The Bed Game

The Bed Game

The summer when I was nine years old, I started hanging out with my sister and my next door neighbor. My next door neighbor, Ricky, was a year older than me and my sister, Katie, was three years older than me. We spent our time playing video games together with Ricky’s mom, having sleepovers outside and sometimes working out elaborate basketball plays wherein we would run around Ricky’s driveway forming different letters of the alphabet before ultimately failing to make the shot.

At some point, we decided we needed a clubhouse in which to have our sleepovers, so we begged Ricky’s step-dad to build one in their backyard. Ricky’s step-dad in charge, both families kicked in to by the lumber and build the clubhouse, complete with a little fiberglass window. Ricky’s parents knew we would eventually abandon the clubhouse and they would be able to use it as a shed.

At this age, the three of us were a bit prudish about cursing, so when we discovered that we could use curse words when speaking to each other in the clubhouse without fear of adults hearing, we may have overdone it. We would agree when we got together that we would play the “Cussing Game” and we could say whatever curse words we wanted as long as it was just part of the game. “Shit!” I would say. “This dresser is a piece of shit! Damn it! What a bitch. Shit!” And we would all giggle in excitement. I had a very limited cursing vocabulary back then.

One night, when we were sleeping in the clubhouse, we needed a game to play so we decided to play truth or dare. Most of the dares had to do with writing dirty things on the floor of the clubhouse, and the truths had to do with crushes and such. Then my sister Katie dared us to measure to see who had a bigger wiener. Ricky’s parents were already asleep, so my sister ran into the house to grab a ruler and came back. Ricky was first to pull his shorts and underwear down below his knees. I very reluctantly turned around, pulled my pants and whitey-tighties down to my mid thighs and turned back around facing Katie and Ricky. We didn’t need a ruler to see that Ricky’s little flaccid penis was bigger than mine, but Katie insisted on measuring anyway. She stood up and walked over to Ricky and then got down on her knees. She jammed the ruler into Ricky’s flesh right at the base of this penis and declared “two inches!” Then she did the same thing to me, declaring “one and a half inches!”

One day in the clubhouse we decided to play a new game that was sort of like “house,” but really had more to do with the parts of “house” that take place in bed. We would therefore call it the “bed game”, but my sister cautiously pointed out that that might draw some suspicion from parents. If they ever asked about it, we decided, we would simply explain that “B.E.D” stood for “Biggest Ever Dorks” and the game entailed us stumbling around acting like buffoons. In the real “bed game” as we knew it, Katie would be the mother, Ricky would be the father, and I would be the baby son who slept in the same bed with them. Not realizing the irresponsibility involved in allowing a baby to sleep in bed with mom and dad, I agreed. We all lay down on the floor of the clubhouse, and then Katie explained “so now I have to hump the dad.”
“What’s humping?” I asked, understanding that sex involved penetration but not knowing that it also involved moving in and out.
“It’s like this.” Katie moved over on top of Ricky, laid horizontally across him and started to dry hump him. I watched astutely, pretending as hard as a could to be like a toddler, but I grew impatient.
“It’s not fair that I’m the baby because then I don’t get to be humped.”
“No, no,” my sister explained. “I’ll come over to you soon to breastfeed you.” I was placated, and she was as good as her word. A couple minutes later, she got up and walked over me, and started humping me in approximately the same way, but this time she would rub her chest into my face. My sister was only twelve, but had made quite some headway with developing her boobs.

With practice, the three of us eventually become comfortable enough both with the cussing game and the “B.E.D. game” so that we were able to combine them both. Every time we got together in the club house, we would both be humped while swearing like very inexperienced sailors. This became a hallmark of our sleepovers. At some point, Ricky and I started cupping her boobs while she humped us, but she would never let us put our hands under her shirt. Whichever of us tried it, she would grab our hands and remove them from under her shirt.
After one night of playing the bed game, Ricky had fallen asleep and Katie and I were still awake. It was nearly pitch dark. Katie had a wild look in her eyes when she crawled over and mounted me. I discovered that while she didn’t want Ricky’s hands under her shirt, and she didn’t want Ricky seeing her let me go under her shirt, she wanted to let me touch her boobs. As she quietly humped me, she pulled her shirt over her head so that I had full access to them. I opened my mouth and licked and sucked on them while she humped me, until she pulled her shirt back over my head and laid on her stomach on the floor.
I knew what to do. I started innocuously massaging her butt, as if somehow I thought she didn’t know I was just using that as a starting point. Slowly, as if just naturally progressing through the massage, I started moving my fingers into her panties and near her vagina, until I was moving my fingers into her vagina with every stroke. At some point, I drew my fingers out of her vagina and smelled them. It was the first time I ever smelled that signature vagina smell. For several more minutes I massaged Katie’s “butt,” which consisted mostly of running my fingers through her vagina and feeling her pubic hair.

The next time we played the bed game, Katie was humping Ricky when Ricky removed his pants and underwear so his hard penis was out and rubbing against Katie’s pants. She gave him a look as if to say “what are you doing?” Ricky pointed out that as long as she wasn’t naked too, they wouldn’t have any babies. “In fact,” he mentioned, “you could take off your pants and just be wearing your underwear. Katie reluctantly complied. When Ricky started reaching up her shirt, she also protested, but eventually just rolled her eyes and said “Fine.”
Naturally, I was also liberated by the new boundaries. I took all my clothes off. Katie very didactically made the point that since we were brother and sister, we couldn’t have a baby anyway. Therefore, Katie took all of her clothes off, and the two of us started humping completely naked, my hard cock hitting her stomach with every hump. Ricky watched in utter jealousy as I kneaded her breasts, and eventually just rolled over to go to sleep. Though I felt kind of sorry for Ricky, I was excited that I had won.

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