The first time i got fucked….

The first time i got fucked….

I was only 16 when i lost my virginity to a man i barely knew. I was at home one afternoon when the phone rang and a girlfriend of mine was on the other line saying that she wanted to introduce me to this guy she knew. he was 25, hott, and (according to her), could fuck like a porn star. After a long chat full of begging to let her give him my number and take me out on a date, i finally agreed, and only five minutes later he was calling wanting to know if i wanted to come over to his place to watch movies and talk. I agreed because I didnt have a boyfriend at the time and he sounded nice on the phone. He agreed to pick me up at my place at 9, so i hurried to shower and pick out a really cute, but comfy outfit.

when he arrived exactly on time I was impressed not only by his ability to be on time but also at how sexy he was. he was a very muscular man and he was at least 6' 4" , contrary to my 4'11 inches but i have always been attracted to taller men. even as a virgin i stood there thinking how he would look naked. i finished getting ready and grabbed my purse and we took off to his place.

he lived fairly close to my house, so we were there in no time and i was already feeling a little nervous about being with him alone. I had vowed always to my friends to save myself for marriage, but i didnt know if i could control myself with him. he was intoxicating, handsome and charming. As he came around the car to open my door for me I tried to control the crazy feeling in my stomach. he reached for my hand and i literally melted out of that car and was glad that he was holding my hand because i felt as though i would float away as we walked to the front door. he jingled his keys a bit to find the right one to open the door. I followed him inside the dark house that smelled of cinammon and followed him to his bedroom. He sat down on the bed and patted the bed motioning me to sit next to him. I slowly edged to the bed and he took my hand and i sat next to him. He brushed the hair off my shoulder and began to kiss my neck. The feeling of his soft lips on my warm neck sent chills down my spine. He reached into the nitestand by his bed and pulled out a lollypop and after unwrapping it handed it to me. he slowly lay me down on the bed and began unbuttoning my blouse. the breeze from a nearby fan felt good on my warm flesh and i arched my back as he unfastened my bra. my 34 c breasts erupted from the bra and my nipples hardened in the breeze. He took the sucker from me and placed it into his mouth. when he had the candy all wet, he began to trace the lines of my chest with it, leaving strawberry flavored traces of sticky goodness all over me. he traced my tummy with the sucker and then began to lick it off, starting first with my breasts and slowly licked his way down to my bellybutton, and sucked the sticky candy off my pink navel ring.

after handing the candy back to me he began to unfasten my jeans, and he lifted my hips while I wiggled my ass out of them and out of my sandals exposing my freshly painted pink toenails. He started licking my toes and made his way up to my ankles and up to my knees and finally made his way up to my thighs. I could feel him breathing on my untouched pussy already dripping wet from the way he licked and kissed all over my body. when i felt his lips touch the lips of my pussy a small moan escaped my lips. I sucked on the lollypop harder and harder as he explored the intimate places of my body. All of a sudden i could feel myself starting to orgasm and the sucker dropped from my hands and onto the floor, and i grabbed him by his hair and pushed his mouth deeper into my pussy. I came so hard i felt like i was gonna fly right off the bed. when i gained my breath back i could feel him still licking and sucking my clit and I begged him to stop that i could not take anymore. He looked up at me and smiled. He quickly undressed and lay beside me on the bed. We kissed deeply for a while, and then i closed my eyes and he whispered, " can i make love to you? I cant stand to not have my cock in you for one more second", "but…", I said in a whisper," im a virgin." He explained to me that he would be very gentle and patient with me, and before i could say anything, his mouth was over myn again, and his tongue was exploring mine, and he tasted like strawberries.

i knew i wanted his cock in me right then, and i found myself begging for it while he kissed my neck and my breasts. " oh please, i want you to make love to me, RIGHT NOW". he lauphed at my enthusiasm and lay be down on my back and began to finger my virgin cunt. It felt so good and i couldnt believe that i was already feeling myself orgasm. i came all over his fingers and humped his fingering thrust for what felt like forever until i got my breath back to normal an he began to slide his cock into my throbbing pussy. He was very gentle, and stopped every minute or so to make sure i was okay. After the initial pain i felt much better and wanted more of his cock in my hott pussy. i rose my hips to match each thrust he was giving me. I felt so wonderful, and i wrapped my legs around his lower back and pulled him in closer to me. my hands were grasping the blanket on the bed and i begged him to fuck me harder,"Oh my! fuck me harder, fuck me faster!" he did just that. he buried his huge cock deep into my cunt and fucked me senseless for a good hour and a half. when i was reaching another orgasm, I ran my fingernails up his back and screamed," oh, Im cumming!" his body started to twitch and he was fucking me deeper and deeper, I felt him bite my neck and then he threw his head back and came all into my already throbbing pussy. we lay there for hours holding each other and talking. we made love 5 more times that night before I went home. I only saw him a couple of more times, but i will never forget the handsome man that made me into a woman.

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