Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer Holidays

This is a true story, it may not be the ultimate fantasy to some, but for me it was the moment of my sexual awakening…

Many years ago when I was 12 I went to school with a lad who lived just down the road, I had known T for about 6 years, we had got to know each other in junior school and we both passed our eleven plus so ended up at the same school. T was great he had a brother, D and we used to spend loads of time together, after school and especially in the summer holidays. I was always round his house or him round mine. T’s mom was V she was 35 years old and great, always cooking us stuff and having a laugh. Sadly it was then that T’s dad died, and of course everybody was devastated, it took a long time for them to get over it, and that’s where my story really starts…

A few years later and I was now 15, and spend a lot of time round T’s house, the only reason being that V hardly ever searched the boys bedroom as they both kept them clean, mine was a complete tip and my mom found my porno stash many times, but V hardly ever cleaned their rooms, and when she did we had plenty of notice so all the porno was made to disappear. V went out dancing a few times a week with some of her workmates so we had plenty of time to watch porno films while she was out, have a few beers and generally have a good time. It was then that I really started to look at V in a different way, on the nights she went out she really looked good, she had 36B breasts which still looked firm, a nice waist and what I thought was a fantastic arse, she used to wear nice skirts and tops, nothing tarty but they made her look good, and when she was around the house, or in the garden she would wear tshirts and jeans or shorts if the weather was good. As I spent a lot of time there, sometimes staying over I started to see more of V in the mornings, quite often bumping into her in the kitchen, where she often wore just a large tshirt. She insisted on making me toast, because she said I couldn’t go out without something to eat, I was a growing lad and needed the energy. At that time I was really starting to fancy V, and I would make every effort to look down her top, or catch a glimpse of thigh, anything to start a furious wanking session, I would often go to the toilet downstairs and wank with my ear to the door to hear her move about. Then one morning she was doing the washing and bought a load of her clothes down to wash, the phone rang and she put them down and went into the front room, I noticed that their were a few pairs of her panties in the pile, so suddenly feeling really horny I grabbed a little red pair and shoved them in my pocket, grabbed my toast and shouted I had to go and would see everyone later. As soon as I got home I went straight to my room and pulled out the panties, I opened the gusset out and shoved my nose straight in, the smell was fantastic, pure cunt!, I pulled out my now rock hard cock and started wanking furiously, the smell of her cunt was really fresh and within minutes I was ready to shoot a load, so I quickly wrapped the panties round my cock and shot my load into them, it was wonderful knowing that V had had them touching her cunt and now I was shooting my cum all over them.

Later that month we broke up for the summer holidays, and I started spending a load more time round at T’s house, and that was when I really went mad over V, I would spend most of the day trying to hide my boner, which was now nearly 6 1/2 inches, and quite thick, not massive but I was happy with it! One Saturday V asked me if I wanted to come camping with them, I jumped at the chance and the next week we all set off for the coast. The weather that year was really hot and V spent most of her time in a bikini or Tshirt and shorts, giving me plenty of wanking material, some days I had at least 4 or 5 wanks. We had been there about 3 days, when one morning I slept a bit late and T and D had gone fishing, V was in the kitchen bit of the tent, washing dishes in a portable sink, she had a tight Tshirt and shorts on, and from my sleeping position, I had a fantastic view of her ass. I lay there pretending to be asleep, slowly stroking my now rock hard cock. V finished washing up, and went to empty the bowl out but ended up spilling a lot of it down her tshirt, I could clearly see her tits through the wet tshirt and also the front of her shorts were wet, they were a kind of towelling material, white and now almost see through, and I had a clear view of her bush through the wet material, my cock jumped as she laughed at herself and bent over to find a clean tshirt, as she stood up she turned towards me to check if I was awake or not, and thinking I was still asleep, started to take her tshirt off. I saw her tits and nearly blew my load, they were better than any I had seen so far, mostly 13 or 14 year old tits, these were real womans tits, full not saggy and with the best nipples I had ever seen. She pulled on her new tshirt and started to pull down her shorts, she was facing away from me and as she bent over to pick up her clean pair, I saw for the first time in my life a real pussy, my cock just exploded into my sleeping bag and I managed to stifle a moan into something like the noise of waking up, I then pretended roll over and wake up, this took a while as I had streams of spunk up my chest and all over the inside of the sleeping bag, and I couldn’t get while V was there as she would have seen the mess she had caused. V by this time had finished changing and was tidying up, totally unaware of the mess I had got myself into. Luckily she then took some bags out to the bins and I had time to jump up grab my shorts on and a towel and slip off to the showers.

After a long shower I returned to the tent, as I entered V was holding my sleeping bag up over the sink washing off the fresh spunk, she had been tidying up the tent and as folding up the bags discovered my little deposit. I stood rooted to the spot as she turned to me and said ‘I thought you were asleep this morning obviously by this mess you weren’t’ I stammered ‘Sorry’, but she laughed and said ‘I bet you got a real eyeful, better than all those dirty books you lot read, don’t worry I know that lads growing up need to do certain things, but next time don’t make quite so much mess’ , and with that she left the tent to hang the bag up to dry. All that day I spent avoiding V as I didn’t know what to say or do, she must have known I had seen everything but it didn’t seem to bother her. After a few days had passed things started to get bit easier for me and we were soon back to the way it always was, then one day I was in the tent reading a footie mag, and V called out to me to come outside for a moment, I went out and she was lying face down
on a sun bed, she looked up and said ‘could you rub the middle of my back with some lotion’ as she couldn’t reach and T and D had gone off fishing again. I took the bottle off her and hesitantly squirted abit on my hand and started rubbing the middle of her back, her skin was hot and very soft, and within seconds I had the biggest boner I had ever had, as I rubbed the lotion in, she moaned slightly and said ‘Umm that’s nice, can you do the back of my legs as well’, I squirted some more lotion on her legs and started to rub that in, which was pretty difficult as my cock was now bursting out of my shorts and I was trying to hide it in case V looked up, the lotion had run down her thighs and I slowly rubbed the inside of her legs just above the knee, she shifted her position and opened her legs a bit more, I noticed some hairs poking out from the edge of her bikini and that almost did it for me, I quickly put the bottle down and said ‘OK that’s all done now’ she looked up surprised and said ‘finished already, I thought you would have enjoyed doing that after the other day’ and laughed, then she looked straight at the front of my shorts and said ‘Oh by the look of that bulge it seems it might be enough’ I just stood there and mumbled something like ‘Er. No I was just going in the tent’ and quickly dived inside.

As I fumbled about in the tent, V came in and said ‘Hey, I didn’t mean to embaress you, Im sorry, its just that I thought you might like rubbing my back, and it felt really nice’ I said ‘It felt great’, she smiled ‘Well then, if you enjoy it and I enjoy it, why cant you rub lotion on my back, but we will have to control that thing’ pointing to my still throbbing cock. I blushed bright red ‘Sorry’ ‘Don’t be sorry, its looks a nice big cock’ and smiled again, I nearly came there and then, this was V who I had known for years telling me I had a nice big cock. ‘Look, do you want me to help you, its obvious that you have a thing about me, which is very flattering, but we cant have you walking about with a big stiff cock for the next week or so’ I stammered ‘What do you mean’ ‘Well if you promise not to tell anyone I will let you have a look at me naked, and then you can have a good wank, obviously I will have to see you shoot your come, as I want to be sure you aren’t wanking secretly’ My jaw dropped, V was asking me if I wanted to see her with no clothes on, and then she wanted to watch me wank. ‘Well’ she said, ‘zip up the tent, I don’t want everybody seeing my own private wanker’ I jumped over to the door and quickly pulled the zip round, closing the door, ‘What about T & D’ ‘Oh they want me to pick them up about 2, so we have got at least 2 hours’ and with that she sat down and said ‘Come on then, lets see that big cock of yours, I have been wondering what it looks like for a while now, and if you want to see me then I want to see you’ I took a big breath and pulled down my shorts, my cock sprang out and slapped against my stomach, she gasped ‘Oh my god its lovely, with a cock like that I wont be the only woman stripping off for you’ ‘Show me how you wank, I love seeing a man pulling his own cock’ I knew then that this was going to be some afternoon, she was transfixed by my cock, and couldn’t take her eyes off it ‘How long is it since you last saw a mans prick’ I said ‘Oh it must be 4 years’ she replied, with just a little tremor in her voice, ‘I had forgotten how nice they look’ She stood up and said ‘What do you want me to do first. My tshirt or my shorts, you will have to tell me’ I realised then that she actually wanted me to tell her what to do, it was almost as if she wanted to be ordered about, I thought ‘why not’ took a deep breath and said ‘ I want you to stand up, turn around, take off your tshirt and then bend over and slowly slip your shorts down, so I can see your ass and then your cunt’ She stood, slowly turned round and quickly pulled off her tshirt, bent forward and slipped her fingers into the sides of her shorts and started to slide them down ‘I haven’t got any panties on, so you will see everything, including my juicy cunt’ my cock jumped as she said that, and she smiled ‘Oh I am a naughty girl using those words but cunt, fuck and wank really turn me on’ Her arse came into view and I couldnt help but start stroking my cock, she saw this and quickly slid her shorts to the floor and bent right over ‘What can you see?’ ‘Everything, your cunt, and your ass’ ‘My cunt feels so wet’ she whispered and then slowly ran her finger over the damp folds of her fanny, and pressed it in ‘Oh my cunt is so wet, you must have made it like that, what shall I do next’ My mind was reeling, this was a dream come true ‘Well if you want to see me wank, I want to see your hairy cunt’ she moaned lightly and turned round, I stared at her hairy bush and my hand just started moving over my cock faster, ‘If you are going to shoot your spunk, let me know as I want to be close when you come’ she gasped, staring at my cock. I moved closer to her and started pulling my cock faster, ‘Oh god, its lovely, I want you to spunk over me’ this was too much for me and I felt my balls begin to tighten, I groaned, and knew that I couldn’t hold it any more, V looked at me and hissed ‘Come over me, my little fucking wanker, cover me in your hot spunk’ ‘Oh god’ I shouted as I started to unload nearly 3 days of spunk, I had been too embarrassed to wank since the sleeping bag incident, so had a good load. V put her hands on my hips and pulled me towards her, the first shot of spunk landed on her chin and tits, the next shot right into the air and over her shoulder I had lost control now and was wrapped up in the realisation of what I was doing, shooting spunk over V, and her begging for me to do it. My cock just kept pumping out spunk, it was on her arms, stomach, tits and her face. V had her eyes closed and kept mumbling ‘Oh god, oh god’ I stumbled and landed on my back on the floor, V smiled and leant down over me ‘That was very naughty of you, to shoot your spunk all over me, now you’ve calmed that lovely big cock down, its V’s turn’ and with that she stood up and put one leg either side of my chest and started to rub her fanny ‘I am going to show you my cunt, then if you want to you can stick that big fat cock right up me and give me a real good fucking, I want to feel you shooting spunk right up my cunt’.

That was the start of a relationship that lasted till V died aged 58, even after I married, I still went round to V’s house and whatever time of day she always wanted me to shoot spunk over her, then fuck her, later up the arse and in the mouth, I will always be grateful to V.

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