Sarah, my little fuck doll

Sarah, my little fuck doll

To start off, my name is Will and this story is about the first time I ever had sex. I was a

junior in highschool at the time and was about 6'2'' weighing around 175lbs. I had an

athletic build, participating on the track and volleyball team. From my involvement in

sports, I was popular, but not the most popular kid in school. Sure I had a lot of

friends, but I mostly hung out with a group of like 10 or 12 people. Despite my social

status, I was relatively inexperienced with girls. I had lots of girl friends, but none of the

relationships ever got really sexual. There was one girl though that always got my

attention. Her name was Sarah, and she was, in my eyes, one of the hottest girls in

school. She was not very tall, probably only about 5'7'', but she had some amazing

features that made up from that. For being a small girl, she had gigantic tits. I mean

absolutely huge! There were at least a high C, low D cup and she always wore her T-

shirts just low enough to show a little of her wonderful cleavage. She wasn't too

skinny, but in no way was she fat. She had that kind of perfect body with just enough

fat on it. Her shoulder length brown hair was always dyed with streaks of blonde

through it which I always found amazingly sexy. She also had one of the nicest asses

in school. It was the perfect size, but nice and round. The kind you would expect on a

black girl, but she was not. Yet of all her features I probably loved her eyes and lips the

most. She had deep blue eyes that could melt me and her pouty, full lips I'm sure

drove more than just a couple guys crazy. She was hot, and I had wanted to fuck her

ever since like 7th grade when those huge tits had begun to form.

To understand a little more about how my first time came about, I should probably give

you guys some more information on mine and Sarah's relationship leading up to this

point. We were never great friends in middle school, but when high school came

around we got into all the same classes. This meant we became good friends. I

remember sitting in my freshman classes just looking at her, then she would catch me

staring and wink back. We just understood each other like that. Mid-way through

freshman year I asked Sarah to be my girlfriend, but to my surprise she said no! She

had just gotten through with a nasty breakup and said she was taking a break from

guys. This crushed me, but the next day in our math class, she sat behind me and

rubbed my back the whole time. It was a very sensual experience, and the next day I

decided to push the envelope a little further. I sat next to her and it just so happened

she was wearing a skirt. I ran my hands down her legs then massaged in inner

thighs. All while our math teacher rambled on! It was invigorating to be doing

something so sexual during class, and we were both increbibly aroused. When the

class let out, we walked down the stairs holding hands then made out in front of her

locker. I didn't know what we were, but I sure liked it.

Then summer came, and we didn't get to see a lot of each other. I went out with other

girls and she went out with other guys. Still, the farthest I had gone was fingering a girl

and I just couldn't get my mind off Sarah. I longed to be with her again and my chance

happened the next year at the end of the first semester. The school's basketball team

had won enough of the state playoffs to go down state and school would be let out

early so all the students could go cheer on the players. Busses would be provided

and I immeadiately signed up. Wouldn't you know it, Sarah was on my bus and we

decided to sit together on the 3 hour bus ride downstate. The first hour was akward

with us just making small talk, avoiding the sexual tension, but then she made the first

move. She said she was tired and asked if she could lie down on me. I said sure,

after all the idea of her hot body entwinded with mine was almost too much to bear.

She was wearing a short skirt and T-shirt that hugged the curve of her breasts and as

she lay down, I caught a glimpse of her red thond between her thighs. I instantly got a

hard-on that began to strain against my jeans. She lay down directly on top of me, her

head on my opposite shoulder and her legs straddling mine. She sat like this for a

long time, until she eventually drifted off to sleep. (or so I thought). Once we was

asleep, I let my hands do a little exploring. I put my hands on her ass, then kinda ran

my hand up her side to touch a part of her breast. To my surprise, she nuzzled closer

and began to kiss my neck and ear. She was awake! and enjoying what was going

on. I started to grind my dick, still in my jeans, against her thong and within seconds

we were dry humping on the bus. I heard her let out a low moan and after a few

minutes of this I couldn't take it any longer and came in my pants. I looked down and

noticed a dark spot in her panties where I could only assume she had done the same.

It was an erotic experience for me and one that I would jack off to many times before

my next night with Sarah. After the game, things again cooled down between me and

Sarah until one night during my junior year.

We were both over at a mutual friend's house, when I asked her if I could talk to her up

in one of the empty bed rooms. She said yes and we walked up the stairs hand in

hand. As soon as the door to the room shut behind us, I pushed her up against the

wall and started to kiss her deep and hard. She was surprised and pushed me away

saying, "Will, what are you doing?"

"Come on Sarah," I said, " You know we both want this."

With that she walked towards me and knelt at my feet. I felt her hands fumble with my

belt and I took off my shirt. My six-pack abs showed and she smiled up at me.

"Been working out, I see" She said in a coy voice.

I was too lost in the moment to reply. My boxers were down around my feet and my 7

inch rock hard cock was just inches from my dream girl's face. I reached down and

pulled her shirt up over her tits, then her bra so that her teen tits were showing. I

wanted to see them move around during the blowjob. I took a minute to squeeze and

fondle her breasts before I let her get to work. Her nipples were extremelly erect and

swollen, and I could see they were extremely sensitive.

"Later," I thought, "I'll show her just how much pleasure those tits can bring."

Sarah lower her full, gorgeous lips to the tip of my dick and then slid the head into her

mouth. Her lipstick smeared on my cock as she began to bob her pretty face up and

down on my cock. I soon learned another interesting fact, my little Sarah could deep

throat my cock almost to the base. I was in heaven, watching my cock engulfed in her

mouth while her tits swung back and forth with each motion. In a few minutes, I was

ready to cum and I was a little embarrased by how short a time it had taken.

"I'm gonna cum," I told her, but her head just stayed in place.

She picked up the pace of her blowjob and in a second I exploded into her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from my cock and I saw her choke a little on the load.

Cum dribbled from her mouth and dripped onto her tits. It was the most beautiful site I

had ever seen.

"Your turn," I said, as I laid her down on the bed.

I pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra. Her amazing full tits seemed to

defy gravity and remained as perky as ever. The nipples still hard and I took each one

into my mouth and gently massaged them with the tip of my tongue. This made Sarah

moan and groan, I knew she was in intense pleasure. I kissed my way down her

stomach then to the insides of her thighs. She squirmed under my mouth and she

was dripping with anticipation as seen by her soaking panties. I removed the thong,

then went back to my tease. I kissed the insides of her thighs, the moved away. I

wanted to hear her scream with anticipation. I would kiss directly on her slit, then

move away again.

Finally, she cried, "Ohh, fuck. Come on and lick my pussy!"

Hearing her talk like this was so arousing that I immeadiatly pushed my tongue into

her, the licked up and down the length of her slit. She shuddered and moaned, then I

inserted two fingers into her hole and licked her slit, enticing her clit to come out to

play. Withing no time her clit was raw and red, and I took it into my mouth and sucked

on it. This was more then Sarah could take and she began to moan even louder. I

picked up the pace of my finger fucking and with no warning she came right in my

face. Another discovery: Sarah was a squirter. My entire face was drenched as I held

onto her clit with my mouth for dear life. She came like 3 times before I could let my

head up.

"That was amazing," Sarah told me, "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

"Truth be told," I answered," I owe it all to porn."

We both laughed at this, but it was true. By watching porn I had developed my

technique and apparently was good at eating her out. I loved it and started to finger her

slit again when she said, "No, I want something else in me."

With that I reached into my jeans for my unopend pack of condoms that I kept just in

case and slid one on. Sarah lay back on the bed and I positioned my dick between her

legs, I pushed into her slowly, knowing the first time was painful. She moaned and

after a few inches I reached her hymen. I stopped, but she cried, "Just do it" and thrust

her hips into me and with that I felt it break. A little blood ran onto the bed spread, but I

remeber sliding into her all the way. The feeling was better then I could imagine. I

was hot and wet and I was nearly ready to cum again. I regained my composure and

kept pushing myself in and out of her. She began to meet each of my thrusts with one

of her own and soon the whole room was full of moans and "ooohs". After a while her

pussy began to contract around my dick and I wasn't sure what was happening. Then I

realized by her screams,

"Yes..oh God yes, that's it!"

She had had another orgasm and I felt like I was on top of the world, but there was still

so many things I wanted to try with her. I pulled out of her and asked if we could fuck

doggy style, I secret fantasy of mine.

"You really are a naughty boy," Sarah said, "You'll have to fuck me hard if I'm going to let you do me doggy style."

"Hell yeah I will," I replied, "I'll fuck you so hard you'll cum twice as hard as before."

Sarah smiled and she turned around ont he bed and rose to all fours. I slipped my

dick back into her and began to fuck her hard and fast. The slurrping sound that my

dick made with each thrust drove me wild and the sound of the "slap" of skin on skin

was incredibly arousing. I reached around and grabbed her tits.

"Oh..oh…oh..oh..oh" I kept saying with each thrust and pretty soon her own screams of

pleasure began to rival mine.

"I'm…I'm going to cum again," I yelled, and with that I again spurted into her hot cunt. I

don't know what came over me next, but the words just sort of flowed out of my mouth.

"You like that? You like my dick cumming in your hot little tight cunt? You cock slut, you

dirty whore, you loved that reaming didn't you?"

I expected her to be outraged, but instead she became ever hotter.

"Ohhh Will, I love your big dick in my cunt. I loved it, I'm your little slut with cum in her pussy"

I was stunned. She liked it, and she had cum again with barely any stimulation from

me. I fell back on top of her and we rested, intertwinded together naked as the day we

were born. I kissed her forehead and told her we had better get back downstairs. With

that we both got up, got dressed, and descended the stair cases still hodling each

other's hand.

* This was only my first of many sexual encounters with Sarah that involve anal, cum facials, and tit fucking, and I'd be happy to tell them all, but that's for another story.

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