The Campground Showers

The Campground Showers

I often like to go camping at a local state campground. The sites are like little lots where you can park, set up a tent and they even have little outdoor grills and fire pits for each location. I have a small two person tent that is quick and easy to set up. I love it so much because I have a little fetish.

I set up camp, do a little fishing to pass the time, sometimes meet the other campers as they go about their recreations. When night falls everyone is sitting around in their fold out chairs, drinking beer and relaxing in the dark. I get into my tent, strip down naked and start masturbating. I think of the hot milfs I had seen during the day, their big tits stuffed into tight bikini tops. I can hear them laughing only yards away as I lay there slowly stroking my cock. Usually I carry on this ritual for over an hour til I don't hear anyone talking anymore. I carefully peek my head out of the tent and when I am certain everyone has retired for the evening, I stand out in front of my camp and finish stroking off to a massive cum.

One particular evening was a lot different than the norm. I set up my site as usual and was grilling some burgers when I noticed the couple in the next site over. They were in their mid 40s. She was a gorgeous red head, about 5'7", shoulder length hair and filled out her two piece bikini nicely. She was slightly heavy for what she had on, her thighs were nice and thick, and skin quite tan for a red head. I am certain she either did a lot of sunbathing or spent regular sessions in a tanning bed. Her tits were easily C cup and I could see the sides of her tits in the stretched top. I put the food away, wandered over and introduced myself.

"Hey there, nice night!"

She was sitting in a lawn chair, one leg drawn up underneath her, nursing a beer. As I approached I could see her nipples were hard and poking visibly out in her bikini. I heard an ice chest close and saw her husband approach from behind their tent. He was at least 6'1", peppered hair, and in very good shape. His was only wearing loose fitting jogging shorts and I could see his chest was covered in dark hair.

"Hey fella, how's it going?" he asked.

Good sign, he was not at all threatened by my presence. That initial contact is always scary, since a lot of people get very defensive when approached by a stranger at twilight. They were both totally relaxed, probably aided by the ample number of beers they had consumed over the past few hours. I held out my hand, "Hi, I'm Eric."

"Hey bud, I'm Derek, and this is Jenn."

She flashed me a killer smile and my cock started to stir. Luckily it was very low light so I didn't think they would notice the bulge in my shorts.

"Join us for a beer?"

"Sure!" I said and Derek went back to the ice chest.

My eyes returned to Jenn and I swear she was looking at my crotch. I couldn't be certain, but I made no effort hiding my growing erection and she just smiled again, staring as my bulge grew. Derek returned with a beer and a fold out chair. We sat together, in a little triangle. I learned they were from out of state, just passing through on a short camping vacation. We made pleasant conversation, talking about hiking trails, good fishing, favorite places to camp, etc. As the time passed and my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I noticed Derek was lounging back with his legs apart, like us guys do and I could plainly see his flaccid cock had become exposed to the night air. His thick meat was displayed lazily on top of a pair of huge balls, nestled in a thick bush of hair. My cock was at full attention, a nice hard 7", but I kept my legs casually crossed to hide it the best I could.

Jenn shifted and was sitting cross legged in the chair, her gorgeous tits fighting to bust out of that too tight top. After about half an hour or so of this sexual tension, Derek stood up and told me it was nice meeting me. That was my cue that our little socializing had come to an end. He and I stood up to shake hands again and said our farewells. I know my cock was jutting obscenely in my shorts, and my crotch was now eye level with Jenn only a few feet away from her. This turned me on even more, knowing that she could see my obvious arousal. I spun around and headed back to my tent.

Once inside I immediately shed my shorts and started stroking my meat. I went at it pretty hard at first but backed off as I neared orgasm. I kept this little edging tease for about fifteen minutes then as usual peeked my head out of the tent to see if the coast was clear. I was thrilled to see their chairs were empty. Looking around I didn't see another soul so I stepped outside and prepared to shoot a huge wad of cum all over the ground. That's when I noticed some shadow movement from the communal toilet and shower facility about twenty yards away. This building was always open, lit by incandescent bulbs inside.

I figured it was just someone taking a piss but was curious. I needed to take a leak myself so I got my shorts from the tent and headed up to the toilets. When I got inside, I didn't see anyone right away, but just as I stood in front of a urinal I heard one of the showers in the back start up. There were six showers, in the back, three on each side of the room, each separated by a metal wall and a flimsy "pull to" plasitc curtain. I stood at the urinal and did my best to drain my pee, which took a serious feat of concentration. Finally, I finished and just stood there listening to the shower when I heard some grunting. Instantly my hardon returned and I decided to enter the shower directly across from the one in use.

I quietly slid off my shorts and hung them over the metal divider on my side, pulled my curtain closed and started the shower. The grunting didn't stop. I stood under the warming water and started to slowly stroke my cock while I listened to the couple across from me. My lust filled me with courage and I began peeking through the crack between my curtain and the wall, looking towards the shower across the way. I could see obvious fucking movement going on, as their curtain swayed. I saw a man's hand grab a hold of the curtain rod of the other shower and slowly slide the curtain away from the wall. There was now about a tweleve inch gap and I could clearly see Derek standing there, dripping with water, his hips thrusting steadily into whoever was bent over behind the curtain. He turned his head and looked directly at me, peeking out at him.

Boldly, I slid my curtain open and stood there fully exposed before him, my cock in hand, jacking off in time with his fucking. He smiled at me and watched as I stroked my meat with one hand, squeezing my aching balls with the other. He then reached up again and pushed his curtain all the way open giving me my first view of Jenn. She had her arms on the divider, her head down. Her fabulous tits were swaying back and forth as Derek steadily pumped his cock in her cunt. Her grunting was more clear now, and I could hear his body slapping against her ass. I cautiously took a few steps towards them and he just kept fucking her. I stood right beside them, doing my best not to blow my load right then. I decided I needed to ease off before I spilled my seed and watched as he moved back into the corner, leaning against the wall. This caused Jenn to turn and she steadied herself with one had on the divider and with the other she started to finger her clit. I knelt down below her and looked up at her tits. She had huge dark brown nipples that were stretched taut. I started to suck them, but she never opened her eyes or even acknowledged I was there. She simply let me do what I wanted to do and kept fingering her twat as Derek pounded her hole. It was an awkward position for me so I sat down and scooted back so I could get an up close and personal look at Derek's cock going in and out of her.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. His cock was huge. It was thick and at least eight or nine inches to the best of my guess. His balls were slapping against her shaved pussy, water from the shower streaming off them and splashing on my face. Jenn removed her hand and put it back on the divider so she could better push back into him. I took this opportunity to sit up fully and lick at her clit. Derek slowed down a bit to better accomodate my head in the mix, but now his balls were dragging across my forehead. I had never been in a situation like this before, with another man's cock sliding across my face, inches from my tongue. But I didn't care, I was so fucking horny and this had to be the hottest experience in my life. I kept sucking at her clit, then pulling back to watch his cock bury itself in her dripping pussy. I watched in awe as her vaginal lips slid across his shaft an inch from my face.

After a few minutes of this, Derek slowed down more then pushed her forward, letting his cock slip out of her cunt. His massive meat plopped right down on my face. I instinctively began licking his thick shaft, tasting her juices right off his cock. I twisted around onto my knees so I could better access his penis. He took one of his big hands and guided his dick straight into my mouth. I licked his swollen cockhead then opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him thrust slowly into my mouth. All the while, Jenn remained bent over, her cunt dripping shower water onto my head. He fucked my face gently a few minutes, then grabbed his cock again and squeezed out some salty precum onto my tongue before sliding it back into her hot pussy.

He started fucking her again, slowly and I turned my attention to his hairy balls. They were huge and I could only get one in my mouth at a time. I just sucked hungrily on his sack as he fucked his wife. His pace started to quicken and I could tell he was getting ready to spew. I somehow took both of his balls fully into my mouth just as began to unload into her sopping slit. The base of his cock was pressed hard against my forehead and I could feel his nuts tighten up as he dumped his cum deep inside her. I felt his cock throb as it spurt over and over, emptying his massive wad into her waiting cunt. I just enjoyed the sensation, his big meat pulsating against my face, his balls jerking in my mouth. Jenn moaned loudly as he grunted in relief.

Once his orgasm had subsided, he began to slowly inch his cum covered cock from her hole. I quickly took his softening prick into my mouth, trying to taste as much of their sex as I could before the shower washed it away. Turning back around I attempted to get my face fully into her pussy. Jenn bent her knees and pressed her well fucked hole into my mouth, for the first time making any motion that acknowledged my participation. I could feel her tighten up as she sqeezed his remaining cum out into my eager mouth. She then adjusted herself so my tongue was again licking her clit. I began to suck it in earnest as her hips grinded away at my face. It took less than a minutes before she began cumming, I could feel her hot juices pour from her pussy onto my face. Once she recovered, she stood up and I moved out of the way. She turned to Derek and began kissing him passionately.

Derek looked at my obvious need to cum and told Jenn to sit on the wooden bench that was against the back wall. He spoke to me, "Shoot it on her face man."

I didn't need any coaxing. Jenn leaned back, her shoulders against the wall, eyes closed, face tilted up before me, her legs spread obscenely, swollen cunt splayed wide open. I stood between her legs and stared down at her full breasts, still dripping with water, large brown nipples still rock hard. She just sat there, waiting for me to do what Derek instructed, hands on the bench. Grabbing my cock I pumped it furiously, and within seconds was coating her sultry face with gobs of pent up cum. I must have squirted at least ten times before my last strings of cum oozed from my cock onto her tits. He then took her by the arm and stood her up. We all stood there a moment, Derek and I appreciating the massive amounts of cum that was painted on her face. He guided her into the shower and she rinsed off as he began to towel himself dry. I just stood there watching them a few moments, looking at her magnificent ass, trying to burn it into my memory and then his softening cock swaying as he finised with his towel.

I returned to my shower, turned it off and retrieved my shorts, got dressed and looked back to see Jenn now standing next to Derek as he dried her off. Nothing else was said, Derek just smiled and nodded at me as I headed out. By the time I woke the next morning they had already moved on, but I will never forget them.

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