the mailman and Friends

the mailman and Friends

The next morning, I couldnt hardly wait for the mail to run. My pussy was wet all morning, just thinking about several guys watching me fuck a dog, then gang bang my hot sweet cunt. I had a nice big walker hound already picked out.

My cunt was ready right now. At 2 pm the mailman pulled into the driveway. I jumped up, and ran to the door. My mailman was standing in the door, just grinning. Hi!!, I said excited. Well tell me, how many guys have you got lined up? I asked.

Were you really serious, when you said how many didnt matter? he asked. Hell yes, damn it, I want as many as you can get. I replied. Well, he paused, then grinned again. How would you feel about letting 6 of us watch your show, then we will use that hot cunt of yours. Hell yes, If you can bring more too. I answered.

How old are they? I asked. They are 18 to 25. he answered.Good, thats what I like, young and full of cum. Can you all be here at 6 tonight? I asked him. Yes, we will be here at 6 sharp. He said. Good, just come on into the den, I will be there with a dog waiting. I want to see 6 hard cocks in my den tonight. I will fuck more if you can get them. I said to him. God, you are one hot cunt. he said. Tonight you will see just how hot my pussy really is. I answered.

He turned and left, my cunt was burning for cock now. My heart beat 100 miles a minute, just thinking of a room full of dicks, hard wonderful dicks, just for me. I am going to feast on hard cocks tonight!!, I laughed out loud. I will show Tom, If he wants me to be his slut. I will be the slut. God, here I am fucking and sucking dogs, then on top of that, I am drinking piss too. I smiled, I am the really perverted one. Tom just opened the door for me.

At 4pm, I went in to draw a bath, I wanted to soak my tight body, and dream of dicks.At 5pm, I got out of the bath and dried off, putting on my most expensive perfume. I sprayed my thighs and my ass, I wanted all of me sweet smelling. I put my long hair up into a bun, then put on a pair of glasses. I was going for the teacher look.

I dug out a black garter, and black silk stockings. I put on a pair of black spiked heels. Shit these feel wonderful, I said ,as I ran my hands down my long legs. I stood in front of the mirror, these look hot, I said as I turned and looked at my tight ass in the mirror. I put on a black lace short teddy. Nice, I thought. I am going to enjoy this night. I smiled.

A dress, what dress to wear? Something to go with my teacher look. I found a black sexy thing, the hem came about 8inches above my knees. Yes, This will do. School teacher outside, a dog slut whore inside, I smiled. I let the hound into the house. He went straight for the den. Good boy, I said to him. You want to fuck mommy? Mommy wants my boy to fuck me too. It wont be long now. I told the animal, as if he understood me.

At 555pm 2 cars pulled into the driveway. My breath was short, my heart was pounding and my cunt was ready. I listened as they were laughing and talking as they stepped onto the porch.The bell rang, I walked to the door. I heard a couple of them yell. Shit, she is hot. I opened the door, my mailman started to introduce the guys to me. I told him to stop. My name is Dottie, thats all the introduction we need.

You guys are here to see my little show, and gang fuck me. I smiled, and looked at them over my glasses. Shit, one said, as I turned and led them into the den. The beers in the fridge, help yourselves. I told them. They all got a beer and sat down on the couch and chairs. There were 8 guys here, 2 more than was planned, I said to myself. Great, 2 extra cocks. They were young, 18 to 22 or 23. As all the guys settled down drinking their beer.

I moved to the center of the room. I backed up to one of the boys and said. Unzip me son. I am going to show you all something special. I told them.The boy unzipped my dress to my ass. I walked slowly towards the dog. I let my dress fall to the floor, stepping out of it. Man, I cant believe this is really going to happen. One boy said. Well it is, I told him, as I sat down on the floor beside the large dog.

I started rubbing the animals body. My legs were spread wide so the boys could see my tight wet cunt. You boys like looking at my pussy? I asked. Hell yes. They yelled. I pushed two fingers inside me, then raised my fingers to my mouth and sucked my juices from them. You really like looking at my wet cunt? Boys, get those cocks out, I want to see some meat too. I told them. I started to crawl around the floor on all fours.

The dog was smelling my wet cunt. Shit this bitch is really going to do it. One said. All the guys were naked now. God, they are beautiful. The sight of 8 hard cocks staring at me, wanting me. Thats a sight I will never forget.

The hound was sideways in front of my face. I reached under his belly and found his wonderful sheath covered cock. God Damn, she is going to suck him, one yelled. I smiled as I worked the dogs cock out, fully exposed from the sheath. I ran my tongue along the shaft of the hounds cock. My ass in the air, and my legs were wide spread.

This cunt is hot, I heard one say. Look the slut is sucking that dog. Another said. My mouth was covering every inch of the massive cock. I looked towards the boys as I licked the dogs cock. Everyone of them were playing with their hard cocks. Shit, I thought to myself, the black kid is really hung. He must be 12 inches long. My ass ached for that one.

Flicking my tongue up and down the shaft of the dogs cock, excited me, the dog, and the boys. Suck him cunt, suck that nasty cock. One yelled. They all laughed. I loved what I was doing and loved the fact that these boys were enjoying it too. I started sucking the dog, feeling his massive hips fucking my face. Go bitch, go, eat that dog dick. Make him cum!!! Another shouted.

I was taking the dogs cock, knot and all, down my throat. I could taste his cum. I moaned. She is going to drink his cum. Shit this whore is nasty. The black kid said. With every stroke of the dogs dick, I was cumming more and more. I pulled my mouth from the throbbing cock, I rolled the hound onto his back. My mouth found the dogs balls. I sucked them into my mouth.

Suck those balls you dirty cunt. Fuck this whore is wild, one guy laughed. I could tell from their yells, they were loving my dog show. Hot little bitch, the boys laughed. God I loved the cheering section. My cunt juices flowed, as the boys kept chanting. Suck those nuts, no cunt eat his ass! One yelled. With that, I moved my face around so I could suck the animals asshole. Slut eat his ass, God eat that dogs ass, they yelled.

Tom would just shit if he walked in right now, I thought to myself. As my tongue slid inside the dogs tight asshole. I moved my free hand to my wet cunt, and pushed four fingers inside me. Fuck, I want that nasty whore soon, they screamed. I licked around the animals asshole, as I four fingered my hot wanting cunt. I pulled my lips from the dogs ass, and mounted his hard cock.

I slammed my cunt down hard on the red dick. My hot cunt swallowed the massive knot. Yes, I yelled, as my swollen pussy ate the red pointed dick. She took it all, her cunt is full of dog cock. Shit, I love this sweet slut. Go bitch, ride that dogs cock. They yelled. The well hung black kid was stroking his massive tool, as I rode the hounds cock. Would you like to fuck my ass with that? I smiled at him.

Fuck yes, he jumped to his feet. I raised my ass some to meet the head of his black pole. He pressed the head of that black cock to my wanting asshole. Push It in me, I screamed. Shove that black dick into my ass. I added. Yes,Yes, God Yes, I yelled as the boy shoved his rod into my asshole. Yes, more, give me all of that cock. Fuck me, I moaned as the boy pushed farther inside me. All of it, Fuck me with all of it. Shove it deeper. I yelled.

The black kid, slammed his balls against me. Yes, I screamed. Fuck me hard. The kid hammered my streached asshole harder. God yes, fuck my ass. I moaned. My cunt full of dog cock, my ass full of black meat. My cunt exploded as the dog humped me, Yes I am cumming. Fuck my ass, I screamed. She is full of cock, Fuck her whore ass, the boys yelled. Fuck her white slut ass jimmy, fuck her good, they screamed.

The dogs cum was running out of my pussy. Fuck me harder with that black cock, I moaned again. Im cumming, Jimmy shouted. Fill my asshole with your sweet young cum, I demanded. Fill my ass full. Yes, Yes, Yes, my body quaked as the black cock shot deep inside me. Yes baby, Fuck your white whore, Fuck meee. My cunt gushed over the dogs dick, as I came hard.

Jimmy fell to the floor. Way to go man, the other boys yelled. I got off the dogs cock. Cum poured onto the floor. I want to suck all your hard cocks, I begged. Please I need to eat all your cum, I kept begging. The youngest looking one stood with his 7inch cock in front of my mouth. Me please, I am about to cum, he said. As soon as my lips touched his cock, he exploded. Drink it cunt, he yelled, as his sweet cum flowed into my mouth. I swallowed the thick juice. Eat me whore, the boy said. Go Allen fill the cunts mouth. They were all laughing.

I moaned, I love this, two cocks drained and six more wonderful dicks to go. I thought, as I swallowed Allens cum to the last drop. His hot cum felt great sliding down my throat. Who is next? I smiled at them. I need more cum. I am a skinny lad yelled. Im ready too, he added. Yes baby, cum for me. I told the kid. Let me take care of that cock of yours.

The guy standing before me had a small 5inch cock, and from the look in his eyes he was ready to blow his wad too. I put my lips over the head of his cock, he shoved it into my mouth and face fucked me. He pumped my mouth about 10 times, then, yelled I am cumming. Do it, eat my cum you dog whore, he screamed, as his thick juice filled my mouth. The boy grabbed the back of my head, and force fed me his cum. I swallowed for all I was worth. God this is the greatest, I thought to myself.

One of you fuck me, I told them. Fill my cunt , please, I begged. Hurry, I need a cock in me now. I pleaded with them. One of them got behind me and with one thrust, he drove his 8 inch cock deep in my wet cunt. Yes, I moaned, Fuck my cunt. Drill my nasty dog cum filled cunt. I rocked my ass enjoying every inch of cock. I knew the boy wouldnt last long. Im cumming, the guy screamed, God this whore can fuck, he added, as he filled me full of hot cum.

Fuck me, I yelled as my juices covered his stiff cock. Fill my cunt full, I shouted as my cunt milked every drop of cum from his dick. God I need more cock, My god please, double fuck me. I begged the guys. One of the guys layed down on the floor, I quickly climbed on his dick. I slid my pussy down the shaft of his 9 inch cock. In my ass, I told them. Someone put a big cock in my ass, I pleaded. One of the guys began stuffing a large cock in my ass. Yes, DO IT, FUCK MEEEE, I yelled ,as his cock streached my hungry asshole.

The feeling of two cocks in me was heaven. Yes, Yes boys, fuck meeeeeeee, I screamed as my cunt exploded. Now fill my mouth, I want to suck down somemore cum. Two cocks were in front of my face as the words left my mouth. I sucked one, then the other. Both guys building up to give me their sweet cum. I smiled to myself, I felt like a fat slut, at a all you can eat diner. With all the cocks to suck and fuck. Both guys I was sucking, exploded at the same time. I swallowed as much cum as i could. Hot cum sprayed my face and hair.

The guy under me shot his load in my soaked cunt. Yes, I screamed, fuck me, FUCK MEEE, harder God Yes, give me your hot cum. I added. Im cumming too, the boy in my ass shouted. Give it to me, I told him. Pump my asshole full of cum. The guy filled my ass with his hot cum. My cunt was still on fire. God I need more cum, I told them.

This whore cant get enough, someone shouted. I want two cocks in my cunt, I begged them. Another guy layed down, I went from a going soft cock, to another hard one. I slammed my open cunt down hard on the big dick, I want two, I need my cunt full of cock. Please, I begged them. Yes, I screamed, as the second cock pushed into my already full cunt. YES, STREACH MY CUNT, I yelled, as the guys drove their cocks into my cunt.

Shit, a fucking nympho, one yelled. GOD DAMN RIP MY CUNT APART, I screamed, as the two rocked in me. Yes you little shits, FUCK MEEE, I am cumming again. God yes, my pussy draining my cum on the two dicks. Both boys shot me full again. God this is great, I told them. We all lay in the floor, my body weak , I trembled as the last waves of pleasure left me. One of the guys handed me a beer. I drank it down fast. My mouth was dry, and I needed that, I told them.

All the guys were drinking and laughing and still watching my tight slim body. Jesus Dottie, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen, said my mailman. Well Bobby, we arent done just yet, I said to him, and smiled. Does anyone have any cum left?? I asked. Five of the guys were stroking their half hard cocks. Yes, they answered one after the other. Great, i said, I want a cum bath. I need you all to jack off on me, I smiled at them.

This cunt loves cum, one said. Yes baby, I do, I answered. I layed on my back, then raised my spread legs. I started fingering my sloppy cunt. First one finger, then two, until my fist was swallowed by my cunt. I worked my fist in and out of my pussy, as the guys stood around me. They watched my cunt being streached, and fist fucked. Throwing my head back, I moaned, cum all over me. Please shoot your loads all over me, I begged them.

JESUS, is there no end to this cunts madness, one yelled. I fist fucked myself harder as the boys jacked their cocks. Do it boys, Please cum on me. I told them. The boys were watching my fist going deeper inside me. I reached around with my free hand, and pushed three fingers into my ass. I fucked myself as the guys started to cum. Im cumming, they yelled. Do it now, I moaned as the first load hit my face, Yes baby, cum for me, I told him.

I fucked myself harder as load after load of sweet cum covered my face, tits, and stomach. IM CUMMING, I screamed as I fucked myself wildly. YES, YES, the boys screamed, as the last drops of cum left their cocks. I pulled my fist from my cunt, and fingers from my ass. I rubbed the sticky juice into my skin. God I cant believe this night. I heard one say. Me either said another.

Jimmy asked, where is the bathroom?, I really need to piss, he said. Damn me too, added the other guys. Wait, I will show you all. I have something else I want you to do for me. Fuck, now what, one laughed. I smiled, you will see, I said. A couple of the guys helped me to my feet. My legs were weak, I couldnt hardly stand. Follow me, I told them. I led the young men to the bathroom. I stepped into the tub, and plugged the drain. I knelt in the tub. Now boys, wash this cum off me with your warm piss.

Fuck Dottie, you are a nasty slut. Never in my life have I ever seen a slut like you, another said. I am a slut, a dog cock, piss drinking slut. And im proud of it, I smiled, and answered. The boys stood around the garden tub, their beautiful naked bodies, were almost more than I could stand. Please boys, please, I want to feel your hot piss over my body. I moved in front of James, the black kid. I am going to put your cock in my mouth, try and piss as slow as you can, I said to him. I want to drink as much of your hot piss as I can, I added.

Fuck yes, he said. I put the tip of his black cock in my mouth. Bitch, here it comes, he said. He started pissing slowly into my slut mouth. Yes, drink my nigger piss cunt, James said. The boys were laughing as he filled my belly with his golden juice. My mind was reeling, as I was swallowing every drop of his piss. Two of the other guys couldnt wait, they pissed my hair and over my tits.

James was still pissing my mouth. God I love this nasty shit, I thought to myself. Two more guys started pissing covering every inch of my body. I reached down and cupped my cunt, and filled my hand with my own warm piss, as the tub was filling with the golden liquid. James said, thats all I have. I had swallowed every bit of the black guys piss. God I am a complete slut, I said to myself.

I love feeling your hot piss on me, i told them. One of the boys cock was about half hard. Put that in my cunt and piss, Please. I told him. I want to drink more pee, I told them. I put my pee soaked ass towards the young man. He put the head of his cock into my soaked cunt. Piss my cunt please, I begged him.

The last two guys were in front of me. I looked at them, and said, slowly, piss slow. I want to drink it all. Here it comes bitch, one said, as a stream of yellow nectar shot from the head of his cock. The guy in my cunt, blasted the walls of my cum filled cunt. I swallowed as piss ran down my legs soaking my stockings. God ,I thought, this is nasty and wonderful. Take this piss, you nasty bitch, the guy behind me yelled.

You dirty slut, take all this piss the last guy said, as he washed my face and hair. I drained the juice from the cock in my mouth. God yes, I moaned. I layed down in the tub and rolled over and over, in the boys piss. Rubbing my cunt and asshole with the golden liquid. Shit, I wish there were a hundred of you pissing on me right now, I smiled.

I felt dirty, and nasty, and i still wanted more, I thought. The more the better. I couldnt believe how nasty I had become in only a couple of days. I sat in the tub splashing the piss over my body. The boys were thanking me for the night, as they were dressing. I pulled the plug in the tub, and turned on the shower. I stripped off my piss soaked garments, and left them in the tub.

I washed the smell of cum, sweat, sex, and piss from my body. I put my hair up in a towel, then wrapped another around my used body. When I walked into the den there were still four of the guys still there. They all kissed me and said their good byes. I told my mailman, I would let him know when we could do this again.

James, the black kid, was the last to go out the door. I grabbed his arm, and pulled him to me. I kissed him long and deep. Honey, I asked him. Do you have a few black friends that you would like to bring over to see my little show? Fuck yes, I know several, he said. Give me your phone number James, I will call you tomorrow, and see what you can do for my slut cunt, I smiled and said.

You bet, he handed me his dads business card, call the home number, he said as he leaped from the porch. Thank you Dottie for a great night. No honey, Thank you all for making my night, I told him.

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