Taking pictures_(1)

Taking pictures_(1)

I had known her forever. Katie. The girl next door. She was kind of nerdy when she first moved in, about the same time I did. We had known eachother for since we were about 6. We always would hang out, she was originaly my sisters best friend, but we had gotten more atached. I never thought about it, but she always would hang out with me more then anyone else (besides her boyfriends), over the years she got beutiful. She always was dating other guys, since she was in 7th grade. I was now a freshmen in highschool and she was a Junior. I had finaly realised (to late) that she had been interested in me since we met. She was now on a spireling path downwards, she was becoming what some would call a "slut". I dont know why she did, she was always such a nice girl, but she would break up with guys after a week or so to date another guy who she would inevitibly break up with.

She was white, tan, about as tall as me, maybe a little bit taller. She had a large, hot ass, it was the perfect size and shape, she had semi small tits. She was a blonde, with brown highlights, she had brown eyes and a beutiful body, she wasnt skinny nor was she large. She was the perfect size. She was always playing games with me, she would rub up against me or sit on my lap or do some other sexual thing, but we never took it seriously.

It was a friday night, my family was gone, they were out of town for the night. Me and Katie were sitting on my porch, talking about porn. I have know idea how the conversation turned to porn, but we were both agreed apon it being good. We had both seen porn, we had both liked it. I had a new digital camera in my pocket, I had gotten it about a week ago. It was perfect timing, I pulled out the camera and snapped a picture of her, I dont know why, Impulse I guess. She was starteled at the flash, and stopped talking , she looked at me, then at the camera. We both looked at the digital screen. She looked so hot, sitting there in her tight jeans, and pink spegetti strap shirt, with her black bra strap hanging out to the side of her left spegetti strap. She looked at the picture, then to me. She said she had an idea. She grabbed me by the hand, and she rushed me into my open garage. She told me to shut the garrage door. I complied. She grabbed my camera, then my arm. She wrapped my arm around her shoulder then held the camera out and took a picture of us. We looked at the picture. "We look good" she said. I agreed. She then did somthing I did not see coming, she lifted her shirt a little, exposing her perfect mid-section. I still had my arm around her as she clicked another picture. "now we look REALY good" she said. I could not disagree. As I watched in amazment, she unbuttoned her jeans a little bit. She snapped another shot. "somthin to hang on your wall" she said. I said nothing, I just stood there and stared. I could see the top hem of her panties. I did not think, I just reached down and unzipped her jeans a little, I had to see what was up with those panties. I unzipped a little bit more, I forgot she was even there. It was a thong. She was wearing a thong, I thought that was SO hot. I was startled as I heard her say "what are you doing?". I was so cought up in the moment. I just looked up at her, her face was red, so was mine. She smiled, "how about we take some more pictures" she said, her pants almost all the way unzipped. She umzipped her pants the rest of the way, and parted the opening in the jeans. Want to be camera man?" she asked. I could not believe this was happening. I had waited for a moment like this for so long. Why was she doing this with me? She slowly removed her pants as I snapped some pictures. She was standing there in her pink shirt and pink thong. she ruffled her hair a little bit. It was so hot. Take the shirt off" I said, "it will complete the look". I didnt realy think she would do it, but with what she was doing right now, nothing was imposible. She removed the shirt. She was standing in her thong and bra. "What should I do now camera man?" she said. "Get on your hands and knees and let me see that ass" I said, half joking. She got on her knees and turned around. I snapped some of the best ass shots I have ever seen. "now get on your back". I did. Spread those legs". She spread them, she looked so beutiful. laying there letting me take pictures of her, waiting for my next request. She was laughing, but I could tell she was taking it pretty seriously. "Come sit on my knee" I said, she did. Her perfect body was pleasently warm and heavy on my knee. I held the camera out in front of us. I snapped picture after picture, she started grinding against my knee.

I set down the camera. I stood up. She stood facing me, in her underwear. I had dreams about this situation. "What now?" she asked. We both knew. "I want to do things to you" I said, I was never good with words when under pressure and that was probobly one of the dumbest sounding thigs I had ever said. Suprisingly, she didnt laugh or anything, she just smiled and said "ok". I could not believe it. I got closer to her, I kissed her, I did more than kiss her, I stuck my tounge deep in her mouth. She did not excpect it, quite franlky, niether did I. As I kissed her perfect, full lips, I squeezed her ass, somthing I had never done to a girl. She responded by massaging my tounge with hers. I was in heaven. I took my tounge out of her mouth and stepped back. My eyes went strieght to her small, firm breasts. I started rubbing her tits with my hands. She let out a small moan. She grabbed my hands and pushed them away. Why does she want to stop now?" I was thinking. she lifted her bra up and put my hands back. I rubbed her, now bare, breasts. I gently rubbed her nipples. She let out a slightly louder moan. I moved my left had down to her panties. I started to rub her pussy through her thong. It was suprisingly wet. I had never done anything even close to this to a girl, let alone Katie before. I must have been doing somthing right, because I could feel her body trembling. "Under the thong" she half said, half moaned. I moved my hands under her pink thong and started fingering her warm clit. She shuttered. I plunged my tounge into her mouth again. My right hand massaged her breast, my left hand rubbed her mound, and my tounge massaged hers. I felt a sudden busrt of warmth on my left fingers. She stepped back and fully removed what was left of her clothes. She was visibly wet between her legs. nither of us said anything. I grabbed her shoulders and lead her to a box marked "baby clothes". she sat down on it, I then lowered myself and put my face up to her mound. I tounged her clit for what seemed like 20 minutes, she moaned the whole time. She reached her climax and shuttered one last time. My best friend for the past 10 years, and now I had my tounge in her.

She put her clothes back on. She looked at me. Her face was red with emberisment, but she was smiling. She sat came and sat on my lap. I stroked her breasts. I reached down and grabbed my camera. I clicked one more shot.

*I might update and go into more detail later, but I need some sleep now.*

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