Saturday Night Escapades 5

Saturday Night Escapades 5

This is the fifth in a series of true stories involving myself and a friend of mine from college. Basically this friend and I decided to relieve our sexual needs with each other while we were both single. While I recommend reading the other stories prior to reading this (as they contain descriptions of my friend and I and may be referenced here), it is not necessary. Again, I will note that this is strictly a lesbian sex story, so anyone wanting to read about cocks, dicks, or even plain old penises should look elsewhere.

Quick warning: As with the last story this has an “icky” part. Not my cup of tea, and it is just coincidence that it happened in two straight weeks. I include it because it is what actually happened, but it’s really not important to the story and I do give a warning before it comes up, so feel free to skip it if you like.

Following our long weekend together, Jess and I got back to our traditional one-night hook-ups. We didn’t really make any plans during the week, just for Jess to come over around 7:00. Sure enough, shortly after 7:00 I heard a knock on my door. I checked through the peephole and sure enough could see only Jess. As I opened the door I heard Jess begin to say, “Hey-”

She didn’t get any farther than that.

I held the door open, leaning into it – completely naked. I figured my clothes were going to be off in seconds anyhow, so I just hadn’t bothered putting any on. Jess obviously had seen me naked before (and in far more embarrassing positions naked!), but when she saw me, she immediately stopped talking and stared at my body. She very obviously looked up and down my body, eventually her head was just angled down with her eyes going back and forth between my boobs and my pussy. The whole time she stared, her mouth was left open, having never closed it after stopping talking.

This extended pause lasted several seconds. I was enjoying Jess ogling my body, even uncharacteristically blushing from her obvious attention, and I didn’t want to end it. So it was Jess who finally moved.

Without warning, Jess dropped to her knees in front of me and dove tongue first into my pussy. My body jerked back, not because I didn’t want her there, but because I hadn’t expected it. Jess, not surprisingly, didn’t miss a step and kept her head pushing toward my cunt. It ended up so that I had my hips pushed back with my upper body leaning forward over Jess’s body, who had her head reaching for my cunt. She couldn’t quite reach it, but I could feel her tongue running up and down the thin line of hair above my slit. I actually found this very erotic, so I didn’t move immediately. Usually people, including Jess in the past, run their tongue around the line of hair, not through it, so there was something erotic about feeling a tongue where I wasn’t used to feeling it!

It didn’t last for long though.

The sound of the door across the hall starting to open jerked me back to my senses. I quickly grabbed Jess’s arm yanking her into my apartment and slammed the door. As soon as I closed the door, I closed my eyes, leaned against the door, and let out a deep sigh of relief. I wondered if I had gotten caught, though I didn’t think so, but if I did, who caught me? It could’ve been the boy who had caught Jess kissing me goodbye while I was naked the week before, or it could’ve been one of his two sisters, or (worst case scenario) his mother. I also wondered if they had seen us through the peephole before the door opened.

All these thoughts ran through my mind in the course of about five seconds, maybe less, and I didn’t have any more time to think about it.

I felt myself pulled forward, and opened my eyes to see Jess tugging hard on my arm from a sitting position on the floor. I guess I had pulled her into my apartment so hard she fell onto the floor and just didn’t get up. Her first tug had jerked me from my thoughts about the neighbor across the hall and pulled me forward a couple steps. The second tug was much harder, and sent me falling down into her on the floor. Jess quickly laid back and rolled us over so that I was on my back, naked on the carpet. Without a word, Jess slid down my body and lifted my legs up, pushing them towards my head. I quickly complied, spreading my legs over my head, holding my feet with my hands.

Jess wasted no time, latching onto my cunt with her mouth as soon as I had my legs open enough for her to do so. She started with some light sucking on my clit, which got me hot and wet very quickly. In all my experiences with Jess, she has never started on my clit when eating me out, so it was obvious she wanted to get me off quick. Or so I thought. It didn’t take too long, maybe only a minute or two, before my body was starting to stiffen and push up into her. When this happened, Jess immediately dropped lower and stuck her tongue in me as far as she could, while carefully avoiding any physical contact with my clit. For a short while, my body lightened up, but then grew hotter again. Jess must’ve noticed this, and dropped from my cunt to my asshole (which was totally exposed in the position I was in). She licked all around my hole until I could feel my ass was wet with her saliva, then she started pushing her tongue into it. The second I felt the tip of her tongue push past my ring, I let out a moan. I don’t know if Jess changed her actions because of my moan, or if she only planned to briefly put her tongue in my ass, but she quickly pulled out after my moan.

Although I was disappointed at feeling her pull her tongue out and feeling no part of her on me for a few seconds, that changed quickly. I felt two wet fingers simultaneously enter me – one in my pussy and one in my ass. While I enjoyed feeling contact again, it wasn’t nearly enough! As I’m guessing all you girls out there know (and you guys can ask any of these girls about it), one finger is essentially nothing more than a tease (especially with Jess’s small fingers). Maybe for some people one finger in the ass is okay, but definitely not in a cunt. So Jess finger fucked my cunt and ass, keeping me horny, but not nearly doing enough to get me off. I was, however, getting very wet as I continued to stay horny and anticipated eventually getting off.

After a couple minutes or so of one finger, Jess pulled her fingers out. There was another brief pause with no stimulation, followed by the feeling of two fingers entering both my cunt and ass. Now we were getting somewhere! Jess was much more active with these fingers, swirling them in circles in both orifices or sliding back and forth inside rather than just straight finger fucking me, like she had done when she had just one finger in each hole. I was finally building up higher as Jess slowly increased her tempo. A little bit into it, I felt Jess’s tongue begin lightly sliding up and down my clit. Jess’s pace continued to speed up as my breathing became raspy.

Just short of hitting my orgasm, Jess stopped again, pulling her fingers out of me and her tongue off my clit. I was about to ask what the fuck she was doing when she got back into it. And boy did she get back into it! I felt three fingers push into both my cunt and ass now. The three fingers slipped easily into my cunt, though they took a little more time to get into my ass (not that I was worried, I’ve had much thicker objects than three fingers up my ass before!). The way she positioned herself, Jess had both her hands facing up. Once she had both sets of fingers in, Jess pushed the fingers in my cunt up against my stomach, which as Jess knows well is my most sensitive area. The three in my ass she pushed up and rubbed the knuckles of her fingers in my cunt through the thin membrane that separated the two.

I immediately closed my eyes and moaned, knowing I was seconds from orgasm. Then Jess hit me with even more! She lowered her mouth to my clit and nibbled lightly on it while her fingers were rubbing my most sensitive areas. I immediately screamed out, trying to catch myself and not be too loud. As I did that, I slammed my hands into the ground, trying to grip the carpet, and wrapped my legs around Jess’s back, pulling her deeper into my cunt.

And I was off!

At first my body just stiffened as a wave of pleasure washed through me, my hips pushing up into Jess while my legs pulled her down into me. The whole time Jess kept up her fingers rubbing inside of me and her nibbling on my clit. I don’t know how long I was like that, it felt like ages, though I’m sure it was only a minute, maybe less. As Jess kept up her motions though, my body began to quiver. I was still in the same position, with my hips lifted up a bit, my legs wrapped around Jess, and my arms gripping the carpet, but I was just lightly quivering in that position. The quivering turned into full on shaking while Jess continued. I think she was even picking up speed. I literally could not loosen up my body with Jess continuing to get me off.

Eventually, I was actually starting to hurt. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of the orgasm was incredible and my cunt, ass, and mind were lost in pleasure! However, the rest of my body felt like it was cramping and in serious pain. I finally had to start shouting, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” I probably had to yell it about ten times before Jess finally pulled her head back. She told me later that my face actually looked like it was in pain when she looked up, so she quickly pulled out of me and backed up a bit.

My body fell to the floor, my eyes still closed. I just laid there in recovery for a while.

I don’t know how long it was before I finally opened my eyes, but when I did, I saw Jess standing right next to me. I was still thoroughly exhausted and was not yet willing to move, so I just turned my head to look at her and simply smiled. Jess didn’t say anything, and smiled back at me.

However, mere seconds after she smiled, she began swaying her hips. Obviously my eyes were quickly drawn to her sexily moving hips. Jess was clearly putting on a show, as the next thing I saw was her hands unbuttoning her jeans while she continued to dance. Then she slowly peeled her jeans down her legs while still swaying her hips to some unheard music (I noticed at this point that she must have taken her socks and shoes off while my eyes had been closed, as she didn’t have them on now). As Jess finished peeling her pants off, she did a little dance for me in her white panties and tight white t-shirt. I quickly learned as she turned around that the panties were actually a thong. A few times during her dancing, Jess actually bent over and spread her cheeks for me, showing me the spaghetti string that could not hide her asshole. Soon her shirt was off too, followed by her bra (which was a plain white one that matched her thong), and finally by that thong.

Jess danced naked for me for a couple minutes before finally sitting on the back of the couch, turning and leaning back so she was lying across the back of the couch with and an arm and a leg hanging on either side.

I should take a moment to explain my couch here, as this is important. It’s kind of an old-style couch, so the back didn’t have a rounded top, but a flat top maybe ten inches wide at best, which allowed Jess to lie on it. Also, the couch is placed about a foot and a half from the wall of the apartment that has a window in it. Of course, that window’s curtains were closed right now.

While looking at Jess on the back of the couch, Jess looked over at me – still on the floor – gave me a seductive look, reached an armed out towards me, and pulled her fingers in a few times, summoning me over to her.

Who was I to refuse such an invitation? While I was still sore, I had recovered enough to start moving. So I got up and headed over to the couch. The way Jess was laying, her head was right at the end of the couch, making her hips close to the middle, though definitely closer to the end with her feet. So I went over and kneeled on the other end of the couch and leaned my head over and into her pussy.

Jess was very wet already! Not as wet as I was, I mean, I could still feel juices dripping down my legs, but given what I had just been through, I would hope I would’ve been the wetter one. I started teasing her, kissing the insides of her thighs very slowly as well as the area surrounding her slit, but not hitting her slit or even her pussy lips. Not long after I started, Jess brought her hands to her chest and I watched from between her legs as she abused her nipples. And I do mean abuse! She was squeezing them very hard, stretching them out as far as they would go. It was quite the sight to see.

When I decided it was time to stop teasing, I worked my way below Jess’s cunt to her ass. She lifted her hips slightly to give me better access. Remembering Jess getting really turned on from anal stimulation the week before, I tried to do everything I could before moving to her cunt. I started licking her ring, then pushed my tongue inside a little bit. This caused Jess’s moans to get more intense. At one point I tried to lock my lips around her asshole to try and suck her ass, but I couldn’t get in the right position to do it, so I went back to licking and tongue-fucking her ass. Eventually, I started to lick my way up towards her cunt and pushed two fingers in her ass.

As I got to her cunt, I noticed that she was very wet, even more than usual. I decided to take advantage of this. With my hand not in her ass, I started thumbing her clit try to get her even wetter. I pulled my other hand out of her ass and brought my head up. I licked my whole hand until it was soaking wet, while still thumbing Jess’s clit. Then, when I thought it was wet enough, I lowered my hand to her cunt and pushed in as fast as I dared (Jess is not the tightest girl ever, but it still takes some time to push a whole hand inside her).

Jess caught onto what I was doing as she felt the pressure of my knuckles trying to get into her, and she suddenly inhaled deeply. Jess was quiet for a bit after that, and then she scared the shit out of me! With no warning, she suddenly lifted her head up towards me exhaling heavily. I jumped, but as I did, I still had pressure against her cunt, which suddenly loosened and my entire hand popped into her up to the wrist! As soon as it did, Jess laid back again, breathing damn hard, as I began wiggling my fingers inside of her.

For the next several minutes, Jess was constantly moaning or screaming, generally switching back and forth between, “Yes!” “Fuck!” and “Lisa!” and any combination thereof. When I felt her starting to tighten on my hand, I leaned down and began flicking her clit back and forth as hard as I could with my tongue. The reaction was immediate as Jess clamped my hand in her cunt and at the same time lifted her hips up into my face while bringing her hands down to hold my head in her cunt.

I continued licking Jess’s clit for awhile as she got off but when I started feeling her juices flow around my wrist, I couldn’t help myself and moved down to lap them up. Slowly, Jess lowered her hips as I kept lapping up her juices. When her body seemed to have calmed down, I pulled lightly with my hand inside her. Jess caught on and I could feel her pushing out with her cunt. I left my hand in for a few seconds while she was pushing, getting ready. Then, in one quick motion, I quickly jerked my hand out and brought my head down over her cunt where it had come from. I was rewarded with a small flood of juices (as well as a very satisfying wet popping sound as my hand came out).

The second I latched onto her cunt with my mouth, Jess gasped in surprise. I guess she thought I was done. When I finished sucking her juices and moved my mouth back up to her clit, Jess suddenly demanded, “Get your sweet pussy over here, babe!”

Eager to oblige, I spun my body around, spreading my legs over Jess’s face. This whole movement was done without pulling my mouth off her cunt. I ended up with my legs spread on either side of her face, with the shin of one leg pressed against the arm of the couch, the other leg just hanging loosely behind it. This meant that most of my weight was pushing my pussy into Jess’s face.

I kept licking and sucking Jess’s pussy as she maneuvered herself between my legs so that she could get access. She started by turning her head to each side and slowly kissing the insides of my thighs. As she did this, I lightly ran my teeth over her clit. Jess’s body responded immediately, her thighs coming up to squeeze my head between them.

Then, without warning, I felt two fingers enter me and press against the front of my cunt, again my most sensitive area. I was even more sensitive than earlier due to the intensity of the orgasm Jess had put me through mere minutes earlier, so when she hit that area, pleasure shot through me as if a train had just ran into me. My body jerked upright, pulling my head from between Jess’s thighs and throwing my head back, eyes closed from the moment she entered me. My back arched, my chest stuck out, and my pussy was smothering Jess with all my weight on it as I hit a quick but violent orgasm.

My body was frozen there for several seconds. I didn’t move until I felt Jess’s hands slapping my thighs on either side of her. I didn’t catch on immediately that Jess couldn’t breathe underneath me. Rather, what I caught onto when I opened my eyes was the fact that the curtain that was less than two feet away from us was almost completely pulled open, exposing both me and Jess to any casual viewers – of which there was but one. There was an old black man that lived in the building across the way. I presumed he was retired, as he spent nearly every day (and many evenings as the case was) sitting in a lawn chair outside his apartment. Reliably as ever, he was out right then and staring at me naked and straddling Jess head. I immediately jumped off the couch (or falling as the case may be) and pulled the curtains shut. As I got off, I heard Jess take in a huge breath now that she had access to air.

“I can’t believe you did that!” I yelled at Jess angrily.

I should explain my curtains for a moment. I leave the living room curtain closed almost all the time. If it’s a bright day out, I may open it for a few hours after work before it gets dark, but generally, I keep it closed. And I make sure all my curtains are closed every time Jess comes over. And I know without a doubt that that curtain was closed when we moved over there. Now, the way the curtains are set up at my apartment complex, if you pull one side open, it automatically pulls the other side to the same point. I immediately assumed Jess had pulled the one side open for whatever reason, probably doing it while my head was locked between her thighs so I wouldn’t be able to hear it.

After catching her breath, a series of denials and accusations immediately shot forth from Jess. She denied that she did. I claimed that I know that I didn’t do it and it opened somehow. She said maybe she hit it accidentally, or maybe I did when I twisted over into a 69. I replied that if I had hit it I’m pretty sure I would’ve felt it, she said that both of us wouldn’t have noticed the feeling of a curtain when we were too far gone into other feelings.

I don’t buy that, and to this day I’m pretty sure Jess opened the window purposefully, but I just let it drop at this point. I was still standing during this argument, but Jess had laid back on the couch (on the cushions this time, not the back). After muttering, “Whatever,” I walked over to the couch, took a seat between Jess’s legs and laid back, resting the back of my head against her tits. We both just laid there and enjoyed each other’s presence.

I finally, and abruptly, broke the silence, asking, “How am I supposed to come and go from my apartment with that guy there? I mean, he’s always there, and I can’t imagine walking by him after what he just saw!”

I was actually genuinely concerned about this, but Jess just laughed in response, answering, “Well, I think he’ll be too busy staring at these,” grabbing my tits, “to actually say or do anything! So I just wouldn’t worry about it.”

Not the response I was looking for, so I kiddingly elbowed Jess’s side beneath me. This did break any leftover tension though. We continued to talk about other things as we cuddled naked. For awhile, Jess was running her fingers through my hair as I gently rubbed her thighs and calves.

I want to take this moment to point out that, while I know our relationship is not really romantic, it’s mainly just sexual, there seemed to be a budding romantic element. We would cuddle and talk like lovers, and our behavior certainly seemed to indicate a level of love for each other. But it was not a real romantic relationship. I mean, we rarely talked outside of our Saturday nights, and when we did it was just to plan for said nights. We were both planning on eventually getting with a guy if the right one came around. It was just an ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ situation that both of us were thoroughly enjoying while it lasted. Back to the story.

At one point, after deciding we were hungry, Jess got up to get her cell phone (and the pizza number off my fridge) and called in a delivery, leaving a twenty dollar bill on the counter near the door. When she was done she quickly came back and cuddled some more, this time with her lying against my chest.

A while later, in the middle of a conversation, Jess abruptly got up, and turned, ending so that she was standing facing me by the couch and said, “Eat me!” She even pulled her pussy lips apart to give me full access.

I sat up laughing. I looked up at her face briefly and stated, “Demanding, are we?” Not one to refuse an open invitation though, I leaned in and ran my tongue over all the pink I could see, eventually focusing on her clit as I slid two fingers inside her.

This only lasted a few minutes when the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed, quickly pulling back from Jess. I had somehow forgotten about the pizza guy.

Jess however, clearly had not. I thought I saw a smile on her face as she turned and practically pranced to the door. I simultaneously could and could not believe Jess was about to do what I figured she was about to do. I slid over on the couch so that when the door opened (which opens inward) it would block me from the pizza guy’s line of sight.

I was just in time as Jess, completely naked, opened the door. When the door was open enough, Jess announced, in an innocent girly voice, “Oh yay! Pizza!” She clasped her hands in front of her and bounced on her feet a couple times as she said this, causing her tits (which had rock hard nipples it should be noted) to jiggle. She then grabbed the pizza and turned and walked with an obnoxious hip sway to the coffee table and put the pizza down.

Jess then walked back and started to close the door on the poor guy, then announced, “Oh, you probably want to be paid!” Right, as if she’d forgotten! I watched as she turned around to the counter diagonal from the door where her twenty dollar bill was. She brought her hand down towards it quickly, knocking it onto the floor in front of the counter.

“Oops,” she announced innocently, bring a hand to her mouth. She then bent over, keeping her legs perfectly straight, picked up the bill, seeming to have trouble grasping it (right!), and very slowly straightened back up. He must’ve gotten one hell of a view from that!

She started to hand the bill to the pizza boy, then stopped abruptly, looking down at herself. “Oops,” she said again, very innocently, continuing, “I seem to have a problem!” Now, I couldn’t see from my angle what she did here, but she later told me she then used the twenty dollar bill to catch some of the juices that were running down her leg (I saw her put the bill between her legs, but couldn’t see between her legs to see what she was doing). I now understood why she had suddenly wanted me to eat her a few minutes earlier! She had this whole thing planned out!

She then handed him the bill, now matted with her cunt juice to the pizza guy and said innocently, “Keep the change!” Then she closed the door, the pizza guy having never spoken once.

As soon as the door was closed, I started laughing hysterically. I had tried to keep it in while the door was open so the pizza guy wouldn’t know there was someone else there. When I regained some level of composure, I announced, “You are such a little slut!”

Jess just smiled at me. Then she turned to look out the peephole in the door. She quickly turned to me and quietly announced, “He’s still there!”

I quickly got up and ran up to the door. I tried to keep my laughing as quiet as possible as I brought my eye to the door. I saw what could practically be called a kid. He was probably about 18, about my height, with long hair and his pizza shirt and cap on. I could just barely see his face as he seemed to be looking down at something. I knew what soon enough, as he brought the twenty dollar bill to his face and obviously took a big whiff of it.

“He’s smelling the bill,” I whispered.

“Let me see!” Jess practically screamed her comment. I brought my finger to my lips to shush her as I backed away. When she got her eye to the door, she dejectedly announced, “He’s gone. Damn it! He must have heard me!”

I grabbed Jess’s arm and walked quickly over towards the window. Pulling the curtain to the side a tiny bit, we both peeked out. After a few moments, we saw the guy walking quickly away, the money still in his hand. He paused at one point, pulling out his wallet. He pulled out a twenty, put his wallet back, then put his twenty in the little bag he kept the pizza money in.

“The little pervert’s going to keep my twenty! He’s probably going to jerk off to it later!”

I replied without looking at Jess, keeping my eyes on the guy as he started walking again, “Of course, he’s going to get off to you later! Hell, I’m probably going to get off to what you just did later too!”

We both laughed as the pizza guy walked past the old black man who was still in his chair. I blushed as I saw the old man smile at the obviously flustered pizza boy. Then the old man’s eyes shifted from the boy to our window, probably seeing us at the corner looking out. Jess must have seen the same thing as we both pulled away quickly.

A long fit of laughter ensued, ending up with Jess doubled over and me curled up on the floor I was laughing so hard. Finally, we settled down and got to the pizza, watching some TV while we ate.

Jess went to the bathroom soon after we had eaten all the pizza we were going to. When she came back, she sat on my lap and threw her arms around me. I would’ve kissed her, but I noticed her breath smelled like toothpaste. There was a quick discussion following that wherein I learned that Jess didn’t want to have pizza breath, so she borrowed my toothbrush, which I didn’t mind her doing, but I was now the only one with pizza breath, so I got up to brush my teeth. On my way back, I picked up the pizza box with the leftovers in it and stuck it in the fridge. I then came back and sat next to Jess, wrapping my arms around her and leaning towards the end of the couch, pulling her down with me so that I was essentially spooning her.

Jess and I just laid there and talked for awhile. We talked about the pizza guy, about the old man that had seen us, about work, and eventually about our past hook-ups. It was while on this topic that Jess commentated, “I seem to always be the one that comes up with what we’re going to do. I don’t want to hog all the love. I know you’ve gotta have some secret sexual desires, so what are they, Lisa?”

I tried to argue this for a bit, but I didn’t get very far as it was essentially true. Just about everything we had done she had come up with, and those that she hadn’t come up with just arose out of the situation we were in. I really hadn’t come up with anything. So eventually it just came down to Jess continually asking me what kind of secret sexual fantasies I had. It’s funny, cause I don’t really have any deep dark desires to do anything, save for one thing, I just follow whatever comes up. I told Jess as much, and she wanted to know what that ‘one thing’ was, which I didn’t very much want to share.

After a couple minutes, I relented. “Well,” I began, “I didn’t want to mention it cause it’s not really something you can help out with. I’ve always wanted to be with two guys at the same time.”

(Now, before I continue with the story, I have to go on a quick rant. I’ve been with several different men in my past, and have also been in several different threesomes with one guy and two girls. All the guys were willing to do a threesome with another girl, but not with another guy. I understand that most guys find the idea of any dick other than their own disgusting, but can they not put this aside for one night to please a girl that has bent over backwards, sometimes literally, to please them? To this day, I have not found a single guy willing to do this, let alone the two I’d need for it to actually happen. And no, I won’t do it with some random strangers I meet online, it would have to be with two guys I have known for awhile, and probably had some experience with so that I know they would not only treat me well, but also not flip out at the situation. It’s that last catch I guess that makes it impossible. It still seems unfair to me though. Anyhow, back to the story.)

Jess surprised me with the immediate response, “I may not be able to give you that, but I can give you the next best thing!”

I had no time to figure out what she meant as Jess got up, twisted me around, and then shoved my legs over my head, much as they had been shortly after she had come to the apartment that evening. Jess then took a seat between my legs and dropped down to suck on my clit and tongue fuck my hole. What this had to do with fucking two men at once, I don’t know. All I know is that, at the rapid pace she was going at me, I was getting very wet very quickly!

Then Jess pulled her head up and brought a hand down. She slowly pushed her hand into my vagina, much as I had done to her earlier – only it was a lot easier for her to get into me as her hands and wrists are dramatically smaller than mine. I moaned lightly as Jess slowly swirled her hand around inside of me. But I noticed something a bit off.

Her motions were weird, not what I was used to from her. Usually Jess has clear, intentional movements when it comes to any kind of sex with her. What I felt inside of me was more random – something that while hot, was neither intended to make me approach orgasm or push me over the edge. She was just sliding her hand around, pushing and lightly rubbing her palm against one wall of my cunt, then turning her hand around and doing the same with the back of her hand. I could also feel her fingers separating and coming together in me, but she wasn’t doing it against any wall, which she knew would get me off.

Then, I really got confused when I felt Jess pull her hand back out. At first I tried to tighten my cunt around her wrist, so she wouldn’t be able to pull out. Unfortunately, Jess didn’t give in, and kept pulling. Knowing it would hurt if I didn’t let her out, I relaxed my pussy while at the same time grabbing my legs that were on either side of my head. I then lifted my head, looked at Jess between them, and asked, “What are you doing?”

In answer, Jess just smirked and held up the hand that had just come out of my pussy, clearly soaked in my own juices, so much so that it was actually dripping down her arm. Then Jess lowered the hand, and I quickly learned what she was doing!

I felt the middle three fingers of Jess’s hand push into my asshole. It became very apparent that Jess was going to try and get her hand up my ass, and what she had been doing in my cunt was lubing up every inch of her hand.

Worriedly, I exclaimed, “There’s no way that’s going to fit!”

Jess dragged her eyes away from my asshole to look at me and respond, “We’ll never know unless we try!” She then brought her eyes back to my anus and pushed a little harder into my ass, her pinky just about ready to enter, but going nowhere with how tight my ass was.

After a few seconds, Jess looked up again and said, “Come on, you gotta work with me here!”

I hadn’t moved since I told her it wasn’t going to fit. I was kinda in shock that she was even going to try. I know Jess is a small girl and has small hands, otherwise the idea would never have been a possibility. I mean, the biggest toy I ever had in my ass was only slightly thinner than Jess’s wrist, so that probably would be okay. However, that toy felt like it was nearly stretching me to my max! So while I could probably stretch the tiny bit more to accommodate Jess’s wrist, I had no idea how she was going to get her hand, which was definitely thicker around at the knuckles, up there. However, I also knew Jess, and when she had her mind set on something, she was going to keep trying if and until she was proved wrong. And so, after a long pause following Jess’s last comment, I just raised my eyebrows at her, leaned my head back, and pushed with my ass, trying to open it up for her.

Immediately, Jess applied pressure. I was actually surprised how tightly she could compress her hand, her four fingers and her thumb were pressed together creating a girth that was probably on par with your average cock. However, with her fingers slid in, I could feel her knuckles beginning to press against my ass, which was certainly wider than any cock I’d ever seen. This was going to be the part that was impossible, but again, I knew if I didn’t try, Jess would not give up. I wasn’t looking forward to Jess pushing those knuckles up, trying to get them past my asshole.

Jess had stopped pushing in, and was clearly waiting for me to try and open my ass more so that she could try to push in farther. I knew this, and knew there was no way around it, so I took a long, deep inhale and got ready. I held the breath for a few moments, and then, with no warning, I let it all out quickly while pushing with my ass trying to open it as much as I could.

And that was when I screamed out in pain, followed by a string of obscenities. Jess’s hand had gone in.

Her knuckles felt like they had ripped past my anal ring. In fact, it felt like it had actually ripped my anal ring, which burnt like hell. I was glad it was now ‘tightened’ around Jess’s wrist, which didn’t feel wide in the least having just had her hand thrust through it. Not only did my asshole burn, but my ass was completely full. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy filling my ass with dicks and toys, but this was way past any of that! I didn’t dare move my body at all. I felt like some kind of sick hand puppet, with Jess’s hand in my ass controlling me.

As I calmed down with the obscenities, I eventually just laid there in silence for several minutes, legs up over my body, my head hanging off the end of the couch, adjusting to the new feeling.

I don’t know how long I was there for, could’ve been thirty seconds, could’ve been five minutes. I was totally zoned out. What finally brought me back was the feeling of some wet fingers slipping into my cunt. I looked up and saw Jess’s other hand pressing against me. I raised my eyes to her and just stared wide-eyed. Jess gave me a seductive smile, along with a ‘you-know-what’s-coming’ type of look. I don’t think my wide-eyed expression changed at all, I just hung my head back over the end of the couch and closed my eyes, as I felt her hand slip into my cunt up to the knuckles. Then, with one final push, along with a moan and a thrust from me, she was in.

“Oh god,” I let out after a bit, still with my head hanging upside down off the end of the couch. “I have never been filled so much in my life.”

“Well, that was the goal, honey! You wanted to know what two guys would be like, well, it’d probably be something like this!” And then I felt her hands close into fists in both holes, and then slowly start moving in and out a tiny bit. “Well, their dicks probably wouldn’t be as big as my hands,” Jess added after she started the movement. I had to agree with her there! Her wrists were definitely thicker, and her fists were like drastically-oversized, ribbed cock heads full of bones.

I didn’t respond to Jess, I just focused on her fists. She was very slowly simultaneously sliding her fists in and out of my cunt, moving a little farther in and out with each one. Some minutes later, I’m really not sure how long, Jess had apparently gotten to what she considered to be full range, pulling her fists out until the base of her hands were pulling against my entrances and then pushing until her wrists were in probably about three inches deep. I’m not sure what that would make the total depth of penetration, but I don’t think her fist was any bigger than three inches, so probably a total of only six inches, but that was a hell of a six inches!

Once she had reached this full range of motion, Jess started experimenting with different motions. First she aimed her fists away from each other inside me, still moving her arms in and out at the same time. While this felt great in my pussy and I could definitely feel myself getting wetter, it wasn’t doing much for me in my ass.

After a couple minutes of that, Jess abruptly changed to pushing her fists towards each other inside me, so that her fists ended up hitting against each other inside me. Now this felt good in both holes! I started moaning immediately, and Jess took notice. She kept this action up for several minutes, getting faster and faster as she went. My moans were getting more and more intense as she got faster until my body stiffened as I hit my first orgasm. I felt my holes tighten around Jess’s wrists as I inhaled deeply when I hit my peak. Her arms stopped moving, but she started flipping her wrists back and forth inside me to keep me hot throughout my climax.

Eventually, my body loosened a bit, and Jess stopped moving completely to let me come down from my orgasm. For awhile, we just stayed in our respective positions, me lying back with my legs up towards my head and my head hanging over the end of the couch, Jess sitting with her two fists inside me.

I had not even recovered to the point of talking before Jess started moving her arms again. She was again slowly sliding her fists in and out of me, again angling them towards each other inside me. She repeated the same process she just had done bringing me towards orgasm, though I got up there a bit quicker this time. Then, right as I was about to hit another orgasm, Jess changed her motion up again, this time much more drastically.

Suddenly, her arms stopped moving simultaneously. Instead, Jess was rapidly – I think the only word for it would be pistoning – she was pistoning her wrists in and out of me opposite each other. She’d push as far in my ass as she could go while pulling out of my cunt and then switch – but she was doing it incredibly fast! I literally don’t think anything had ever moved that fast inside me before, and it sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing throughout my body. I barely had time to say, “Oh fuck,” before screaming out in orgasm.

This was a much longer and more intense orgasm than the prior. I was screaming for well over a minute, possibly two or three (you lose track of time when you are immersed that deeply in pleasure!). The whole time Jess continued pistoning her fists inside of me. Then, without warning, she just flat out stopped moving. I was in the middle of a scream at the time, and I just interrupted my scream with a deep exhale. It was my first chance to take a deep breath since she had started pistoning her wrists.

Again there was a rest for a few minutes before Jess started up again. The pattern continued three more times, until I had hit a total of five orgasms, some more intense than others, some lasting longer than others, but all incredible! While bringing me to this series of peaks, Jess switched up her motions several times. Beyond the already mentioned simultaneous pushing (both straight in, away from each other, and towards each other) and pistoning opposite fists to holding her fists inside me, Jess added circling her fists within me without moving in and out, then swirling her fists in circles while moving in and out (leading to my third orgasm), stuffing one hole full while moving the other fist in and out, alternating which hole she kept full (she went back and forth between my holes several times before this hit my fourth orgasm), and finally returning to a slow pistoning action, speeding up while trying to lick my clit, which didn’t work so well when she sped up the pistoning as my hips were in constant movement, so it was more like my body was dragging my clit back and forth across her extended tongue. This led to my final orgasm which Jess held out longer than the rest, though it was not quite as intense as the second orgasm when Jess first pistoned me. I was just so ready to get off and her action at the time was so unexpected that I hit an absurdly strong orgasm. I think Jess was also moving her fists faster at that time then towards the end, as her arms were clearly getting tired.

When all was said and done, Jess still had her fists in me while I was hugging my legs into my chest screaming out in agonizing pleasure. As I recovered from this last orgasm, I let go of my legs, letting them rest above me, dropping my head back over the end of the couch and bringing my arms up to hang off the end of the couch also.

I don’t know how long I was like that before I heard Jess mockingly say, “Are you alright over there?”

“I’m recovering,” was all I could manage to say.

“Can I take my hands out?”

My head jerked up. “Fuck no! Gimme a couples more minutes to recover!” Jess laughed and agreed. While I wasn’t too worried about the hand in my cunt, I didn’t look forward to squeezing her other hand out my ass.

So I waited a few minutes, the last of which was spent in preparation for the pain of Jess’s hand coming out my ass.

Finally, I looked up at Jess and announced, “Alright. When you feel me push, you pull.” Jess just nodded. I took a long, deep breath in, and while I was doing that, I felt both of Jess’s hands unfold from fists so that they’d come out easier. And then I did it, and boy was I in for a surprise!

The second I pushed, Jess pulled both her hands out at the same time. As expected, the one in my cunt didn’t hurt in the least, but the one coming out of my ass definitely led to some quick stinging as her knuckles escaped, though not nearly as bad as it hurt going in. There were also a couple quick wet, sloppy popping sounds as her hands came out, but I didn’t have time to think about it. Rather (warning – icky part coming! Feel free to skip the next two paragraphs.), what I was focused on was this uncontrollable urge to shit as soon as Jess’s hand came out.

I felt like shit was literally going to fall out of my ass as my asshole was not tightening up quick enough to hold it in. I immediately screamed, ironically enough, “Oh shit!” Then, with energy I didn’t know I had, I jumped to my feet and ran to the bathroom clenching my ass cheeks together and holding a hand back there just in case. The instant I sat on the toilet a flood of tiny brown balls came out of me. I felt like a damn rabbit! When that was done, I took a deep breath, calming myself down, and let out a hard and long stream of pee (which, while much needed, was not nearly the emergency I had had on the other side).

The thing that confuses me about this to this day is that I had gone number two a mere two hours before Jess had come over. I took care of business and cleaned myself out down there, if you know what I mean. Obviously, by this point with Jess, I kinda guessed my ass would be penetrated in some manner, as it usually is when she comes over, and I am not the kind of scumbag who doesn’t clean out before knowing someone’s going to be using me back there. The only thing that I can figure out is that Jess’s hand somehow acted like a reverse-plunger while in my ass, pulling shit deep inside quickly towards my asshole. I asked Jess later if she had felt it up there when her hand was in me, but she said she hadn’t. Anyhow, enough about that.

I pulled off a couple sheets of toilet paper and wiped as my stream trickled to an end. I stood up, feeling much relieved, washed my hands quickly, and headed back to the living room.

I walked in to see Jess curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth in laughter. She was literally laughing so hard that she was not breathing. Her whole body was turning red, and her face was practically purple.

On the one hand, I wanted to be insulted and tell her to stop laughing and forget the whole situation. On the other hand, there was this naked 5’2”, barely 100-pound beauty with incredible tits shaking uncontrollably on my couch. So I ended up just standing there ogling Jess as she convulsed in laughter. Her tits were bouncing and jiggling like I had never seen before, and the light red shade they were turning was incredibly sexy. Every now and then Jess would suddenly lighten up enough to take a deep breath, and occasionally she would roll onto her back and kick her legs out laughing, but mostly she was just rocking back and forth in the fetal position. At one point, when she was starting to recover, she looked over and saw me standing in the door to the hall. She stopped laughing and just stared for a few seconds, looking almost worried. Then it became clear that she was trying to keep a straight face, as her look slowly broke until she started laughing hysterically again.

Several minutes passed before Jess actually began calming down. As she tried to stop laughing, she brought herself into a sitting position, but wouldn’t look at me. She was breathing very heavily, causing her large bosoms to heave with each breath. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Finally Jess seemed to recover and looked over at me.

I smiled back, asking, “All better now?”

“I think so,” was all she managed to respond, and even that came with a quick fit of laughter in it.

I didn’t want to mention what had just happened. I accepted it happened, Jess got her laugh out of it, and as far as I was concerned it was done. So I raised my eyebrows towards her and asked, “So is it your turn now?”

Jess looked straight in front of her for a second and took another deep breath trying to fully calm herself down. As she finished letting it out, she turned towards me and announced, amidst mini-fits of laughter, “I need to pee. I’ll go do that. You go to the bedroom. You can finish both me and the evening in there!”

Having said that, Jess got up and walked past me to the bathroom, still letting little giggles of laughter escape every so often, but clearly trying to hold them back. I smiled as she walked past me, then headed off to my bedroom.

In the bedroom, I pulled the sheets down so that we could just pull them up over us and go to sleep when we were done. I then got on the bed, lying on my side facing the door waiting for Jess to come in. She obviously did not close the door (though why would she at this point?) so I heard her peeing, and then washing her hands. She seemed to take a while washing her hands, which I can only assume was because they were still quite a mess having come out of me. Either that, or she was doing other things at the sink – maybe washing her face or getting a cup of water to drink. I don’t know. All I know is that the sink was on for a long time. But it did stop at some point.

When Jess walked into the bedroom, she stopped at the doorway. I gave her a seductive smile while running one hand over my body, starting at my neck, then over each breast, over my stomach, and finally between my legs. I then patted the bed just in front of me. Jess first smiled in response, then ran over and jumped onto the bed, landing on her back just in front of me. Watching her boobs nearly hit her chin as she ran the few steps over to the bed was incredible, and then watching them slowly stop jiggling as she landed on the bed was almost as good.

I wasted no time rolling over on top of Jess, straddling her legs with my hands going straight to her boobs. At first I focused on the whole boob, massaging them lightly, pushing them in and out and stuff of that sort. Then I slowly focused in on her nipples. Jess started moaning immediately, which I expected. Her nipples were like diamonds before I had even touched her. The only other time I’d seen them as tight and hard as they were now was when I had given her an orgasm simply by fondling her nipples. As fun as that was, though, I was planning to give her a much bigger orgasm involving her other body parts! After flicking and twisting her nipples for a bit, I brought my head down to suck on them. I had each nipple in my mouth for no more than fifteen seconds in fear of getting Jess too close. It was close enough as it was, for not soon after I took the second nipple into my mouth, Jess began moaning loudly and began thrusting her hips up into my stomach. That was my cue to move on!

Trying to let her come down a little so I didn’t set her off immediately when I got to her pussy, I slowly kissed my way down her stomach. And I do mean slowly! I must’ve spent a minute alone tonguing her belly button before moving down again. When I did move down again, I traced my tongue around the outside of her pubic mound, never even brushing her bright puffy pussy lips. I worked my way down towards her thighs, which necessitated me to maneuver myself between Jess’s legs so I could push her legs apart.

I kissed up and down the insides of each thigh, and then worked my way back up to her pussy lips, kissing and licking her lips, but not letting my tongue slip inside her slit. While still moaning in pleasure (or probably mostly in anticipation), Jess was obviously getting very impatient. I had not even spent half minute kissing her pussy lips before Jess reached down and pulled her lips apart, forcing me into her pink realm. It was stunningly wet inside! I had never seen Jess as wet as she was when she pulled her lips apart. She was clearly raring to hit an orgasm. I wasn’t quite ready to go there yet though!

I kissed the inside of one large pussy lip, and slowly licked and kissed my way beneath her entrance over to the other lip, being careful to make sure no part of me bumped into her clit. The next area I went for was her ass, slowly working my way down and lifting her hips a bit (while keeping her legs spread) to give me access. Jess started gasping as I tried to push my tongue in her rear hole. Not long after I started, Jess let go of her pussy lips and grabbed my head, pushing it between her legs hard, trying to get my tongue deeper inside her. I knew that she wasn’t going to last too much longer.

I pulled back momentarily and grabbed Jess’s hands and placed them on her tits. Jess took the hint and immediately began pinching and twisting her own nipples. I immediately went back down between her legs, and wasted no time. I quickly put two fingers in my mouth, then shoved them roughly up her ass as far as I could. Jess squealed while thrusting her hips and pinching her nipples hard. She was one tiny step away from her peak, and I was finally willing to give it to her!

While beginning to saw my fingers in and out of her ass, I brought my other hand up to spread her lips apart with two fingers and latched my mouth onto her clit. Jess screamed immediately and I felt a gush of her juices shoot into my chin and begin dripping down over the hand that was holding her lips apart. I kept sucking on her clit, Jess kept screaming, her juices kept flowing, and my hand was getting soaked.

As I heard Jess stop screaming, I pulled my now very wet hand back a little from her pussy and aimed my fingers at her hole and applied pressure. Jess lifted her head up and sucked in a deep breath through her teeth as I pushed my hand into her cunt for the second time that evening. She screamed as I pushed my knuckles through the hole and into the depths of her vagina. As soon as my hand was in, I pressed up against her stomach and rubbed with my fingers. I felt Jess’s cunt tighten around my wrist and her body shake as she peaked again (I’m not sure if she ever came down from the first one, but I tried to make sure she didn’t).

For the next several minutes, I continued getting Jess off. (As a quick note, I didn’t try to double fist Jess because my hands are noticeably larger than hers and there is no way in hell one would fit up her ass.) My fingers never stopped in her ass and my hand in her cunt was constantly moving. I rubbed all her walls, drummed my fingers against them all, fisted her as quickly as I could, and spent some time clenching and unclenching my fingers in her. I also spent a lot of time with my mouth on her clit – not the whole time my hand was in her, but much of it. Jess never came down from her constant orgasming, though some moments were clearly more powerful than others. When I was drumming my fingers on the sides of her cunt and sucking on her clit at the same time along with sawing a couple fingers in her ass, Jess actually lifted her whole body off the bed, her weight on her feet at her sides, and her elbows while her hands were still tightly clasping her tits. She was only like that for a few moments before she lowered her upper body, followed much later by her lower body.

While clenching and unclenching my fingers, I suddenly felt a few smacks on the back of my head. I stopped all movement and lifted my head up. Jess’s head was turned back against the headboard of the bed and her body was visibly quivering. Jess’s body took some time to stop quivering, but when it did, I heard Jess gasp out, “I can’t take anymore.” She took a few more deep breaths, then finally lifted her head to look at me. She looked completely exhausted. For a bit, she just stared at me, then she whispered, “That was incredible!”

I simply replied, “Just trying to return the favor.” Jess tried to smile back, but couldn’t quite make it and dropped her head back onto the pillow in exhaustion. I pulled my fingers out of her ass, but left my other hand inside her for the moment. I just sat there and stared at Jess’s body, her chest heaving with her heavy breathing.

After a couple minutes, Jess’s head rolled to her side. She was no longer breathing heavily, but I could still see her chest lightly rising and lowering with her breathing. I wasn’t sure if she had fallen asleep or not, so at just above a whisper I spoke, “Jess?”

There was light mumbling in response, though I did not understand it. She was still awake, though coherent was another question! I figured it was just about time to pass out, especially judging by the state Jess was in. I slowly started pulling my hand out of Jess’s cunt. I didn’t get far before her hand reached down and lightly smacked my arm pulling out of her.

“Leave it,” Jess mumbled without moving her head from the side.

I let out a light laugh and easily gave in. I scooted my bum down the bed and pushed one of Jess’s legs out a little more to the side, which forced her other leg in a bit. I then laid down on my side halfway down the bed with my legs curled up, resting my head on Jess’s thigh with my hand in her cunt. With my feet, I inched up the sheets a bit until I could reach them with my free hand, then pulled them up to just below my head. After I was covered, I reached out for Jess’s other leg and hugged it into my body, pressing my boobs against it as I closed my eyes.

The last thing I remember was Jess resting her hand on the very top of my head. And then I was out.

I woke up a couple hours later with Jess trying to pull her body up slowly. I lifted my head to look at her. With an apologetic look on her face, Jess whispered, “Sorry, I really have to pee!”

I just smiled back and lightly pulled my hand down. Jess then pulled her body up, pulling her cunt off of my hand with a light popping sound. She gasped as my hand came out of her, and paused for a few moments, but was quickly getting up and heading toward the bathroom.

I took the moment to inch my way up the bed, resting my head face up on the pillow. My legs were spread a bit, and I brought the hand that was in Jess’s cunt up to my mouth and started licking it, but passed out again in the process.

I barely woke up as Jess climbed back onto the bed from the foot of it. She crawled up and then lowered her body between my legs, resting on her side with her head on my pussy and a hand on the inside of one thigh. I was back to sleep as quickly as I had been brought out of it.

I awoke the next morning to Jess licking my slit. Apparently I had wrapped one of my legs over her body at some point during the night. I lightly moaned, and Jess picked up her pace, and continued eating me out for several minutes until I hit a light orgasm. As I came down, I lifted my leg off of Jess and she crawled up and hugged my body, resting her head on my pillow mere inches from my face. We smiled at each other as I reached down and fingered Jess to a light orgasm, feeling her warm breath on my face as she moaned.

After we had both gotten off, Jess opened her eyes to see me staring at her. I spoke the first word of the day. “Breakfast?”

Jess just smiled and gave a single nod with her head.

And so we got up, and made and ate breakfast. We talked about the last evening. I admitted that the double fisting had been incredible, but was not the same thing as two guys at the same time. Jess acknowledged as much, but said they probably wouldn’t have been able to do as much as she had. I had to agree with her there. I also made fun of Jess for the pizza guy incident. I asked how I was supposed to believe that she hadn’t opened the curtain when we were in the 69 on the couch after she had showed off like that to the pizza boy. She just shrugged in response, though still denied having opened the curtain (I still don’t buy that denial though!).

After breakfast, Jess and I took a shower together. We quickly got each other off again (via some dildo-sized shampoo bottles – the only reason I bought that shampoo!). When the shower finished, we then dried each other off, spending more times rubbing each other’s bodies with our hands than with the towels. Then we finished up our morning bathroom routines.

I then followed Jess to the living room, where she started gathering her clothes. I watched as Jess pulled her thong up, followed by her jeans. She then sat in the recliner and put on her socks and shoes. I came over and kissed both of Jess’s nipples goodbye, much to her amusement. After I did, Jess put on her bra and finally her shirt. I know that watching someone taking their clothes off is incredibly sexy, but sometimes watching them put their clothes on can be nearly as sexy, and that was definitely the case with Jess.

Finally, Jess grabbed her purse and walked with me to the door. I kissed Jess’s cheek and slid my hands down the front of her body, slowing them over her bountiful boobs, then faster over her stomach, and eventually resting both against her jean-clad crotch. Jess just closed her eyes and rested her hands on my hips.

Suddenly, she jerked forward wrapping her arms around my naked body in a bear hug, putting her head on my shoulder. I slipped my arms around her and pulled her tight into me. After a few seconds, Jess whispered, “What would I do without you, Lisa?”

I chuckled and responded, “Probably masturbate a whole lot more!” As I said that I reached my hands down to grab Jess’s tight butt through her jeans.

Jess pulled out of the hug with a big smile on her face and jokingly shoved my shoulder. Then she started opening the door. With it open a couple inches, Jess turned to me and said, “I’ll see you in a couple weeks, honey!” In our talking the night before I had mentioned that I had to go to my parent’s place next weekend so I wouldn’t be able to make our regular Saturday night. Jess had whined a bit, but did concede that there was nothing we could do about it, so we would be forced to wait two weeks to see each other again.

“You certainly will, beautiful! It’ll be long, but I think we’ll make it.” After saying that, I leaned in and gave Jess a brief kiss on the lips, with my tongue momentarily brushing out to lick her lips. I believe that was the first time we had really kissed each other on the lips of any sort, though it was definitely the first time when we weren’t in the middle of getting each other off. I pulled back quickly to see a big smile on Jess’s face. She then quickly pulled the door all the way open and left without saying another word.

As per tradition, I stood leaning against the door for a bit after Jess left, thinking about our night together. During that thinking, I realized that the old black guy would probably be out in his chair already today (he’s out early on the weekends). I rushed over to my window and pulled it aside a bit to look out. Jess was getting to the end of the walkway, and sure enough the old black guy was out there. As Jess passed him, she game him a quick wave (and knowing her, a wink as well, but I couldn’t see that). The old guy just smiled back at her. I let the curtain close after that and went over to lay back on my recliner, still thinking about the night I’d just had. Sure enough, I soon found my hand between my legs while thinking about it. I guess I hadn’t gotten enough yet!

I just want to add one quick side note to this story. I didn’t leave my apartment Sunday, but when I came back from work Monday, I had to walk by the old man for the first time since he had caught us (he hadn’t been out when I left for work in the morning). I was terrified walking by, wondering if he would say something or creepily stare at me. Turns out my fears were unfounded, as he did nothing but just give me his usual smile, which I returned to the best of my ability. After a few days of this, I realized that the old guy was okay. He wasn’t talking to me or (to the best of my knowledge) to anybody else about what he had seen. I started peeking out my windows in the evening, and often saw the old guy look up at me in the window and I would just smile back, not thinking it was weird.

I don’t know what eventually made me do it, but one evening after a shower I went to my bedroom and pulled aside my curtain to look out. The old guy was there, and he saw me looking. For whatever reason, I had the sudden urge to pull the window open and drop my towel. I looked around quickly and saw no one else out there, so I did just that. The old guy just smiled as he stared at me standing before my window naked. I left the curtain open as I pulled on a pair of panties and a T-shirt to lounge around the house in. When I was done, I waved to the old guy, he waved back, and I closed the curtain. I continued giving him shows of my naked body on a regular basis, as long as I didn’t see anyone else out there. And every time I came back from work, he’d just smile at me. There was never anything creepy from him. We never spoke, he never tried to approach me in person, I never even learned his name, but I continued giving him shows for well over a year. One day he abruptly stopped coming out. I don’t know if he died or if he just moved somewhere else. I actually had some kind of weird attachment to the guy, so I never asked anyone and just went on assuming he had moved somewhere else, as I didn’t want to think he was dead. Anyhow, all of this came about from Jess pulling the curtain open during that 69 on the couch (though I never told her about this). Then again, she denies having pulled it open, but really, how else could it have opened without me noticing unless she hadn’t opened it?

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