Straight Male Exhibitionist CH. 3

Straight Male Exhibitionist CH. 3

Afterwards no one mentioned the “wet dream” incident. The girls acted as if nothing had happened. I still exposed myself whenever I had a chance. Not much, but I enjoyed it. The girls seemed to also.
The house construction was still going on. At this stage of construction the small bathroom with the wash basin
and the ONLY the toilet bowl was complete. In the full bathroom, the tub and shower had been installed. But not the toilet bowl.
Almost every morning my sister Ellen would be out of bed before Terry. The first thing she always did was go straight to the little bathroom. One morning, I was in the small bathroom waiting for her. Sitting on the toilet, my shorts were down around my ankles; my legs were spread apart, I had been stroking my cock to be sure it was up and ready.
I “forgot” to lock the door. Ellen didn’t knock; she just opened the door and walked in. My hard cock was in full sight on the toilet seat between my spread legs. Her mouth dropped open as she stood there staring at me cock.
Finally she inquired, “Is that thing always so boney?”
“Boney?” I asked, “What does that mean?”
She replied, “We call you boney because every time we see that thing it’s as hard as a bone.”
I laughed at her and told her to get out.
She shouted “Hurry up, I gotta pee” then she went on, “How are you going to fit boney into those shorts?” I told her I’d have to jerk off to make it fit. She advised me, “Jerk off fast, OK? I have to pee real bad.” I told her she wouldn’t have to wait if she would let me watch her pee. She shouted. “NO.” And slammed the door.

One afternoon, Terry came to me with a narrow mouthed olive jar in her hand. And asked, ”Tom, can you stick boney into this jar?”
I told her, “No, it won’t fit.”
“Please, Let me see.” She pleaded,
I dropped my pants and stroked it up. As she held the jar, I pressed the head of my cock to the opening and said, “See?”
Then Terry said, “OK, then, let me see you pee into the jar.” I told her I could do that in a minute or two. She stood there holding the jar as my dick went limp enough to pee. I had never tried this before. I really enjoyed pissing as she held the jar and watched. She was enjoying it also. I could tell by the grin on her face.

Another afternoon I was downstairs changing into my swim shorts. I decided to jerk off as long as I was already naked. I was standing with my ass resting on the edge of an old desk and my feet spread apart. I was happily jerking on my cock, when Ruth came sneaking down the stairs.
I pretended I didn’t see her until she stepped into full view and cooed, “Hi Tom, what are you doing down here all by yourself?”
I smiled and answered, ”Well Ruth, I’m just jerking on my cock. What are you doing down here?”
She laughed, walked towards me, stood directly in front of me between my feet. And asked. “Can I watch you jerk on your thing for awhile?”
Of course, I said “Hell, Yes.”
After a few minutes Ruth asked, “Tom, can I touch it?” When I told her she could, she reached out and gently ran her fingertips up and down the shaft.
I told her to “wrap your hand around it and jerk on it a little bit.” Very slowly she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and tightened her grip. She jerked up and down on my cock for a couple of minutes. Suddenly we heard noise coming from upstairs.
Ruth whispered, “This is fun. Let’s do it some more, soon.” She ran up the back stairs and out the door leading to the back yard.
I heard someone on the stairs. I saw bare feet slowly coming down the steps. I knew it was one of my sisters. I was still standing naked and very horny, with my ass resting on the edge of the old desk with my feet spread apart. I continued jerking on my cock.
My sister Ellen stepped in view and asked, “What are you doing down here all by yourself?”
I laughed and said, “I’m doing myself down here all by myself.”
Staring at my hand going up and down on my hard cock, Ellen said, “Do you do that a lot?”
I replied, “I have to, I don’t know anyone who will do it for me.” “Do you want to jerk on it”?
She said, “NO, I don’t want to touch that boney thing, but can I watch you jerk on it, Please?”
I asked, ”Are you sure you want to watch your big brother jerk on it until it goes off and squirts like it did on the raft.” “Are you sure you want to see your brother make himself cum?”
She replied, “I already saw it squirt all by it’s self. Seeing you make it squirt wouldn’t be much different, would it?”
I told her I liked the way she thinks. I also told her I would love to jerk off while she watched. With a big smile on her pretty face, she pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me. I applied a little Mineral Oil to my hand and slowly massaged my very hard cock. Watching my sister sitting in front of me while I held my cock in my hand was a brand new and very exciting experience for me. I had never completely jerked off in front of someone before. Ellen didn’t say anything; she just sat there wide-eyed, with a big smile on her face. It didn’t take long before I was ready. I told her to watch out because I didn’t know how far the cum would fly. She said, “Come” is that what the white stuff is called?” I said, “Yes. And it’s spelled “C U M”. And here it comes.” With a big groan, that startled Ellen, I shot a very large load right at her. She stared at the load of cum as it sailed through the air and landed at her feet.
She said, “WOW, that was neat.” “Oh, it’s still squirting.” “How much of that come stuff is in there?”
I told her it was all drained out now. She wanted to know if the load groan I made before it shot off was because it hurt to jerk off. I explained the groan was a sound of great pleasure.
She said, “Well then I guess I should have made a real load groan, because I really got a lot of pleasure from watching you jerk off.” She continued, “Can I watch you jerk off again?”
I told her I would be very pleased to jerk off in front of her again and again, but I didn’t have any cum left right now.
She looked at my limp cock and smiled as she replied, “Boney doesn’t look very boney right now. I think you wore it out.” I explained, “You watching is what made it squirt so much, so actually both of us wore it out.” This seemed to make her happy.
She went back up stairs. I soon followed and went to take a nap.

One hot summer afternoon, Amy, Jeannie and Beth, some friends of my sisters and cousin were visiting again, they had been visiting about twice a week this summer. But, this was their first visit since the “wet dream’ incident. They were not allowed to go swimming. The six of them usually sat around yakking and messing with each other’s hair, fingernails and toenails. I didn’t know if Ellen, Terry or Ruth had told them about seeing my cock and me shooting a load of cum in front of them.

I told the girls I was going for a swim downstream to my private beach because I wanted to be alone. My sisters and cousin knew that earlier in the summer I had discovered a small beach that was accessible only from the water. Thick bushes covered three sides of the beach. If someone really wanted to get to the beach through the bushes it was possible but difficult. I had stashed a bottle of Mineral Oil and some “Stroke Books” there during one of my visits.
I dove into the river and swam downstream and went ashore at my private little beach.
I removed my swim shorts and stretched out naked in the sun and dozed for awhile. When I woke up I jumped back into the river and swam around for a few minutes.
When I came back up onto the beach I heard some rustling and whispering in the bushes. I knew someone was watching me, but I didn’t know who was there. I decided to give my audience a quick show. I hoped all six were there, but I didn’t have any idea how the girls, especially, Amy, Jeannie and Beth would react if I jerked off while they watched.
I stretched out again with my wide spread feet pointing in the direction of the noise in the bushes. Whoever was watching had a great view of my cock and balls. Because I knew someone was there, my cock got rock hard, not knowing who was watching caused me to worry and my cock started to go limp again. Not wanting my audience to get bored and leave, I stood up, took my cock in my hand and pointed it towards them and let go a long, hot yellow stream of piss. I used my cock like a small fire hose and sprayed piss onto the bushes. When I had no more piss left I gave my cock a strong and long, slow shake. When I finished shaking it dry, I fondled my cock for a few minutes causing it to get hard. As soon as it was hard I jumped back into the river. I came back onto the beach and put on my swim shorts and swam upstream to return home.
When I walked back into the house all six girls were sitting on the sofa watching a soap opera. They just ignored me.
The next morning, Ellen came into my room and whispered that she had a secret to tell me. She said that all six of the girls had been in the bushes watching me pee She told me that Amy, Jeannie and Beth had never seen a naked man before, so just seeing me naked was a lot of fun for them. None of them had ever watched a man pee before either, Ellen told me all six of them had enjoyed watching me pee and play with myself.
It seems, Terry had not told Ellen she had held an olive jar and watched me piss into it.
I thanked Ellen for telling me the secret. I then explained that I already knew they were watching and how much I enjoyed being watched. I asked her what she thought would have happened if had jerked off while they were peeking from the bushes.
She said, “Oh wow. That would have been something to see.” “I bet they would have loved that.” “I really liked watching you jerk off in the basement that time.”
I said, “I have an idea. You just tell me when you can have the girls peeking from the bushes and I’ll put on a jerk off show for all of you.” I continued, “Just don’t tell the girls I know they are watching.” “It will be much more fun for all of us if they don’t know I know.”
Ellen became very excited. And said, “Ok. Ok. That will be lots of fun?” I’ll do it.”
A couple of days later, Amy, Jeannie and Beth were visiting again. I was sitting in the shade reading a book when Ellen approached. She giggled and said, “Hey, big brother, how are you today? Do you feel like jerking on that big cock of yours, while your little sisters and their friends watch?” I asked. “How long have you been rehearsing that line?” She giggled some more and said, “I thought that would be cute.” “Most girls never get to ask their big brother to jerk off for them.” “Will you do it for us today?”
I asked, “Did you somehow explain I was going to jerk off as they watched?”
She exclaimed, “NO, when you leave for your swim, I’m going to tell them I want to see you naked again and ask if they want to see you too. I know they want to, they talk and giggle about the last time a lot.” “I won’t have to talk them into it, they’ll run to the bushes”. “BUT, When they see you jerk off, it will be a big surprise.” “Boy” she continued. “Will it EVER be a big surprise.”
I said, “Ellen, you’ll tell me what they said and did while watching won’t you?”
She said, “I’ll try to remember everything.”
I readily agreed to do it.
I told her I would swim to my beach in about a half-hour. She promised me the girls would be watching and would not know I knew they were there. As she walked off she turned and said, “I’ll know you know I’m watching you jerk off.” “I’m gonna like this.”

A half-hour later I arrived on my private little beach. I couldn’t see or hear the six girls, but I knew they would be there before long. Ellen was to into this idea to fail now. I removed my swimsuit suit and walked around a bit. Once again, I took hold of my cock and sprayed piss in their general direction.
Knowing the six girls were watching caused my cock to get up nice and hard. I caught the sound of a whisper and a giggle or two.
I figured, “It’s Show Time.”
I poured Mineral Oil into the palms of my hands and rubbed it into my crotch, completely covering my cock and balls with it. My extremely hard cock was shiny and slick. I walked back and forth along the waters edge as I rubbed my cock.
I knew the six girls were only about fifteen feet from one section of the beach. I walked up as close to them as I could get. I actually caught a glimpse of them when I reached the bushes near their hiding place. I turned and walked away giving them a good view of my naked ass.
I finally sat down at the foot of a tree, on my towel facing their hiding place. I leaned back against the tree and started playing with my hard cock. With my feet spread wide I was in full view of the six girls only about twenty feet away. The sun was shining on my well-oiled cock and balls. I recalled the look on Ellen’s face as she watched me jerk off in front of her; I tried to imagine the looks on the faces of girls watching me jerking off only a few feet from them. They were not making a sound that I could hear. But, I was almost certain I had heard a collective intake of breath as I started to jerk on my cock.

I slowly stroked my cock until I was almost ready to cum. I got up and went into the river. In two or three minutes, I went back “On Stage” and started again. This time when the climax approached I stood up and took a couple of steps towards my audience. Now I definitely heard voices whispering in the bushes. Not any movement, just whispers. The whispers made me very aware that I was being closely watched. I could feel the load surge up from my balls. I said to myself, “Here it comes girls, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am”. For the benefit of Ellen, who would know how much I was enjoying this, I groaned louder than was really necessary and let loose the biggest load of cum I had ever shot in my life right towards them. Wad after wad sprayed the bushes and ground. In the middle of it all I heard a groan from the bushes. When the cum finally stopped squirting, my legs were trembling and I felt so drained and weak I had to sit down.
I stretched out on my back and napped for a few minutes. When I was rested enough, I went for a swim and cleaned the Mineral Oil and cum off of my cock and balls.

I loafed about on the beach for another half an hour before returning to the basement to change into dry clothes.

Later I went upstairs to the kitchen for a cold drink. I could hear the TV playing in the living room. I walked in, said, “Hi.” and sat down on the sofa. They all said, “Hi.” without looking at me. Three of the girls were brushing the other three girl’s hair while watching a game show.

Ellen, being the smart-ass of the group, turned towards me and said, “Was your SWIM relaxing?”
I replied, “Yup, just as much as always.” This caused a bunch of giggles and exchanged looks, which I ignored. Ellen smiled at me, winked and nodded here head slightly. I could hardly wait for her to tell me what had happened and was being said in the bushes during my jerk off show and afterwards.

Because Terry was always around and Ruth lived next door, I could not get Ellen alone to ask about the details of the jerk off show audience’s reaction. Terry and Ruth were acting as if they had a big secret that I didn’t know about.
The day after the show, Ruth asked me, “You been jerking on your cock down in the basement lately?”
I told her, “No, I just haven’t felt like it lately.”
She replied, with a giggle, “ Yeah, I BET you don’t.” When I asked what she meant by that she just smiled widely and said, “Oh, Nothin.” And walked away.
Terry would break into a big grin every time we passed by each other.

Amy, Jeannie and Beth were there on the second day. They grinned and said, “HI.” and looked at each other and giggled. About mid-afternoon all of them, except Ellen, went to the mall to spend the day shopping.

As soon as the five of them left, Ellen rushed into my room with a big grin on her face. “Hi big brother, would you like to hear what the girls said while we were watching you?” she asked.
I informed her that I could hardly wait.

She said, “OK, BUT I want to watch you jerk off as I tell you.”
“That’s the best offer I’ve ever had.” I replied. I suggested we go to the basement where we would be safer.
As soon as we were in the basement I removed all of my clothes and sat on the edge of the desk. Ellen sat down in front of me and started her tale. Only then did I notice she was wearing a short skirt that barely came to her knees.

“OK.” she started, “We got there just as you were taking off your swim shorts.” “You are the only man any of us have seen completely naked.” “The last time your cock didn’t get really hard. We had watched you piss, but it wasn’t as hard as when I watched you jerk off.” “This time it sprung up hard and stiff. And we were just a few feet away from it.” All of us were whispering and giggling even me. Then when you rubbed oil all over it, I thought everyone’s eyes were going to pop out.”
I asked, “ Did any of you make a noise when I started to jerk on my cock?”
“I guess they did.” she replied. “Everyone else was surprised at what you were doing. Only I knew you were going to jerk off in front of us.”
As she was talking and watching, I was slowly stroking my hard cock. Her knees had been slowly spreading apart causing the short skirt to slide up her thighs. She slid forward in the chair and spread her knees fully apart. I could see that she was not wearing any panties. Her completely hairless pussy came into view. I had to take my hand off of my cock or I would have shot off a load right then. She knew I was staring at her pussy. We both sorta froze.
I told her, “Ellen, if I touch my cock right now I’ll cum.” “In fact just standing here looking at your pretty pussy might cause me to cum.”
She crossed her legs and said, “I guess I better hide it for now.” “ I don’t want you to cum yet”
“I’m enjoying telling you this story too much to stop.”

“Anyway,” she said, “You were sliding your hand up and down your cock faster and faster. When you made a loud groaning noise, I whispered to the rest that you were going to cum. When all that cum came flying towards us. I made a groan, hoping you would hear me. Nobody else could say a word. They were so surprised at all that cum. They just stared with their mouths hanging open.”
“It was a great sight. We all sneaked away while you were napping.”

She said, “Ok, I guess that’s all of it.” With that, she uncrossed her legs and spread them wide.
I took one look at that pretty pussy and squirted cum all over the floor.

She said, “Now that’s what I wanted to see.” “I bet”, she continued, with a sly smile, “the rest of the girls would love to have been sitting here with me.”
I asked, “Ellen, do you have a plan hatching?”
She replied, ”Not yet, but I’ll think of a way to get all of us together

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