Sarah and I – Part 2

Sarah and I – Part 2

The feeling that you get through your body after good sex is great, but with Sarah, it was like I was cumming all over again. We both lay on the bathroom floor, panting and sweating heavily like we’d just run a mile, wanting to savor this as long as we could. After orgasming 3 times within the last 2 hours, I was totally spent

We couldn’t stop looking at each other. It was like we were addicted to each other! It was time, however, to get back to the party in case anyone noticed us.

We both stood up, cleaned ourselves off, got dressed, and headed downstairs, content, making small talk the whole way. I checked my watch. It was 11:20. Knowing my sister and mom were bound to be home soon, I kissed Sarah lightly on the cheek, and turned to leave.

“Mark,” said Sarah.

I turned around.

“Promise me we can do that more often?”

“Promise me that too,” I laughed.

She just smiled. That killed me. It’s one of those smiles where it can pierce the coldest man’s heart, but can also completely intoxicate you, like a beer.

“It’s not like you are moving away again,” I said. “I really want this for us, and if you want this too, that’s great!”

She just looked at me, and smiled again

–10 hours later–

The sunshine immediately woke me up, at around 9:22 the next morning. My dick was hard and my sheets were damp, no doubt thanks to Sarah. I should have relieved myself before bed, I thought. No use crying over spilled beer…

I hadn’t really gotten a lot of sleep. My sister and mom had a huge catfight over the car, and I tried everything. Tylenol, loud music, pillows over my ears. Menopause vs. Hormones = Hell.

Anyway, I had just kicked the sheets off my bed when I heard the doorbell ring. My dog Max immediately responded with a series of loud barks and yaps. “Max! Be quiet!” my mom half yelled. He was still growling when my mom opened the door.

“Hi Mrs. Anderson!” SHE said

“Oh my god… Sarah?” my mom exclaimed

“Anderson!” SHE said

“Oh my god… Sarah?” my mom exclaimed

“Yes it’s me!” she said enthusiastically.

“Mark! Mark!” Get out of bed she screamed up the stairs. “Sarah’s back!”

“I know. I know she’s ba-” before my senses kicked in. BUSTED

So. Where were you REALLY last night, Mark.”

Sarah looked confused. Even over my mom’s shoulder, she still looked so cute, dressed in dark jeans and a faded yellow tank top.

“Ummm… Sarah! What a surprise!” I exclaimed, but it was too late, the damage was done.

“You guys run along now. Mark, we’ll talk later.” She said, giving me evil eyes.

“Oh-key…” I said half frustrated, half-amused. Stupid mistake. Oh well, I was with Sarah!

“Hey,” she began, looking at me with those penetrating eyes. I already knew where this was leading! I learned from my favorite TV show MANswers that women are horniest in the morning, which would make it all the better for her.

We began walking away from the neighborhoods, talking about all sorts of shit. School, friends, updates on the neighborhood, family, family business, pets (we used to walk dogs together) all the while walking on our favorite path from childhood, a secluded foresty area we all called ‘The Grotto’.

Our conversations eventually moved on to boyfriends and girlfriends, sexual experimentation, the works. She admitted to me that she was a virgin still, and wanted me to be her first. I was half-shocked at this news, but turned on none-the-less. We looked at each other for another long time, and then I leaned in to kiss her.

This time was really something special. Instead of a hot pre-sex foreplay kiss, it was more passionate. The minute our lips met, something started pumping inside me, wanting more, but also wanting to calm me down. It sent shivers down my neck, and I just wanted to kiss her passionately forever.

Obviously, she had no intention of this, and instead starting poking around in my mouth with her tongue. I’d only done French kissing once, but this time was WAY better! Oh yeah!

We immediately stopped. Having wild sex in the middle of a silent forest didn’t seem to be the greatest idea.

“C’mon,” she said. “Back to my place. My dad’s at work, and my mom went out with her old girlfriends, I think”

“Oh my god,” I moaned. “Make it quick”

My balls were already itching in anticipation, and my cock stood on end!

I waited outside her house as she checked no one was home

“Ya you can come in, Mark,” she said from her doorstep

I walked up the all-too-familiar steps from oh so long ago, and entered the house. It was almost exactly like I remember it! A few decorations were changed around, as well as different paint colors from the previous owners, but the noticeable change was the millions of boxes that pilled around the house.

“We haven’t exactly moved in yet per say… But we’ve got the essentials down. TV, wireless internet, food, and our beds…?” she winked at me.

I nodded, smiling and we headed upstairs.

She pounced on me right as we entered her room, wrapped her legs around my waist, and begin taking off my cloths. As soon as I set her down on the ground to try and strip her, she pushed me down to the bed, put on glasses and a ponytail, and did a very good imitation of the hot blonde teached from Role Models.

“Sit down, young man,” she growled. “You’ve been a BAD boy”

“I’ve been bad,” I said, deciding to go along with it. The pre-cum was starting to create a wet spot in my jeans

“And now, you are gonna have to stay after class” she finished, taking off all her clothes.

“Oh my god…” I whispered. She pretty much threw herself on top of me, finished stripping me down, and kissed me, exploring every part of my mouth she could. After doing this, she started to go down on me, getting closer and closer to my dick, but I stopped her.

“Nuh-uh,” I said. “You get to go first this time!”

She squealed with delight, and opened up her legs, allowing me access to her beautiful pussy. She was already dripping. I could feel the molten heat radiating from her and I wet my fingers a little anyway, to begin massaging in circles the sensitive skin around her pussy, like I’d learned. The intoxicating scent of her love juice just drove me INSANE with lustiness. All the while she was moaning. I finally put one finger at the entrance of her vagina and pushed in lightly.

“OH,” she exclaimed. “That feels so damn good” she moaned

I licked my fingers even more, tasting her sweet pussy juice and adding more lubricant to them. I gently began finger fucking her and massaging every part of her except her clit, knowing I wanted to assault that last. She began moaning loader and loader, throwing in a few “Fuck me’s” and “Oh yeah’s”.

It was then I moved on. Still gently finger fucking her to save her cherry for my waiting cock, I moved my face slowly towards her very hot, very wet pussy and began the greedily lick and suck and finger fuck her hard little knob of a clit, just like I did the night before.

By now she was screaming and moaning LOUD.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” was all she could say, as she climaxed over my fingers, litterealy flooding her bedsheets. She collapsed in a fit of moans and panting breaths… just laying there. She was still horny though. I knew it. I could tell.

“Now, for the finale,” she finally managed to gasp

I smiled

“Sarah, when I put him in you,” I said, motioning towards my cock, “YOU will control me. I heard that it hurts. Maybe even a lot. I don’t know. But you tell me what to do, and when to do it, and I will”

She just looked at me. “Mark, you are so damn unique. That was really beautiful somehow…”

She looked at me again.

“OK, I’m ready,” she said…

I walked forward, placing my cock on top of her well finger-fucked pussy, and just about came right there! I took a moment to regain control and then guided my cock to her vaginal canal.

I put it in her lightly, and she just about had another orgasm. I pushed deeper. Still just pleasure. Deeper. “Oh yeah!”. Deeper. “Owww!”

I stopped immediately, fearful that I had gone too far: that I was too eager to fuck her.

“Are you ok?!” I asked nervously.

She nodded, but didn’t say anything.

I just held it in her, about half way, waiting for her to act.

“Ok, move it in me a little deeper,”

I did so. The feeling inside her steaming, tight pussy at that moment is something I will never forget, and when I’m by myself nowadays, I use this memory to masturbate.

I knew I was very close to the Point of No Return, so I closed my eyes and imagined something completely not sexy to regain control.

“Mark, I need you to fuck me now!” she suddenly exclaimed, bringing me out of my non-sexual reverie.

Now let’s recap. I’m sitting her fully naked on top of the most gorgeous beautiful smart babe you will ever meet, sitting with my cock halfway in her steaming pussy.

“Ya…” I thought, I’m the luckiest man on earth.

I begin thrusting now, shoving my cock hard into her getting close each time to the hilt. Her first time or not, I was going to fuck her hard! She stopped whimpering after the 5th thrust in her pussy, and really was now enjoying a giant cock in her. The whole time I had to think about non-sexual things, not even feeling my dick because I didn’t trust myself NOT to cum as soon as I came out of it. I was going to make her cum first!

She started moaning loudly again. And louder. And LOUDER!

Now I was continually hitting her g-spot harder and harder

“MARK,” she screamed. “I’m gonna cumm!!!” and cum she did.

The force of a small car bomb probably equaled that of her reaction, as did mine. She was screaming and crying…? At the same time and moaning as her pussy swelled and released a fuckload of hot juices.

Seeing her cum sent me past the point of no return as well. I just lost it. I was screaming shit at the top of my lungs, not even knowing what the hell I was doing or what I was saying. All bodily functions stopped ONLY to concentrate on cumming my hardest ever. Spurt after stream after squirt of sperm rich, pearly white semin just BOILED over my cock and into her vagina. I collapsed.

I had died and gone to heaven. I knew it. I would not wake up for some time later…

-To be continued-

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