The Key Party

The Key Party

This is the story of my friend Wren, and her first time with us attending a swingers party where we play a variation of the Key Party game.

I will attempt to tell this story from wrens point of view, so bear with me…

It was the end of the day, and the party was beginning, when Stella and David, our host for the nights fun; announced we will be having a special key party. The rules were to be as follows:

1. every driver put their keys into a bowl to be drawn.
2. non drivers would pick out one set of keys.
3. whoever the keys belonged to, would be whom you fucked there on the premisis.
4. to make sure everyone went through with it, we would all do it at the same time in front of each other.

This variation of the game intrigued me; because this was the first time with this group of people. There were counted out to be sixteen sets of keys, but eighteen girls who would draw. So Stella announced two sets of girls will go with two randomly drawn key owners…these were determined randomly by a number count. Luckily I was not one of them. I am hoping at this time to get Bills keys; but it turned out he got the two girls on the first draw…damn!!!

As luck would have it, I had to wait until last to draw from the bowl. No real challenge as everyone was paired up by this time. Some of them were already going for it, getting undressed, kissing and caressing each other. Right now, I was getting pretty nervous, and was not sure i could go through with it after all.

Bill just looked at me and nodded, as if to say "You can do it wren." He then turned his attention back to the two girls with him, who were already topless, and played with their breasts.

I drew the keys out of the bowl, and commented "Okay, who owns the toyota?" as casually as i could. I looked around and smiled the weakest smile i ever have. It looked like everyone was occupied, so who's keys were these then?

David and Stella looked around, asking whos keys these were? For a time no one fessed up to owning them. Finally, a young lady in a frilly blue dress stood up, looking at me sheepishly, saying "they are mine."

"Oh shit." someone said; I just looked at her, and cat calls started up at me. Bill looked up from the girls, who were now naked, and all over him, smiling "GO FOR IT WREN."

I got my nerve up, and decided to do what I could. She sat me down next to her, and explainde she would take care of everything. I just needed to relax and enjoy myself.

David declared the fun is to begin.

With this she got up, and dropped her dress to the ground. I was staring at her, her perfect breasts, stomach, legs, and her shaved pussy! it just finally sunk in for reals what was about to happen to me!!!

In what seemed like quick order, my gown was taken off. She dropped it on top of her own, and smiled at me. "Come on, lets see the rest of you now."

I looked quickly around, and all the others were in the process of getting it on with their partners. Bill was having fun with the twins…one was blowing his cock, while he was eating the other ones pussy out. But back to business…

She leaned over me, her breasts (BIG ONES) hanging down onto my bra. Her hands went to my neck, down my chest, and stopped. Then she started undoing my bra.
Now, I am not big breasted, but she giggled when she saw them. She declared that they were just the size she liked. "A handful and not much more."

My nipples quickly became erect. Her mouth came down on them, with her tounge licking them in soft circles. Her lips sucked gently on them as well. I got SOOOOOO wound up that I nearly lost it right there.

Her hands went down to my panties, and eased them off of me. (she flung them into the piles of clothing on the floor.)

Next, she spread my legs apart, and started kissing my thighs, slowly working down toward my pussy. Just before getting there, she stopped and started blowing on me, causing shivers of delight to run up my spine and body. I couldnt believe how much i was enjoying this.

She used her fingers to open me up, and started sucking and licking my clit. She knew exactly where and how to do it, just as only a woman can.

I started squirming and rocking, my breath came raspy and quickened with the delight of her tounge touching me like no one else has before. (sorry bill, but even you are not that good.)

Her fingers started working their way into me, becoming slick with my juices. Every time i was ready to cum, she backed off a bit, then went at it again and again and again in a way that elongated my enjoyment.

I came four times that night, and got to learn how to eat pussy by an expert.

I love these parties, especially where i can get a girl in front of me, and a man behind me at the same time.

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