Servicing the Client – Again

Servicing the Client – Again

Servicing the Client – Again

My name is Jake, and I’m 58, twice divorced and a very successful stockbroker in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have dated and bedded my share of lovely ladies over the years and at 5’10” and 175 pounds, I am not too bad to look at, so I am told. I try to make it a point to never get involved with anyone from work or with married women or with clients, and I try to not date anyone younger than 35. They are just too…incompatible.

I discovered long ago that I am a Dom, and I like to control my partner, but I’m not into inflicting pain or using force…only control. I especially like to control a sexually submissive woman into as complete an orgasm (or in some cases, multiple orgasms) as I can. I broke two of my rules, a while back, but it wasn’t really my fault (grin). Susan and her husband are “clients”, due to the fact that I had inherited their account from another broker who left the firm. It wasn’t a large or particularly active account, but I had simply followed up with a routine phone call to see if they needed anything for the account. I wound up talking to Susan, who was very pleasant, and things would have stopped right there, except that she called me the following afternoon and engaged me in a personal conversation and asked a lot of questions. She also told me that I had a “very sexy” voice, and asked what I was going to do later. I was going out to happy hour, and in response to her questioning, told her where and when. Much to my surprise, she showed up, uninvited, and turned out to be a drop dead gorgeous redhead, 38 who was 5’5” and about 125 pounds with a gorgeous ass and lovely green eyes. One thing led to another, and we wound up at my place and had an incredible sexual experience.

Susan had lovely firm breasts, but with a difference. Though her areolas were normal sized, pink and around the size of a half dollar, her nipples were almost an inch in length, and stood straight out. She even wore a special bra with cutouts at the tips, so her nipples could be free. She told me that was much more comfortable for her. Her clitoris was also quite large; the largest, in fact, that I have ever seen, in person. Almost two inches long, and as big around as my little finger, it lay along the top of her slit like a large pink earthworm, and was extremely sensitive.

After our incredible night together, I wasn’t sure I would ever see her again, but I had hardly settled at my desk early the next morning when my phone rang. It was Susan, and her voice was still husky from sleep. She told me she couldn’t help thinking about “it”, or me, and just had to hear my voice. I asked her where she was, and she told me she was still in bed. She also volunteered that she slept nude, and giggled when she told me. The visual that created for me caused my cock to jump. I looked up from my desk and since it was early morning, things were quiet in the office. I had a private office, with the entire front portion glass windows and doors, unless I lowered the blinds, which I NEVER do unless it is a really important, private meeting. But I asked Susan to hold for a moment and got up and closed the door. No one would disturb me with the door closed unless they knocked, first.

Returning to the phone, I asked Susan to describe her bedroom, her bed, the furniture and was mentally picturing it all in my mind. She had a king sized bed with a two shelf bookcase at the head and lots of pillows. I told her to turn so her feet were toward the headboard, and to scoot down so she could put her feet up on the headboard, about two feet apart, just as though she was in the stirrups in the doctor’s office for an exam. I had her place a pillow under her ass and instructed her to start making slow circles with her fingertips around her belly button.

I could picture the entire thing in my mind, and when I heard her breathing increase very slightly, I instructed her to let her fingers begin to circle just the base of her left breast, but NOT to touch the nipple. After a few circles I had her move to her right breast and repeat the movement, still avoiding the nipple. Her breathng was slightly more rapid when I instructed her to form a “cone” with her fingers and cup her left breast, but just with the tips of her fingers contacting the skin, and SLOWLY begin to draw her fingertips toward her nipple. When she got there, I had her pinch her nipple lightly with just two fingernails. She gasped when she did this, I had her repeat this movement with her other breast, and again she gasped lightly when she pinched her nipple. I knew her nipples were VERY sensitive, and thought she might even be able to climax with just nipple massage, but I didn’t want that. I was growing hard as I walked her through this, and starting to seep pre-cum.

I had her move her fingertips down her chest and again begin circling her belly button, tickling her abdomen, but NOT to go below the top of her pubic hair. After a minute, I had her move her fingertips just down the inside of her thighs, but NOT to touch her slit; first one thigh, then the other. By now, she was slightly panting, but was only getting warmed up. Finally, I told her to carefully reach all the way to the bottom of her slit, and with the tip of one finger, to SLOWLY stroke up her slit, but stop halfway. When she got there, she whispered “Y…yesss?” and I told her to insert her finger just to the middle knuckle, and again, a small gasp, and she was breathing a little harder. She told me she was “Totally wet”, when she put her finger in.

“Now, with the tip of your finger, I want you to stroke, slowly up your slit; with just the tip of your nail, flick your clitoris very lightly” I instructed her. Once more, I heard a small gasp, and instructed her “Again…again” and was rewarded with a small whimper and heavier breathing. I glanced out into the office, but no one was paying any attention, and I continued “Now, just with one finger, I want you to slowly massage your clit in slow, gentle circles”. I waited a few seconds, then told her “Faster”, and waited until her breathing picked up. It wasn’t long.

“”Don’t cum until I tell you to” I instructed her. I knew she was close, but I told her to ASK me for permission, before she climaxed. This seemed to excite her even more, and less than twenty seconds later, she was asking if she could cum. “Not yet, my lovely. Just a little more…that’s it, let me hear you” I told her She was moaning and gasping, and I knew she was almost out of control, but I let her wait a few more seconds. The I said “Let me have your cum, Susan…NOW” and heard a huge gasp and “Unnhhhh….Unnnhhh” about five or six times, and I knew she was having an incredible orgasm. Susan had some of the most powerful contractions of any woman I have ever known, so I knew her whole body was convulsing. When I heard her start to relax, I whispered “That’s a good girl…good girl” and slowly talked her down.

“Oh, my God…that was incredible” she whispered to me. What is REALLY incredible is having a beautiful woman masturbate and climax, just to the sound of your voice. It was one of the most sensual experiences I have ever had. I was hard and my pants were wet, but I could do nothing about it in the office. We talked for a little longer, while my erection subsided, then I told her I would be on appointments for the next couple of nights, but invited her to my place for Friday night, and she eagerly accepted. Her husband was still out of town for the next week, and she asked if she should plan on spending the night. I told her “If you would like”, and we hung up. I looked around, and no one was paying any attention, so I adjusted myself, and left my office for the men’s room, to clean up. I hadn’t cum but I had seeped…a lot; but satisfaction could wait until Friday.

Now some guys would probably whack off after this experience, but I had learned long ago that quality, not quantity, was the key to exceptional sex. I could wait, because I knew what was in store. Oh, I got aroused several times over the next couple of days, thinking about Friday, but I put those thoughts aside; I continued to anticipate and plan the upcoming weekend.

When Friday finally rolled around, I left work about 3:30, and stopped to pick up a couple of filet mignons, some asparagus and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. I am old fashioned, I guess, because I like to treat a lady well, if I expect her to return the favor. Susan showed up about six, and was a knockout, again; wearing a gorgeous dark green see-through blouse and cream slacks. Her nipples poked out prominently, and her Mons was quite noticeable in the tight slacks. We kissed, and I fondled her as soon as she came in, but we broke the caress, and I led her into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine, while I fixed a stir-fry of the steak and peeled asparagus pieces with brown rice. We ate dinner and talked and flirted, and just played until dinner was well settled, then I led her to the bedroom.

She had me sit on the small loveseat in my bedroom and watch, while she slowly stripped, facing me and looking me in the eyes as she undressed. As I have described, her nipples were magnificent, standing straight out, and her clit was clearly visible between the lips of her cunt. She had either shaved, or been waxed, so that her pussy lips were bare, and the only pubic hair was a small, upside down triangle of dark red that looked like an arrow pointing to her secret passage. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

When she was completely naked, she walked over to me, leaned down, and gave me a deep kiss, while unbuttoning my shirt. I broke the kiss, only to lick and suck one of her breasts and bit gently on a lovely nipple. She continued to undress me, and we moved to the bed, where I started at her neck and kissed, licked and sucked my way down the entire length of her body; from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts, to her belly, to her inner thighs, to her knees and down to her ankles. Then I started back up until I got to her slit and very softly, began to lick her wet opening. She was moaning and her hips were trying to pump into my face; to make me speed up or do it harder, but I resisted and continued to tease her. She was absolutely flowing onto the bed.

Finally, I raised up and positioned myself between her legs, and put the tip of my cock against her opening. I happen to have a VERY thick cock, which is sometimes good, and sometimes not so good. On the one hand, almost every pussy can stretch to accommodate me, given enough foreplay; on the other hand, anal sex is something I will only fantasize about, because I would tear a woman’s anus apart. Oh well…you can’t have everything.

Susan was wet and ready, and as I pushed, gently, slid in easily, though her pussy was very tight around my cock. I watched her face and she had her eyes closed with an intense look of concentration. I kept my weight off her with my arms, and began a slow stroke into her, gradually getting deeper and deeper, until I was touching her cervix, and she was thrusting her hips up to meet me and panting. She was near, and that was fine, but I was doing everything I could NOT to cum…not yet. I felt her contractions just beginning, and I whispered softly for her to “Fuck me, Susan…fuck me good…that’s a good girl…fuck me tight”; the dirty talk just increased her arousal. Her spasms turned into a tremendous climax, with at least a half dozen deep, powerful contractions. I have never known ANY other woman who had contractions as hard and as deep as Susan. I had to push my cock in as far as I could, and hold it there, because if I moved, her contractions would have forced me out. Even as she began to come down, her inner spasms continued, and I almost came just from the ripples in her vagina, but I held off.

When I was certain that she was through, I withdrew, and told her I wanted her to do something special for me. “Anything you want…I’ll do anything for you” she told me. I moved to the loveseat and dropped a pillow on the floor between my legs, and told her I wanted her to lick me clean and suck me. She smiled, and told me she didn’t do that, normally, but for me, she would.

She knelt down, and cupped my balls with one hand, and began licking my shaft; from the base, to the head and back. She licked around the head, and took just the tip into her mouth. It was clear she was not experienced at this particular activity. I took her chin and raised it up to look into my eyes, and told her “I really need you to do this well, for me, so I’m going to teach you. Is that clear?” She looked a little doubtful, for just a moment, then smiled and said “Yes…please teach me. I want to learn.”

I had her wrap two fingers as far around the base of my cock as she could, and using her other hand, cup my balls; then I had her begin to lick the tip, cleaning the seeping pre-cum as it dripped out. I showed her how to stroke with the hand around my cock, and slowly take it into her mouth, and as far as she could get it into her throat. She gagged, slightly, on one deep thrust, but kept at it. I had her tickle my balls with her nails, and even tickle my anus. I could feel my balls tighten, and I had been ready for so long that I couldn’t hold back. I began to cum, and Susan started to lift off me, but I grabbed the back of her head, and held her there as I fucked her mouth and came down her throat. She almost choked, at first, but between swallowing, and letting my load leak out the corners of her mouth, she settled into a rhythm, and kept pumping me with her hand until I had emptied the entire load.

I had been ready for days, and when I wait that long, and get aroused time after time, without cumming, I shoot HUGE loads; God, it felt good. As I started to relax, Susan got up, and went to the bathroom, but soon, was back with a warm cloth, and knelt between my legs and began to clean me. “I have never let a man cum in my mouth, before” she told me. In fact, she told me she rarely performed oral sex; but that had been obvious to me.

I asked her what she thought about it, now. She smiled at me and said “At first, I thought it was gross, but when I felt you start to cum…it turned me on, and I loved it! Did you know your cock gets even BIGGER, just as you start to climax? And the taste…at first, I didn’t think I could…but it is not as bad as I imagined, and I wanted to…swallow…even when I didn’t think I could”.

Susan spent the night, and we made love again, later that night and again in the morning. This is notable, only because it’s normally one and done, for me, in one twenty four hour period. But Susan was an incredible experience and an incredible turnon.

Some months later, Susan told me her marriage had “improved” because she was able to “satisfy” her husband in new and better ways. When he asked, she told him she had taken a sex education class and been studying “The Joy of Sex”, so they could have a better and more interesting sex life when he was home. After all, this was a true statement, wasn’t it?

Susan and I saw each other, regularly, for about two years, and then her husband decided he didn’t want to travel as much, anymore, and he accepted a job with his company’s home office in another state. I think of her, often, but I wish them well. I have a good life, as it is.

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