State Part 1

State Part 1

–This is based on an event that happened last year between me and my best friend. I want to know which character you think that i am. I bet you will be wrong. There is definitely more to come too. A lot more to cum. Please comment and let me know what you think.–

Scott lunged into the pool, his slim body sliding through the water like an arrow through air; completely smooth. His body was tan, smooth, and pressed into a tight blue speedo. Scott had been training for a win at state, working hard with his friend Andrew.

Together, they had been formidable team-mates since seventh grade when they joined the swim club. Now as sophomores they had one image in mind and that was winning every single race.

Scott pulled through 100-m and climbed out of the pool, Andrew meeting him right there for a congratulatory pat on a good time. "Dude you are doing great."

The water was dripping down Scott's body, a stream falling towards the little indent at the front of his crotch. "Thanks. I think i need a break."

"Yeah, coach is going to end practice soon. Want to grab a taco and come back for a few more laps?

"sure, sounds good." At that moment the coach called the team together, giving them a pep-talk and ushering them to the showers. Scott and Andrew sprayed themselves down in the showers and wiped themselves down. They didn't take off their speedos since they were coming back, but everyone else walked to the lockers naked. Trying to hide it, Andrew got a slight lump as usual. Scott didn't notice.

—-Scott and Andrew return from lunch—-

They went up to the receptionist at the pool and flashed their membership cards. The boys went to the locker room and undressed to their speedos. Scott headed towards the pool, Andrew scanning his tight butt all along the way.

Only a few kitty swimmers and weekenders were using the pool, so Scott and Andrew did some fast laps in the deep end, going from side to side. Then they messed around with some kids from school playing water polo, anything to keep their heart rates up and prepare their muscles for the state competition. After a while, many people had left the pool and it was nearing closing time.

"We should probably hit the showers and head home" Andrew said

"Yah lets do that"

By the time they had gotten to the showers most of the people had deserted the pool. Andrew grabbed his soap and turned on the water at one of the shower-heads. Scott joined him. Andrew pulled off his speedo, revealing a hairless cock, much like his swimmer legs. The water ran down his body smoothly.

Scott glanced over without much care. It was pretty normal to shower naked to clean off all the chlorine. He just didn't always fully undress.

Andrew had dreams about Scott. Ever since seventh grade when Scott invited him to watch him race for the first time he had fallen in love with Scott almost naked body. why else would he have joined the swim team with him. He had been resisting temptation for years, just dying to fuck Scott and this was a prime opportunity. no people, half -naked, ready.

Andrew got behind Scott and turned him around. His naked body pressing against the crotch of Scotti's speedo, penis bulging to the simple hard-on of 4 inches. Scott looked terrified, but remained quiet.

"I want you so bad." Andrew said. He slid his hands down Scott speedo, pulling it down to his knees. Scott was still terrified-looking but became less tense. Andrew was licking his dick as the water fell on them. Slowly Scott warmed up though remained speechless. His cock was growing larger in Andrew's mouth.

Andrew felt Scott shiver and soon he was cumming in his mouth. It was like he wanted but his friend remained almost-dead in his hands. He got up and kissed his chest, kissed his lips, and licked the inside of Scott's mouth. Nothing was doing anything to un-petrify the slim, tan body of Andrew's friend but he kept on going.

He turned him over and took the whole four-inch cock and slid it into his butt. Andrew began slowly forcing it all the way up. It wasnt hard. His penis was small due to years of spandex encroaching on its proper growth but it was enough to make Scott let out a moan. This only en flamed Andrew even more.

Andrew went in and out, continuously. Holding on to his hair as his body let out shivers and spasms. His cock finally unloaded, the water still crashing down on their bodies. As if he were demanding it in return, Andrew got between Scott and the shower-wall, arching himself right into Scott's lump of penis and balls. Slowly Scott responded, weakly gripping his friends side and moving back and forth. He was shivering from fear, looking into space and Andrew was still un-punctured.

Andrew turned around, gripped the faucet and cut off the flow of water. Scott just stood there in front of him, smei-staring at his friend. "I'm sorry Scott"

There was no responce.

Andrew grabbed his soap and speedo and headed to the lockers. He dreid and got dressed, looking ashamed of what he had just done. As he was leaving, Scott spoke. "wait!".

He was still standing there naked in the showers with the speedo twisted at his knees. "Do you want to spend the night?"

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