The Camping Trip_(1)

The Camping Trip_(1)

This is the story about my first time in many ways, losing my virginity and having my first bisexual experience and it all happened in one night in a tent.

A group of us were on a walking expedition with college, it was the first night, and we were due to walk the next day. The six of us, five lads and one girl were staying in one tent, this had two compartments and obviously two of the lads and Sarah had to sleep in the same compartment, this happened to be me and Ben.

As it was the first night we were not overly tired, we got out a deck of cards and all played some big group games before we each went into our own compartments, the three of us sat and chatted for a short while before trying to get to sleep, the other three were already asleep but we jus couldn’t and the deck of cards came out again, we played a few quick fire rounds of blackjack before Ben tried to teach me and Sarah the rules of poker. We soon grasped the basics so Ben suggested we upped the stakes before realising we had no chips, fuelled by hormones we decided to play with clothes instead, every time you lost a game an item of clothing came off.

I was a little weary of this as I was very shy and self-conches for a 17 year old, not letting anyone see me naked and having practically no experience in the field of relationships and sex, but I threw caution to the wind as we all had sleeping bags in which to hide ourselves. We had a few games and were all soon naked and adrenalin fuelled, so there was no chance of sleeping, we put back on all our clothes and started again, this time all our hormones had stepped up a gear.

I had never thought of myself as gay or even bisexual, never looking at another guy in that way, well apart from the odd online image search, simply to compare myself to other men, however as Ben removed his t-shirt he failed to pick up his sleeping bag top revealing his smooth, toned chest and stomach, I tried not to stare, but my cock, to my surprise, stirred inside my own pants. I lost my top next and failed to lift up my sleeping bag and noticed both Ben and Sarah taking sly glances at my hairy stomach and abs, Sarah was next to loose, just taking off her t-shirt, she didn’t remove her bra but didn’t move to cover his up, and me and Ben didn’t even try to hide our looking even though he was in a long term relationship.

She lost for another three times in a row and was now completely naked, although she still used her sleeping bag to great affect to Ben’s disappointment and mine. Ben and I then took it in turns to lose all our clothes, although we did not reveal ourselves any further. We were all naked for a second time and the clothes turned to dares, when playing for this Sarah lost the first game and Ben won, I wont give you two guesses at the dare, she lost the coverage of her sleeping bag over her torso. Her breasts were beautiful, not big, but not too small, and nice and perk, my cock was now raging harder than I had ever felt it before. We had a few rounds of playful dares with both of us getting a good feel of her tits, while she rubbed both our chests. Ben finally lost a round again and for a change Sarah won, her dare was for Ben to lick my hairy nipple. This seemed insane at the time, as we were both supposedly straight, yet with out hesitation he lent across and flicked his tongue around my nipple, it made my cock instantly pulse in my sleeping bag. The next dare was the same just me on Ben, I offered up some resistance in a bid to hide my want to feel his toned abs but in the end as my tongue twirled around his sweet nipple it felt so good. We then got our own back on Sarah over the next few rounds both sucking her breasts and making her lose her sleeping bag altogether. Her body was divine, she was not to skinny and had nice curves, her pussy was clean-shaven and glistening in the dim torchlight we had, she was clearly enjoying the game.

Revenge was sweet in her case though as she won the next round and I lost. She dared me to show myself fully, bearing in mind I was shy and still a virgin this was a great deal for me, but adrenalin and hormones had taken me long ago so I pulled back my sleeping bag showing my hairy crotch and 6 and a half inch raging cock, I could se even Ben trying to get a good look, this exhibitionism seemed to make my cock grow even more if that was possible. Ben won again and to my sheer amassment he made me and Sarah kiss, we both needed no telling again as I laid over her kissing her lips, gently massaging out tongues together, I caressed her tits and body whilst she ran her fingers down my spine sending a sheer jolt over my body, it was amazing for my first experience with our naked skin rubbing together.

After what seemed like forever we pulled out of this kiss, as I looked up I noticed Ben’s sleeping bag moving up and down as he obviously enjoyed watching our kiss. Sarah won the next round and made Ben show his naked body. I couldn’t help but stare as he revealed his throbbing 7-inch cock and trimmed bush. I won next so made them kiss, I gently played with my rod as they passionately embraced, much in the same way that Ben had done when I had kissed her. With a next round of poker played Sarah won and we were suddenly at odds with what to dare. Ben was in a serious relationship and didn’t want to go any further, Sarah must have picked up on how much we had stared at each other when we stripped and dared Ben and I to kiss. We both pulled shocked faces to begin with but as some calls of chicken and a mix of hormones and desire took hold we both quickly kissed each other without touching any other body part.

Sarah picked up on this and if it wasn’t her look she won the next two games, thus making me and Ben wank each other in quick sessions, which I was grateful as I thought I might have cummed, the feel of his warm hands on my member a sensation and a half, although this male on male action felt awkward it was not weird, was I bisexual?

Ben regained control and dared me to go down on Sarah’s wet pussy. Her juices tasted so sweet in my mouth, her quiet moans encouraging me on I ran my fingers along her slit and into her vagina as I played my tongue on her clit, from here on the poker cards got pushed to a side. As I gently devoured her pussy I felt Ben’s hand yet again clench my cock at its base, and his lips then softly settled around my head before he swallowed my whole cock, he did this a couple of times and he must have sensed I was about to cum and stopped, saying I dare you two to fuck. We needed no second instruction and I kissed my way up her body, gently pulling her nipples before passionately kissing her. She rapped her legs around me as my cock slid into her dripping pussy. A little nervous as what to do (it was my first time) I began by slowly sliding in and out, as I picked up confidence a moved faster and deeper as Sarah gave Ben a blow job and I kissed and tugged her neck and ear. We all hastened towards a climax, Sarah started first her pussy clenching my cock making me spurt load after load of hot sticky cum deep inside her, the sight must have sent Ben into orgasm as he splashed both me and Sarah in his own cum, I licked this off Sarah and she off me as we all fell into a hazy sleep.

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