The new pattio deck

The new pattio deck

What a delightfuly fun day I have had today.

For the last 2 weeks they have been replacing the pattio decks on all the apartments in the complex where I live, and today was my turn to get a new deck.

As it turned out, today was 98 degrees, so to stay cool I only wore a pair of very revealing thong panties. Still, because of the heat I was very sweaty and just dripping wet. So I opened the curtons for the big glass patio and opened the sliding door to let some of the air inside.

Well, there were 4 big man on my patio getting ready to tear it down and replace it with all new wood. I just told them not to mind me, it is just so hot I have to have some freash are into the apartment. After looking me up and down a couple times, they assured me that it would be no problem as long as I didn't venture out onto the patio where they were working.

Not wanting to be a bother, I just sat in a chair facing the patio area, watching them work. And to be sure they were watching me as well. There were 2 black guys, a mexican and a white guy.

One of the black men asked if he could bother me for a glass of water, as it was very hot. I just told him it was no bother at all, but that he might want to come into the kitchen area with me and I would get him a cold soda.

As soon as we were in the kichen I opened the frig and bent over, exposing my ass for his pleasure. I could feel his hands exploring my ass and inner-thighs. When I didn't protest he started fingering my cunt. Sticking 2 fingers into my sopping wet cunt and his thumb into my ass, moving them in and out slowly, listening to me moan in pleasure at his touch.

I turned around and took his big hand into mine and moved his fingers that had been inside me to my lips and started sucking on them. I then slowly lowered myself down his body untill my face was looking at his cock bulging in his pants. As I lowered the zipper and stuck my hand inside his pants, I was looking up so he could see my face just inches from his cock.

When my hand found his cock my mouth opened and I sucked my breath in and wispered My God. he just looked down at me and chuckeled a little. Go on he said, you'll like it.

I pulled it out at just staired at the monster cock before me for a few moments. Then I started sucking it into my mouth, but it was so big I could only take about half into my mouth at first, that was when he grabbed my head and started fucking my face, driving his monster cock ever deeper into thye back of my throat untill I was litterely gagging and choaking on it. But I loved every second of his brutle thrusting into my mouth and throat.

After about a minute of this he gave me a breather and looked around to see the other three watching us, so I waved them to come inside and join us. It didn't take long for them to get inside and get their clothes off and start thrusting their cocks in the direction of my face and mouth. I was only to happy to oblige them by sucking their cocks as well.

The first man with the monster cock was now laying on the floor with his head between my thighs, licking my cunt and clit with his bid tongue. One of the other men was sucking my nipples and I was very turned on by this time, so I just kept sucking cock, which ever happened to be nearest my willing mouth.

They kept this up for several minutes untill I came with sudders and spasoms on the black mans face. Fuck me, Fuck me, I want your big cock inside my cunt now, please fuck me. I must have sounded insane, ranting that I wanted his cock inside my cunt like that, but I was so turned on and still feeling the waves of pleasure washing over me that I didn't care. I just wanted his cock inside me, and I wanted inside my cunt NOW!

Within a few seconds he was holding me on top of his sweaty body, driving his cock in and out of my cunt. I felt so good that I was thrusting my hips back and down onto that big cock, trying to take as much of it into my cunt as I could.

The other 3 were watching me getting fucked by this huge black cock, but I wanted more. So I told them to take turnes fucking my face, and in seconds a cock was thrust between my lips and into my mouth.

How increadible, feeling my cunt being pounded by this big cock, and 3 others fucking my face. Finaly I heard one of them saying, I going to cum, so I quickly took his cock into my mouth and was rewarded with a big load of cum. Mmmmmmmmm . . .
nice and thick, just the way I like it, filling my mouth with cum, tasting it on my tongue.

The other 2 wanted to cum on my face, so I told them to go for it, and looked up at them smiling and begging for their cum loads all over my face. They started jacking their cocks off right in my face and soon was spewing loads of cum on my face for their pleasure.

Just then the big black man fucking my cunt groans and thrusts his cock deep into my cunt and starts pumping cum into me. I could tell he was through cumming, because his back was no longer arching and his body started to relax, so I slipped his cock out of my cunt and started sucking it into my mouth, tasting his cum and my cunt juices on his cock. I could feel his cum running down my legs, so I reached back and caught as much of his cum as I could in the palm of my hand, then licked it off the palm of my hand with my tongue as they all watched.

Before they got dressed I had them stand around me so I could suck on theit soft cocks some more, which was a suprise to them that I would want to do that. I just told them that I just love having a cock in my mouth, soft or hard. they all smiled and laughed a little and told to to suck away, as they actually enjoyed watching me sucking their cocks and playing with theit soft cocks with my tongue.

After they all got dressed one of them looked at his watch and swore a little. When I asked what was wrong he told me that they would never be able to finish my deck today, and would have to come back tomorrow and finish it up. I just looked at them and smiled, then asked if that was really going to be a problem? They looked at each other, looked at me, then laughed and assured me it would not be a problem.

I am so very much looking forward to tomorrow, when they cum back to finish my deck.

Love and kisses on all your hard cocks . . . Sandi

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