That One Day…(3)

That One Day…(3)

The following morning I was awoken by the vibraton of my cell phone on the floor. I sat up in the bed, looking around. There were six of us lying around, together, all naked. I could see Taylor and Steven lying close together, small cocks touching. I got up and checked my cell phone. It was about 7AM and my mom had just called. She just wanted to know what time I would be home. I decided I would call back later and I started to get dressed. I put on my boxers and my basketball shorts, only to realize my morning erection was causing for my pants to tent. So I decided to get out of the cramped space and go to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I put my bag down next to the sink and sat on the side of the shower. I pulled down my shorts and my cock popped through the gap in my boxers. I started to slowly stroke it and think about everything that happened. I first thought about the fooling and fucking we did last night until I remembered what Connor said about Katie. And how hot she was now. Then suddenly, wouldn't you know it, the door bangs open and I jump, pushing my cock back into my boxers and pulling up my pants.

Katie was standing at the door, wearing a long, oversized t-shirt. I stared at her as she stared at me. Wow she looked hot. I could see through the thin cotton of her shirt, seeing she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see her beautiful breasts. I think she noticed I was staring at her so she walked up to me and partially closed the door.

"Look John, I know about what you and my brothers have been doing." Oh shit. I must have shown the look on my face because she responded very kindly with the words I wanted her to say. "But I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to." She took a step closer to me so that my pants tent was actually being pushed up by her body. I shuddered slightly in pleasure. "John, I just want to know how you feel about me. I have noticed you staring at me alot recently and I want to know why."

Shit. I didn't want to tell her that I thought she was one of the most gorgeous girls in our school, and not only our grade but I had to tell her the truth. I just stared down. What was I supposed to say!? She always was dating some sort of stud, usually in the grade above us. I didn't stand a chance.

She looked at me for a second. "C'mon, lets go talk about this in my room" She picked up my bag and I followed her to her room. Once I was in, she closed the door and we sat on her bed. "I really like you." I simply said. "You are one of my friends and I have gotten to know you well enough to see that you are beautiful, both your looks and your personality."

She smiled at me, softly kissed me on the lips, before saying, "I feel the same way." What!?! This extremely hot girl feels the same way I do about her and I am in her room kissing her! Wow was I lucky or what. We both smiled and looked at each other. I leaned in and we began to kiss. She ventured her tongue in and I did the same. We became more and more passionate with our kisses. She put her hands on my bare chest and began to feel me. I took her lead and put one of my hands on her stomach area before slowly moving it up to her soft breasts. As I cupped them she broke off. I immediately apologized and told her we can go as far as she wants to. She smiled and did something completely different.

She pulled off her shirt revealing her body to me. She had even more beautiful tits than I imagined. They were perfectly shaped and they were big, but not too big. She took my hand and placed it on her right tit. I slowly rubbed it as I resumed kissing her. She layed back on her bed, pulling me on top of her. Deciding to venture into something new, I broke off and began to kiss her down. Starting with her neck, I kissed her several times before moving down to the top of her chest before kissing her breasts. She shuddered and released a withheld breath. I continued to kiss her down until I reached the top of her skimpy red panties. I pulled them down and was amazed. She had a shaved clean crotch, her pussy lips glistening with juices.

I took my pointer finger and slowly inserted it into her tight and moist cunt. She exhaled a withheld breath and I took that as an approval for what I was doing. I slowly began to insert my finger in and out, moving it around. As she breathed deeply, I decided to insert a second finger. Then a third. Then a fourth. I had most of my hand sliding in and out of her pussy. Her juices were flowing now and she began to breath heavily.

"Ohh Fucck John! I'm going to come" She moaned in pleasure as my fingers moved in and out of her now soaked and well lubricated cunt. I pulled my hand out and it was covered in sweet, hot juices. I wiped it on my boxers and began to dress. I felt her grab my hand and stopped dressing. She was sitting up in her bed, nude and beautiful.

"John, I want you to be my first." I couldn't believe it! I was actually about to get my first pussy with one of the best girls in school!.

"Should I wear a condom? I have one in my bag."

"You don't need to. I'm on the pill and besides, I really want you."

After I had removed my boxers, she layed back on her bed and I got on top of her. "Are you sure about this?" "More sure than anything"

So I slowly moved my cock closer and closer to her dripping cunt and slowly entered. I felt myself encounter resistance, her cherry, so I pushed hard, feeling the penetration. She groaned in pain for a moment before saying, "Ok go ahead". I slowly began to penetrate in and out, the sliding made easy by the lubrication provided from her juices and my precum. As we became more and more aroused, I began to fuck her faster and faster.

Suddenly, she gripped the sheets and I felt her pussy clench my cock as she moaned between gasped breaths of her climax. At this feeling, wave after wave of pleasure overcame me as I shot spurt after spurt of my load of hot, sticky cum. I nearly passed out of sheer pleasure as I pulled out and rolled off her, lying next to her. I was gasping for breath for an entire minute as I tried to recover from the sheer exertion of energy.

She turned on her side to look at me and I did the same. Looking me in the eye to let me know she was telling the truth, she softly said, "I love you John"

I thought about the implications she just put on me with those four words for a moment and I decided to tell her the truth.

"I love you too."

She smiled at me and I smiled back. I was wrong earlier that my day couldn't be better. And I was excited for this upcoming relationship. And to think about it, it really all started because of that one day…

The end

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