The life of Ias

The life of Ias

My name is Ias, I’m 16 years old, have black hair, brown eyes, I live in New Orleans, LA, I’m 5 foot 9 and a very logistical thinker. I also love women; I don’t really have a type, so almost any type of girl turn me on, but each time I try to talk to a girl I would wine up talking myself right out of it. I would always think that I would say something wrong, or I would not be able to think of anything to say, so as the year went by I discover my mind had became my worst enemy. This was very bad for me because I knew a lot about sex, and I like to think of myself as a closet perv. I guest all the crap that I like to watch on TV screw me up but I never lost control, I've never lost control like the time I visited my cousin.
Well umm… I guest it all started when I was in school, it was the day before the Christmas holiday. It was lunch time, but I stayed after class to help the teacher with moving things around in the class (I know I’m a nerd). While I was chair around the room Des walked into the class room looking for me. Now me and Des were best friends, we have known each other sine we where sine I first started high school, and I've always had the biggest of crush on her, but never dream of asking her out. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair that reach down to her back, and almost touch her ass, brown eyes, wonderful skin, big breast, and ass for days, but the best part of all was her slime personality. Des had come to find me to give me a lunch that she had made for the two of us but she could not find me outside with the other kids. Now, Des was not the best cook in the world but she made all her food with love, so that helped.
After I was done working, me and Des stayed in the classroom to eat her lunch, joke around a bit and to discuss plans for the upcoming break. “So… what are you going to do for a whole two weeks without me Ias” Des ask me. Well Des, I plan on getting laid, but if that doesn't happen then I’ll spend my time with my aunt and uncle. “Ha! You get laid" Des said. It’s no joke Des, stop laughing at me. Well it’s just that I know you and your way to shy for that, and do you even have a girl in mind. “Well maybe you would like to volunteer” I said, hoping for an answer I knew I was not going to hear. She laughed and said no thanks and continued to eat. When the bell rung, me and Des got up, cleaned up, and got to class. At the end of the school day I wait for Des and gave her a hug that would last her for the next two week before getting on the school bus to go home.
When I got home, the only think on my mind was getting in to the bed, but my uncle John was already there to pick me up. Uncle John greeted me and told me to hurry and pack because we were leaving soon, so I didn’t put up a fight and when to my room to start packing. I got to my room and seen my uncle adopted female child on my bed in nothing but her small pink panties and bra,this turn me on a lot, but did not shock me. My cousin Meka was always a wild child, she always really really like me sometime show her love for me but doing many random sexual act, but I always stop her before she goes to far. Our patents didn't mind much because we were not blood related, but I still thought it was wrong. Meke look a lot like Des but with shorter hair, long smooth legs, lighter skin, bigger beast, and an ass that would make an army forget what they were fighting for.

(Meka) hi Ias! you like my under wear? I wore them just for you. I was thinking of wearing a swim suit because I know how much you like them but this just came to mind.

(Ias) Meka get off my bed and put on some cloths.

(Meka) awww… you don’t like this. Well I have a maid outfit with me, would you like that?

(Ias) Meka stop this and make your self useful and help me pack.

(Meka) only if you take off your cloths off to and come in the bed with me.

(Ias in a loud tone) Meka!

(Meka) ok! but your hot when your mad.

(Ias) and you’re a firth

(Meka) no, I’m a nasty girl, don’t you like nasty girls?

Meka lifted up my shirt and started to rub my bear chest. My cousin was a bitch! She knew all of my weakness and used them just to mess with my mind, but I never let her get to me, because I always had been able to out think her. Still I could never out talk my cousin; she was always able to twist my words around on me. I envy her because she always knew what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. Meka and I packed all of my things and we when down stairs. When we got down stair no one was shock that Meka was in her under wear.

(John) hey Ias you founded Meka good for you. You already to go


We got in the car to get going but, I remember that I did not call Des to tell her I was going. I pulled out my cell phone to make a call but my uncle turn up the radio, and when I ask him to turn it down he told me no phone in the car. Well, now that I couldn't make phone call I decide to take a long nap so I told Meka to wake me up when we got to the next rest-stop. I woke up an hour later at my cousin house on the soft to an uncomfortable heat in my crotch area. I looked down to see my cock expose to the air in the house and in my cousin hands, and it felt great, the only problem was Meka fell asleep and I did not want to wake her, but I did anyway.

(Ias) Meka wake up! Meka!

(Meka) umm… oh hi Ias wazz up

(Ias) umm… can you you let go of my cock Meka?

(Meka) I could but I don’t want to

Meka started to rub my cock, and it felt so good that I could not think straight. I would have stopped her but if it wasn’t for the feeling of her rubbing the tip of my cock. After few minute I started to feel a force build up in my cock, so I told Meka I think I’m about to cum. That just made things worst because she started to lick the tip of my dick, and that just pushed me over the edge. I came and Meka lick it up, but she wanted more. Meka got off the soft and started to take her under wear off (that’s right she never putted on cloths).
After I came I started to return to my right mind, so I knew I had to stop this. Meka was completely naked now and she looked beautiful, but I did not have time to think about how wonderful her body now. I got off the soft and told Meka that we need to stop this, we're cousin.

(Meka) aww… but you already got off and I didn’t. How’s that fair you jerk

(Ias) Meka I’m not joking here. Please!

(Meka) Ok but only because your cock tasted so nice

(Ias) whatever! Meka I’m tried, where is my room

(Meka) upstairs! You're sleep with me

(Ias) what! Does uncle John know about this?

(Meka) yeah! It was his idea

(Ias) great!

Once we got up to her room I ask Meka to get me a glass of water, but once she left the room I locked the room door behind her. Once she got back she tried to get the door open, but she did not put up that big of a fight which made me a little uneasy, but who cared, I was to sleepy to think, so I when to bed. The next morning, I woke up and I felt warm all over, and I could not move my arms and legs. I some how mange to get the cover off me and I saw Meka lying on top of me, now I had to wake her up again, but I learned that she was already awake.
Meka greeted me like a child who didn't didn’t know what she was doing and started to wiggle herself on top of me and this felt so good, but it was time to stop this. So I luster up all my strength and threw her off me, but that was not all I still had more on my mind.

(Ias) Meka! What the hell are you doing! I told you to stop fucking around! This shit is wrong, and you know what if you don’t stop your ways you’re going to fucking burn in hell for this shit, so stop being a selfish nasty bitch!…I’m going to take a shower.

After that moment I had with Meka I left to take a shower but I felt so wrong for the way I talked to Meka that I just had to go back and say I’m sorry. As I got to the door of Meka's bedroom I started to hear wired sounds; I thought she was crying, so I peeked though the door being careful not to be seen. As I looked though room doors I was really shocked to see Meka masturbating while moaning my name. as I watch her masturbate my penis started to get hard then ever before. this was the first time I ever seen a girl masturbating and my cousin look so hot doing it. As Meke move and wiggled around on that bed, the nastiest thoughts about my cousin just started to enter my mind. This got to me in a weird way, to see not her body calling me but to hear her heart crying out for me. I couldn’t talk or control my acting but something in my body force me to go in the room. I walked in the room, but I could not say a thing, but Meka looked over at me. She beckoned me over to her and spread her legs widely for me as I lower my head.
I was in between Meka legs, and still didn’t have any control of my body, but at that time I could only think that this is heaven. My cousin Meka smell so sweet that I just had to taste, so I started to lick her wet, hot, and beautiful cunt. I don’t know what my cousin was thoughts were on my first time eating pussy, but her moans told it all. After a few minutes she came, and it was wonderful when all her juices went all over my face. Now that she came I thought I was done, but whomever or whatever was controlling my body was not done yet. My body reposition itself where my cock lined up with her pussy. As I enter here pussy I couldn’t help but thing about how tight and warm it was, but I kept pushing. Push after push her moaning became louder and louder, and there was nothing I could do but enjoy my cousin tight little pussy. I felt myself about to cum and I mange to getting control enough to tell Meka I was about to cum. At this time meka had already came about three or four time so I knew she would not be displeased with me cumming.

(Meka) Please, in my mouth Ias! Please!

I was able to pull out and cum in her mouth. Meka got all of it and swallow every little drop. And right at that moment whatever was controlling my body just left and I was left there thinking.

(Ias) Wow! What just happen

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