She said she Loves Me

She said she Loves Me

[b]She said she Loved Me

She was on one of those dating site on the web and as soon as she seen his picture she knew she wanted him. So she sent him an e-mail and hoped he would respond. The next day she was surprised to find a response from him. He sings in Bars and Clubs for a living and He had asked her to meet him at a place where he is playing at. She agreed to meet him that night and
She had her friends help her get ready for their meeting.

She walked into the Bar and heard him singing, and right away she was sure this was the guy for her. From the monument she walked through that door she fell in love. Mary Anne sat there all night staring at me as I sang sweet love songs to her. She had several guys ask her to dance, but she declined for reasons only she knew.

We spent many nights together without having sex, just enjoying being with each other. This went on for about two weeks, until I took her to a party. At the party she got kind of drunk and ended up kissing my brother-in-law. She told me about it and I was upset just a little. The night went on and we sat together and she listened to me sing.

After the party we headed to my place to spend the night. I was always being a gentleman and never tried to have sex with her up to this point. I wasn’t planning on trying this night either. But she told me she was tired and if I was going to have sex, I had better do it now.

That was all it took for me to make my move and I start kissing her. I ran my hands straight to her breasts and fumbled up under her shirt. I then ran my left hand down between her legs and rubbed there for several minutes. Then pulling at her snap and zipper, so I could get her pants down.
Pulling at her clothes and with her help she was naked in bed with me.

At this point I undressed myself as quickly as I could without looking like I was in a big hurry. Even though I wanted to just fuck her hard and do it quickly.

I started kissing up and down her neck, back up to her lips. I was trying to be romantic and take my time with her and make it last half the night. I went down to her breasts and licked each one careful as not to miss any part of these luscious tits. I ran my tongue around each nipple slowly to give her as much pleasure as I could. Then slowly ran my tongue down to her belly button and around it. I kept going until I came to her pussy and then I skipped it and went up and down her thighs. Each Thigh my tongue ran up and down the inside of each one teasing her as I went.

This was driving her crazy and I enjoyed every minute of watching her squirm around. As my tongue continued to explore her body it made its way back to her tits, then back to her lips for more kissing. Then I started back down to her tits again and continued down to between her legs, up and down her thighs.

As I could feel her tension mounting, I let her have it. My tongue started flicking back and forth across her clit, then down into her warm sweet love box. It was dripping by now and aching for more. My tongue continued to find its way between her clit and her love canal. Before long she was bucking and pushing my head down hard between her legs.

All this took about 45 minutes before she was begging me to thrust my rod of joy into her. She began pulling me upwards and asking me “Please come up here and fuck me”.

I was still licking at her clit and my tongue was driving into her hole. I reached up with my right hand and stuck in a finger. Thinking to myself that this pussy is very tight. I was fingering her for a while, when I turned my hand to the side and used another finger to push into her anal hole.

I could tell she didn’t like it up her ass, but she never said a word to me about it. So I continued to finger fuck both her holes while my tongue licked and I sucked her clit.

Both her holes were tight around my fingers and all I was thinking about was how good this was going to feel with my cock in there. I reached my left hand up to her breasts and played with them, which made her hornier.

She was really pulling at me and begging me to do her right then and there. I felt I should not disappoint a woman, so I pulled myself up towards her face.

As my mouth reached hers, it was dripping from her juices and we started kissing madly. I raised my hips to were I knew her pussy was waiting for my hard cock and planted it right at the opening of her sweet love box. I started to push it in just a bit and she told me it was a big one. I continued to push my cock into her sweet tight box, when the head of my cock entered into the place my finger was monuments ago. It was really tight around the head of my cock and it felt really good to be there.

She claimed it was the biggest one she had ever had and I just couldn’t believe it. I pushed more of my cock into her and started working it in and out of her box of joy. Each time I went in I tried to get more into her, but it was too tight to get all my cock in there. So I went so slow and rocked it back and forth, side to side and back out again. She started having orgasm after orgasm and pulling me close to her.

I began licking and sucking her tits, as this made her buck wildly back at me. She was losing control of herself and wanting to be fucked wildly. I continued to fuck her in my own way and she just kept Cumming, time and time again.

I didn’t want to be done too quickly, so I paced myself and held back for a very long time. By now her pussy was beginning to loosen and I was ramming my manhood in all the way. She was moaning and bucking and begging me to fuck her harder. I kept driving my cock into her pussy for another 45 minutes.

I was feeling really good about this woman and I was trying not to come yet. But it has been about an hour and 45 minutes since we began and I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. I drove it in hard several more times and let it rip.

I was shooting my load into her pussy with such force, that she was feeling every gush of cum being pumped inside of her. I could tell that she was satisfied by the smile on her face and the tired look she had. She just wants to go to sleep now.

She did ask me if I used a bucket for all my cum and I just laughed about it. We lay there and I was stroking every part of her with my hands. I could tell she was sleeping now and I really wanted to fuck again.

So I just lie there beside her and run my hand up and down her body, while I look at this woman. I can’t believe her pussy was that tight and I feel I am in love.

The next morning we woke up and I made coffee for the both of us. She was still naked from the night before, and I was lusting after her hoping to get some more of that wonderful tight pussy she had. I began rubbing her tits and hoping to get a notion whether she would be willing again. She told me again, that I had the biggest cock that she had ever been with. On that note I just smiled and thought to myself that she can have all she wants.

We lay there for along time with me rubbing her every parts and I leaned down and began kissing her. We got hot and heavy at it again for several hours this time. With her Cumming over and over and me banging her tight love box.

That tunnel of love was the sweetest and tightest one I’ve had in a long time. So I wasn’t going to let this thing get away from me without making it stretch a bit. I would lick and suck on her tits and work my tongue up her neck to her mouth. And then go back downwards again, until she was about to explode from it all.

When she did have the big one her body started shaking and jerking around so much. That I thought she had something wrong with her and that I would have to take her to the hospital or something. I pushed it all the way inside her and wiggled it inside her as much as I could. She was having the biggest orgasm of her life and I was the cause of it. That made me feel like I was superman or the likes.

I continued to fuck her, because I wanted to cum too. I was ramming it into her with such force, that she complained to me it was hurting her. So I went easier on her and I was trying to go faster by now. Then as I could feel the monument soon approaching, I said to her, “Oh baby, I’m Cuuummmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg”

I lay there on top of her, kissing her and running my hands across her face real lightly. She asked me if this means we are dating now and I told her yes. I wasn’t going to let this sweet tight love box of pure joy get away from me.

We get up and get dressed and have another cup of coffee. Then she tells me she has to go home and that she wants to go with me that night to my gig. I am thinking that I hoped she would want to go with me.

So we kiss goodbye at my door and she walks out to her car and drives away. And I am smiling away with the thought of her and her sweet tight box of joy. And those nice tits too.

We date like this for a month, until one night at one of my gigs; there is a girl who starts talking to me about burning her a copy of my album. Mary Anne gets real jealous and starts drinking heavy. Soon she is drunk and her jealousy gets her feeling like fuck everything.

She goes into the back room and talks with some guys. One guy asks her to dance and then they are arm in arm dancing. He bends down and kisses her and she allows him to. Because she thinks I was flirting with this other woman, that she is allowed to flirt and more.

I can see her and everything she is doing and it’s tearing my heart into. But she doesn’t seem to care right now cause she is drunk. She dances with one after another of the guys and kissing each one as she is dancing. And they are getting her even more drunk by buying her more and more drinks.

They tell her she can’t beat them downing a drink, all the while trying to get her dead drunk. And dancing with her and kissing her, they are rubbing up against her tits. And sometimes two dancing with her at a time, one in front and one behind her grinding up against her to get her excited.

A couple of times she looked over at me and smiled. I just looked down and felt my heart sink. I knew what would happen and it was tearing me apart. I just knew she was going to end up leaving with the crowd of guys and leave me heart broken.

Soon my fears came true and she was on her way out the door with one of the guys. I overheard him tell her that he had some real good stuff to drink in his car. And then a few minutes later the others were heading out the door.

As she got to Chris’s car he opened the door for her to sit down and he went to the drivers side and got in. He pulled a bottle from under the seat and took the lid off and handed it to her. He told her to drink up before any of his buddies come out or she might not get any with those hounds around.

She turned the bottle up and started drinking it down. When she turned it upright she had drank almost half of it. Chris then took it and took a big gulp of it and handed it back to her. She turned it back up and drank almost the rest of it.

About this time bob opened the door and told her to slid over. Since it was a bench seat, he said they could all three sit in the front. He reached for the bottle and took a big gulp and handed it back to her. She turned it up and finished it and Chris threw it into the back of his car. He reached under the seat once again and pulled out yet another bottle. Took off the lid and handed it to her once more.

Now the back doors flung open and three more guys got in the back. She turned the new bottle upside down and drank over half this time. Handed the bottle to Chris who took a drink and passed it to bob. Who then in turn gave it back to Mary Anne? She turned it up and drank it until it was empty.

That’s when it started hitting her very hard, and she couldn’t even talk any longer. So Chris started kissing her and she was so drunk by now that she couldn’t do anything. Bob reached around her and was playing with her tits.

Mary Anne was that drunk that she didn’t even notice it was bob from behind her feeling her tits. Then each guy from the back seat took turns grabbing her tits and undoing her shirt more and more. Bob reached up the back of her shirt and undid her bra, she didn’t even notice. They were all smiling and taking turns getting a feel.

When Chris said to her I think we should take a walk to get away from the other guys, she thought it might help clear her head some. So she agreed to be alone with Chris for a walk in the night air.

Chris helped her out of the car and held her up, for she was really drunk and couldn’t stand very well. Bob handed Chris another bottle and they walked towards the side of the building. As they got around the side to a spot that look good to Chris. He leaned Mary Anne up against a tree and then sat her down.

She told him she is really drunk and don’t know what the hell she is doing and he just grinned. He opened up the bottle and took a drink, then held it up to her mouth. At first she didn’t want any and Chris kept telling her it was all right and that she would feel better if she drank more. Telling her that he has done that many times, drink himself straight. So she started drinking it down, as he kept the bottle turned up so she had no choice but to drink it.

Chris had her down about ¾ of the bottle and then took another drink himself. Then he turned the bottle back up to her lips and told her there was just a little more left. That she should drink it to get herself better.

When it was empty, he sat down beside her and started kissing her again. She didn’t know but her tits were showing and he was playing with them. He lowered his head to lick on her tits and felt the other one with his hand.

By now she was out of it and passed out completely. As Chris realizes this, he starts pulling off her shirt. As he is doing this the other guys come over and help him.

First the shirt, then the bra, then her shoes and pants and then her panties. They are all standing around talking about what they can do. Chris drops his pants and shorts, then lays down on top of her pulling her legs up so he can get into the right spot. He pushes his cock into her pussy and tells the others how tight the thing is. He fucks her for only 5 minutes because he is so excited and he cums in her.

As he pulls himself from her and stands up, Bob jumps on top of her and forces his cock inside of her. He is ramming it into her with all his might, when one of the other guys tells him to hurry up. So he sits up straddling her hips, while it is still inside her. And tells them to fuck her mouth or something.

So another guy drops his pants and gets down on his side and turns her head towards his cock. Then he starts pushing his cock against her lips and then into her mouth. He is fucking her mouth and driving it into her throat with each thrust as he is hammering her face.

She is out but the cock is choking her in her slumber, so she starts gagging and choking at this time. This guy doesn’t care and keeps going into her throat. The rest of them are laughing about it and making fun of her while he is making her gag.

Meanwhile bob is looking like a jackrabbit pumping in and out of her pussy. When all of the sudden he lets out a big moan as he shoots his load of spunk inside this tight pussy. And the other guy is hammering her face like he has never had a fuck before. He dumps his load into her mouth and throat and sees some running down her chin.

They start laughing at the fact that she has cum on her face, and the other two replace the opening. One is fucking her cunt as the other is ramming it in her mouth. This goes on till they both dump their spunk into her mouth and pussy.

Then Chris pulls her legs up high and straddles her hips and pushes it in her pussy. Only to take it out and put it at the mouth of her ass. He is pushing it and trying to force it in her ass, but it is too tight. He raises up and gets a better angle to drive it into this anal canal that’s never been entered before.

With one hard thrust he feels her ass open and except his driving cock. She feels the pain even in her passed out state and lets out a whine. They all laugh and someone says “Oh she really likes it”. As Chris continues to drive it in further and further, he feels the tightness around his cock. It is starting to hurt him because of how tight it is, but he keeps going. He feels the muscles inside constricting around his cock. It is turning him on even more, and he keeps pumping faster and faster.

Before long he feels the spunk squirting out of his now pulsating cock. He pulls out and bob gives it a try. Driving his member deep into her anal cavity time and time again.

With every thrust in her ass, she lets out a whine from the pain she is feeling from her drunkenness. Her ass is being used as a poke hole to give these guys the pleasure they want.

As each one takes a turn in her ass and shooting their load of cum in her ass. She just lay there passed out from the drinking. Cum is leaking out her mouth, pussy and now ass. As they continue to pump their cocks inside of her ass.

When each one had fucked her ass, they decided to give her two at a time in each hole. They rolled her onto her side and one in front and one in back began to push their cocks into the same hole. First Chris and bob shoved their cocks into her pussy, stretching it beyond repair. Then two more going into her ass at once, only to rip her ass wide open.

They kept up their fun until it was almost daylight, then they left and just left her laying there on the ground naked and passed out. Cum mixed with blood, draining from her ass and pussy. And cum running down across her face from the forceful blowjobs.

I knew about all this cause I watched the whole thing from the windows of the building. I knew they were going to fuck her, but I never thought like that. But it made me real horny and at times I was playing with my cock. I would rub it for a while and then stop, hoping that maybe I might get the chance to go out there and drive in a load of my own.

I seen them all leave and I hurried out the door, wanting my chance before it got daylight. I walked up to her and dropped my pants and lay down beside her. I first shoved it in her mouth, saying quietly to myself. “Suck this cock you fucking whore, you broke my heart tonight and you got what you deserved”. The more I said under my breath, the harder I pumped in her throat. Until I reached that time when my cock started rocking and shooting out my big load of spunk, I had been saving for her all night.

She was gagging and choking with the load in her mouth and throat, and it just made me hornier then before. So then I moved to place it up her ass and ream her some more. I drove it deep with the first thrust and never stopped pumping her hard. As I was fucking her ass, I rolled her over onto her belly and got on top. I could drive it in even deeper this way and that excited me more.

Under my breath I was saying, “Take every inch of my cock you fucking heart breaking cunt”. I kept pounding it in her until I felt it once again start to explode in her ass. I sat up on her ass rocking my cock slowly in and out of her. Feeling the last drop of my spunk go into her ass, I pull it out of her and pulled my pants back up.

I walked away from her that morning with two feelings, one was I was feeling sorry for her for the major fuckings she took and ripped her all to pieces. And two I felt empty inside cause I really like her a lot and she broke my heart. But then again I did feel good that I got to fuck her mouth and ass, and shot the biggest loads of my life in her.

Now two days later she called me up asking me to forgive her. I told her I could never forgive her because I watched her fuck all those guys. She said she don’t remember It., but felt it since. I lied and told her she was a willing partner in it all and I watched it all. Of how she allowed all those guys to fuck each hole and then two at once in each hole.

About then I got to feeling real horny thinking about that night and I asked her if maybe we could get together and fuck. I didn’t want any relationship, just to fuck her. She told me to go fuck myself and hung up the phone.

I still get horny whenever I think about that night and sometimes I am with someone who can take care of me and other times I have to just pull my pud and get myself off.

I never heard from her again.

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