Saturday Night Escapades 1

Saturday Night Escapades 1

First, a little about me. I don’t want to give away too much about myself, as I would like to remain anonymous on this site, so I’ll call myself Lisa (not my real name, sorry to those of you wanting more). I’m a 27 year old woman. I’ve had a steady job for nearly three years now that has treated me relatively well, though I’m by no means rich. Though I’ve made friends there, most of my friends that I heavily socialize with are friends from my college days. Some of them live near me, but most are a significant drive away, as is the case with the friend I will be discussing later. While I will be discussing lesbian experiences here, I am in fact bisexual, and would eventually like to settle down with a guy. About six month before this story occurred, the guy I had been fucking since I was about 15 decided he didn’t want to fuck me anymore. Yes, that makes roughly a decade of which I was fucking the same guy, though we slowed down temporarily while I went to college, during which period I hooked up with multiple other guys (and girls). To explain the whole situation would be a huge story in and of itself, as it is quite complicated. After going our separate ways, I was not in the mood to look for another guy immediately, and still have not started looking for a new guy. However, we had a very healthy sex life when we were together (different positions, anal, oral, watersports, even threesomes), and I still needed sexual relief without him. Getting myself off worked for awhile, but then I needed more, which I found through reading and, especially writing, erotic stories. I found that this drastically amplified my “relief.”

Finally, before getting into the story, a brief description of myself: I’m barely 5’8”; roughly 125 pounds; not overly skinny, but probably thinner than average; 36C-28-34; areola just short of two inches wide with nipples that stick out almost 3/4 of an inch when hard; pussy hair neatly trimmed to a thin light brown strip about two inches long above my slit, everything else shaved clean on a regular basis; light brown hair that goes a couple inches below my shoulders when I let it down, though it’s usually tied up in a pony tail; and hazel eyes.

I’ll begin by briefly explaining how this first experience came about. Prior to this incident, I went through a very hard period in my life. Things had been building up for about a month, and culminated in a week-and-a-half-long period during which personal issues combined with stress and extra work from my job to eat all my spare time. Throughout this week and a half, I was getting about five hours of sleep a night, sometimes less. Finally, everything seemed to clear up abruptly one Wednesday, ending a week and a half of absolute hell. I celebrated that evening by masturbating for the first time in nearly two weeks (again, I had not had any spare time, even for these vital needs). I was horny as hell and actually squirted as I came for the first time in my life, which I think may partially because I believe that was the first time since I was 15 or 16 that I had gone over a week without an orgasm, let alone nearly two.

The Saturday after that Wednesday, I felt I needed a celebration. I invited a bunch of my college friends to come up for a night of fun and drinking. It ended up being me and seven other girls I had gone to college with. One of them happened to be a bartender, so I had stocked up on various alcohols and she mixed the drinks for everybody (except for two, who were sadly but necessarily designated drivers). The drinking began at around 8:00. It was fun while it lasted, but got cut short as the two DDs drove most everyone back to their various homes (some of which were nearly two hours away). When they had left, it was just me and my friend Jess (also not her real name, as I want her to remain anonymous as well). With our bartender gone, and both Jess and I completely incompetent at mixing drinks, we grabbed a can of Sprite each, and passed back and forth a bottle of Grey Goose vodka while catching up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives recently.

I should describe Jess a bit here. Jess is also 27, though actually three months older than me. She has been more active than I have been in the guy department. She’s had many a man over the years, but I think only one lasted over a year. I can imagine why she had no problem getting guys, as she really is beautiful. She’s short (perhaps better termed as petite), at about 5’2”, but her face and body are absolutely to die for. I don’t know her measurements (except her bra size as we’ve talked about that), but I’d imagine her complete measurements to be 32D-26-30. Last time I talked to her about it, she said she was 103 pounds, and I can’t imagine that has changed much. From the bottom up, she has tiny feet, well-defined legs, beautiful hips, a flat stomach, an obviously sizable bosom, and round shoulders. Her face is gorgeous with a natural light red hue to her lips, a cute little nose, beautiful brown eyes, well-defined thin eyebrows (which I’m pretty sure she works hard to maintain), and long, flowing dark brunette hair that she seems to able to do anything with – braid, tie up, tie back, or just let down. Like I said, to die for.

Back to the story, Jess and I had been talking and passing the vodka back and forth for awhile, as well as chasing it continually with Sprite, when the conversation began to fade for the first time. By this point I was finishing my second can of Sprite while Jess had just gotten her second. Apparently we had both been holding our pee in while talking as when we finally had a brief interlude in the conversation, we both started to stand and head to the bathroom at about the same time. Now, it should be noted that Jess and I were quite drunk at this point in time. We both knew that we both were headed for the bathroom, and we briefly started to laugh, but then Jess made a sudden dash for the bathroom. As soon as I saw her move, I made my move and raced her to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom was not too far away and with Jess’s head start, I did not have a chance, but that didn’t stop me from trying! The second Jess got to the bathroom, rather than wasting the time to close the bathroom door, she dropped her pants and panties to her knees and sat on the toilet, started peeing, and stuck her tongue out at me (I know, real mature for 27 year olds, but remember – we were really drunk). I guess I am a bit of a sore loser when I’m drunk (maybe when I’m sober also, but I like to think not), so as soon as Jess stuck her tongue out at me, I stuck my tongue out at her, dropped my own pants and panties to my knees, and sat my ass down on her naked thighs, eliciting a quick gasp for breath from Jess, followed by hysterical laughter from both of us. During this laughter, I started peeing also. At first, my stream of pee splashed on Jess’ small thighs, which had been right next to each other when I started to pee, but which she quickly moved apart a few inches (as much as her pants around her knees would allow) as soon as she felt me peeing on her.

For a minute or so, Jess and I just sat there, both of us peeing and laughing. I finished shortly after she did, and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe my pussy, as well as the bottoms of my thighs which had gotten some splash back from when my pee stream had hit her legs. I then dropped the toilet paper between both our legs and stood up, pulling up my panties and pants as I did so. I turned around to see Jess still laughing hard. She pointed to her thighs with bother her hands and screamed, while laughing, “Look what you did!”

Looking at her thighs, I could see droplets of my pee all over her freshly shaved thighs (as I soon learned). I laughed really hard looking at the scene (made all the more humorous from being drunk). I managed to squeak out a “sorry” amongst my laughing, while I grabbed some toilet paper, dropped to my knees, and cleaned up the mess I had made on my friend’s thighs. It was while wiping away my pee on her thighs that I noticed she must have just recently shaved, probably that day, as her thighs and that super-smooth feel to them. After going through a couple strips of toilet papers to get her thighs dry, I grabbed one more strip of toilet paper and wiped her completely shaven cunt. We had been laughing the whole time I had been cleaning her, and I wiped her cunt more as a joke than as a sexual move, but it caused a brief gasp from Jess as I did so. This gasp briefly (very briefly) sobered us up and made us realize we crossed a line (well, at least me, though I think Jess went through a similar train of thought). I quickly dismissed the thought, which wasn’t too hard being as drunk as I was. Jess seemed to dismiss it also, getting up and pulling her panties and pants up, while laughing and exclaiming, “I can’t believe you did that on me!”

I just laughed and told her, “You shouldn’t have stuck your tongue out at me!” It should be noted that that last statement came out more than a bit slurred in my drunkenness.

We both laughed at this as Jess flushed the toilet. We then continued back to the living room and grabbed our Sprites. I took a swig of Grey Goose and passed the bottle to Jess, and we continued our drinking. We began reminiscing about our college years and our various adventures and escapades during those years, eventually going into comparing our college sex stories, than sex stories since college. At the end of one of Jess’ stories, as I finished my fifth can of Sprite, I announced, “I really gotta pee again!” As I said that I stood up, with a little help from the arm of the couch as I wasn’t too good at standing straight in the state I was in.

“Does that mean I get to pee on you now?” I turned around to see Jess laughing.

I laughed in response and slurred out, “If that’s what you want!”

After I finished saying that, Jess leaned forward, grabbed her Sprite (her fifth also) and chugged the last quarter or so of it, then stood up, stumbling a bit though looking a lot better than I was. I must’ve been taking bigger swigs of vodka from the bottle or something, as I think she should’ve been more drunk at her size.

When I saw Jess stand up, I laughed and hurried, stumblingly, to the bathroom. I pulled my pants and panties down to my feet, sat on the toilet, and stepped out of the right pant leg as I sat there. As Jess came around the corner, I pushed myself to the back of the toilet seat, spread my legs and patted the open area of the seat in front of me, encouraging her to sit between my legs, rather than on my legs, smirking as I did so. Jess stood in the doorway of the bathroom for a second, holding on to the edges for support, and smirked back at me. Without saying anything, she pulled her pants and panties down and off both her legs, leaving her with just socks on from the waist down. I was just laughing at her as she did this and began peeing, as I had been holding it in for awhile. After Jess had pulled her pants off, I was surprised as, rather than turning around to sit between my legs, she faced me, put a leg over either of mine, and sat across my legs facing me. I stopped laughing as she did this and just kinda looked at her in surprise. She still had a smirk on her face, but was completely silent, briefly making the only sound my pee hitting the toilet water. As I looked at Jess, she looked down, and my eyes followed hers to see her bring both her hands to her pussy lips and spread them as wide as she could.

I need to take a brief moment here to describe Jess’s pussy. When standing normally, her puffy outer lips hide everything inside. Even when she spread her legs to sit across my lap, I could barely see hints of the pink it was hiding. However, when Jess pulled her lips apart, I saw it all, noticing her tiny clitoral hood and even tinier inner lips, if they can even be called that. Pulling her lips apart, she completely spread her near-nonexistent inner lips, completely exposing her vaginal hole and pee hole. The view was beautiful! As for me, while my outer lips hide the pink inside when standing straight, my outer lips are not as big or puffy as Jess’s. Thus, when I spread my legs on the toilet, my inner lips (which aren’t huge, but are existent and thus bigger than Jess’s) and my pencil-eraser-sized clit were pretty well exposed. Personally, I’d like puffier outer lips like Jess has, as well as the near-nonexistent inner lips (those things just get in the way!). However, if I had to choose between those or my clit which is notably larger than hers, I’d pick the clit any day! But that’s just me. Back to the story.

So I was still peeing as I looked down at Jess as she pulled apart her pussy lips and opened up her vaginal hole. Not soon after she had fully opened up, I watched and felt as a strong stream of pee came shooting out her pee-hole and hit me just to the side of the top of my pubic hair. Out of my brief shock, I giggled as the forceful stream tickled as it hit me. However, this soon changed. A couple seconds after she started peeing, Jess shifted her hips while sitting on me to redirect her stream. Soon, the strong, warm force of her pee was aimed directly at my clit. When this happened, my own stream of pee stopped momentarily while I gasped at the feeling. The feeling was amazing! It was like her stream of pee was not only hitting my clit, but my entire body as shivers of warmth seemed to flow from my clit to the rest of my body! Instantly soaking in the pleasure of the feeling, I brought my hands down to my own pussy and pulled my outer lips apart more than they were to give even better access to my clit. As Jess’s stream of pee continued to hit my clit, my own pee started coming out in spurts, as my body started spasming with the pleasure it was getting from my clit. I soon put my head back looking towards the ceiling with closed eyes and started moaning, getting louder and louder as the feeling grew. After what could not have been more than 45 seconds to a minute, I screamed out “Oh fuck!” in orgasm, making it by far the quickest orgasm I had ever come to in my life, and which I would deny was even possible if I had not experienced it. As I orgasmed, I let go of my pussy lips and brought my hands up to grab my boobs through my shirt as my whole body was shivering in orgasm. However, despite the shivering, and despite my having let go of my pussy lips, Jess was apparently still not ready to let me stop. With my clit still exposed, though not as easily, Jess kept peeing as hard as she could on my clit, shifting her hips occasionally to keep the stream aimed at my clit as my body shifted in orgasmic jerks under her. She must have continued peeing on my clit for at least another 15 seconds, maybe even half a minute, after I first screamed out in orgasm. During this time, I continued screaming (not even coherent words, just screams of ecstasy), my body was still jerking, and, as my body wasn’t done peeing, short violent bursts of pee kept exploding out of me as my body was in the throes of ecstasy.

Slowly, Jess’s pee stream became less forceful and stopped reaching my clit, the last of her pee going between my legs and dripping into the toilet. As this happened, my body slowly stopped spasming, though my hands remained grabbing my boobs, feeling them heave as I was breathing heavily, and my head was still back with my eyes closed. As I regained control of my body, I felt my own pee begin to regain a steady stream, though it felt more like it was falling out of me rather than being pushed out.

When the last of my pee dripped out, I finally lifted my head up and looked at Jess sitting on my lap, her hands were now on my sides, though I did not remember ever feeling her put them there. The first thing I noticed was that Jess was just smiling at me, a genuinely happy smile with a bit of a smirk to it. Without saying a word, I grabbed Jess’s head, leaned forward, and began kissing her passionately, which she was quick to return. Jess’s hands slid down my sides to below my shirt, then slid back up to where they were before, only underneath my clothes this time. I then felt her hands slide up higher.

At this point I leaned my body forwards, still kissing Jess, and began to stand up. As I did, Jess pulled her head back, breaking off the kiss, stood up and gave me what looked to me as a cross between a worried and a hurt look, I’m guessing worried that I was uncomfortable or hurt that I was breaking it off, neither of which were my actual intentions. The look did not last for long, for as soon as she was standing, I stood up in front of her, wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me, and leaned my head down to kiss her again (remember, I’m half a foot taller than this girl).

I then tried to guide her out of the bathroom while kissing her, attempting to get her to my bedroom. However, between our excitement, arousal, and drunkenness, we weren’t moving very well. We bumped into the door on the way out, twisting around and ending up with me leaning back against the wall outside the bathroom while still kissing, though kissing through giggles. While we stopped there, I took advantage of the moment to pull Jess’s shirt over her head, breaking our kiss off momentarily and exposing a sheer bra showing clearly hardened tiny nipples. I then tried to reach around her back and unhook her bra, but before I could do so, Jess pulled me forward and closer to my bedroom, though she ended up stumbling backwards into a corner. I had to break off the kiss from laughter, and Jess wasted no time in pulling my shirt over my head while I did so. She then tried to reach around my back to unhook my bra, but I pulled her down the hallway towards my bedroom. I ended up bumping into a couple walls, and going slightly past my bedroom door and stumbling back into the door of a closet. While we both laughed at this, I was able to reach around Jess and grab the hook of her bra. Now my true level of drunkenness came out. I obviously have unhooked a ton of bras in my time, including many of other girls I hooked up with. I have never had trouble unhooking a bra before, but my hands were fumbling all over the bra strap apparently unable to handle the hook. Jess stood relatively still the whole time, though shaking a bit from laughter, but after some time (I’m really not sure how long but it felt like hours to me, though it was probably less than half a minute), she laughingly asked, “Need some help there?”

I managed to slur out a response of, “Shut up! I can do this!” I continued to fumble with it awhile longer, then mumbled, “Or maybe not!” After saying this, I leaned my head over Jess’s shoulder and stared down to see better, and, watching what I was doing, managed to unhook her bra finally. I then pulled it off her arms and briefly glimpsed her large bouncing boobs and tiny nipples before she pulled me through the doorway of my bedroom. I ended up hitting my hip on the door knob which twisted us around the door and forced Jess back first against the wall. When this happened, she immediately reached behind me to unhook my bra, which she did with absolutely no trouble, making me feel really drunk and stupid. She then pulled the bra off my arms and pushed me backwards, leading me to stumble back and fall back onto my full size bed. I had to close my eyes briefly from laughing so hard.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jess standing up between my legs, and got my first good look at her naked torso. Amongst all the girls I had hooked up with in college (which included three of the other girls that had been at my apartment that night), I had never hooked up with Jess before, nor even seen her naked. The sight that I beheld at that time took my breath away. I could see Jess’s shaved slit (which I had obviously seen earlier) and tiny hips, up her flat stomach, to her large, perky breasts. I would swear on my life that Jess’s boobs defy gravity! They are bigger than mine, yet did not sag at all (not that mine sag much, but there is a tiny droop to them that wasn’t there when I was 17), I swear they pointed nearly straight out. Pointing out even further were her tiny nipples on these enormous breasts. Her areolas couldn’t be more than an inch across, and her nipples maybe a third of that, looking slightly large than a pencil eraser protruding from the center of each boob (which I guess makes her nipples about the same size as my clit).

I stopped laughing as I took in the sight of her naked body. I managed to push myself up with my arms, and leaned forward taking a boob in each hand and sucking on one of her tiny nipples. Jess began to moan as I sucked on her nipple, than switched to the other, and back again. However, my body was not doing too well sitting, and was swaying back and forth trying to stay up. Jess soon noticed this and pushed me back down on the bed, twisted me so I aligned with the bed (though my feet were at the pillow side), and then climbed on top of me, leaning her head down to kiss me. As she did so, I felt her boobs, and even more specifically, her nipples push against my own. I put my arms around Jess and pulled her in even tighter, enjoying the sensation of our bodies together as we kissed.

I don’t know how long we kissed, but it felt like an eternity, and I was growing hornier by the second. Eventually, I was thrusting my hips up against Jess’s as we kissed, trying to get relief of some sort (something I don’t think I would’ve done sober, but in the state I was in I couldn’t stop myself). Not long after I started thrusting my hips against Jess, she broke off the kiss and started kissing her way down my neck and onto my boobs, sliding her body down as she went. As she fondled my boobs and sucked on my nipples, I let out a moan of, “Unnnnhhh god!” With the added feeling of Jess sucking on my nipples, I became even more desperate for relief and thrust my hips up harder, though they no longer were thrusting against Jess’s hips, as she had slid down my body. Rather, they were thrusting up just below Jess’s boobs. I felt her boobs just above my pussy as I was thrusting, and try to pull my hips up a bit to try and thrust into her boobs. I wasn’t very successful, and soon heard Jess giggling around my nipples. Shortly after the giggling started though, I felt Jess try and stretch out her body while sucking on my tits, bringing her boobs lower and closer to my pussy. I shifted my hips to the side and began thrusting against the underside of one of her boobs in hopes that I could get her nipple to flick my clit to get some relief. However, despite how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it to work, and soon heard Jess laugh at my desperate attempts. The laughing didn’t last long though, as Jess began kissing her way down from my boobs, past my stomach, to the strip of pubic hair above my slit. I think she had plans on teasing me though, as she began to kiss down one side of my pussy towards my thigh. I, however, was ready to burst, and was not going to wait any longer, so I spread my legs as much as I could, grabbed Jess’s head and forcefully pulled it against my pussy, her nose hitting my clit. I gasped as her nose flicked my clit. Jess caught on to my wants quickly as she brought her head up a bit and sucked my clit into her mouth, lightly tonguing it as she sucked. That was it for me! I screamed out in orgasm for what seemed like forever, as Jess kept sucking on my clit and my body was squirming in pleasure the whole time.

Eventually, Jess stopped sucking, and just tongued my clit. Then she stopped licking my clit at all and I felt the weight shift on the bed. As I opened my eyes, I was treated to the sight of Jess’s pussy almost directly above my face. I quickly reached around the body laying on top of me, in the opposite direction, and pulled the pussy down to my face while I lifted my face up to meet it. I then pulled her outer lips apart and licked from the top of her slit up to the bottom of her anus. As I did that, I felt Jess shutter, and her tongue lick around the rest of my pussy, rather than just the clit. I soon started pushing my tongue into her hole, which she reciprocated, which caused my body to jolt forward, slamming my face into Jess’s pussy, my nose nearly hitting her asshole. I barely heard Jess laugh when this happened. I dropped one of my hands from spreading Jess’s pussy, and shoved two fingers into her hole as far as I could. I started sawing them in and out as I felt Jess speed up her tongue in my hole. I then slowly twisted my fingers around, rubbing the insides of Jess until I heard her gasp, knowing I had found her G-spot. I started gently rubbing against it, slowly increasing pressure as I went while continuing to suck on her clit. Soon, Jess had pulled her head up from my pussy, but was still close enough that I could feel her heavy breathing down there. Then, all of the sudden Jess slammed her hips into my face hard, causing my tongue to brush her clit hard and my fingers to press hard against her G-spot, and she screamed, “Oh my god, Lisa!”

And that’s the last thing I remember.

Jess told me the next week that I had kept her cumming for awhile, and that after that, we both got each other to another orgasm, but as I apparently blacked out for it, I can’t really explain it all here.

I woke up the next day to the feeling of someone brushing my hair out of my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see Jess leaning on her elbow next to me looking down at me as she pulled my hair away. I was briefly confused, and looked around to find myself facing the wrong direction in my bed with a beautiful naked girl next to me, as well as noting the strong scent of pussy and pee. Slowly everything came back to me – the party I had the night before, everyone leaving, talking with Jess, racing to the bathroom, me peeing on her, her peeing on me to orgasm, and then stumbling into the bedroom to make out. I looked over to Jess, who whispered, “Good morning, honey!”

I whispered back, “Same to you, beautiful!” I pulled myself up onto my elbows and surveyed the scene – the blankets underneath us were scrunched up, one pillow was off the bed, the other was crushed against the wall, I could see our bras over by the door (mine in the room, hers just outside), a small half-dried stain on the blanket near my pussy, me completely naked, and Jess naked save her socks. “That was some night!”

Jess flashed a brief worried look at me and asked, “Do you regret it?”

I rolled onto one elbow to face her and replied back, “Not a minute of it!” I watched Jess smile again, and leaned in to kiss her. As our lips met, Jess leaned back, and I rolled on top of her, still kissing her. After a few seconds, I pulled back and said “Though, I will have to get you out of those socks next time! I can’t believe you’re still wearing them!” This caused laughter from both of us, causing our boobs to jiggle against each others’.

“We’ll have to see about that!” As Jess said that, she leaned up and briefly kissed me again, then leaned back and asked, “So you want to do this again?”

“Of course! I may not remember everything about last night, but I know I haven’t felt as good as you made me feel last night in a long time.”

Jess smirked and replied, “Glad I could be of service!” She then laid back quietly for a bit. Then, with a serious look on her face, she said, “Just so there’s no confusion, I like guys. I want a relationship with a guy, eventually getting married to one sometime. So it’s not like I love you or anything… not that I don’t love you! You are like my best friend, but I don’t want a relationship with you like that. I just want to have fun, take care of some needs I’m not getting elsewhere right now. And since you aren’t getting it anywhere else right now either, I see no reason why we shouldn’t help each other out, if you know what I mean.”

I just smiled back down at Jess. I could not have expressed my own feelings on the matter better if I had tried. “I agree completely! I feel the same way. So no relationship, no obligations, just normal friends – who sleep with each other!”

Jess smiled again and laughed. “Sounds good to me!” She then leaned up to briefly kiss me again. As she laid back, she asked, “So when do you want to do this again?”

“How about next Saturday? I’ve never got Saturday plans.”

“Alright, Saturday it is! We should do this every Saturday!”

“I could definitely do that,” I replied.

Jess nodded her head in agreement. Soon after she did that, I slid my body down hers, resting my head on her enormous breasts, closing my eyes, and dozing off for a bit. Jess placed her hands just below my neck, and we both stayed there for awhile.

Jess eventually broke it up, telling me, “I really should be going, looking at the time.”

The time! I hadn’t looked at the clock when I got up, I turned my head towards the clock, saw the time, and immediately sat up in shock. “Three o’clock!” I exclaimed.

Jess giggled. “Didn’t notice the time, huh?” I hadn’t at all! I realized I had no idea when we passed out the night before, nor how long we had been awake for, though it couldn’t have been more than half an hour or so.

Jess started to make her way off the bed. I grabbed her arm, stating, “Not yet you don’t! Not til I get something to hold me off until next Saturday.” With that, Jess laughed, and I pulled her down onto the bed and got on top of her, pinning her. I leaned down and kissed her briefly, slowly kissing my way down her body as she had done to me the night before.

I spent some time on her boobs, which were gorgeous, and the tiny nipples were such fun to suck on and tongue! Eventually I made my way down to her pussy, turning my own body around as I got there so Jess could lick my pussy. Instead of going straight into my pussy though, she began kissing the insides of my thighs, slowly working her way up. I, however, was not exercising such restraint, and dove right into Jess’s pussy, pulling her lips apart to get inside as much as I could. The first thing I noticed when I did this, though, was how sweet she tasted! I must have lost my sense of taste in my drunkenness the night before, because there was no other way I could’ve missed this flavor! I have tasted my fair share of various girls in my day, but Jess probably tasted the best, or at least damn close to the best if she wasn’t! She wasn’t overly strong, as some girls are, but just had this delicious sweet flavor with a sweet tang of an aftertaste. I lightly flicked her clit a few times, but eventually settled my mouth over her hole, trying to lick out and suck out as much of her sex juice as I could.

While I was doing this, I felt Jess’s kissing reach my own pussy, and she began licking around the insides of my lips, but avoiding my clit. She slowly circled around my hole, getting closer each time, and eventually started swirling her tongue around inside me. As I felt her do this, I kept sucking, but brought one thumb over to circle and tease her tiny clit. As I started brushing her clit with my thumb, I heard her begin moaning and started sucking her hole harder. Jess pulled her tongue up and started lightly tonguing my clit as I thumbed hers and sucked her hole. Jess kept moaning louder and louder, eventually pulling her face out of my pussy, and soon after erupted in orgasm while moaning my name. I got a jolt of fresh sex juice from her pussy as she erupted, which couldn’t have made me any happier! However, I didn’t get to appreciate it for too long, for as soon as Jess recovered from her orgasm, she buried her face in my pussy and actually began lightly nibbling my clit (which I don’t even think I could do to her, as her clit is so small). My body spasmed at the first feeling of this, and soon I erupted in orgasm, moaning, “Oh Jess!” Jess didn’t stop though, and I felt my body, and especially my pussy muscles, spasm as Jess kept this up for awhile after I first started cumming.

After coming down, I just laid on top of Jess for a couple minutes, before getting the energy to pull myself up and turn around. As I turned around, I was surprised to see the bottom half of Jess’s face covered in my juices, as well as a couple small puddles on either side of her face of juice that had dripped down. “Oh my god,” I whispered, “I didn’t know I had cum so much! Sorry!”

Jess laughed in response, saying, “You did the same thing last night! I’m actually not sure it is all cum, I think you might have peed a bit on me too! Don’t worry though, I loved every second of it!” I just looked at her for a second, and remembered the half-dried stain on the blanket I had seen on the bed when I first got up. I guess I just couldn’t control myself!

I couldn’t just let Jess lay there with her face covered in my cum/pee, so I said, “Well, let me help you with that!” Immediately after saying that, I leaned in and licked clean Jess’s cheeks, ears, neck, and eventually finishing with her mouth, ending with a brief kiss. As I began to pull back, Jess grabbed my head, and leaned forward and licked my cheeks, chin, and lips too, also ending in a quick peck on the lips.

“If you were going to clean up your mess,” Jess began, “I guess I should clean up mine, even if it wasn’t half as bad as yours!” I hadn’t even noticed her juices on me! I thought I had sucked her pretty clean, but I guess it is inevitable that I got some on my face. I have no complaints though, as I enjoyed her cleaning me! I guess I had zoned out above Jess for a bit though, as she said, “I really have to go now though.”

I looked down to see her smiling up at me, then looked to the clock to see it was now 3:18. “I guess you can go if you have to,” I said, in a fake-sad voice. I rolled off of her and sat up as I said that. Jess sat up next to me, naked save her socks still. I watched as she walked to the door to get her bra. As she put it on, I walked over to the door, and laughed as I saw a trail of clothes leading back to the bathroom. Jess laughed too, and walked over to her shirt, putting that on next. Then I followed her to the bathroom, and we both got a laugh as we realized we hadn’t flushed the toilet the night before, accounting for the heavy pee smell permeating my apartment. However, neither of us reached over to flush it even now. I just watched as Jess grabbed her pants, pulled her panties out of them, and put them on, followed by her pants. I then let her walk past me and followed her to the living room, where she grabbed her purse, and then to the front door where she put her shoes on. Before opening the door, she turned around, and I had to laugh, as she looked the same as the day before, except her face was slightly flushed and her hair, normally so perfectly styled, was completely disheveled. “You might want to take a shower before seeing anyone!”

She just laughed and said back, “You might want to also, as you smell like my cum!”

I replied, “And who says I don’t want to?” We got our last laugh of the day at this.

As we stopped laughing, Jess unlocked the door, turned around, and gave me a brief kiss, putting her hand on my cheek and running her tongue over my lips, ending with a whisper in my ear, “See you next week, Lisa!” She then let her hand slide down to my boob, ran a finger over my nipple, and then pulled back, turned around, and walked out the door.

After she left, I turned around and leaned against the door for a minute to try and take in all that had happened in the past 18 or so hours. I then headed into my kitchen, and drank a couple cups of water, decided to put off the cleaning of my apartment (mainly the bathroom and bedroom), then went back to my bed, threw my pillows back where they went, laid down the right way on my bed, and went back to sleep, while thinking – what would happen next Saturday night?

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