The Beginning pt2 Michelle

The Beginning pt2 Michelle

I’m already getting carried away; moving too far ahead too fast. Let’s get back to the beginnings.
Michelle was my second Saturday appointment. She was hesitant at first. She was afraid her newly acquired hubby would get jealous. As it turned out Hank was not the jealous type. As a matter of fact he was all for it, as long as he could go to some woman to get his own massage. Ellen had mentioned how my magic fingers managed to totally relax her and guaranteed her that I could do the same for her. At about this time Ellen had only been in for a couple of sessions. Ellen was always satisfied with my massages.
Michelle was very shy at first. After all having a co-worker putting his hands all over her body made her feel awkward. Michelle had trusted Ellen and after a few meetings in Ellen’s office, Michelle was ready to have her first massage.
Wednesday, Michelle approached me while I was at lunch at one of the company picnic tables. “Pete, I was talking to Ellen the other day and she mentioned you were a professional masseur. I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure on my shoulders and the back of my neck lately and it interferes with my concentration on work. I don’t like taking pills and I also don’t particularly care for doctors. Ellen mentioned massage and you, saying how you’ve helped her with a similar problem. Do you think massage would help me?” She sat down with me and discussed her situation and before lunch was over, Michelle had made up her mind to go through with it. Saturday morning was to be her first day of massage. She returned to her desk, but lack of concentration on her work had increased with thoughts of what was to come this weekend.
As with Ellen’s first massage, I gave Michelle the best possible massage I could muster. She was totally satisfied and afterwards, realized her anxieties about massage had disappeared. Michelle felt like a new person and couldn’t wait for her next massage. The following Monday I overheard Michelle talking to Ellen. I caught a few brief words, like massage, aroused, and sexually excited. I heard Ellen say she felt the same way. I knew they had to be talking about me. I quickly got back to my desk before they knew I might have heard what they were saying. Things were looking up!
Two weeks had passed before Michelle came to me for her second massage. She started telling me about Hank’s experience on the massage table. “He’s been so relaxed by it and decided to make it a permanent part of his life style. He comes home without the extra baggage from work. He realizes how relaxing massage is and recommended that I do the same. You know, Pete, I think sometimes he is getting a little too much relaxing from his masseuse.” This was good news to me. I was already marking dates on my scheduling calendar. I remembered what I overheard about her and Ellen enjoying the arousing feelings they felt from my massage. “Well, Michelle, you, yourself probably at some point during your first massage might have noticed it was a bit arousing; possibly felt yourself getting excited. It’s only natural to feel that way. It happens to almost everyone. It’s quite possible Hank feels the same when he is massaged.

I want to try a slightly different massage today; something a little more daring. It may give you that same relaxed feeling that Hank talked about. If you don’t like it please tell me to stop.” I’d either get slapped, kicked, sued, or worse yet, lose a client. Shot and killed by an irate husband didn’t enter the picture. On the other hand it may work out for the better for all parties concerned.
Michelle disrobed for her massage. I began as usual, but as I progressed, my hands moved closer to areas that weren’t supposed to be touched. While she was still lying on her tummy, I glided my hands up her legs and inner thighs, I ventured perilously close to where thoughts of pain from a brutal kick or slap would render me senseless. It did not happen and not a word was said by either her or me. I was close but did not touch.
She turned over onto her back. As I began her front, I could sense she had enjoyed the first half of her massage. To add to her enjoyment I ‘accidentally’ brushed the hair from my arms across her nipples. I notice them pucker from the sensation. She said nothing, I said likewise. I did the front of her legs the same as the back. This time I again ‘accidentally’ went a little too far as I felt my fingers gliding up her inner thigh and applied a slight pressure against her silky pink panties. This accidental maneuver was just enough to stimulate her outer lips and clitoris. This little shiatsu probe was quick, and I instantly apologized for my clumsiness. She accepted that and that was all that was said. When I started the front of her other leg, I noticed her hips moving from side to side. It was slight, but I then knew she had enjoyed my ‘accidental’ touch. It was almost as if she was hoping I would do it again. There were no more ‘accidents’ today. Apparently that one touch was enough for Michelle to be satisfied.
Michelle was totally relaxed and booked another appointment for next week “Pete, about that accidental touch; was that part of the something different you mentioned?”
Stuttering and stammering I said, “No, that was a slip.” I lied. “Maybe next time you might slip again. I liked it when you did that,” saying as she was leaving. “I’ll have to put that in my notes,” I thought.
Michelle and Ellen became close friends at work. I was waiting to see if Michelle was going to talk to Ellen the following Monday. Coffee break time came upon us quickly this day. Michelle and Ellen never got together at break time. Later while filing some folders next to Ellen’s cubicle I caught a lucky break. Neither Michelle nor Ellen knew I was nearby. I heard Ellen ask, “How was your massage Saturday?” Michelle couldn’t wait to tell her. I heard her say, “I got more aroused and exited than the first time. I don’t know if it was because I was more relaxed to start or just Pete’s magic fingers. I almost came right there on his massage table. He didn’t seem to do anything different than the first time, but my tummy was fluttering and I could feel myself getting wet. I almost felt like asking Pete to touch me more intimately, but I felt embarrassed.” Ellen spoke up and said, “I know just how you felt. The same thing happened to me the last several times I went to Pete. I still haven’t told Pete how I felt from his tender hands smoothing out all the aches and pains and stresses from working all week. I am going to get up the nerve to ask him next time if he would give me a different type of massage. I’m seeing him this coming Saturday. I’ll tell you all about it.” I was thinking, “That little conniving sweetheart, Ellen. She knows I’ve just started stepping lightly over the legal boundaries of massage with her, but she is trying to get Mich to do the same thing.” It looked like my future as just a plain ordinary massage therapist was going to be called massaged ‘specialist.’ Just then I heard Michelle, “Maybe I could book an appointment with you. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it.” It was time for me to go file elsewhere. I had heard too much already and I felt myself getting stimulated.
Later that same day Michelle came to me and told me she was talking to Ellen and was wondering if she could book an appointment this Saturday right after Ellen. I was getting aroused now. I knew what they were both planning. They wanted to compare notes. They both wanted to know if it was possible for me to give them some extra release while giving them a massage. I would wait and see how they would go about this.
I told Michelle that it would be great if she could make it this Saturday. I jokingly said, “The two of you can compare notes.”
To say the least, I was looking forward to this coming weekend.
Ellen was right on schedule. She looked particularly playful this morning, wearing what looked similar to a tennis outfit. Except for the sandals, she could have been heading for the courts. I noticed she had a new perfume; a very light scent, like lilacs and a faint hint of musk. Maybe the musk was just Ellen. It was already affecting my senses.
We headed for the massage room and I told her to get ready and I would be back in a few minutes. Before I turned to leave, Ellen began telling me she wanted something a little different today. I never let on that I had over heard her and Ellen in the office. I had an idea of what she was going to say, but asked for her to tell me what she wanted that was different.
She began to tell me, “Pete, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the way you touch me. The last couple of massages got me more than a little aroused.” I interrupted her and apologized. I told her, “I didn’t realize I was doing that to you. I can try some different strokes that won’t be so arousing.” Ellen then interrupted me and said, “No, Pete. You misunderstood me. I want you to continue. The last massages I got from you felt wonderful, but instead of being totally relaxed, I still felt some anxieties and tensions. I was getting sexually aroused and I think I needed a bit more stimulation. I was wondering, actually hoping there was something you could do for me to give me a little more needed release.” I said, “Ellen, it is strictly against the rules to touch certain parts of your body, but if you really want a small amount of extra, maybe there is something I can do for you today. I’ve known you for more than a year and a half now since I met you while I was in school. I’m sure you feel you can trust me. If you don’t mind, remove all your clothes if you can feel comfortable with that and I’ll see if I can give you what you want.”
I left the room while Ellen got undressed. Ellen had many thoughts racing through her mind after hearing me say remove all your clothes. She would be totally exposed to my sight and more over my hands. She was thinking, “Will he touch my nipples and pinch them when they got stiff; would he touch me between my thighs; how much will he touch; will I let him do all this and what ever he wants; after all he has been so nice and the feeling of his hands ironing out all my former aches and pains was heaven? Why not, John doesn’t have to know. Pete can touch me where ever he wants! I’m already shivering in anticipation.”
I returned a few minutes later with some nice warmed oils and lotions and potions. Ellen was lying face down in her birthday suit. No sheet to cover up. I think she was horny before she even stepped into my office. She was well aware that I had already stepped over the boundaries by approaching areas more closely than I should have. She must have been expecting me to massage her all over; every nook and cranny. I was hoping I just might do that as my cock began to swell at the sight of her lying there, waiting for me to approach and apply warm oils to her soft smooth flesh. It was as if she was inviting me to do what ever I wanted with her awaiting form splayed on my table.
I approached slowly, admiring her beauty before I bathed her with warm oil. I gave her, once again, the most relaxing massage. After finishing on her front, I asked her how she liked it so far. “It’s wonderful, Pete, but are you finished already?” No I said, “It’s just getting started. Turn over onto your tummy again for that little extra you mentioned.” She didn’t know what to expect this time around, but if it was as nice as the first part she was more than ready for her special treat she asked for.
Ellen, lying on her tummy, was waiting for my first touch on her back. I began with very light gliding strokes. Starting from her delicate shoulders, I slowly glided my hands down to her buttocks and off to the sides and back up to her shoulders; each time reaching further down until reaching the back of her thighs. She was moaning already, “Ohh, Pete, that feels really nice. Keep doing that for a while.” Who was I to refuse! I added a slight rocking motion side to side while grasping her left buttock and thigh. At first I didn’t realize, but as things heated up, I knew her clit was being massaged against the table as I did this. “Another note to add to my data base,” I thought. Ellen seemed to like that so I repeated the same on her other side. She let out a soothing moan throughout the rocking. It was like she was singing herself to sleep. Far from it; sleep was the least thing on her mind right now.
As I grasped her feet, I gently spread her legs slightly and began with long slow delicate strokes up the back of her legs. Each stroke starting up higher and continuing up further. Ellen mewed with each stroke. I would pause after each stroke just for effect. The anticipation of each successive stroke was working on Ellen’s mind. She was probably wondering just how far I would go and I was wondering how far she would allow me to go. Being the first time I ever tried this, I stopped just short of touching her privates. I mean just short; maybe three hairs width away. It seemed to have quite an affect. Before I started on her other leg, I grasped her ankle and just above her knee and positioned her legs a little further apart.
Ellen didn’t seem to mind that everything between her legs was available to me. Apparently she had total faith in my actions. While inching my hands up her leg and turning them towards her inner thigh, I could feel her trying to move her legs even further apart than I had placed them. Again, I came dangerously close, but managed to stop. It was becoming more difficult with each stroke. I, myself was getting a little warm. I stopped and told Ellen to turn over onto her back again when she was ready. She was reluctant to turn over, wanting more of what I was doing. Her voice was muffled being face down, but I was able to hear her purr, “Could you do just a little more of that, Pete? It feels super nice.” “O.K. just a little more.” She obviously was more ready than I. I was trying to cool down; she wanted to get warmer. Continuing on the backs of her splayed legs only helped my cock to throb violently. I had to lean against the side of the table to hold it down. My concentration was interrupted for a second as I could feel myself staring against the table. Just at the time when my left hand was resting on Ellen’s left butt cheek and my right was high on her inner left thigh. Of course you know what was coming next. I connected briefly with some hot moist flesh. I pulled away quickly and reiterated it’s time to turn over onto your back. I needed to cool off and so did Ellen.

I could still feel the wet warmth from her pussy. My cock was still a solid log. Before I jumped back into Ellen’s massage, I let her lay on her back to also ‘come down’. I stood at her head and admired her form. Her nipples still flattened from lying on them, her legs already parted slightly on their own, waiting. She would wait. I wasn’t cooled off enough yet. My dick wanted to be buried in her, but I kept reminding myself this was for her pleasure, not mine. Besides, this was the beginning of a new future; full of amazing sexual adventures.
Finally I began at the top of her head. Running my fingers through her light brown, almost an ash blonde color, allowed my tensions to subside. In the days when hair coloring and cans of hair spray were everywhere, Ellen didn’t believe in any of it. Her hair was soft and silky and definitely her natural color. She closed her eyes and just purred; a good sign. She was becoming relaxed and her excitement seemed to have also subsided. I then started on the front of her shoulders and same as the back, working further down with each successive stroke until my hands were brushing the tops of her thighs and mound, my arms were ever so lightly tickling her nipples with every stroke. As I moved toward her abdomen for some light circular feathery strokes, I looked back at her face. Her eyes were still closed, but I couldn’t help seeing that her nipples had become stiff and perky; Ellen was excited. She hadn’t said anything yet, but I was thinking, “No news could be good news.” I continued with light and alternating deeper pressure as I circled her tummy. Each trip around her tummy brought my hands deeper into her ash blond pubic hair; again stopping at the peak of her mound.
It was time for me to cool down a bit; Ellen also. I went to work on her feet again for several minutes. I felt it was time to continue again. This time when I raised her feet to part her legs, Ellen with her eyes still closed, spread her legs much wider than I needed to do what I was about to do. Apparently in her imagination and anticipation, she must have thought I was going to mount her. Her pussy was wet, her lips swollen. It took all of my inner strength not too. After all she was a beautiful woman. I kept telling myself that this massage is for her pleasure, not mine. Although I must admit, I’ve always found giving any type of massage pleasurable, but this was too much. Back to the massage; doing the front of both legs and inner thighs was much like the back. The only difference was Ellen’s breathing was deeper and faster. I was just about to stop and say that’s it, but at the last stroke between her thighs, I decided to grasp her left leg just under her knee and lift, sliding her foot up to where her knee had just rested. I went to the other side of the table and did the same to her right leg. With her knees up and feet touching each other she allowed her thighs to open even more. I began more light gliding strokes on her widely spread limbs, giving special attention to her inner and under side of her quivering thighs. I could sense the fragrance of her excitement. Looking down as my hands maneuvered along her silky soft inner thighs, I noticed glistening moisture on her pubic hair near her labia. I kept up this massage for almost ten minutes. Her breathing was coming in shorter breaths and finally she took a deep breath and held it. At this same point, I lost some control and moved both hands down her inner raised thighs and stopped millimeters before touching her wetness. Her whole body was trembling and I being not to smart about women’s orgasms asked if she was cold, and with a hoarse breath she let out half of the word, “NO!” I took my hands off her legs and placed my left hand lightly on her tummy and softly placed my right hand on her furry mound and just held that position. Her shaking and bumping her hips up and down was causing my right hand to move her wetness between her lips, exciting her clitoris further. Ellen was having an orgasm and I didn’t even realize what was happening. It came on so fast; I didn’t expect it. Everything subsided after a few minutes and I just felt that her anxieties and tension had been relieved. I was quite ignorant at this stage of my future erotic massage practice, if I still had one. I knew I must have done something right because I didn’t get kicked or slapped.
I began giving Ellen a soothing connecting massage to end her session. She couldn’t thank me enough. She said, “It was just what I needed. I should have asked you for that little extra massage months ago.” She gave me a bonus in addition to my regular fee. I really didn’t understand what was so special about what I did, but kept a note of it in her file to remember to do it again.
Michelle was waiting in my outer office. I was so involved with Ellen, I didn’t hear her arrive. I’m sure she kept busy reading about the dos and don’ts of massage therapy in the pamphlets and magazines spread around the room. Ellen stopped to talk to her friend while I cleaned up the table and prepared everything for Michelle. I heard Michelle call out as Ellen was leaving, “I’ll call you and tell you about it later.” I assumed that meant only one thing; they were going to compare notes on their massage experiences from today. I knew I had to be careful. Everything had to be just right.
Michelle was about the same age as Ellen and had a lot of things in common, including new hubbys. Michelle was almost as tall as Ellen, maybe an inch or so less. She had dark brown hair with the most brilliant blue eyes I had ever seen; a Miss America figure and face to match. If I was Hank, I don’t think I would have allowed her to go out and get a massage by some strange guy. But I am glad he did! Michelle was all smiles this morning. Her smile was contagious and made me feel good all over just from being near her. I asked, “Why all the bright eyes and bushy tail appearance?” She replied, “I was talking to Ellen before she left, and she mentioned you had just given her the best massage ever.” I said, “I didn’t do any thing different than all my other massages. I just gave her a longer massage than usual because she seemed to need it to help relieve some deeper tensions.” “Well, it definitely did the trick from what she told me! I want the same kind of massage. I want to see what she thought was so great about it.” I tried to put her anxieties to rest by saying, “Not all people react the same way to a massage. I think a lot of it has to do with their frame of mind when they come in here for relaxation and stress relief. Well, let’s get started and see what we can do.”
I led her into massage central and at that point I mentioned, “There was one thing that I, or rather Ellen did that had been different from all other massages. I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you. You know, therapist, client privileges? But I guess I could probably tell you because you and Ellen seem like close friends and will probably discuss every little detail anyway. All I can say is that Ellen said she wanted something a little different, maybe some extra time because she was still feeling some anxieties and tension after a full one hour massage. I assured her that it was perfectly normal, and probably a few extra minutes might help. I think I may have hinted that if she felt comfortable removing all her clothes, it would allow me to do more of her.” “So what you’re trying not to tell me is that Ellie was in her birthday suit for her massage?” “Not even a sheet to cover up! If you still think you want the same kind of massage as Ellen, and you also feel comfortable being totally nude, let’s get started.” I left the room to get a fresh supply of warm oils.
Michelle was definitely ready for the same type of massage I gave Ellen. Without even knowing what I was to do, she was laying face down showing the faded bikini bottom tan outline from the past summer. She must have undone the top because there were no telltale outlines. After working on her back, I asked her to turn over.
I never really noticed before, but Michelle must have had a cup size a few letters higher into the alphabet than Ellen; large, perfectly centered areolas and nipples that weren’t intimidated from lying on them. They were erect almost instantly when she turned over on her back. Remarkably no tan lines from her bikini top on her breasts. I began to wonder what beach she spends her time at during the summer. “I’ll have to ask her sometime.”
After completing her front, she spoke up and said, “That didn’t seem very different. I’m still feeling the same tensions, that I’m sure Ellie felt.”
I said, “Well it’s now time for that little extra I mentioned. You’ll have to turn over onto our tummy again.”
Michelle didn’t hesitate; this was the part she was waiting for. I began with the light gliding strokes from her shoulders to the top of her white buttocks, gradually working beyond to the backs of her tanned thighs. Michelle still worked out at the gym every week. The firmness of her butt made me spend extra time with my right hand on both cheeks and my left on her lower back. Pushing down with light to moderate pressure, I rocked her from side to side until finally I got a response from Michelle. It wasn’t a lot but it was a confirmation that it felt nice and that she was enjoying it just as Ellen had. I told her that the rocking motion is relaxing, like when her mother used to rock her as a baby. It some times puts my clients to sleep. What I didn’t mention to her, as I found out with Ellen, because I didn’t want to embarrass her was that this rocking stimulates her clitoris against the table top. Not a lot, but enough to get aroused, and more so if a person was already aroused before I started. I’m sure Michelle also knew it, but she wasn’t going to tell me. Her acknowledgement that it felt nice was her way of saying she wasn’t exactly going to fall asleep and neither was her pussy.
Next stage, I lifted her left foot and began a soothing foot to knee massage, returned her foot to the table, then did the same for the other. I grasped her left leg again at the ankle and lower thigh and raised it slightly and spread her limb to the edge of the table and began the slider up her leg inch by inch until I was as high as I could on her inner thigh with my right hand. My left was playing with her left buttock. She was already moving her hips from side to side. She hadn’t said anything yet, but I could tell she was enjoying this very much. I moved to her right leg to move it to the other side of the table to make my sensual moves up her inner thigh easier. Michelle’s weekly workouts at the gym made this last move unnecessary. Her inner thighs never touched each other even when her feet were together. This spreading actually had spread her labia as well. Her wetness and swollen clitoris were partially displayed. By the time my left hand was a hairs width from her lips and my right hand was gently kneading and squeezing her right cheek. Her fragrance of excitement had filled my head. Michelle was quivering, much like Ellen at this stage. It again was time for me to stop and cool down.
I told Michelle it was time to turn again onto her back. She reluctantly did so, as she commented again, “Pete, this extra massage really seems to work. I hope there is still more to it”. I told her there was still a little more. I didn’t want to spoil her pleasure and fun by telling ahead of time what was to come. After all anticipation plays an important part in any massage.
This time I needed more time to cool down, so I began with hands and arms before shoulders breasts and tummy. This time after laying face down, Michelle’s nipples looked like they would never perk back up. I felt it was my duty to assist them. After shoulder to tummy strokes with light brushing across her nipples, it seemed that Michelle was going to have to continue life without nipples. I jokingly said, “It looks like my table permanently mashed your nipples into your breasts. You may need a breast massage to help them come back out.” She came back completely serious and asked, “Pete, could you do that for me?” I told her I was just kidding, they will return to normal shortly, but she insisted I massage her breasts. I told her it wasn’t kosher, but still insisted. How could I possibly refuse such a request?
I started with more warm oil, with both hands on her right breast and gentle circular strokes, clockwise and counter clockwise. Grasping the center of her areola with both forefingers and thumbs, I squeezed her softly as my fingers drew lines like the spoke of a wagon wheel. Her breast was very sensitive to touch. Her nipple was growing faster than I thought it could. Grasping it between my thumb and index finger, several pulls were sufficient to bring it to full attention. Her left breast at this point didn’t need it. Her nipple was at attention. But never look a gift horse…Her left received the same treatment as well. Apparently she was one of those people who loved their breasts fondled. Right then on the last tug, Michelle said, “I want you to give me a breast massage from now on. Not only did it feel nice, but my nipples still feel so tingly and sensitive. This is the kind of extra I’ve needed. Hank has never done anything like that for me.” Thinking, “It’s time to make another note on my to-do list.” This note I thought is definitely going in her file.
As I worked down to her tummy, I slid my hands through her dark bikini patch of hair. This time, unlike with Ellen, I continued with both hands down between her thighs along her outer lips. I then realized that the breast massage had taken its toll. Michelle’s womanhood was very wet and engorged with a renewed supply of rich arterial blood. Michelle was on the border of true ‘no return’ point. ”Should I stop now and leave her in this state, or should I continue and see if things subside?”
I went to her feet and legs to cool myself of again, but it wasn’t working this time for either of us. She already had her legs spread with her feet off the edges or the table. I began on one and worked my way up. As I looked up at her, I saw that her eyes were closed as were Ellen’s at this point. I looked down again and saw her glistening fluid drooling down between her swollen lips. By the time I got to the top of her other inner thigh, she was shaking and quivering like a leaf on a windy autumn day. I had to go a little more with Michelle. I raised her knees so I could massage her thighs from the underside an inner side at the same time. Keeping her feet together I separated her knees and placed my left hand on her mound with a gentle rocking up and down side to side and around and around. With my right I reached between her legs and just rested my palm her thigh with the edge of my hand resting on her moist lips. With my fingers pointing up toward her now very swollen nub, I didn’t know what to do at this point. She was shaking even more now. Her breathing was rapid. Her eyes were still closed and her face seemed somewhat distorted. Her hips came up off the table and she started pumping. My middle finger and ring finger inched between her slippery lips and hit the base of her clitoris with each downward thrust of her hips.
The last thing I heard her say was more like a scream, “Oh God, Pete, Oh, my God!”
I thought I hurt her and pulled both hands from her. I went to her right side. Her left hand went to continue my massage and her right reached out to touch me. She put her hand on my butt. I moved closer to the table as she squeezed my butt; an amazing grip for a woman. I stood there with my mouth open in amazement as I watched. It was the first time I ever saw a woman masturbate to orgasm. She gave my left cheek another squeeze before she finally let go and slid her hand to the back of my thigh. I rested my left hand on her head and right on her tummy. My stiff cock was pressing into her lower rib cage as her quivering slowly subsided. She took my hand from her abdomen and placed it on her mound so that my fingers rested on her still swollen wet lips. Michelle had taken this massage much further than I would have ventured.
After a few minutes of just resting and watching her breathing slow, I began giving her a soothing connecting massage, covered her with a warm sheet, and let her rest to savor the pleasures she just enjoyed.
About twenty minutes later, she came out into my office. I was still writing notes in my client log. When I looked up, Michelle, I noticed, had tears in her eyes. I didn’t know what to imagine. I asked if she was O.K. She replied, “I feel so nice and warm and loved. I wish Hank would touch me the way you did. If I tell him what you did, I’m afraid he won’t allow me to return.” I said,”Michelle, after such a huge and pleasant release of all you’re pent up tensions, it’s very common to cry or laugh and release your emotions. You will feel differently in several minutes and realize this is something your body needs on a regular basis. A good massage works on both body and spirit. And as far as telling Hank, I don’t think you will.” She agreed, “Yes, I think you’re right. What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.”
Michelle thanked me profusely and never realized a massage could be so fulfilling. She thanked me again before going out the door and saying, “See you Monday.”
Next on the list was the other half of the sales department. All four had coffee break together, which they have done many times. It was nothing special, except today they weren’t discussing sales issues. Today they were discussing massage issues from the weekend. Neither Elizabeth nor Yolanda ever had a massage and they found this morning’s conversation between Ellen and Michelle very interesting. I don’t know what they discussed, but I do know they were fifteen minutes late getting back to their desks.
Ellen came to me just before lunch and happened to mention, she had the best weekend in a long time. Saturday night she went to bed early with John and attacked him. She climbed on top of him and gave him the best fucking ever. She also said, “Michelle wants to tell about her Saturday night also. Don’t tell her I told you!”
I didn’t see Michelle the rest of the day, but first thing Tuesday, Michelle came to me to thank me again and tell me about Saturday night. “Pete,” she said, “I have to let you know that the massage you gave me Saturday really did something for me. It made me so horny, I couldn’t wait to get Hank in bed. I had these tingling feelings all day. Hank didn’t know I had come to see you earlier. He was wondering what had gotten in to me. I told him just that I loved him. Oh, and I came four times.” “Thank you very much for telling me. I will have to include that ‘extra massage’ in all your sessions.” “I’ll be looking forward to it!”
By Wednesday I had finished up in the OEM sales section and wandered over to the distribution sales department to see if Elizabeth or Yolanda could use some extra help.

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