Samantha's Transformation

Samantha's Transformation

The whore

Hellbent to meet my deadline, I sat hunched over the papers at my desk. A million details raced through my mind before I finally noticed the click-clack of your heals as you walked into my doorway.

I looked up and my mouthed dropped open at the faire sight before my eyes. There before me was a true vision of sultry, sexy beauty as you stood in a Betty Page-type pose with your back against the doorframe. One foot propped high up against the opposite doorframe vividly displayed the shiny, sleek and sexy source of the sharp click-clack from your feet. Hot buttered leather wrapped around your scented foot that was clad in a sheen of sensual silk.

I continued to drink in your lush shape as I followed your stockinged leg over your sexy calf, up your scrumptious thigh to the bottom of your fur coat. The fur shimmered in the light as you held it tightly wrapped around you hiding your delights. I opened my mouth but fell silent as you put a single finger to your lips. Moving towards me, you let your black gloved hands unclench the fur as it falls open to reveal what sweet, wet dreams are made of. Black lace, smooth heated silks, ever so lightly lay upon your skin moving in silent waves with every flexation of your body as you walk forward to me. One foot in front of the other like a runway model, your head cast down and your eyes drawn up in the most sultry stare you could give.

It was like watching a prelude to a dirty movie in slow motion never wanting the vision to end. Your hands came to rest upon the front edge of my desk as you leaned over, pushing your elbows together to in turn push you heavy tits forward in preeminence. My mouth salivated at the wonderful sweet cleavage before me and my cock strained inside my trousers.

……..push you heavy tits forward in prominence. My mouth salivated at the wonderful sweet cleavage before me and my cock strained inside my trousers.

I was thoroughly enjoying all of this beauty but slightly apprehensive as to who you were and what you where you came from. I don't remember ordering you but then I often booked whores in advance from the downtown escort service that you must be one of them and I simply forgot. Unusual though was that I never had them come to the office nor were they so "high society" looking. Usually gold glitter tube tops and bubblegum pink miniskirts. You know, kinda gawky, gum-chewing inexperienced sluts. They figured all they needed was their young, tight bodies to give you the ultimate sex. No technique. But you seemed on a different level… What you lacked in age you more than made up for in your mature, sexy attitude in the way you carried yourself. So sensual, alluring and lustful like a hot, mature woman in the heat of sexual prime. I looked up into your eyes and felt flush with excitement noticing how beautifully they were painted. Thick, lush lashes reached for my lips and a rainbow of colors were upon the soft lids w/just a hint of sparkle.

I looked down your face to your blush and perfect lips. Oh, those succulent lips that seemed ready to drip their wetness before me. I wanted them wrapped around my gorged cock! I reached up to touch your cheek and your eyes slowly closed as a heated exhale escaped you, your lips slightly parting. Your skin was smooth against the backside of my fingers as I grazed them downward. I stroked your skin again relishing the effect my touch had upon you.

Your eyes opened and you leaned forward to kiss me almost as a thank you for acceptance for finding you a sexy and attractive creature. I'm sure many found you to be just that. Backing away you stood in front of my desk looking about for a source of music. After flicking the switch to my stereo, a smoky jazz tune filled the air as you began to sway your hips. I had a full frontal view relishing your form in all its glory. Such a find you must have been for the escort service being a very shapely woman of mature years. Quite a lucrative addition you must be to their stable of women, why had I never seen you there before? The show progressed with many slinky moves possessed by a true talent of the striptease, reminiscent of the days of burlesque. Steamy to say the least!


Once again we are in the walled garden and all is as it was previously described with a few minor differences. It is the next evening and once again your are adorned with the white silk and the slave chains. You have been tethered via the collar to a ring set into the marble of the perfumed fountain. Tethered in such a way that your hands are able to reach your breast but no further down your body. You are able to sit, stand, kneel, and squat. Displayed around you but just out of reach are all your favorite vibrators, and dildoes. Your honey tipped is just inches away from your straining legs. I have thought of that. You will not be able to lay down and stretch your legs in order to retrieve one of your toys. Do you want the Black Mamba, standing so tall and thick. Or perhaps the purple double penetrator? The orgy is in full swing but your are not able to participate due to your restraints. In fact, all my guest have strict orders to totally ignore your prescience. You will experience all the sights, sounds, and.smells.You are able to see cocks penetrating pussies and asses and mouths. You can hear the moans of pleasure as woman after woman is used. You can observe the thick, hot gouts of male sperm as it jets from their throbbing manhood to splash on the breast, faces and buttocks of their female partners. Women will stroll past you with the cum of their most recent encounter dripping or drying on their thighs and bellies. But your are unable to participate. No one will heed your cries, your pleas for the release you need go unanswered, you are not even able to give yourself the climax you desire. Couples will fuck, lick and suck each other into that state of euphoria that you want so desperately to share. They will do this within a few feet of you. But for them you do not exist this night. All your needs will be taken care of. All save one, the one you desire most in all the world. That need I alone shall satisfy upon my return.

Samantha's need for orgasm grew painful and her rolling eyes revealed she was losing all control. Her nipples had been stretched to a grotesque length by her hands, but to no avail, for her throbbing burning starved pussy could not reach release. She started moaning then blabbering obscenities; losing all control she urinated and defecated on the floor…she had lost her sanity and become a cock-starved demented slut.

It is now time for Rebecca to bid us farewell as she is due back at work. She asks whether she can leave her Basque and seamed stockings on. And I agree provided we can see her later and that she spends the night with us.
She agrees, puts on her blouse, suit and stilettos and trots out of the house.

I know you want some cock as three hours is a very long time between fucks for a slut, but decide that you must wait a little longer. I know the fierce dildoing that Rebecca gave you in pussy and anus has heightened your desire even more, and I'm certain that pretty soon you'll be begging for cock.
All of a sudden I look out of the window and notice a figure moving around. It's the pool boy, a tall young man of about 20 who is tending to the swimming pool.
"Now there's an idea," I thought.

"Right Samantha. See the young man outside. Well you're going to offer yourself on a plate to him. I want you to chat him up and bring him back in here to fuck him whilst I videotape the pair of you. That's your task."
You are still dressed in your clingy dress which barely covers your seamed stocking tops and your stilettos and a total absence of any other underwear as you totter out to the pool.

I wish I were able to hear your conversation as the pool boy looks you up and down lustily but decide I must remain inside. I am watching you talking and gauging his reaction.
You see everything's not entirely above board – I arranged for the young man to come over and he's not really a pool maintenance man at all – he's a friend of a friend of a friend of Rebecca's and is apparently very well endowed. And I've instructed him to play hard to get.

I can see you having to resort to flashing your pussy at him, but it's a good ten minutes until he agrees to come inside. I just know that you are like a bitch on heat, almost desperate for cock, and will be so much more horny because of it.
You introduce him as Luigi. Sit him down on the sofa and disappear to fix the three of us a drink. Luigi eyes the back of your legs staring at your seams, knows the score and knows exactly what he must do.
You return and sit beside the young man, he runs a cool hand up your thigh grasping the stocking top.
That was just the reaction you were after. You run your hand up his jeans towards his crotch and grasp his bulge. In a second you have his belt undone and then slipped his boots, socks and trousers off. His undershorts are fast becoming a tent as you slip your hand up the loose fitting leg and touch his impressive dick for the first time. You try and tug it out of the leg of his shorts but it will not go. Desperate to see his manhood you slip to your knees between his legs and pull the undershorts right off. You blink at the sight before you for the young man has a simply enormous prick which is starting to stir, slowly curling up from his abdomen.

You reach out and grab his rod and in a few moments he is fully erect and as hard as steel.
You look closely and realize it must be at least ten inches in length and as thick as a rolling pin. The shiny purple head is as big as a fist as you take his impressive member in two hands as it is quite impossible for you to get your own hand around him in one go. The veins in his stiff prick sticking out all knotted and knurled and blue contrast sublimely against your beautifully freshly manicured long crimson fingernails as you are grasping his hard cock so lovingly.

You dip your head towards his groin and rub his hardness against your cheek looking up at me to smile dirtily until you drop your mouth over the huge phallus. I am taping you trying to get the monster cock into your mouth, your ruby red lipsticked licks are stretched wide open as the massive helmet disappears into your hungry mouth. It looks like you are trying to consume a French stick lengthwise. You can only take five or six inches of the dick down your throat and are having to breathe heavily through your nose as the huge cock has blocked off your windpipe. You are frantically sucking the tip and wanking the root with one hand, whilst rubbing his large balls with the other..

Meanwhile, Luigi has lifted your dress off your shoulders and is looking at your naked body. He pushes your mouth away and gestures for you to get up and straddle over his thighs.

I instruct you to do this with your back to him as I want to capture your expression when he first enters you.
Your cunt is hovering over his substantial piece of meat. Luigi is holding it upright whilst you are spreading open your cuntlips placing your labia either side of the tip of his dick. Luigi grasps your hips and gradually begins to force your body downwards onto his. The monster cock is slowly being devoured inch by inch by your wanton cunt. Your eyes are wide open and it almost feels as if Luigi's prick is splitting you in two. Down and down you drop until at last he is inside you fully. You are in fact so full that it almost feels as if his cock is trying to enter your throat from below.
You now start to bob up and down on his impressive equipment, your breasts are starting to heave in time as with each stoke you are withdrawing more cock out of your cunt before impaling yourself once more entirely on his sword. It looks almost savage as your pussy fights to take everything she is confronted with.

Luigi now forces a change of position and throws you onto your back on the sofa where he had been sitting. In a flash he got onto his knees and pulled your ass forward off the cushions before plunging himself inside in one movement upto his balls before staring to thrust relentlessly. Luigi keeps this up for minutes before again forcing you onto your knees so he can mount you doggy style.

You are kneeling on the floor, legs wide open and your proud ass high in the air. Your black stockings look incredible on your shapely legs but with the fierce fucking your stocking seams have gotten a little crooked. Luigi is knelt between your thighs forcing your hand between your legs to grab his rock hard cock. He then uses both hands to spread open your puffy cuntlips stretching your femininity wide open and you pull his cock inexorably closer to the entrance of your vagina. Much easier than before he's inside, but the new position has meant even deeper penetration and it takes your breath away as he once more starts to increase the tempo and fuck you like there's no tomorrow. This time I can see that he will keep pounding your pussy until he climaxes. You are moving your backside back and forth in time with his thrusts and are trying to squeeze his cock with your stretched pussy muscles.

You sense his ejaculation and once more reach between your legs to caress his heavy balls. A tickle of your long red fingernails is all it takes to tip him over the edge.
He mouths obscenities in German and grimaces as the climax reaches its crescendo. Luigi is pumping what seems like gallons of sperm into your thirsty cunt as your pussy muscles milk all the lovejuice out from his testicles. The spurts seem never ending as they are shot high inside your womb, absolutely plastering your insides with shower upon shower of hot spunk. Finally he stops thrusting and his receding cock which has now taken on a red hue with the friction drops out of your once tight pussy with a plop.

You look at me with utter contentment and before I can utter a word you return to the sofa and kick your stupendous legs into the air, slowly parting them to show me your wonderful completely shaven pussy. You are smiling contentedly, your labia are puffy and wet with exertion and your cunt is unusually for you gaping open a little having not returned to it's relaxed state due to the sheer girth of Luigi's huge member. There are red friction marks on the insides of your thighs just above your stocking tops. Ever the lady concerned of her appearance you calmly smooth down your stockings tugging them back into shape so the stocking seams are once more arrow straight. The movement of your legs has caused some of Luigi's white sperm to appear at your tasty cuntlips after gravity eventually does it's job travelling the large distance from where he had shot it high, high inside you.

You instinctively know what I want and your hands move down to your pussy. You hook your new long false nails around your swollen labia and splay the flaps wide, wide open. I am treated to the exciting view of what seems like gallons of spunk inside your glorious fuckhole.

You say "what do you think of that then? Is that how slut's behave? Or do you want some more?"
You insert two fingers inside your sopping hole and scoop out a huge glob of sticky sperm with your new long fingernails. Next you stick out your tongue and lick the juice off your fingers before plunging your fingers once more right inside your cunt. You are removing every last drop of Luigi's prodigious spunk up from your vagina and transferring it to your hungry mouth. It's a good dozen trips made by your fingers until you are certain you have cleaned yourself out. There is sperm stuck all over your outstretched tongue, there is even more gathered at the corner of your mouth and all inside coating your cheeks. You tip me a sexy wink once more, close your mouth and gulp hard twice before all is gone.
You look at Luigi who is still breathless on the floor, and I am proud to have witnessed first hand a proper slut at work. Coping admirably with the huge cock I had arranged for her – fucking and sucking it to oblivion – and devouring gallons of ball juice in the process. Like the incredible slut you are though you still want more.
"C'mon Stu it's your turn to fuck me now".

I need no second invitation to get between your legs once more. My dick looks shameful in size in comparison to Luigi's, but is rock hard and slips more easily than usual in your stretched pussy. Your muscles are working well though because once inside I can feel you grip me tightly.

Next you ease me out and say "How about fucking my slutty mouth babe?"
I place my cock between her accommodating lips and can feel her slurping the remainder of Luigi's sperm that was coating my rod.

You take my cock out and say "C'mon Stu fuck my mouth. Use it like a shaven cunt. Thrust your cock down my throat and make me gag."

I grab the sides of your face and start slipping my hard cock into your face. You are licking my cock as I thrust in and out. I am frightened that I'll do some lasting damage as I thrust deeper and deeper but you reassure me by clamping your hands around my ass cheeks and pulling urgently to get even more of my dick into your mouth. You are looking up at me and I am deep inside your throat when I start to spurt. This time you hold my arse in the position it is in and I can hear you gulping the fresh sperm down your gullet. You are caressing my balls with your fingers and applying suction to my shaft, and I can feel your tongue raking along the underside of my dick to coax the last remaining drops out. It is a while until you relax your grip on my ass and let my cock fall out of your mouth.

Your lipstick is smudged and some of it is coating my dick but you just open your mouth and show me that you've drank all my sperm in one go.

You say, "I'm sorry Stuart. I know you like to see your semen in my mouth and I am supposed to wait until told to swallow your beautiful sperm. You'll just have to punish me for being such a disobedient slut."
I'm not in the least upset but play along and say "Yes, Samantha as a penance you'll go out tonight with me although we'll enter a bar separately. You'll sit on a barstool and show off your beautiful legs in seamed stockings and your shaven cunt to me and Rebecca, who will be in there with me. You'll pick up the very first guy that shows an interest in you, it could be anyone – young or old, cute or ugly – you have no choice, whoever it is you'll take him to the restrooms, suck his dick off and swallow every last drop of his spunk. And don't you dare spill any down your dress. You'll then repeat this in another bar, and then another. Before we'll go to a restaurant where you will do the same with the waiter.
Does that sound slutty enough for you my love?"

"Oh yes" you reply before looking at Luigi lying on the floor sporting another huge erection. You crawl over to him and squat over his midriff. Luigi holds his massive cock up upright and you lower your cunthole over the huge helmet. Your labia once more are forced wide as you lower yourself onto him. I can see the sheer lust in your eyes as you squat over him. Your 5 inch high heels keep you on tiptoes and your suspenders are being drawn tightly over your thighs pulling your stockings tauter. You bounce up and down energetically on his throbbing phallus until I instruct you to stop and take Luigi over to the sofa. He sits down and I instruct you to face him and kneel over him with your knees on the settee cushions. From this vantage point I can see him enter you fully, your cunt absolutely crammed full of prime German meat your piss flaps spread deliciously wide open by the width of Luigi's broad member. I can see your expensive exquisite stockings and their beautiful seams from the wonderful point heels right up to the exciting circle in the stocking top.

My cock gets hard again and I move over to you rubbing your anus softly. Instantly you realize my thoughts and say "Go on master. Spread my cheeks and fuck me up the ass babe." I mount your anus and shove my hard dick inside achieving double penetration for you. I thrust into your asshole, whilst you ride Luigi's massive lump of gristle. You scream in the onset of a huge orgasm mouthing the filthiest of obscenities like the slut you are.
"Go on boys fuck my shaven cunt, fuck my tight ass. I want more cock.
"This whore wants your hot sperm right now."
"Please fill my slut's cunt and ass up with your lovely spunk guys."
I then let fly my sperm in your ass and in a few seconds Luigi cock once more has a spunky climax in your insatiable cunt.
We roll off and you continue by using a dildo on yourself. First plunging it into your gaping vagina before taking it out to lick Luigi's semen off it before then inserting it in your anus and then licking my sperm from the shaft. This you repeat until your orgasm racks your body.

Samantha enters society

This is a special night, and I have a surprise for you that I think you will enjoy very much. You greet me at the door, completely nude except for a diaphanous silk coat. The garment is very light and translucent, a light aquamarine color with tiny gold threads woven into it so that it glitters as you move. Your breasts are hanging heavy and full, barely covered by the thin garment. Your nipple rings gleam in the soft light and your fiery red bush blazes at the apex of your alabaster thighs. We embrace and kiss, deeply and passionately; I grasp your breasts and lower my head to kiss your erect nipples. Teasingly I bite the gold rings in each one and tug playfully, watching your eyes and feeling your body shudder. Your nether lips are moist and slightly open as you anticipate the rest of the evening.

You have laid out your clothes on the bed, but I order you to put them away because I have other plans for you. You give me a puzzled look but you obediently comply. First I remove the gold rings from your nipples and replace them with diamond tipped platinum studs with a tiny platinum chain connecting them from side to side. I go to your closet and look through your extensive slut wardrobe; I have a particular look in mind. First I select an antique white satin shelf corset which will lift your lovely tits and place them on display. A short, light peach colored button coat which reveals deep cleavage but covers your nipples and a matching skirt, very short and tight. You are a slut and you will look the part, but never forget that you are MY slut. Completing the outfit is a pair of black fishnet stockings. You will be wearing no panties tonight, not even a thong. Your slut-cunt is unrestrained and uncovered except for the very short skirt. Finally, you slip on a pair of white patent stiletto heels. You will be quite the sight as we walk along the city streets on our way to the club. The men will leer with lust filled eyes and the women will glare with the look of loathing reserved for a rival they can never hope to match, knowing that their men would be powerless to resist your sexual appetite. But, they are safe… for the moment at least.

At last you are ready. You gasp, and lift your hand to your lips as I reach into my coat pocket and retrieve a leash and collar. The collar is black leather, about an inch wide with a large chrome buckle and Chrome swiveling ring to which I attach a 3 foot long chrome chain leash with a snap at one end and a black leather hand loop at the other. Now, we are ready for the evening.

We step out into the chill air to the sidewalk in front of your building. You, anticipating the arrival of a cab or limo, pause briefly, but I take a right turn and start down the sidewalk. The leash tightens and tugs gently at your neck. After a moment of confused reluctance, you follow obediently. Tonight I am showing you off as the trophy slut that you are. We walk along the city street for several blocks. Each stare is met by your haughty eyes; the men lusting for you and the women cowed by your overpowering sexuality. Your hips sway seductively and the exposed flesh of your breasts glows in the glare of the streetlights. The platinum chain connecting your nipples glitters in the evening city lights.

After a few minutes we arrive at the club; We've been here many times before. At the door is an imposing man, at least 6'5" tall and in excess of 300 pounds; he immediately recognizes us and steps aside, holding the door open. Inside is the buzz of conversation as perhaps four dozen people are mingling, sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. At one end of the room is a stage with a cage in one corner where two very young women, no more than 19 or 20 years old, are gyrating to the rhythm of the music and flashing strobes. Their naked flesh glistens with sweet sweat as their bodies dip and grind to the driving beat. In front of the stage is a low padded platform. As we enter the room quiets and every eye is on you. Gradually, as we greet people and move about the room, the conversation returns to normal but there is a sub-current of expectancy just beneath the surface.

The dancers are getting more suggestive as time passes; soon they are groping each other, and grinding their sweat slick bodies together. People begin to pair off and move to the various couches and group seating areas around the perimeter of the room. The soft moans of sexual arousal replaces the beat of the music and the lights are dimmed. The dancers have ceased their gyrations and are locked in writhing passion as they enthusiastically make love to each other. You are getting very aroused but still we make no effort to join any of the couples or groups in their wanton sexual exercise. Instead we sip our drinks and watch. After about an hour, the spotlight suddenly shines on the low platform in front to the stage. The stage is polished hardwood but the edges are padded and low padded benches are built in on three sides of the stage. The platform is padded and draped with a pastel blue sheet. Now is the time; I lead you over to the platform and order you to mount it. You step up, trembling, unsure of what is to take place.

You soon learn that you are to be the featured attraction tonight. The crowd murmurs approval as I unbutton and remove your jacket. You slut-tits are thrust proudly outward and the diamond and platinum nipple jewelry glitters in the bright glare of the spotlight. Your collar and chain leash will remain on you throughout the evening as a reminder that you are mine but there will be no limits or conditions other than those of your own making. You have been assigned a "safe word" to protect you from harm and all present know to immediately cease when they hear it, either from you or from me. A wire mesh rotating drum has been rolled up to the side of the stage and the crowd has gathered round the small platform. Each guest received a ticket as they entered the club; the ticket stub has been placed in the drum. You will draw a ticket and the winner will have 15 minutes with you, only they must remain on or around the stage and platform on which you are standing and they can invite no more than 2 others to join. As you draw the first number you see that the room is entirely dark except for the spotlight shining on you. You cannot see the crowd other than shadowy outlines. You hand the ticket to me and sit quietly on the small platform.

When I call the number a tall man steps forward. As I compare the number and nod my approval, he is kneeling in front of you, gently pushing your knees apart. His face disappears between your shapely thighs and he begins to eagerly lap at your cunt. You are very aroused, a large wet stain has appeared on the hem of your short skirt and on the sheet covering the platform where you are seated. The man laps at your turgid clit and lifts your knees to your chest. His tongue is wicked, thrusting deep into your cunt, pummeling your clit, and probing your dark, tight anus. You moan and begin to pull and twist the jeweled studs piercing your nipples. He looks over his shoulder and nods toward a woman who immediately steps forward. She is a short, Rubenesque woman with large breasts and full hips. As she mounts the platform to straddle your face you note that she has shaved her cunt; it is open and very wet as she gently settles onto your face. At the same instant you feel a huge cock piercing your throbbing box, you moan loudly and arch your back, thrusting your hips toward the man who is filling you so full. Your tongue lashes out at the slit and erect clit of the woman above you. She and her partner kiss and intertwine their tongues as you writhe beneath them. She begins to grind her wet hole against your mouth and you can taste the sperm of her previous lover. He thrusts hard and shoves his massive tool deep into your cavern, then reaches beneath to slip a long finger deep into your ass. You are aware of the crowd of spectators watching but your pleasure is rising and you begin to thrash wildly. Screaming curses and clawing the fleshy ass of the woman on your face. Soon, she grunts and throws her head back, you feel a gush of girl-cum and she spasms against your tongue. At the same time the man between your thighs thrusts hard, driving his fuck-pole into your ravaged cunt and unleashing a flood of hot sperm. After their spasms subside, the woman gets up and taps her partner on the shoulder. He rises to move to your side and hold his still dripping cock to your lips. You eagerly take it in and suck it while she takes his place and eagerly drinks his sperm from your full chalice. You hear a soft "ding" which is the sound of the timer signaling that their time is up.

After a brief break for you to drink some water, you draw another number. This time a medium height woman sporting a large strap-on dildo steps forward, followed by 2 men. You look at them with a look of haughty defiance. The woman picks up your leash and fingers the links of the chain and nods approvingly in my direction. I smile and nod and she understands that the leash is between you and me, it is not hers to use tonight. You are mine and she is privileged to have the use of you for 15 minutes only. She motions to the 2 men and whispers instructions. They step to the stage, one sits on the edge, dangling his feet over the side. The other man sits on the low bench, his head and shoulders between the feet of the first man. The woman takes you by the hand and leads you over to them. Each is leering at you and stroking his cock. She firmly pushes you toward them and instructs you to sit on the lap of one, letting his cock slip into your cunt while you take the other in your hungry mouth. She struts around you, giving instructions and making you finger her strap-on and suck it. She runs the cold head of her rubber cock over your nipples and tugs on the chain between them. You feel the first man place his hands on your head and force his cock deep into your throat. At the same time you are writhing with wanton lust on the penetrating pole that is pounding in your cunt. The woman lightly teases your ass with a tasseled whip and does the same to the men's thighs. At one point she grabs you by the hair and pulls your mouth from the cock you were eagerly devouring. After teasing his erect cock and swollen balls she roughly pushed your head forward; you gag slightly as the rigid rod pushes into your throat. Soon the man is thrusting into your mouth and holding your head as his cum gushes down your throat. He falls back and you begin to rise and fall on the cock that remains in your pussy. Soon you feel him begin to throb. The woman, seeing the orgasm in his eyes, orders you to dismount and kneel. He then enters you from behind and begins to fuck you furiously. Your orgasm approaches but not this time. The man pulls his cock from you and aims it at your round ass. With a couple of strokes of his hand thick ropes of sticky sperm splatter on your ass, running into the crease, trickling around your cunt lips and dripping to the cushion below. The man moves in front for you to lick his cock clean, leaving your frustrated cunt exposed to the watching crowd. The woman dismisses the men as she draws a cruel smile and begins to finger her rubber cock. She thrusts it into your mouth; you recoil at the bitter taste of rubber but there is no escape. She begins to finger your ass; you know what is coming. I can see the fear in your eyes but you defiantly refuse to use the safe word. She kneels behind you and thrusts the rubber phallus into your well fucked cunt while reaming your ass with her whip handle. You begin to relax then cry out in tortured pleasure as she removes it from your cunt and shoves it to the hilt in your anus. Your tits heave as she cruelly grasps your thighs and pounds relentlessly. Soon you relax and begin to enjoy the sensation and even manage an orgasm while she lightly, but firmly swats your ass and flanks with her cruel whip. You are both relieved and disappointed when the bell signals the end of her time.

Over the next 4 hours you are used in every conceivable way by men and women including a dildo-wearing black man with a massive cock who relentlessly stretches both your holes simultaneously. When the last person is finished, you just lie on the padded bench, too numb to move. Your cunt and ass gaping wide and your body slick with the spendings of at least 20 men. Your tits bruised and covered with bite marks and bright red stripes from various kinds of whips. After you rest a minute and the crowd begins to thin out you look at me and hand me the leather hand loop of your leash. I lead you to the shower where I remove the leash but leave the collar. We shower together and make love under the soothing hot stream. Afterwards I dry your body with a soft towel and dress you in an elegant black dress. Taking you by the hand we return to the main room where you receive applause and the appreciative hugs and kisses of all. A curtain has been pulled across the room to conceal the stage and a large banquet table has been moved into place. You and I are seated at the head of table and we are served a gourmet breakfast. Topless waitresses and bottomless butlers attend to every need. When we walk out to return to your apartment the dawn is just beginning to paint the eastern sky a fiery red in honor of our night of wanton and abandoned debauchery.

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