Seducing servants

Seducing servants

I come from a fairly rich family in India and have 2 servants at home. Now 1 of them really gives me a hard-on. He has bulging muscles and is tall and dark. I've always wanted to suck his dick, and this time, I got more than I asked for.

I had just returned from an afternoon out with my frenz. When I got home, it was to find nobody at home. I sat down in front of my laptop and started surfing porn. I've got loads of saved videos and I started watching them. My servant came to my mind and I got real horny. Suddenly an idea came to my mind. I went in search of the servant(whose name is Raj, by the way) and at last found him in his room. It was locked and when I knocked, it took him some time to open the door. I looked at him and he was all red and sweaty. Now, this was really strange since it was very cold that day. He told me my parents had gone to some party and would return late at night. I said okay and that I would be in my room. Later, I thought that this was an opportune moment to have sex with Raj and now the idea mentioned before comes into play. I know for a fact that Raj is extremely sex-hungry. We are also very good friends and discuss all about sex together. I called him in my room and locked the door after him. I made him sit down and brought my laptop in front of him and started playing the porn in front of him. I saw his dick getting bigger. And then is when all hell was let loose.

I pulled his trousers down and he himself whipped out his cock and put his 1 hand behind my head and forced me onto his 9-incher. I almost gagged but I was at last living my dream!!! He said, "I've always wanted to do this. I've loved u 4 so long but I was scared to tell u" Then he pulled me up and stuck his lips to mine. We kissed for a long time. I pushed him on his back and laid down on top of him. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on his soft tongue. After a long time of kissing, we got into a 69 position and sucked on each other's cocks. Mine is just a 6-incher. I had already brought out some of his precum. We sucked hard and we shot our loads at the same time. Man, was his load huge. He was still horny and so was I. The porn, forgotten, was put aside. I got down on all fours and his cock touched my hole. I couldn't wait; I grabbed his cock and pushed it inside. Man!!!!! The pain! I screamed but after a while, it was pure pleasure. His banana slipped in and out and in again. He started fucking me faster and at last he pulled his throbbing cock out and shot another load on my back. I was slightly light-headed and maybe so was he. We fell down on the bed, totally spent and locked in each other's arms. We kissed again and I fell asleep. Around midnight, Raj woke up and we took a shower together. It was extremely erotic. He tucked me in and went to sleep himself.

Next morning, I woke up to hear my mom knocking on my door. I got up, got dressed and before going to school, I thought about last night. As the morning passed, I began to think more and more that it had been a dream. As I was going out, I met Raj and he planted a swift kiss on my lips. Dream? Ha! In your dreams.

It was mutually understood that we would get together again soon, and the moment my parents go out again, you'll see a atory from me!!!

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