The Favorite by TxEric

The Favorite by TxEric

Like many nights before this one, she found herself on her knees with her master’s cock working it’s way down her throat. The soft carpet of Master’s limo beneath her was a sharp contrast to the hard dick being forced in and out of her well trained mouth. With each stroke she could feel the sharp pain on her back as Master whipped her with his favorite belt. First five strokes then ten, fifteen, twenty and on to fifty. She knew not to cry out. After all she was one of Master’s slaves and slaves must be whipped. As the belt traveled down her back to her ass and upper thighs, Master’s cock got harder and finally released his usual large discharge of hot cum down her throat. She must be careful now not to spill a drop of her Master’s seed but swallow all even if choking on the great quantity.

Now without being told, she raised herself straight up on her knees to expose her large firm breasts and tight belly. Here she would rceive another fifty strokes of the belt from nipples to clit and upper thigh. Now the red strips grew across her beautiful body as a sign of her submission. The warm glow of her smooth flesh mixed with the fresh taste in her mouth and caused her pussy to become moist. She wanted to move her fingers down to her soft mound and play with herself. This was of course out of the question without her Master’s permission. She dared not ask at that moment because she feared his anger at her selfishness. Her pussy was no longer hers to do with as she pleased nor was any other part of her body. She was owned, a piece of property nothing more.

As they neared their destination she caught a glimpse of herself in the vanity mirror of the limo. Her blonde curls cascaded down to just past her shoulders. Piercing blue eyes starred back from the reflection. The darkening red marks left by the belt covered most of her beautiful body. She was a lovely as any model in any of the magazines on news stands today. Her nipples were pierced with solid gold captive ball rings as was her shaved clit. Her mind began to wonder as her Master seemed to turn his attention to the road ahead. She had done a good job and left him satisfied for now. Her thoughts went back to the day that Master had decided to have her pierced.

“ Wash yourself well and shave closely today” she was ordered. After her bath, she was ushered to the limo and driven to a seedy part of the city. The tattoo sign was missing some of the paint that had originally formed it’s letters. Several biker types were standing in the doorway with tats all over their sleeveless arms. “ You will go in alone and have your nipples pierced. Do you understand?”
“ Yes Master but I have no money. Won’t they want to be paid before they start?” “ I am sure they will ” came his reply. “ You will just have to work something out my little slut. Now move!” Out of the limo she came quickly before the Master got angry. Whistles and yells came from the bikers as they realized the limo was driving off leaving the vision of the perfect whore. Spiked high heels, short, short mini skirt and bikini top comprised her entire outfit.

Taking a deep breath and trying not to act afraid she headed for the shop door. She felt a hand move across her breast as she passed one of the bikers but not wanting any trouble she moved on in quickly without looking back to see who had been so forward as to grope her in front of everyone. “What do you need?” said a slim mid thirties tattoo artist. His smile reviled a big gold tooth and some others were missing. The other employees looked much the same as she approached his booth. “ My Master has sent me here to have my nipples pierced. “ “ Oh yea, he called yesterday” said the artist “ take your top off and let’s see what size ring would look good on you.” “Right here?” she asked. “ This is where I work bitch! You want the rings or don’t you?” With that she reached behind her back and untied the bikini sting exposing her breasts to all in the shop. “ Damn, not a tat on this bitch. I hope her ’Master’ sends her back when he wants to have something like ’ Cock sucker’ or ‘Slut’ put on one of those tits! Now let’s match those nipples with some rings.” He held up several samples making her flinch as the cold metal touched her nipples. “ You need these larger ones here but they are not cheap. All together about four hundred bucks. And your Master did not say how I was going to get my money. You got it on you?” She knew what she was going to have to do and wasted now time with her answer. “ Master says I have to work something out with you.” “Bullshit bitch! These rings are solid gold. What are you going to do for that kind of money?” With that she slipped her shirt down to her ankles and stepped out of it. “ I will suck you cock and drink your cum,” she replied. His will power weakened as he looked at her wonderful body. Then he recovered and yelled “ That won’t get it bitch! Although…” he smiled. “ Tell you what you slut. You do whatever I say until we close tonight and I will give the rings before you leave. We close at two AM. Take it or leave it.”

It was only three PM now. Eleven hours. She could not go home without her nipples pierced. What choice did she have? “ What do you want me to do? I will do anything.”
The tattoo guy planned to make a profit out of this deal yet. He had given small tats to good looking young girls for a fuck in the back room but gold rings were another thing. He got a piece of paper and pin and wrote “Free pussy with tattoo, today only.” He had another artist tape it to the front window. “Hay, I’m already getting one and I want some of that pussy!” said a customer who saw him make the sign from the next booth. “ No problem” was his answer.

First to take her to the back was the artist who made the deal with her. He wasted no time in having her suck him off. No romance here. He held her head while he fucked her mouth. As he shot his load, she choked a bit. He made sure she swallowed it all and back handed her across the face telling her she was only getting started. He would be back later and he liked it rough. She didn’t have to wait long for the customer in the booth next to hers. He opened the door to the tiny room where she was waiting and told her to bend over the table in the corner. “My old lady won’t let me fuck her in the ass but you will. Now spread those ass cheeks!” For the next forty five minutes he pounded her ass. He stopped from time to time to keep from cuming to soon. He had seen some ass-to-mouth action on the internet. He made her take his cock down her throat and then right back into her ass. He slapped her ass as he came, zipped up and left without a word. Next was the biggest black man she had ever seen up close. His cock was even bigger. “Eve had a black cock, ho?” She nodded no. This was a lie. Two black football players had cornered her near the gym in high school and held her down taking turns until they were satisfied. She never told anyone about the event. Even then, she knew she could not refuse anyone who ordered her to submit to them.

The black customer simply pushed her down on the table and stuck his cock deep in her pussy with one stroke. His mouth went to her tits. As he sucked her nipples and bit her neck she felt his finger go around and into her asshole. He got mad when he felt the cum dripping from her ass and made her suck his finger dry.

For the next four hours, she was fucked and abused in every hole. She answered to the name ho, slut, cunt, bitch and whore. Could this place have that many customers? She found out later that the owner was charging anyone off the street twenty five dollars for her services. She would have to handle sixteen customers to cover her nipple rings but there would be twice that many in eleven hours.

She did get a break of sorts. About dark, the artist came back and told her to come out front. She knew better than to ask for cloths. The music was blasting as she followed him out to the front. Fifteen to twenty guys were sitting around a table in the middle of the room. She noticed a young girl off to the side. She and the young girl were ordered up on the table and to dance. The young one leaned over and whispered that her boyfriend had made her dance here before. “He charges the others if they want to fuck me” she added. As they danced, the two figured out that they needed to play with each other. The young one bent over to put her tong up her partners ass. The taste of the cum dripping out did not slow her down. She lapped at it until it was gone. “ My boyfriend makes me lick him clean after he takes a shit” the young one whispered again.
After an hour of dancing, the boy friend yells out “ who wants a piece of my bitch’s ass?” A couple of drunks up front handed him two twenties and grabbed her off the table. Our girl saw the young one being fucked up her ass and pussy by the drunks as others were handing twenties to her boy friend.

She finally was taken from the back room to the booth about two AM. Her body was covered with cum and piss. The employees used her for a toilet. She swallowed as much as she could and was bathed in the rest of the hot piss. “Ok, bitch, you get what you came for.” With that, she was held by one employee by the wrists. He pulled them above her head and put his knee in her back the force her tits out. The artist twisted the large needle into first one and then the other nipple. The rings were quickly inserted as was the captive ball to complete the ordeal. If it were possible to make her perfect breast more beautiful these rings had done so. She heard the door open and saw the limo driver enter the shop just as she thought her long day was finally over. “ You know, she could use a matching ring through her clit. I’m feeling generous so hold the bitch still.” With that the big needle pushed it’s way through her tender clit. She felt faint as the ring was inserted. She set opposite her Master on the ride home. Her cloths were left at the shop. She spread herself to display her new jewelry.

All of this came back to her as she looked in the limo mirror. She was now aware they were slowing down. As they pulled to the curb in the red light district of her town, she helped her Master’s other two slaves into the limo. They were no longer her Master’s favorites. She was for now. They quickly produced two thousand dollars each and placed the money on a silver tray on the console by the Master. They had worked very hard for most of the night to earn the cash. Our girl did not have to be told to give each one of them a good tongue bath as they drove home. She would have all the cum cleaned from their pussies and assholes and tits before they arrived a the mansion.

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