Sarah and I_(0)

Sarah and I_(0)

“Are you FREAKING kidding me?!” I yelled. I was going to spend this ENTIRE weekend grounded! No parties, no friends, no computer (no porn), and NO XBOX. This weekend already seemed wasted. I had just gotten into a huge fight with my mom over my slutty sister, Katie, and about how SHE never had a curfew.

“NO I am NOT kidding you,” she calmly replied. “You need to start being a little less hostile towards your sister, Mark! She’s 2 years older than you and she has straight A’s! You’re 15 for Christ’s sake! Just think, in a year’s time she’ll be off at college just like your older brother and then it’ll just be YOU. How will I ever learn to trust you before then?!”

Angrily, I slammed the door in her face, already thinking about plans to sneak out and who to meet up with. My good buddy Phil from school was hosting a huge President’s day weekend party which promised cool people, beer, and naughty games. At 5’11’’ and 145 lbs. I was more than capable of watching out for myself at the party, just in case there were a few rowdy seniors. I had already posted second best ever for lower classmen at bench press, maxing out at 225 the other day in my Sports D class.

I heard the hum of my garage door underneath my room and knew my sister had gone off with her retarded friends. This was going to be a long 4-day weekend and it was already 830. I found myself drifting off to sleep…

“WHAT????” was the word that woke me up with a start. My mom was on the phone with (judging by her tone) my sister. “WHERE??” silence… “OK. I’M COMING RIGHT NOW!” She came up the stairs two at a time (something I had not seen her do in a long time) “MARK!” she yelled.

“Ya mom?”

“Katie got in a car accident on the way over to her friend’s house for some club shit down south, but no one was hurt. I’ll be gone probably til midnight or more. You aren’t going anywhere! Understand?

“Ya mom!” barely able to contain the excitement in my voice.

This was the chance I had been looking for… The minute my mom left, I snuck out the back door and taking in fresh air, started heading on my way to the party which was right down the street at Phil’s house. The minute I neared the house, I knew this was gonna be a GOOD party. Two HOT women were walking out of Phil’s house accompanied by Jamie, the biggest pimp in school.

As soon as I entered, people started greeting me, Phil the most enthusiastically.

“Hey man, I thought you weren’t coming!”

“Naw, my mom grounded me for the weekend, but my bitch of a sister got her car wrecked so I’m not worried.”

“Okay man well if there’s anything you need, you lemme know”

“Got it”

I was already walking around, checking out beautiful sophomores and juniors. Most of the seniors were already upstairs, screwing lucky men in rarely visited corners of the house.

“Hey, Mark!”

I turned around, and my jaw literally dropped so much, it popped. It was Sarah!! She was more like a goddess than human, and I hadn’t seen her in 4 years. In the fifth grade, right after I started puberty and showed interest in girls, she moved away for her dad’s business to California. We used to walk our dogs together, skip rocks, go to the beach, ever since the third grade, but we lost contact as soon as I started having a crush on her.

“What are you doing here?!” I cried in amazement and excitement.

“Well my pops got a job promotion for his research on DD’s (Dannon Drinkables, her dad worked for Dannon yogurt so when I visited her house her fridge was always full of them) and we decided to move back here for the summer

“THAT’S GREAT,” I gasped. She had definitely developed a lot since then. Her breasts jutted out like small hills, probably 36b’s (I have a good eye) and were attracting a lot of attention from guys. She still had her hairstyle blonde and curly and her deep blue eyes didn’t change.

“Wow you sure have gotten taller!” she pointed out, her eyes still boring into mine, looking up at me.

“Thanks,” I said sheepishly. Now that she was back, I was already beginning to develop feelings for her. Man she really is excellent at making you want to be with her, I thought.

“So how’s school going for ya,” she asked

“Umm OK,” I said, deciding not to tell her my GPA averaged well below a 3 point.

“How about you?” I asked, before she could inquire further.

“Oh,” she blushed. A’s… I guess. I laughed to help clear up the air.

“Always the smart one,” I said, beaming at her… She blushed again. She looked so cute every time she blushed.

“Mark…” she said. “I… I don’t wanna say this but… I’ve had a crush on you since the fifth grade. I sort of forgot about you-“ she blushed again. “But now you are here and you’ve grown up a lot. You are so TALL! I cant get over that!”

“SARAH, I’ve had one on you too! Same circumstances!” I exclaimed, nearly passing out with happiness.

We looked at each other for the longest time before…

I moved my lips in. She immediately grabbed hold of them with her own lips and we were kissing and kissing and the moment seemed to go on forever. She was slowly moving her hand closer to my semi-erect cock, and I was moving mine slowly down to her ass. It seemed as if we were daring each other to make the first move. I had not seen her ass since she moved away a long time ago, so I moved in first. I can honestly say that too this day, I have not felt such a tight, luscious ass in my entire life. My cock stood to its full potential at about 8 inches and was hurting within the confines of my jeans. Her ass was like a basketball, with a smooth finish. Realizing that I wanted this too, she withdrew, looked around, and made sure no one had seen our encounter.

“Meet me upstairs in the bathroom in 3 minutes,” she whispered in my ear, giving me a sexy look.

I must have died and gone to heaven, I thought to myself. Probably the hottest girl in this building wants me! I was still a virgin, but I had seen enough videos, jacked off enough times, and read enough online instructions considering how to please a women, and I was going to test it all on Sarah, hoping against hope that it would work. Those were the longest three minutes of my life…

Finally, it was time, and I nearly ran up the stairs, cautiously looking around, and knocked softly on the door. Her deep blue eyes saw mine through the crack, and she let me in.

We pounced on each other immediately. We both knew we wanted this to last, so I took time, while kissing her, taking off her yellow tank top, to reveal perky 34b’s in a tight bra. It looked like any mans dream, and my now fully erect cock was standing like a flagpole.

Smirking, she said, “Well we’ve gotta free him, don’t we?” She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled off my boxers. “OH my…” she said. It’s huge!”

The she went to work, crawling on her hands and knees. My pre-cum was already beginning to flow steady from the sight of her, half-naked on the ground. She didn’t immediately engulf my cock in her mouth, but started flicking her tongue around my head letting pre-cum lubricate more. I was groaning with the pleasure now. Gradually she started sucking and blowing around my head and shaft in a way that made me ready to blow my load right there. Sensing I was close the edge, she started sucking harder and faster. I moaned loader than ever. “Im coming!!” was all I could say before spurt after spurt of white hot cream blasted out of my cock in her mouth, on her cheeks, all over

“How was that?” she smiled.

“Oh my god Sarah. Oh my GOD!! That was… OH MY GOD!”

“Well thanks,” she beamed. “That tasted really good… she said”

“Now it’s your turn,” I said playfully, still recovering from the blowjob of my life (admittedly my first)

Begging to god that a pussy eating lesson I had taken online was going to work, I pulled down her tightly fitted shorts off her and her lacy panties. I pulled her over to the counter and cleared away Phil’s toiletry shit, heart pumping fast with excitement and adrenaline. I stood back to get a full view of her now naked body. I nearly passed out for the third time that night. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS breasts with perky and erect tits only further outlined her tight ass and forever ever ever legs. But her pussy was the highlight of the night. She had shaved her matt of black pussy hair into a small triangle the rested right above her steaming clit hood. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

“Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong, okay?”

She nodded, saying “Fuck me however you like Mark. Tonight, I’m yours.”

I went down on her first sucking my fingers and kissing her inner thighs. I gently opened up her bright red pussy lips and starting licking the inners and anything within reach of my tongue. She moaned very softly and lifted her legs up and wider, granting me more access to her treasure. I knew the clit lay above the vagina, on the upper part of her pussy, so I started licking there as well, until a hard little button appeared, and her moans intensified. Knowing this to be her clit, and seeing her seep juicy liquids, I had another raging hard-on. I started to tease her a little by licking and kissing her INNERMOST thighs

“Oh god Mark, you’re making me soooo hot!!” mean while moaning at the same time.

I started moving in deeper, licking harder through out her slit and nuzzled my face in her bush, just assaulting that pussy. I knew it was time to begin on her clit. I started sucking and licking the hard button and her moans were getting loader yet

“OH, OH my god OH…”

“Ya cum for me Sarah, cum all over me” I muffled through her legs

“MARK IM CUMMING!!!” she moaned, and I stuck two very moist fingers up her vagina while still hanging on to her clit with my tongue. I felt her whole body convulse and shake as she unleashed a powerful flood of juices, while moaning her loudest yet.

She lay there, panting and sweating, juices pouring out of her.

“Mark that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had!” she said, still breathing hard and laying back.

“Don’t worry, baby. You’re gonna have plenty more…”

-To be continued-

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