Step Daughter’s Appreciation Part 2

Step Daughter’s Appreciation Part 2

Step-Daughter's Appreciation Part 2

After Heather returned Samantha and I were limited in our sexual contact together. Heather did not work, so we had little to no time alone. We would paw all over each other when Heather would take showers, and catch an occasional quickie when she would run to the grocery or on errands. We both agreed that the situation was awkward and it would be in our best interest to bring everything to a halt.

Neither of us wanted Heather to discover us in the act, we cared way too much for her to allow that. We agreed we would never bring it up to her and we would suppress our desires from that moment forward. The next couple of years our life’s settled back to our normal routines. Samantha dated on and off, but never anything serious. She continued to explore her sexual desires for women and on a few occasions had girlfriends spend the weekend while Christina was with Kyle. She completed school, started her career, and her and Christina moved into a small house of their own.

Shortly after moving out Samantha met Bill. He was a few years older than her and Heather and I both immediately sensed Samantha’s growing attraction to him. They had met through a mutual friend. We later found out the mutual friend was one of Samantha’s occasional female lovers. Over the next year and half Samantha and Bill became a steady couple and married. I really liked Bill, we had many things in common and best of all he was laid back and open minded.

We came to discover that Bill was fully aware of Samantha’s bi-sexuality and was supportive of it. Over drinks one weekend Heather shared the story of the house party with him, where Samantha had her first bi-sexual experience. Bill stated he figured we were involved somehow in her introduction and had always known we were more open than we let on. Heather laughed and in an extremely flirtatious tone and told him he had no idea how open minded she was. She then excused herself and entered the kitchen to freshen her drink.

I have to say I was a little caught off guard by her blatant expression. Not that I was upset with her flirting, it was far from that, but by her carefree attitude toward it with Bill. I had witnessed this aggressive flirtation before and it was a clear signal she was aroused and looking to play. Again her wanting to play was not an issue with me, but I was shocked her target of intent was Bill. This was her daughter’s husband and really out of character for her. Another thing that shocked me was Samantha did not appear disturbed by it at all. Actually she seemed to not care what so ever.

Bill was a little taken back and not sure what to do or say. I could tell he was worried if Samantha and/or I were upset, but I could also tell he was aroused at the thought of Heather. Bill had always admired Heather, hell who couldn’t. She had aged like fine wine. Her body put many women to shame 10 to 15 years her junior. She has always taken time to ensure she looked great as well as dressing youthful and sexy.

Once she returned Bill’s attention was glued to her. Heather knew it and was playing it up. I looked again at Samantha to see if she was getting disturbed by her mother’s flirting and as before she was showing no signs if she was. She looked over at me once and flashed that sexy grin and winked. She was enjoying watching her mother flirt with her husband and obviously enjoying his reactions to it. I shook my head and left to freshen my drink. Samantha said she needed a fresh one also and followed me into the kitchen.

While I fixed us both a drink we started to talk about Heather and Bill’s flirting. Samantha said she thought it was cute, that Bill had always admired Heather and that he was really enjoying her openness. I laughed and said they both were enjoying each others openness and we had better keep an eye on them or they will be off fucking somewhere. Samantha turned to me and with a grin asked if I would mind if they did. Even though she was grinning I knew the question was serious.

I told her that I never had heartburn about Heather playing with other men and asked her how she would feel about it. She closed the gap between us, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me passionately. She pulled back and said the thought of her mother fucking her husband made her horny as hell. She explained one of Bill’s fantasies was to be seduced by Heather and that she had shared that with her. She went on to explain that she had asked Heather to fulfill Bill’s fantasy and seduce him. She then informed me that she had missed being with me and told Heather that she would take care of my needs while she was fulfilling Bill’s, that she had always wondered what it would be like to be with me.

I was blown away. Samantha told me Heather was reluctant at first, especially about Samantha and me. Samantha told her it should not be a big deal, we were not blood relation and we were grown consenting adults. Heather continued her reluctance but warmed to the idea, once Samantha had shared some details of Bills fantasies about her. She said she was not 100% sure Heather would go through with it until she started to flirt with Bill. She told me that when Heather had returned with a freshened drink she had leaned over and told her that she was going to fuck Bill all night and that she had better be ready to take care of me.

I must admit I was very impressed. Samantha had arranged this whole thing. Only one last obstacle remained that being how would Bill react about Samantha and me? With that Samantha and I returned to find Heather and Bill dancing, or more like it, grinding on each other to a song on the radio. They were totally engrossed in each other. Heather had her thigh pressed hard into Bills crotch and obvious hard cock.

Samantha took my hand and guided us next to them. A game soon commenced between her and Heather as to which one could be the hottest and sexiest. My cock sprang to life instantly as Samantha ground her sexy little ass into it, reaching back and grabbing my ass and pulling me into her. We both watched for reactions from Bill once he noticed what Samantha was doing. If he was concerned he quickly lost any as he turned to Heather and never gave us another look. That answered the last obstacle.

Samantha turned toward me and whispered into my ear how she had longed to feel my touch again. She was so hot, the look in her eyes made all the blood leave my body and rush to my dick. She pushed her thigh into my cock and moaned softly as she ground on it. I looked over and Heather and Bill and they were locked in a deep passionate kiss, I knew it would not be long until she took him to a bed and laid one of the best fucks he had ever had on him.

I decided to push the situation to the next level. I pulled Samantha’s mouth to mine and kissed her passionately. She responded and we became lost in a whirl of tongues. We both drifted deep into the passion of the moment as we did not notice Heather and Bill leave the room. As we looked around we heard noises coming from Heather and my bedroom; it figured she would take the big room with the big bed. With that Samantha and I headed to her old bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Samantha quickly undressed me and pushed me back on the bed. She stated she was going to ride me hard and for me to lay back and enjoy it. I pulled up in the bed and watched as Samantha teasingly removed one article of clothing at a time, until she stood before me nude. Her large breasts were heaving up and down as her breathing was elevated by her lust.

She seductively crawled into bed, lowering her head so her long straight hair brushed across my stiff cock and chest, as she made her way to my face. The sensation was terrific and immediate, she had my full attention. She laid her warm body next to mine, curling her leg over mine. She leaned over on my chest so the weight of her full breasts was on me. She nibbled and licked at m lower lip, while she snaked her hand down my stomach and onto my cock.

My cock was aching at this point, the head covered in pre-cum, which Samantha used to lubricate her fingers with and swirl them around the swollen head. I moaned deep in my chest and raised my hips to fuck her hand. My reaction to her touch set off the fire long repressed in her. She told me how much she had missed my cock and how good it was going to feel to her. The entire time she was telling me this she increased her grip and stroking rhythm. She forced her tongue into my mouth with a renewed vigor and passion.

She was soon jacking my cock like a well oiled machine, the whole time exploring all regions of my mouth with her tongue. I begged to feel her mouth on my cock. She pulled back from my face and slowly lowered her mouth to my cock. She licked the pre-cum from my head, kissing all around it. The feeling was great, but I needed it in the warmth of her mouth. I gently pushed the back of head and raised my hips. She complied with my request and opened her mouth to accept my cock. When about half of my cock was in her mouth she paused, took a breath, and then pushed my entire length into throat.

She held it there for a few seconds, making my cock pulsate to the sensation. She moaned lightly and started moving my extremely stiff cock in and out of her throat, expertly using her hand to stroke it as she pulled it out. I had forgotten how good she was at sucking cock. I thanked the heavens that my cock was once again buried in her lovely mouth. I had to stop her as I would not have lasted long. She was annoyed that I stopped her, she so loves to suck cock. I explained how I much I had missed her tight pussy and how bad I wanted to cum deep in it.

I continued to explain how much I had enjoyed eating her pussy and how tasty it was. With that she pulled up in the bed and rolled over. Spreading her legs and offering her sweet nectar to me. Her pussy was open, wet, and inviting. I slowly moved between her legs, caressing each one gently. I lowered my face and breathed in her essence, how I had missed her sweet aroma. I gently placed my open mouth over her wanting mound. She pushed her hips into me and placed a hand on the top of my head. I darted my tongue around her pussy from clit to hole. She responded by pushing my head into her and grinding her hips into my face.

She was moaning loudly, begging me to lick her pussy. I looked up and saw she had one of her huge tits in her free hand, twisting the nipple. I drove my tongue deeper into her love canal, flicking it upward so it rubbed against her vaginal wall. Her reaction was immediate. She threw her head back, pushed my head deeper, and let out a yell as her pussy clamped down with one tremendous force on my tongue. She started to spasm uncontrollably, bucking against my face the whole time. All of a sudden she raised her hips; her pussy opened, and then exploded filling my mouth with warm sweet fluid. I could not keep up with the volume she was producing; I pulled back and was rewarded by having my face and head covered.

She was shaking and screaming to the top of her lungs, the whole time pushing my face into her crotch. She slowly started to regain control and released my head and laid her head back on the pillow. She was gasping for air, and her body twitched in rhythm to her pussy. I get up and head to the bathroom to clean my face and bring her a cloth to wipe with. While in the bathroom I hear Heather screaming as well, obviously Bill was providing her with her fair share of orgasms. I grinned and headed back to plant my now engorged cock in Samantha.

Once I had situated myself back in bed and she had cleaned herself, Samantha leaned over and kissed me passionately and swung her leg over me so she straddled my cock. She pulled her lips from mine and raised up, which pressed her soaking wet and hot pussy on my cock. She sat there looking down at me, moving her hips slightly. I reached up and took her full tits in my hands, gently pinching her nipples. She pulled her head back and pushed down harder on my stiff cock. I pushed up to meet her and for the next few moments we were locked in a grinding dance.

She titled her head and leaned forward slightly. She then reached between our legs and took my cock. She pulled it up and placed the head in her tight little hole. She slowly slid her pussy down on it until I felt her ass push down on my balls. She started to tremble and quiver, grunting and groaning the whole time. All of sudden she came with such force she almost pushed my cock from her pussy.

She was making the most erotic throaty sounds I had ever heard. The whole time her pussy was pulsating up and down the length of my cock, sucking it. After a few moments she started to regain control. She then cursed me for making her cum that violently and quickly. I laughed and told her it was not her last one for the night. With that she slapped my gently, but forcefully across the face and said she was going to fuck me like an animal. She placed both hands on the headboard and commenced to slam her pussy up and down my blood filled member.

She leaned forward, allowing her heavy tits to hit me in the face each time she trust her pussy onto me. I reached up and grasp her large tits, taking her beautiful nipples in my mouth. I thrust up my hips as she thrust down hers, crashing into her pussy with all the force I could manage. The result produced a loud wet slapping sound, which drove us both harder. Samantha started to scream and spray cum everywhere. She was in the middle waves of a multiple orgasm. She was fucking me as hard as she could, attempting to push me through the mattress.

The sensation her pussy was providing to my cock was too much. I felt my balls tighten and my cock expand. I was going to dump a ton and it was going to be deep in Samantha. I grabbed her by the hips and started pushing her harder onto my cock. She felt my load as it entered the shaft and she started to beg for me to cum deep in her pussy. She wanted me to fill her hot little pussy full. I could not hold it any longer, with one last thrust I drove as deep into her pussy and possible and erupted. I screamed out in pure ecstasy, pushing Samantha down as hard as I could on my pulsing cock. As the waves or orgasms washed over me I heard Samantha crying, but begging for more.

A few moments passed and I relaxed, letting go of Samantha. She slumped over on me, breathing heavy. I asked if she was OK and she responded she was great. She raised her head and I noticed tears were in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing was wrong, that she had missed having sex with me so much that her emotions were overwhelmed. I told her I had missed our sex as well.
We decided we had better clean up and join the others.

When we entered the living room Bill was laid back on the sofa and Heather was between his legs giving him a blow job. She noticed we had entered the room and stopped. Samantha told her not to stop on our account. Heather kissed his cock and told us they had grown tired of waiting for us and that our sounds had made them horny again. Heather asked Samantha and me if we minded if Bill slept with her for the night. I pulled Samantha close and we both said in unison it was not a problem.

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