Reveresed Swinging Couple

Reveresed Swinging Couple

Over the years of our married life my husband and I have engaged in the swingers lifestyle heavily. The scenario normally runs something like we go out to a club or nice place and have a few drinks while we make contact with some of the eligible guys in the place. My husband will usually get things started as he picks the guys that he knows I will find attractive and offers them some additional fun with me up in our room. I am not complaining the system has worked for us and we both enjoy the escapades that occur.

I have been telling Ron about my fantasy of seeing him with other guys over the past several years and he will discuss it but then once we go out it just never seems to unfold. When I have confronted him he has always said that it is a fantasy of his too when the right situation arises he will indulge me and that is normally the end of the fantasy.

On Ron’s last birthday I told him I was going to take him out and fulfill his wildest fantasy. I know he had visions of me doing some erotic gangbang or something else equally as kinky so he was fully in agreement with the scenario I had set up. Ron is a good looking guy, early 40’s, 5’10” with a nice physique, nice muscles and a very firm tight ass. His cock is on the small side of average and he keeps his pubic area and ass shaved for me, oral is much better like this. I knew that picking someone up for him would not be an issue since he normally gets several offers from the ladies in the places as well as getting some comments from many of the bi guys we hook up with. I still do not believe he ever fully expected what I had planned for him that night.

We traveled to Washington DC and with the help of a gay professor I know lined up several clubs for us to go to. After a few rounds of drinks at several light natured gay clubs we headed to a dance club filled with hot gay men. I played the role of the classic “fruit fly” hanging with Ron but he drew a lot of attention from many of the guys in the club. Once guy in particular was drawn to Ron and he reluctantly danced several rounds and was bought drinks. We were both having a real good time and Ron kept hinting to me that he knew what I was up to.

The place was thinning out quickly around 1:30 AM and the guy who had paid Ron so much attention sat by me as Ron was led to the dance floor by one of his friends. I told the guy what I was up to and he seemed interested. When I invited him up to our hotel room he said that he would love to but had an early morning meeting and offered us to go up to his place across the street for a last drink. I eagerly accepted the offer and when the guys returned from the dance floor we all proceeded across the street up to this guys apartment. Three very hot gay men along with my husband and I. The host let us in and poured us each a shot of bourbon. He put on some music and then the guys began to talk about “guy” stuff.

One of the guys sat next to Ron and put his hand on his knee. The conversation continued and the guy kept rubbing Ron’s thigh moving higher each time. It was so amazing watching the table be turned on the seduction side with Ron the center of sexual attention while I sat by watching barely noticeable. The host finally broke the ice and asked Ron if he wanted to fool around a little. Ron gave a half hearted “Uhhh um ok” and was laid back on the bed he had been sitting on. One of the guys took his glass from him and all three of the guys pulled his shirt off and then pulled him up in the bed. One of the guys started licking and sucking his nipples making him moan slightly as his pants were un-fastened and pulled off his legs along with his undershorts. The host moved down and began gently licking his balls and sucking his cock before venturing down to circle the ring around his anus. This is one of Ron’s most erogenous zones and he quickly grew hard. With his legs spread and pushed up over his head giving full access to our host and my own gaze I watched as Ron lost his inhibitions and while one of the other guys licked his nipples the other placed his shaved cock to his mouth. Ron opened up and took the guy inside his mouth Watching my husband get serviced by three horny studs while he sucked a cock fully into his mouth had my own juices flowing strong. The position I had been in on so many nights out was now being occupied by my straight husband.

Still with a cock in his mouth I watched as the guy who had been rimming him stood up between his legs. I could see Ron’s puckered little anus wet with saliva and knew what was coming next. The guy undressed and pulled his nice 7” shaved cock free as his pants hit the floor around his ankles. He pressed it to the entrance of Ron’s anus and slowly with steady pressure pushed until the head of his cock was now inside my husbands anus. For a moment Ron stopped sucking with the cock still inside his mouth and I thought he was going to get up. But at that point for whatever reason he started sucking again and the guy attending to his nipples took his shaft into his mouth while the host pushed further inside. Ron was making whimpering noises mixed with moans from around the cock inside his mouth as the guy inside him pushed the last inch inside. Ron’s breathing was heavy and jagged and they guy started pumping him using my husbands legs to get full penetration. The sound in the room was overpowering and the smell changed to that of a sex charged aroma. Ron got into the action and was bucking his hips and doing the best attempt at a blow job he knew how. I knew from the sounds that his poor virgin ass was getting a good fucking and after several minutes the guy inside his mouth began to cum. At first Ron tried to let the cum escape his lips but the cock in his mouth kept him from being successful and I knew he was swallowing this guys hot load of cum the way I had done many times.

The guy inside Ron kept pumping in and out until he grabbed Ron’s legs and pushed himself in fully and began grunting as he now emptied himself into my husbands anal opening. Once he finished he pulled out leaving a gaping hole where his tight wrinkled hole used to be. Cum drained from his opening and the guy on the receiving end of the blowjob and the host crawled up onto the bed beside each other. The guy who had been blowing Ron got him turned over and pulled him to the edge of the bed and inserted himself into the used hole between his cheeks. Ron played with the now soft cocks in front of him until after about ten minutes and the guy behind him pushed and shot a second load of cum deep inside my husband. Then they all lay on the bed for several minutes before the host got up and handed back out the glasses. When my husband got up from the bed I could see he too had shot a huge load of his own cum all over the bed beneath him.

Ron started dressing and was leaking so I gave him one of my tampons and the host helped him insert it into his anus to keep from ruining his clothes on the way back to our hotel. We exchanged numbers and email. Once they all dressed the guys walked us outside and called a cab to take us back to our hotel downtown since the Metro had made its last run of the night. The cab driver was also gay and called my husband a “lady” and “girlfriend” during our ride acting like he was just one of the local boys. He gave us a business card and said he was the only openly gay cab driver in NW DC and said “anytime you girls want to go anywhere, call me.” Ron never clarified anything with him and we got out and made our way up to our room. Once we got inside I pulled my husbands tampon from his anus and pushed his legs up and back watching the cum slowly leak from his recovering hole.

Ron was not upset with what had happened and asked how I felt about watching my husband being used by three guys. I told him it was as hot as or hotter than I had imagined but that unless he was comfortable with it we did not have to do anything like this again, but that if he liked it as much as I did we could do it more often. Ron said that he was nervous when it started but that it just seemed so natural after it started that he enjoyed it immensely.

We have been invited back to DC over Labor Day and Ron is more excited about going than I am.

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