It's my girlfriend's birthday and this is the same as in the other stories.
Heather turning 22. Brittany 21. Me 15. Chris 16. Libbie 16. Chelsea 15.

I walk into her house and she was getting ready for the party and she ran over to me and hugged around my neck and so my face went right into her cleavage. Heather said ok go sit your present in th living room your friend Chris and my friend Brittany will be here any second now. So I go put my present in the living room and then Chris showed up and said I brought a friend along I said ok I think that'll be cool and he said also my girlfriend Chelsea and we all brought presents I said ok sit them next to mine. Then Brittany arrived and her nice thin body with a pair of C cup boobs and a really nice ass came in and said the party is here.

Started out with all of us Heather. Brittany, Chelsea, and Libbie sitting in a circle on the floor talking about me and Chris while we were grilling shrimp and steak. When we got done grilling we served it to the ladies and after we ate cake the Heather said time for presents then games.
She opened mine first it was a pair of short shorts, a nice thong, a pearl necklace, and pearl ear rings. Chris' gift was some designer jeans and so was Chelsea's and Libbie's gift. Then Brittany said last but not least Heather opened it and it was six bottles of whiskey and 3 bottles of lube. After the gifts were opened the first game we played was strip poker which actually turned into everyone just get naked game and then everyone was drunk except me Chris and Libbie since we don't drink and we said to each other this should be fun. The next game was twister completely naked and that was fun three naked hot drunk chicks and one non drunk hot girl and two non drunk guys. Then the games were done and me, Chris and Libbie were sitting on the couch and Libbie leaned over and said I love you in my ear so no one could hear and I whispered back I love you too she asked you wanna make out I said ok so we started. Then Heather say came over and started sucking my dick and Brittany started sucking Chris' dick while Chelsea started making out with him. Then Heather stopped and said Blake why are you making out with Libbie I said because you were drunk and annoying me after she heard that she punched me and I started bleeding and she picked me up and slammed me on the ground and she said since you don't like me then I will fuck Chris right in front of you. After she said Brittany hold Chris' little girlfriend down so she won't try to stop me and she positioned herself over Chris' dick and sat down on it and started moving up and down on his hard dick. I finally said if you wanna be a bitch be one and she got of Chris and came over to me I was still on the ground because Libbie came down there and layed next to me. Heather said finally you grew a pair and she tried to get on me and I said fuck no get away and go over to Chris and then I got to my feet and I helped Libbie up and we picked up our cloths got dressed and went to my truck. While we were doing that Heather went over to Chris and fucked him while Brittany was making out with Heather and Chelsea started making out with Chris

Me and Libbie got in my truck and we drove to the school(which was out on summer break) and I parked and we started making out and she started going down on me and then she started sucking on my dick and it felt so good and her eyes were so beautiful looking up at my with those baby blue eyes. Then I got her up and kissed her because that sight melted me heart and I also with that kiss I got some of my cum. We kissed for about 10 minutes and then we got in the Big Backseat and moved the front seats up and we undressed and we got into position and she sat on my dick and we fucked really slow at first in a up and down really slow then we speed up and boobs were flopping(she had a huge rack) and then slowed back down then we switched positioned into doggy style and I went slow penetrating very slow and when on inch of my eight inches was in I slammed the whole other seven in as hard as I could and she whimpered just a little and she looked back at my and she had a little tear running down her pretty little face so I pulled out seven inched and rammed it again and again until she was crying none stop but I knew those were tears of ecstasy and pure pleasure and she turned her head and I grabbed a hand full of her hair and kept at my anal penetration and finally before I came I turned her around and stuck my cock in her mouth and started shoving my eight inch cock in her mouth and down her throat and unleashed not one bot two but three loads of hot cum down her throat. Then we got dressed and got back into the front seat and I drove her home and I gave her a kiss good night and told her I loved her and would do anything for her and she went inside but I just noticed she had a little cum on the back of her shorts and her dad was at the door and when the door shut I knew he found it because she ran back out and got in my truck and drove to my house not Heather's. We got inside and we went to sleep and the time was 0700 and when we hit the pillow we were out


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