The Key Party II

The Key Party II

This is the second of the Key Story series, let me know how you like it or dont like it…

Jasmine is a lovely friend of mine and wrens. She often partakes of the games and get togeathers of our group. Among them all, she also will bring girlfriends to the games so there is more variety to the people. (or as she puts it, "Just more Fucking to do with more people."

This is her story…

At this meeting, our friend Misha was hosting a pool party and bar-b-q all in one. The music was loud, exciting and passionate. Everyone of us, some sixty or so people were getting worked up, (we had a frat house and two sorortiy societies show up for the fun) and wondering what the games rules would be tonight.

Now, I am wearing a beautiful one-peice swim suit, siken black with red trim and a twin pair of dragons spiraling on the side and over my chest. I like the looks i get from the guys when I walk past them. I know this is going to sound somewhat egocentric, but i am damn proud of my bodys looks and work hard to keep it this way.

What was more fun was the looks i get from some of the women. While I love a good fuck and suck; given my druthers, I love the taste and scent of pussy even more. If I can get both, well…double the pleasure, double the fun…

Misha finally got up, and from a table top, declared the game was about to begin. However, this one will be different from most others. As we wanted to raise funds to help out charities, there will be a charity auction…of the girls that is.

Twenty of us would be picked at random from a hat-drawing of our names. We will do a cat-walk before everyone, get nude, and then fuck with whomever came up the winner. It was decided that the people could pool their resources into small groups to bid for one of us….all for charity of course.

Of the twenty lucky girls, I was picked fifth. I loved the attention I got doing the sexiest walk I could, and then stripping down in front of all those people. (I admit to being a bit of a vouyer as well.)

The bidding, along with the cat-calls was both intense and interesting; I was finally bid for a price of over $200.00 to a set of young frat sisters. The whistles, cat-calls (especially the "Whats for lunch" ones) and Whooos, were fantastic to me, almost as much as wondering how much pussy I would get tonight.

I was led by them over to a small group of girls, next to the pool house. Three of them were already butt naked, and looking nervous as a cat at a bulldog convention.

I turned to the other girls, and stated that there was fresh meat to be had at this time?
They affirmed it, and the three were new initiates who wanted in to the swingers life. Sooo….guess what the first task of theirs is to be….lil old me!

I looked at the other sorority sitsters, all looking fine to me in their hot swim suits, a total of about fifteen or so, and i suggested we make this a proper initiation for these girls, and for themselves…lets go into the pool house and have an orgy.

This met with a few gasps of surprise, shocked expressions, and the like among all of them. "Listen ladies, if you cant take the heat, then get out of the water now." I put my hands on my hips and smiled at them, awaiting their response.

"These three sisters of yours are already naked, and hot to trot as well. So are you just here to watch, or here to have some real raunchy sex with each other? This swingers club isnt for little girls, its for real women who want a good party and a good time."

There was some discussion among the group, finally one said fine with it, and slipped off her suit. She headed into the pool house, stopped by the door, and called to the others to get the suits off and get the hell inside so we could have some real fun.

Two others soon followed, butt naked, and led the original three inside. I followed them in, and soon we had many men and women (several being couples) inside. Many were there to see the action, and shortly there were a bunch of us ladies in the middle of the room, kissing, and stroking one another all over our naked bodies.

The pussy eating and fucking began right afterward. I wound up covered in cum and sweat by the end of the night.

Hell of a pool party.

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