Saturday Night

Saturday Night

Saturday Night

Well, it was late afternoon one Saturday and a few mates I lived with were getting ready to go out. We had all planned to go out that night, but as the day went on I decided I didn’t want to go out with them, so I told them I couldn’t be bothered to go out and that I was sorry. Well being as four of us girls lived together and the other three was still going out they didn’t mind. But as it was I had been texting an old friend throughout the day that had not long got back from traveling for the past year. We had a good chat via text and without telling my house mates we had planned for him to come over for a couple hours that evening and catch up over a few drinks.

Well 7PM came and off my mates went, all dressed up and ready to go into town then onto a nightclub till early hours. When they left I went upstairs to grab a quick shower before my mate Daniel came round, but as I got out the shower I heard the door go so I wrapped a towel around me and went to answer the door, I opened the door, Daniel looked away and said “sorry I’m early, I’ll come back later when your dressed and things” I said “no its ok, come in and sit down I not be long” I ran upstairs to get dressed and sort out my hair, I went back downstairs apologized to Daniel for near on giving him a heart attack. Well he gave me a huge hug as we hadn’t seen each other for over a year and went and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

We sat out back on patio as it was middle of summer and was boiling hot outside, we talked and talked about all and everything from old times through to today. We had a great laugh; it was nice to catch up again. He said he was planning on sticking around the area permanent this time as he had missed hanging out with his mates. Well it got to about 11PM and was starting to get a bit cold outside, so we took our drinks and went and sat in the living room, by this time we was both a little tipsy and decided to start messing about with a game of ‘twister’. We had around 8 games but each time we didn’t get far as we’d had to much to drink and just kept falling over in ‘twists.

Well, 2 hours later after drinking a lot more wine and lager, we started on the Jack Daniels and cola, then decided to have one last attempt at ‘twister’, but this time Daniel dared me to play ‘strip twister’ where the first one to mess up had to take an item of clothing off. As I was well drunk by then and my mates wouldn’t be back for a few more hours I decided to go along with it just for the laugh. Well the game went on and on and a few items were removed here and there from both of us, then Daniel messed up and not thinking, I dared him to take his boxer shorts off, like an idiot Daniel did the dare and took off his boxer shorts. I thought to myself ‘oh my god!’ I looked away from Daniel did and we carried on with the game. A few minutes later Daniel asked if we could move the game upstairs out the way incase my mates was to come back and he didn’t want them to see him without his boxer shorts on. We took the game upstairs and carried on playing, still drinking the Jack Daniel’s neat from the bottle. I noticed out the corner of my eye that Daniel’s cock was starting to get hard whilst playing the game. Well I messed up and fell over and Daniel landed straight on top of me, we both kind of looked at each other and then Daniel kissed me really softly, then we got up and we both went kind of quiet for a few minutes then carried on with the game. Well as I hadn’t removed an item of clothing as was meant to Daniel dared me to do something other than take an item of clothing off, he dared me to take hold of his hard cock, put it in my mouth and suck him off till he came. At first I said “no, I don’t think so and went and sat on the bed out of the way. Daniel came sat on the bed with me, by this time he was totally naked and I only had my thong and bra left on. I said to Daniel I think we should get dressed and pack up now. Daniel agreed and stood up to get his clothes, as I stood up he turned round and grabbed me kissing me gently and laying me on the bed still kissing me. I tried to pull away from him as we was only mates but as I tried he seduced me more and more and I couldn’t hold back no longer. I already knew I had feelings for Daniel and had liked him for quite some time, but didn’t really think of us as anything more than just friends. Well we just lay there kissing for a while, then I sat up and said to Daniel “I think we best not do this” he came and sat behind me, put his arms round my waist kissing the back of my neck and said “look, your gorgeous, I’ve wanted to kiss you for years but was always to scared to make a move on you as I didn’t want to mess up our friendship” I looked up at him, told him I had always felt the same about him and he said “look, I’m sorry ok, I shouldn’t have done what I just did, I’ll get my stuff and go” I looked back up at him, smiled a little, put my hand on side of his face and kissed him. He then started kissing the side of my neck and rubbing his hands softly over my breasts down to my stomach, we sat there just kissing for some time.

He then slowly opened and removed my bra and gently caressed my breast in his huge hands, then he moved from around the back of me, moved the sheets and we both got under and he lay on top of me kissing me and softly and gently rubbing his hand up and down my body, kissing my neck then gently kissed my breasts. He lay on top of my fully, kissed me again, sat me up and removed my thong, he pulled me to him and kissed me whilst gently caressing my breasts nice and softly. As I looked up at him I noticed my door was wide open and my mates had just got back and I could hear one walking upstairs. I pulled the sheets around us both and lay back still kissing, he reached down and spread my legs open a little and pushed his throbbing hard cock straight inside me nice and deep. I moaned with the pleasure from it straight away as he thrust it on and out very slowly but hard and also heard my mate pull my door shut and she went downstairs and I could hear her telling my other mates I was in bed with some guy having sex. I heard them all say ‘what?’ as Daniel rammed his hard throbbing cock deeper and harder inside me, me getting faster and faster, as I knew my mates were home I was trying to be quiet and Daniel asked if I was not enjoying it, and I told him I was trying to be quiet as my mates was home. As I was telling him he got faster and I couldn’t hold it in no longer, I started moaning out loud with the pleasure from it. We made love right thought the night, and then we lay in each others arms talking. Daniel had to get up and get ready to get to work, before he left he kissed me and said “he would text and see me later” well he left, and my mates were all downstairs. As soon as he had gone I lay back smiling to myself, wrapped myself up in the sheets and started to go to sleep when I then heard my mates walk in my room, they sat around on the bed teasing me and asking questions about that night. I was still naked but luckily before they came in I had wrapped myself up in the sheets, I told them I wanted to go to sleep as I had no sleep all night and to mind their own business as to what had happened last night.

Well, my mates left the room and I went to sleep for a while. I woke up, looked at the time and it was 3PM, I lay back waking up and I fell back to sleep. When I woke up again it was 8PM and Daniel was there, he had came round to see me and wake me up. I woke up with a smile on my face and Daniel kissed me, I said to him “what’s that for?” he said “its because you are the hottest lass I have ever met and I just felt like it” well I lay in bed a little longer waking up whilst talking to Daniel. He asked if I wanted to go down local pub for a couple of drinks, I said to him “look what happened last night after having a few drinks” he said “it wasn’t that bad was it?” I said, “No I enjoyed it and was best night I had had in ages” well I asked him to leave the room so as I could get out of bed and into my gown so as I could go to the bathroom to grab a shower. I got out the shower, went back to my room and yet again I asked Daniel to leave the room so as I could get dressed to go out for a few drinks. we got to the pub, had a few drinks and the pub was closing, well we stood outside the pub talking for a while then I told Daniel I was going to head off him. Daniel offered to walk me home but as it was only 5 minutes down the road I said “no, I’ll be fine” but he insisted. Well, we got to my house and I turned and said “goodnight and thanks for walking me home”. As I was saying this Daniel kissed me, and not thinking I kissed him back, we was like young teenagers in love and stood on the doorstep kissing for a while and one of my mates opened the door, said “oops sorry” and walked back in out the way. Well, me and Daniel laughed and carried on kissing. Daniel asked me if I would go out with him. I was shocked that he had asked me, bur as I knew I already had plenty of feelings for him and the night before made my feelings for him even stronger I said “yes” well we kissed some more on the doorstep like the young teenagers we wasn’t and I invited Daniel in for a drink. We went in and everyone had disappeared to bed. We grabbed a beer from the fridge and put a DVD on and sat on the sofa cuddled up watching it. Well, a while later, Daniel went to grab us both another beer from the fridge. I turned to him and said “not playing ‘twister’ tonight” and gave out a little blushy smile as I said it. Daniel laughed and came sat back down cuddling up. A while later the DVD had finished and I was getting really tired. It was gone 2 AM and was pouring down with rain outside so I told Daniel he could stay the night if he wanted, but he said “no I’ll go home” well he got up to go home and yet again we stood at the door kissing, we stood outside so if anyone was to get up they wouldn’t have seen us. We got absolutely wet through but neither of us cared one bit. Daniel turned away to walk home and as I turned back he was running back down the street, he said he had left something in the house. I went in to have a look and said “I can’t see it” he walked in and grabbed hold of me kissed me picked me up and laid me on the sofa and said “this is what I forgot”. Well I said nothing and we lay on the sofa kissing and slowly touching each other up removing each others clothing here and there not thinking or caring what my mates would see or say if they walked downstairs.

Well I rolled on top of Daniel and pulled his throbbing hard cock from out his boxer shorts and slowly ran my hand up and down, getting faster and faster, I then began to lick it up and down and pushed the lot in my mouth and sucked it hard till he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. After Daniel came, we rolled onto the floor and he finished undressing me and kissed me all over from top to bottom, then kissed up and down my thighs gently and softly kissed my clit, it was so nice he teased me for ages then rammed his tongue deep inside me so fast and hard, I lay there and was moaning with the pleasure from it as I came on his tongue. He leant back up and kissed me smiling. I rolled him over and lay on top of him kissing him, then reached down for his throbbing hard cock and started playing with it, well his cock was so hard I sat up and pushed it straight inside me and began riding him slowly getting faster and faster, whilst still deep inside me he rolled me over and started thrusting his cock in and out really hard and fast. I was moaning with pleasure loud as anything and he kept going hard and fast for some time. Next thing I knew we were still going for it and a mate had walked down to get ready for work. Well we knew she had walked through and gone into the kitchen but we didn’t care and carried on. Eventually we both came at the same time. We were both sweating buckets and all my mates had got up and run off to work. I was meant to be at work for 6AM aswell but never gave work a thought at all as I was enjoying my time with Daniel. Well. Finally we got up from the floor and I went to grab a shower. I asked Daniel if he wanted to join me in the shower and he did. The water was scolding, but as I was use to it I didn’t care. We stood in the shower and Daniel stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I lifted my head up and back towards him and kissed him. He turned me towards him whilst kissing, he picked me up, leaned me against the wall and started rubbing his hard cock on my pussy, teasing me then he pushed it in about an inch teasing me more and more. It felt so nice he made me cum, then he pushed his throbbing hard cock in a little bit more going deeper and deeper till he finally pushed it all the way in and thrust it in and out nice, hard, deep and slow. We made love in the shower for hours. By the time we got out all my mates had finished their shift at work. We went to my room and sat on the bed in towels cuddled up for a while.

Finally we went downstairs and sat around with my mates on the patio having a nice ice cold beer. Well we only had 4 chairs so I told Daniel to sit down and introduced him to my mates properly as they had only briefly met once a few years back. Well Daniel sat down and I was stood up talking and Daniel got up to use the bathroom. He grabbed us another beer out the fridge on his way back out and came stood behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. My mates looked at us a little funny but nothing was said. Daniel kissed me and everyone was like ‘what?’ we didn’t tell them straight away that we were seeing each other.

Well is got late and we were all getting a bit drunk. We went in the house and sat around talking, I sat on the floor and Daniel came sat behind me cuddling up. My mates looked and asked us why we was sat like that, me and Daniel just both looked at each other, smiled and said to my mates ‘we are seeing each other’. Well they were shocked and it went quiet for at least a minute. I leaned back onto Daniel and whispered to him ‘do you want to go upstairs as things have suddenly got a little awkward here’ he said “yes” so we got up, I told him go up and I’ll be up in a minute, well he’d gone upstairs and my mates was like, well you sure kept that one in the dark, I said “well I don’t have to tell you all everything last little thing in my life do I?” and walked off upstairs.

We sat upstairs talking and Daniel asked me if I had got any sexy lingerie and not thinking I told him to look in the draws next to him, he said “no I aren’t going through your draws” I said “go on, I don’t mind and also can’t be bothered. Well he took a look and pulled out a red laced thong and bra and stood up, walked to my door and picked up my black silk night gown up and bought them over to me and said “would you do me one really huge favor and go to the bathroom and change into these?” I said no at first as I was slightly embarrassed but he kissed me and said no need to get embarrassed. Well like an idiot I went to the bathroom and got changed into them. I knew what was coming so when I got back in the room I put on a CD. Daniel asked why I had put a CD on and I just told him I fancied listening to some tunes, and turned it up quite loud and sat back on the bed wearing the red laced thing and bra and black silk gown.

Daniel nipped off downstairs and fetched us up another beer, we sat around talking and one of my mates banged on the door asking us to turn the music down as it was getting late. Well I looked at Daniel and laughed and got up to turn it down, as I stood up, Daniel stood up I grabbed hold of his towel and pulled him towards me, kissed him and he picked me up and threw me on the bed kissing me as I pulled his towel from round his waist and threw it on the floor as Daniel started rubbing his hand up and down my body, up and down my thigh softly touching my clit, rubbing my breasts over my bra with his other hand whilst still kissing me. Well it started to get rougher and he opened my gown, moved my thong to once side and pushed his throbbing hard cock right inside me nice and deep and pulled the sheets over us and we fucked hard and fast, harder than earlier that day. We had sex right through the night along with bits of foreplay in between. We then curled up and went to sleep in each others arms and both missed another day at work.

Well, we woke up around 11AM and Daniel said he had best leave to go home and get changed. Well off he went and I went and got dressed myself and then sat around on the sofa chilling and my mates came back from work, as I was downstairs I heard them talking on the doorstep saying they was going to talk to be about then noise, although they said ‘I know she having fun, but we need to sleep with getting up just after 4AM every morning for work’. Well I sat there and text Daniel what I had heard them saying as they walked in the door I didn’t look up at them or say ‘hi’ to them I sat looking at my phone texting Daniel. Well they sat down and I noticed them looking at each other as in to decide who was going to say something to me. Well I thought to myself if they aren’t brave enough to come out and say something then I aren’t going to sit around till they do, so I got up and walked upstairs to my room and really banged the door behind me accidentally. I put some music on but wasn’t loud, but just loud enough so they heard it downstairs and sneaked back out my room and stood just outside my door near the stairs and I heard one of them say ‘well, here they go yet again, banging music out and next we’ll hear her’. Well I chuckled to myself and walked back in my room and got ready to go meet Daniel.

Off I went to meet Daniel, they looked at me slightly funny as I walked downstairs and went out not saying a work. Well me and Daniel met up in the park down the road where we sat for a while talking and then went a walk to the local put for a quick beer. After we left the pub, this time we went back to Daniel’s. Daniel lived with his parents and as we had only been seeing each other a few days I felt awkward going there and meeting them as Daniel said they will most probably still be up. We got to Daniel’s and he introduced me to his parents, everything was going well, we then went upstairs out the way. We lay around talking and the next thing I knew it was 5AM. I woke Daniel and told him I had best get off and get ready for work and I’ll see him probably later in the day. Daniel got up and walked me home, I got home, and got ready for work and off I went. I didn’t walk into work with my mates as they were leaving as I got home. Finally 2PM came, end of my shift and I walked outside to see Daniel was waiting for me, my mates didn’t look to happy but as it was I didn’t really care at the time and walked home with Daniel.

We got to my place and I went to grab some food and a drink, Daniel walked upstairs to wait for me. One of my mates came into the kitchen and started talking to me about things to do with Daniel and that. I just turned around and said “look, look as though none of you like the fact I’m not single no more and seeing someone and enjoying myself whilst I’m still young, if that’s the case I will pack up my stuff and move out near end of week”. She said “no, its not that, its just you seem to have shut us all out lately, even before you started seeing Daniel and we were all worried about you as your never quiet for as long as you was but then Daniel came along and we didn’t get chance to talk to you” well I said to her “look I’m ok, leave me be with things, nothing here will change, we all still mates aren’t we?” she said “yes I really hope so” and then I turned and walked off upstairs to Daniel.

Well, six month later, I and Daniel were still seeing each other and my mates hadn’t said anymore about it all. I had been waking up early morning and being sick. My mates laughed and joked around about it saying ‘I was pregnant’. I just told them not to be so stupid and later that day I went out and got a pregnancy test, took it and it turned out I was pregnant after all. I didn’t dare tell Daniel or anyone for well over a week. I was scare of what Daniel would say and if he would leave me, but during that week me and Daniel did talk about having kids one day when the time was right. Later that week Daniel came round and bought some beers up for us but I didn’t drink any with being pregnant. Daniel asked if I was ok as I had been really quiet for well over a week. I smiled at him and said “yes I am fine, well, no I am not fine to be honest” he came and cuddled up to me and said “what’s on your mind? Have I done something wrong?” I told him he hadn’t done anything wrong and he kept on asking me what was up with me and eventually I told him I was pregnant. He looked at me, he was just as shocked as I was, and we talked about it for some time and decided what we wanted to do about it, we decided we wanted the baby and we would get a place of our own sometime soon. Daniel kissed and cuddled me asking me why I hadn’t told him before now and asked how long I had known. But I didn’t answer him and just carried on kissing him making out I hadn’t heard what he’d asked. Well as it goes, one thing led to another and we made love throughout the night and I didn’t go to work the next day. We got up, went downstairs to grab some breakfast and just as I was making a cuppa I ran back upstairs and was sick. I came back down and my mates looked at me and said “are you sure you aren’t pregnant?” I looked at Daniel and said “I think we had best tell them” so we told them I was pregnant.

Well 4 month later we were moving in together and another 4 month after that I gave birth. We had a boy and called him Thomas. About a month after Thomas was born Daniel asked me to marry him and I said “yes”. Everyone was happy and we had an engagement party and it was great.

We got married 2 years later. When we came from our honeymoon I found out I was pregnant again…

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