hands and knees and putting luberice on to his dick, Thrusting forward into her ass and he kept going forward and backward watching her C32 Breasts going forward and backwards bouncing and jiggling. As she moans and screams for deeper. As Alex puts his dick back in her cunt fucken her over and over again. Not stoping. As she beggs not to fucken cum inside her. As he goes to her saying " IF I CUM IN YOUR PUSSY YOUR GOING TO BE PREGNAT AT THE AGE OF 15 OR 16 " As he cums inside her. He grabs her and hits her putting her back into the room i am in. As i pretend i am sleeping.

READ THE PART ll of this and this well tell you about what happened to me.

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