Recession rewards

Recession rewards

We had enjoyed a lazy afternoon together and I was feeling really good having cum several times. Louise, my older sister, looked just as pleased with herself as she lay there with her eyes closed and a big smile over her face as daddy slowly slid in and out of her. He too looked content as he looked over at me and smiled.

“You know how you two are getting ready for new cars?” he posed “well, I’ve got sufficient spare cash right now to treat you both this weekend.”

Lou opened her eyes and he halted mid stroke and laughed. “Do you mean that daddy?” she asked “I thought we were supposed to be in a recession.”

“We are. We are, but there are always opportunities with the right connections and I’ve just had the results of one of these opportunities giving me a large profit to buy you both new motors and still leave me with sufficient to enjoy elsewhere.”

Now my curiosity got the better of me and before Lou could pose the question, I voiced it. “So what exactly was this money spinner you’ve done daddy?”

“Sir John did me a little favour. Well, it was his broker really but he gets the credit as he arranged for me to receive some timely information and set up to short sell some of my stocks. I had a block of shares in my portfolio and they were trading well at 380. Sir John advised me to sell and hold the funds in a three part play and then he arranged a little leak of information to say that the company could be in trouble. I’d sold at 380 and within the day the share price dropped to 242 – helped no doubt by the recent losses in the market spooking everyone. In part two of the play, I bought them back at 242 and I also bought a good number more to boost the numbers. The company then issued denials and produced their reports and Sir John’s broker upgraded the company a week later. The prices shot up again and, in the third part of the play, I sold them again when they reached 375 making a profit when I sold first at 380 and then a massive 133 profit per share when I sold at 375. So you see girls, recessions can be good for some parts of the economy.”

“So how much did you make then?”

“Oh the amount doesn’t matter, it was the fun of the chase which was most enjoyable and I sort of promised Sir John a visit from you girls and he asked for you first Ruth, and Louise maybe next week. Something in the way of a little personal ‘thank you’ if you like.”

By now he had resumed his slow thrusts in Louise and she had wrapped her legs even tighter around him “When can we shop for the cars then daddy?” she asked.

“Any time you like. Tomorrow if it suits you but don’t go mad – it was a tidy profit but only for cars similar to those you have now. If you want something more extravagant you can put your own money to it.”

“Oh daddy! You are so good to us” she gasped and closed her eyes in another mewling orgasm “cum inside me daddy. Cum in me now.”

I leaned closer and stroked his scrotum, massaging the balls inside. I love the feel of his balls (and his cock too) and I watched intently as he speeded up. I studied the thrusts of his cock sliding in and out of her and then I felt his scrotum contract with the first shooting of his cum and Lou squealed in delight. I knew she would as daddy has a prolific fountain of sperm in his balls and I too loved to feel him splash inside me. I watched, a little envious, as he tensed his buttocks and contracted his balls in his orgasm and he ploughed into her a few more strokes whilst he finished flooding her and then he dropped over to lie on his back next to her.

After a few minutes I propped myself on one arm “I like Sir John,” I mused “he is such a gentleman and despite his age he is a superb lover.”

“Oh yes” murmured Lou as she began to relax and let daddy’s cum ooze from her “if anything daddy, he shoots more than you when he cums, and that’s saying something!” We all giggled a little at this and my memory supported what Lou was saying. Sir John has enormous balls, the biggest I’ve seen on any man, and when he cums he pulses jet after jet of sperm shooting easily four or five feet each time so when he cums inside it feels incredible. The amount he shoots and the force behind it always made me gasp in the past and I began to quite look forward to thanking him for his roundabout gift.

Later that evening after a relaxing soak in a bath, I prepared for my visit with Sir John. A heady perfume applied to my neck, breasts and thigh tops and I then selected some fine scarlet silk underwear. Sir John is very refined and simply loves silks and lace on a lady. I knew from past experience that he also enjoyed watching as I disrobed and he revelled in the seductive teasing removal of garments. To complete the underwear I added a matching garter belt and black patterned stockings. Over this, a simple black cocktail dress with the hemline just above the knee, and a neckline which accentuated my breasts, allowing sufficient levels of cleavage to show.

I arrived at Sir John’s city apartment at 8 sharp, knowing he has a thing about punctuality and he greeted me himself with a warm smile and a hug as he led me through to dine. “You look stunning my dear. I’m so glad you were able to come tonight Ruth and I understand that your father is letting you and your sister benefit a little from our latest transaction.”

“Thank you Sir John and you look as handsome as ever too. Yes daddy is letting Lou and I do a little shopping this weekend, so thank you for your help with his business. Where is everyone by the way?” (I expected him to have some of his staff there to wait on us).

“I felt that I would like you all to myself tonight and so I have sent the staff home. Don’t worry though, they have laid us a cold buffet and we can have some now and then nibble throughout the evening if you wish” and with that we reached a sumptuous spread on the dining table and began to ease our hunger and thirst. After an hour or so he rose and beckoned me to him “Come my dear, we should retire to the bedroom whilst the evening is still young and we can fully enjoy it.”

Talking with Sir John was almost like being in a Noel Coward play, he was always so precise and polite and it was a strange blend of formality and relaxation as I took his arm and we entered the plush surroundings of his bedroom. He turned and presented me with a light kiss and then he held me and began to stroke my neck and breasts as he gently slipped his tongue into my mouth, beckoning mine out and into his where he nibbled it between his teeth and gently sucked on it. As he stroked my nipples erect through my dress, my levels of arousal increased rapidly and I could feel that I was getting very wet indeed. Despite his age (he is about 70) he has incredible charisma and is still a superb lover.

Slowly, he disengaged, and stepping back he murmured “”Show yourself Ruth; show me your beautiful charms once more.”

Reaching behind me I slid my zipper down and eased my dress from my shoulders, holding it momentarily across my breasts before letting it slide to the floor and stepping out of it. “Oh my word!” he gasped “you are just a superb specimen of womanhood Ruth, perfect in every way.”

“Come now Sir John, don’t exaggerate. I’m pleased you like the way I look and I chose this especially for you, but I’m sure I’m a long way from perfection. I mean, are my breasts the right size for you? Are you sure they are not too large or too small?” and as I said this I cupped them and raised them slightly as if encouraging him to inspect them.

“They look perfect to me” he responded, smiling broadly “but they are covered and you are right, maybe your brassiere is hiding their true form. Perhaps you could remove it so that I can better see them?”

Reaching behind I undid the clasp and slowly, one cup at a time, I slid it from me and let it fall to the floor as I then lifted my breasts in turn and slowly licked the circle of the nipple whilst staring him fully in the face. “More” he said “let me see more of you Ruth.”

“Let me first tidy these things on the floor” I proposed as I turned my back to him and bent forward from the waist to rearrange my dress and bra. With my back to him, bending forward so, he had a full and unrestricted view of my rear and I shuffled my feet apart and looked back at him between my legs. I felt my silk thong slide up between my pussy lips and I saw just how much he enjoyed the sight of this and my pert rear as I rocked slightly before him. Then, hooking my thumbs in each side of the thong, I slowly slid it down my legs, raising each foot in turn to remove it and remaining bent forwards I neatly folded it and placed it with my other clothes before standing and turning to face him, legs still slightly apart.

He stared at me for some time, casually roving his eyes over me and settling them on my light thatch between my legs. I now stood before him wearing just my scarlet garter belt, black patterned stockings and my spike heels and as I moved over to lie on the bed I pouted “but this isn’t fair Sir John, here am I almost naked whilst you are still fully clothed!”

“Quite right my dear” he agreed and began to remove his clothes in a much speedier fashion than I had done mine. Soon he was naked and standing alongside me. I have to admit, he is still a handsome man and his cock and balls are magnificent. He was only semi hard at this stage and yet his cock was still over the 6 inch mark and wonderfully thick with a large hooded foreskin hanging from the tip. I reached out and took hold of it and pulled him towards me as I fondled his balls with my left hand and guided his cock to my mouth with my right.

I opened my mouth wide to take him in and rested the tip of his cock on my tongue where I softly moved it around the head and then slid it under the skin so that I could swirl it around the head beneath this large foreskin. It feels so strange doing this and his is the only cock I’ve ever been able to do this with I could gently rub my tongue on the underside of the cockhead whilst keeping it inside the skin. I could feel the join beneath and by scratching this with the tip of my tongue I could tell he was enjoying the activity as his cock began to thicken more and increase further in length.

Now he laid on the bed beside me, cock still in my mouth as he eased my thighs apart and spread my pussy open with his fingers. I needed no lubrication as he stroked circles around my clit and soon nudged me over my first orgasm. I felt my juices increase and run from me as he lowered his head and began to suck them from me. He swirled around inside me, almost like a thick flexible cock, and then he would sweep down between my legs to lick my pert rear hole before inserting his finger there and returning his tongue to my clit and open pussy.

We continued this way for some time, neither of us speaking but simply exploring and pleasuring each other and then finally he raised himself and took his cock in his hand. “I want you now Ruth. I want to be inside you and feel your deep warmth as I fuck you.” When I first heard him speak like this in the past it had seemed a little strange after being so formal but once sexual action started he changed his language to match the activities. By now, all I wanted was for him to fuck me too and I smiled enticingly at him and nodded agreement.

He stood by the bed and pulled me gently to the edge so that my legs hung down to the floor as he positioned himself between them. His cock was still not fully rigid and he slowly continued to stroke it. By now it must have been almost 9 inches long and as thick as my forearm and I raised my legs and held them apart for him. He moved closer and I felt him swipe his cock along my slit as he pulled the foreskin back to moisten his cock head on me. Slowly he swirled it on my hard clit and I crashed through yet another orgasm. I could feel my pussy contracting and I’m sure he could see my hole twitching as if gasping for air.

Now he placed his cock at the opening and began to slide into me. He felt fantastic! Still not fully hard, he maintained hold of it as he fed it into me inch by inch and then slowly began to rock inside me. I was completely filled and his semi hardness added a strange sensation to the experience. I now began to contract my pussy muscles against him, attempting to tighten further and to suck against him. “Wonderful” he mused “you feel so wonderful Ruth. You have the most talented cunt I have ever fucked. You still feel tight as a virgin yet you play tricks with it like the very best Cairo whore. Your sister is a marvellous fuck but she is nothing compared to you Ruth.”

He had continued to harden inside me and now was as rigid as a steel bar. He had ceased holding his cock and guiding it and was now slowly stroking it in and out of me. With my eyes closed I could visualise every inch of it, from the bulbous head to the thick veined shaft, as it slid inside me. As he rocked on his heels he added a rotating movement which drove me wild and then he slowly withdrew right from me and let his cock dip a quarter of an inch or so in and out before driving a full thrust deep into me. I felt his balls slap into my buttocks and it was almost like being spanked. I began a roller coaster of orgasms with the sensations he was giving me. I seep juices whenever I feel sexy let alone whilst having sex but now I was almost continuously squirting all over his belly.

“God damn but you can cum! It’s like having your cunt chew on me! How many women would love to be able to fuck like you Ruth and enjoy themselves so much? I hope you never marry and if you do I hope he doesn’t insist on you being faithful. That would be a waste for humanity.”

“Oh but Sir John” I simpered between breaths “even if I were married I couldn’t possibly deny myself such a magnificent cock as yours. I can’t stop cuming when you fuck me. You fill me completely and the massage your cock gives to my insides drives me wild with the sensations. Now, all I’m waiting for is the feel of your sperm as you pump it into me. That will really flip me over the edge again.”

“Well, my sweet,” he grunted back “how could I possibly deny a beauty such as you? Particularly when you ask so nicely” and he chuckled at this and began to speed up slightly with his thrusts into me. My goodness but he felt so wonderful and the anticipation of him cuming in me was driving me wild. The he gripped my thighs tightly and pulled me hard onto his cock and his first pump of thick spunk hit deep into my cervix followed by jet after jet, splashing me with the same ferocity as the first one. I’m sure my eyes must have nearly popped from my head as I gasped at the feeling of his spunk hitting me with such a force of pressure and I felt tears of pleasure seep from the corners of my eyes. I closed my eyes again to better bask in the feelings he was giving me and when I opened them a minute or so later he was still plunging into me with long slow strokes as he looked down at me with a broad smile.

“Let me now turn you” he said and he eased his cock towards the exit of my hole and he then twisted me by the hips and turned me so that I was now on all fours, still with his cock in my entrance. “Beautiful” he murmured as his hands stroked across my buttocks “you still feel so good Ruth, even as slippery as you are now, and my goodness you are so hot in there.”

I looked back between my legs to watch as his cock slid in and out of me and his balls hung low in their sack. A continuous drizzle of sperm mixed with my own juices dripped from me as he slowly maintained his fuck strokes and it oozed down to the bed in a long thread. He had not slowed since cuming and I was throbbing with the feel of this wonderful cock ploughing me and now he changed his tempo. He held my buttocks hard against him as he wedged his cock as deep into me as he could get. I have rarely been so filled, not even when I’ve engaged in double penetrations although the sensation was something similar.

Then he very, very slowly began to slide his cock backwards from me. He teased me so with this gradual withdrawal, bringing his cock right back from me so that I felt the rush of cool air enter me and I swear I heard a gasp from my hole as he exited. This whole action had taken something like a half minute from being fully into me to being completely out of me. As I watched between my legs I saw his cock line up again and he suddenly thrust it fully back into me, bashing into my cervix once more and I felt his swinging heavy balls slap into my clit to give me another intense sensation and I crashed through orgasm again. His rapid slam was again followed by the slow exit and another slam, a rhythm which he then maintained.

I was now feeling somewhat exhausted with the constant barrage of orgasms he had given me and I may even have passed out briefly once or twice. I heard his breathing labour again and it was clear that neither of us was capable of speech at that moment. His cock began to feel even harder and he halted his slow withdrawals as he speeded up once more to cum again and with a great roar he pulled his cock from me and I felt his spunk splash the full length of my back and past my head onto the bed above me. Spurt after spurt followed and he gradually bathed my back with his cum, as he now rested his cock in the groove between my buttocks and continued to let it rub there to draw his last dribble of spunk and he then collapsed himself over me and I rolled to the side under his weight.

My legs and arms were trembling with the exertion and I could tell that my hole was still wide open after his removal of that wonderful cock. My back was covered in his spunk and cum coated the insides of both my thighs and it was no exaggeration to use the phrase that I had been ‘well and truly fucked’ and I drifted off to sleep with him still spooning me.

When I awoke in the morning, my pussy was still tingling from the evening’s exertions and I revelled in the memories of the event, feeling myself get wet once more. As he had pleasured me so much the previous evening it only seemed fair to return the favour and I eased myself down the bed and gripped his cock in my hand, I began slowly stroking it towards erection and pulling the foreskin back from the head. I could see the streaks of cum still on there and could smell myself on him as I twirled my tongue around the head and soon was rewarded with a bubble of precum which I squeezed from him and lapped gently.

He had raised himself on his elbow to better see me and I stared up at his eyes as I now began to bob my head on his long shaft, letting his cock head plunge down my throat every ten or so strokes. “Let me fuck you again Ruth” he urged but I shook my head and muttered “Not this time, now you are to just relax and let me pleasure you.”

I increased my suction on him and pumped my fist in a twisting motion as I bobbed my head on his cock with my other hand stroking those lovely balls. As he increased the hardness of his erection I used all my long skills to pleasure his cock and when I could tell he was ready to cum I slid my finger inside him to play with his prostate and then it happened! He arched his hips and the first hosepipe of fluid shot to the back of my throat with such force I almost choked on it. Recovering myself I moved his cock towards the front of my mouth to avoid a repetition and to allow me to feel his sperm as it jetted into my mouth. Try as I might though, the amount and the pressure of this copious emission defeated me and now a portion of his spunk slid down from my lips as I swirled what I had in my mouth to better savour the taste before gulping it down.

Slowly I stroked and sucked on his cock as it began to relax and become flaccid once more. He lay back gathering his breath and when I finally lifted my mouth and moved up the bed to kiss him he gasped “My God Ruth, I think that if your father wasn’t going to buy you a new car, I’d probably do it myself for the pleasures you given me this night.”

I lay back and responded “Now, now Sir John, don’t make rash statements like that or I just might hold you to it!” and I pondered the idea of both enjoying such marvellous sex whilst having him present me with small gifts to add to the experience.

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