Roberto's Feast

Roberto's Feast

35-year-old Roberto de Torrez sat on his ergonomic office chair, staring at the computer screen while beating his meat. He was in his small basement apartment, under the house of his parents Hank and Jane de Torrez. This was a small apartment that contained his chair, his bed, his refridgerator and his computer. The refridgerator contained hohos and Chef Boyardee ravioli, which were all Roberto ate. He was a loser because he lived with his parents and only ate Chef Boyardee and hohos, and he wasn't even willing to try high-quality gourmet food.

The video he was watching was of an older gentleman raping a 5-year-old girl in the ass and pussy. Then he took a shit in her mouth. That shit made Roberto hard! When the video was finished, Roberto clicked a link that advertised a similar video. Little did he know it was a decoy link designed to lure in pedophiles.

"Hmm, that's odd," said Roberto. "There's no video!" But it was getting late, and he kust decided to go to bed.

Upstairs, Hank and Jane de Torrez were snuggling on a couch, watching a soap opera on TV. There was a knock at the door.

"I wonder who could be knocking at the door at this time of night?" said Hank.

"I'm not sure, why don't you go and see?" responded Jane

"Nah," replied Hank. "I'd rather watch this soap in peace!" but whomever was behind the door didn't take that as an answer. A crowbar was wrenched through the side and the door was ripped from its hinges.
The obese, crowbar-wielding woman standing behind the door frame stared angrily at Hank and Jane. She was extremely fat, with short gray hair. She was wearing a business suit. This woman's name was Gay.

"Is this the house of Roberto de Torrez?" she demanded.

"n-no, he's downstairs" said Hank, rather nervously.

"Well, ok. Thank you for your help," said Gay. She went down the stairs to the basement, and screamed, waking Roberto up.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked Roberto angrily.

"Is this Roberto de Torrez?" demanded Gay.

"Uh, no," said Roberto. "He lives in the house next door."

"Alright sir, thank you for your help" said Gay. Roberto went back to sleep and Gay went to the next house. She crowbarred the door open, to find a very attractive young woman of about 18 years old. She was about 5'8, with long blonde hair and a nice set of tits. Gay despised women with nice tits because they were objects of sexual attraction for men, and this was a horrible thing. Men were evil and manipulate dthe minds of innocent women and all they cared about was sex.

"Eww," said the woman. "You're fat and ugly, and I think there should only be hot chicks like me because that's what the guys like!"

This made Gay furious. She bashed the woman in the head with her crowbar. She fell to the ground, too dazed to scream in pain. She was out cold. Gay continued to bash until her skull was fractured and bits of brain were seeping from the cracks. She stepped on the body and mashed it up until is was a bloddy mess. Then she fucked the woman in the ass with a crowbar. She pulled the now-beshitted crowbar and licked it clean of blood and shit. She then took the mass and buried it under ground in the yard.

"Another job well-done by Gay!" she said Triumphantly, getting in her car and driving away.

After a while, the mangled body began to rot. Roberto, being underground and adjacent to the body, smelled it. He decided to see what was making the smell, so he went to the neighbor's yard and dug up the body. He dragged it home.

"WHat the fuck is that?" asked Hank and Jane together.

"It's a haloween decoration" said Roberto.

"That's one realistic Halloween decoration" said Jane. "We won't be having and trick-or-treaters this year, they'll all be scared!"

"Good," said Hank. "More candy for me."

Roberto dragged the body downstairs and fucked it on the spot. It fell apart into a mangled glob of skin mashed internal organs, shattered bones, blood, rotting flesh, shit, piss and Roberto's semen, and was infested with maggots and other vermin. Roberto picked up the mass and put it in his refridgerator. Soon it froze into a chunk. Now, whenever he was hungry, he tooka piece and ate it instead of ravioli or a hoho. Mmm… it tasted liek a chunky popsicle only better.

Hank and Jane soon grew suspicious of the goings-on in the basement, and came down to investigate. They saw Roberto eating the stuff, and wanted soem too. They ate soem and started having a three-some.


Miles away, in an office, Gay's sex-o-meter rang.

"Oh god, someone's having sex!" said Gay. Shegrabbed her corwbar and her trusty old canine companion, Fido and ran out the door. Soon they arrived at the de Torrez residence. Gay was enthralled by what she saw.

Hank, Jane, Roberto and Gay all had a romantic candle-lit dinner and finished the rest of the chunk. THey even put some in Fido's food dish. After that they all had a major orgy. Gay's life was changed from that day on and was no longer a fucking bitch. The end.

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