Stuborn bitch

Stuborn bitch

Kelly had been a normal fifteen year old, exept for her tits, they were bigger than every one her age in her high school. She lived in a subburb near new york…

One hot sunny day, she put on her mini shorts and a small halter that showed off her thin belly and just about covered her large breasts, and she walked alonge her road to Kyles house, which was only a few blocks away. Kyle was meeting her half way and when she got to him he was with his new rottweiler, he was large for a one year old dog and jump up at her, nocking her down. Kyle helped her up and explained that this was his forst time out, and had only ever knocked down his mum and older sister. They walked to a nearby park which was deserted, they hid in their favourite bush were they regularly made out and ad sex.

Kelly sat down on her faveourite branch, and big think one and Kyle sat opposite with Jizz. Kelly was really hot and horney, she opened her legs, shut her eyes and lay back, pretending the heat was unbareable, little did she know that Kyle had left to grab a drink. She felt her shorts being ripped of visously, and a tounge lap at her hot clit, she moaned with pleasure. When Kyle returned he nearly choked with shock.
"mmmm… Kyle baby lap me up…" moaned Kelly, Kyle then relised that she didn't know that Jizz was eating her out! he smacked Jizz and licked her out himself so she wouldn't relise.

Kelly cummed all over his face and he licked off what he could reach, Kelly sat up and licked off the rest. Kyle sat back down and held Jizz's collar, trying to hide the fact that the dog was trying his hardest to get to his girlfriend. Kelly replaced her trosers and rubbed her tits gently, With no bra on her top was rubbing them bare. Kyle and Kelly kissed untill it was time to get back, and kissed again at Kelly's door step, they only did this when her father was away as he didn't like Kyle. Jizz was sniffing Kelly's ass but no one noticed. Kyle walked Jizz home and promissed he would come round the next day because Kelly's father was out of town for a while, and since Kelly's mum died a few years before, she had to house to her self.

The next day Kyle let himself in and Jizz bounded round smelling everything. Kelly was told that Kyle had to bring him with him because he hadn't been left home before and might destroy everything, but this was a lie. Truth was, Kyle realy got turned on yesterday at the park, and even comed a little in his boxers! up stairs they went and lay on Kelly's double bed. Kelly was wearing only a night gound and was ready for what was coming up. She undid it and made out with Kyle. Jizz soon found his way up and jumped on the bed, lickin rapidly at Kelly's tits

"BABE! GET HIM OFF" screamed Kelly, but Kyle did nothing
"JIZZ!, BAD DOG GET DOWN!" she yelled and pushed the hound off the bed. After yelling at Kyle he was sent down to tie Jizz up in the back yard were he pulled and barked constantly. Kyle returned up stairs were Kelly was rubbing her tits clean, she then relised she'd come on the bed! se lay on the stain and opened her legs for Kyle. Kyle soon jumped on kissed her romanticly, working away rubbing and kissing her big round tits. He licked away at the pussy hole, in and out went his tounge then BAM! in went his harded cock, pounding her rapidly

"AHH!! AHHH! KYLE OH BABY!" Kelly moaned with plesure, she loved every bit of it, she climaxed several times, Kyle cummed in her a few times to, and she returned by cumming herself. Half an hour passed. Kelly was sleeping on the bed and Kyle had cleaned himself up and got dressed. He walked over to his naked sleeping girlfriend. He sucked her nipples one at a time for a few minutes before picking her up and taking her outside were he put a collar and lead on her. He tied her up next to Jizz, he ten sat her up againt the fence. He went inside and came out a few minutes later with a video camera.

"Now boy! just like I taught you how to do it to my sister at the breakfast table" he hit recored and immediatly, the dog walked over to the teen and shoved his nose in her pussy, licking fast. Kyles cock started to harded, he pulled down his trousers and cotinued to film.
"Now do what I told you when she'd just come out of the shower!" with that, the dog ran to the other side of the garden and jumped on his girlfriend, waking her up, the dog was fucking her up the anal.
"AH AH AH AH! KYLE WHAT THE FUCK!?" she yelled, Kyle was rubbing his cock and filming the gold that was happening right infront of him

"AH YES!!!" The teen screamed, she didn't like what was happening, but the feeling was so good!
the dog got down from Kelly and licked his nine inch cock, his bulb was enlarged and covered in Kelly's come. He licked her pussy clean and got under her to lick her tits, the big round breasts bounce as his tounge hit them.

Kelly was then untied and was told to say nothing to anyone. Kyle took his footage and dog, and left his girlfriend nacked in the garden…


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