second time with Jasmine

second time with Jasmine

This story carries on from my other story 'the night i took a teens virginity'

This starts on a Tuesday, 2 days after my first sexual encounter with Jasmine, since that night i had split up with my ex, and spent most of my spare time talking to Jasmine over the phone. not talking normally but very dirty, i can remember the first text i sent her,
' sunday was incredible, so are we officially together or not?' with a reply saying
'of course, i wanna fuck you as much as possible'
so that was the start of our relationship. two weeks after that i met up with Jasmine in the city center and we went for a drink, as we sat down at a small round table opposite each other i couldnt help staring at her beautiful pert breasts, she kind of noticed because she started rubbing her leg up and down mine and giving me a very sluttish but cute smile. apart from wearing a tight top she was wearing a very short denim skirt, and wanting to see whether she was wearing anything under the skirt i asked if i could take a picture. she agreed so i took out my mobile and very slowly put the phone under the table so no one would notice, aimed and took a shot, as i bought it back up and looked i noticed she was wearing a dark red thong. plus she naughtily spread her legs open more so i could get a better look.
' wow thats so sexy,' i said. she giggled and took a sip of her drink before leaning over the table and kissing me, as i kissed her back i felt her tongue go in my mouth and it tasted lovely. As we pulled apart i said i wanted more privacy and asked if she wanted to go to my car.
' sure that would be better than having an audience' so we finished our drinks and headed for the multi storey car park.

We got in the lift which would take us up to the level i was parked. as soon the doors were closed she grabbed my now semi erect cock, and again kissed me passionately, at the same time rubbing her hand up and down my cock through my jeans. The lift stopped and as the doors opened she pulled her hand away when we noticed a couple with two kids. I think they caught on what we were upto because the gave us funny looks and were muttering.
' well that was fun ' jasmine said,
' lets just get to my car ' i replied
we walked over to where my car was parked and found that on the right was a landrover and on the left side was a big renault, nice and covered. We got in and as we settled i reached over and kissed her at the same time touching her right tit, she moaned and she moved her hand in the direction of my cock. She reached it and began undoing my zip, then my button, by now i was fully erect, throbbing and straining. She giggled and slowly started to wank it, as she was doing that i reached in between her legs and moved her thong to one side and found her lovely shaven pussy. I pulled my finger back and licked it before going back down and rubbing her clit. she arched her back as i did that and at the same time speeding up on my cock.
' you know you havent given me oral yet ' i said, she looked at me and moved my hand away, she moved down and licked the tip, then around the rim before going down a couple of inches. seeing my cock disappear into her mouth made the sensation feel much better. As my cock was inside her mouth i felt her tongue move around fast, she pulled back up, again giving me that sluttish smile and licked her lips,
' that's just a starter, i'll finish you off after you've done me' i didn't want to argue at that so i moved my hand back down to her legs and with my thumb gently moved it around in a circle on her clit while pushing my middle finger in her pussy as far as it will go. This was having a big effect on her as she started moaning loudly, wriggling her arse and rubbing her nipples through her top.
At this point i could feel pre-cum literally coming out of me as i saw this gorgeous 15 year old approaching orgasm,
' im getting close' and at that point she jerked forward, her mouth open as she was gasping and moaning, her whole body was shaking,
' stop, stop!' she shouted,
' why whats up?' i asked
' nothing, i just get very sensitive after i've come'
I felt brilliant, like i always do when i've made a girl come. So when she wrapped her cool hand around my cock and started to slowly wank it again, i was in heaven.
It felt delightful as she moved her head down and licked the tip again, she seemed to get into a rhythm of moving my foreskin down then licking around the rim before pulling it back up and putting my cock in her mouth. Her warm saliva on the tip and coolness of her hand near the base made the sensation even better. While she was doing this i was stroking her long blonde hair with my left hand and playing with her tits with my right, as i started to get close i could feel my balls tightening up,
' watch out, im going to come soon ' she sped up and when she felt my cock jerk she pulled her mouth away and used her hand to finish me off. I spurted quite abit and it went over my stomach while some hit her top,
' lovely, ' she said, half sarcastically i think. She slowed down after i stopped coming and got out some tissues from her handbag, wiping her top before wiping the spunk off me.
After we both calmed down we went back into the center to the cinema,the rest of the afternoon was just as good as i played with her tits in the back row.

During the week we were sending the most dirtiest texts to each other, especially one from her saying :
' i want to fuck you hard, do me doggy style while you finger fuck my tight arsehole, then maybe i'll let you spurt your spunk up there if you want to'
the texts off her were enough to make me want to wank, especially when she sent picture messages of her playing with herself, then phoning up and moaning as she said she was fingering her pussy,
We had to be suttle especially since she stopped coming over to mine as much, and my sister asked if we had an argument because jasmine wasnt talking to her as often. I felt kind of sorry for my sister but jasmine was to gorgeous to give up. Jasmines birthday was within two weeks when we would tell people we were dating, and i asked her if she wanted to wait until she turned 16 that we would have sex again, but she replied saying she wanted to have sex with me when her place was empty so we could do it properly and not sneeking around or trying not to wake up my sister, and it would be her present.So we arranged for me to go over there on a Wednesday evening when her parents and her sister would be out.

The week went really slow, having nothing to do made it worse, only texts from Jasmine cheered me up, her telling me what she had planned. I think she was getting me worked up on purpose.

On the wednesday evening i drove over to hers about 20 miles away, taking about half an hour. When i arrived and knocked on the front door she answered wearing a red dressing gown, her hair wet from just getting out of the shower. I followed her up the stairs and as she was walking across the landing she let her dressing gown fall to the floor. Her lovely arse became my view as i followed her to the bedroom, as she closed the door i touched her arse cheeks and moved my right hand down to the middle of her legs,
' no, not yet, get undressed and lay on the bed' i did that and with both of us naked i laid on the bed with her getting on top of me. She bent forward and kissed me while pushing her pussy on my cock, i didnt enter her as she was doing it so it was just rubbing against her pussy lips. a few minutes after she moved down kissing me all over until her mouth reached my cock and she grabbed the base and licked it up and down.
' fuck that feels good ' i said, she giggled then sat up and wheeled around and bent down a little so we were in the 69 position. I started to lick her lips, then pushing my tongue deep in her pussy, my nose centremetres from her arsehole, smelling of fresh soap. i licked my finger and rubbed it around the entrance to her arse while still licking her pussy, she was enjoying this because she then put my whole cock deep into her mouth while moaning. I started to get close, i told her and she murmured something back, she didnt pull out so i just laid back and let her carry on. Within seconds i came and spurted loads as this was the first time in ages i had come from a blowjob. She choked a bit as i spurted in her mouth but she carried on and when i finished she lifted her head up and spat my spunk out onto a towel on the floor.
' ok thats you sorted, now get me wet' she said, we swapped around and with her laying on her back i knelt down between her legs. i started to lick her clit, and daring myself i moved down until was licking her arsehole. that was something i do to this day because she screamed out while i did this and at the same time she was rubbing her clit.
i carried on giving her oral for about ten minutes, making her come twice, and by now her pussy was literally dripping. She got up on all fours and with her arse in the air and her pussy level with my cock i moved forwards. My tip was at the entrance, i moved forwards, my foreskin being pushed back, until was i was fully in. We both started to moan as i just went for it hard and fast.
' fuck, do me, do me' she kept saying, i didnt need reminding, her pussy was lovely and tight, remember this was only the second time she'd had sex. I leaned forwards and grabbed her tits as i carried fucking her fast. after a few minutes :
'stop, lets swap positions' i said,
so i laid down and she knelt over me. With her holding my cock upright i held her arse cheeks and she lowered down until i was fully in. With this i could massage her clit, and im glad i did because it made her come and with that it made her pussy lips tighten up squeezing my cock hard making the sensation rise. She moved up and down fast making her hair wave about and her tits swinging, i grabbed them both and leant up and licked her lift nipple, then sucked hard making it red. We carried on fucking in that position for a few minutes until i started coming again, i moaned very loudly and she just carried on.
' shit, let me carry on im getting close too,' she said. I let her, trying not to scream too loudly as by now id been coming for over a minute, then i felt her pussy tighten again, and im sure i felt more spunk spurt out with that.
We collapsed on her bed, both gasping, out of breath.

Afterwards we both went and got into the shower. We washed each other and when she started rubbing my cock i got hard again. She had a shower cubicle which meant there was more room, so when i was hard enough i spun her around leaning her against the wall, i put a bit of saliva on my hand rubbed it around her arsehole and then on my cock. She just giggled sexily and as i positioned my cock i held it there, letting her get used to it just outside her entrance.Then slowly i entered her, she gasped loudly as more of my cock went in her. I just leant back against the cubicle and started to slowly fuck her arse, speeding up as she got more comfortable with it.
' fuck, thats so good ' she said,
' same for me, lovely and tight ' i replied, i firmly held her arse cheeks while fucking her and as i got close i just let go and came hard. She moaned until i finished and pulled out, wiping the rest of my spunk on her left cheek before washing again and getting out.

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