the night i took a teens virginity

the night i took a teens virginity

This happened when i was 18 and it involved a beautiful 15 year old teen. This may be long but only because it was the best experience ive had!

When my sister started high school she was 12, at the time i was 15 and only had one year before i was able to leave. My sister made a friend called Jasmine, who, unfortunately for her, was bullied because she wasnt very pretty. My sister told me that Jasmine thought i was hot but in my view she was average in looks so i didnt see her in any way except as a friend. A year later Jasmine changed schools and moved about 20 miles away. Gradually over time her and my sister lost contact as they grew up and we didnt hear from her for about 2 years. However out of the blue one day my sister got a email from Jasmine saying could she come over and see her one day. I was by now 18 and had a girlfriend, though we had been having quite alot of arguments in the recent months which i think was kind of the reason i cheated on her with Jasmine.

The next saturday Jasmine arrived and when i went through to say hi,i stopped in my tracks as i was met by a completely different person. Jasmine had turned from a average looking girl into a beautiful young woman, with long blonde hair, a lovely slim waist with a nice pert tight arse and on top of that a nice pair of breasts.
'Hello ben long time no see' she said,
'Hi jasmine how have you been?' i asked, we talked for a few minutes before i excused myself and went back to my room.
Later in the day Jasmine and my sister started having drinks. My mum allowed my sister to have a drink as long as it was in the house where she could keep an eye on her,and like most teenagers they were soon tipsy, giggling loudly as they were chatting on the internet. In the early evening i was having another argument with my girlfriend over the phone and she got angry and hung up on me then turned her mobile off so i couldnt reach her. This really annoyed me so went to my room to calm down, a while after that Jasmine came in and sat down next to me on the bed,
' so have you been doing much then?' she asked
' no just working and going out when i can' i replied. she nodded and sat back against the wall, as she was breathing i noticed her breasts moving up and down, it was a wonderful site but i quickly looked away before she saw me.
' did you ever like me when we first met?' she asked, well what could i say to that? that i didnt find her attractive, no i didnt want to hurt her feelings plus i felt guilty for judging her by her looks so i said ' of course i did i just thought we were a bit young to date'
'aww you were so cute back then' she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

later that evening i was pondering over that kiss and realised i was lusting after her as images of her laying naked on my bed went through my mind. i tried to snap out of it as she was only 15. At about 12.30am i heard my sister getting ready for bed, by now i was obsessed with Jasmine and knew i had to see at least part of her to see how beautiful her body was. My sisters light was turned off and i flicked through a magazine for about 30 minutes making sure they were fast asleep. I then walked to my sisters room and noticed she had left her door open just a fraction, i gently pushed the door so it was fully open. The only light i had was from the street lights but enough to notice my sister was on her side facing the window and Jasmine was laying front down on a airbed. A bit disapointing as i wanted to see her lovely pert breasts, then i noticed her left leg was sticking out from the thin duvet covering her. i gently tiptoed over and knelt down beside the airbed. I gently touched the part of her leg sticking out and it felt lovely and smooth. I moved up and my hand disapeared under the duvet going up to her lovely arse cheeks, as i touched her left cheek she squirmed and i quickly pulled back, by now my heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking. After letting her settle i went back up and gently stroked her left arse cheek again, she didnt move so i slid my hand to the middle of her arse and noticed she wasnt wearing anything, this made me breath in sharp and i felt myself starting to get hard, i moved down towards her pussy hoping she wouldnt wake up, i went down and felt a small mound of pubic hair. This must have tickled her because again she squirmed and made a small noise. I quickly got up and went back to my room not wanting to push my luck any further, that night i fantasised about her body and orgasmed about 3 times.

The next morning i was up as soon as i heard Jasmines voice and went through to the kitchen to have breakfast, after eating i made a cup of tea for my sister and Jasmine. As i went to my sisters room i could hear them giggling and started to get nervous as i pushed the door open. It was a nice sight, my sister was laying on her side facing Jasmine while Jasmine was sitting up on the airbed against the wall.The duvet covering her body from neck downwards. I looked at her and saw some of her lovely blonde hair covering her face. She moved the hair out of the way when i gave her the cup of tea and as she took it said,
'my ben what a gentlemen you are' i put my sisters tea on her bedside table before heading for the door
'no problem' i said, 'what are you girls upto today then?'
'going into the city' said my sister. I had plans to go out but wanted to spend a little bit more time with Jasmine in case i didnt see her again that day so i said,
'well i need to go in and get a few things, do you want a lift?'
'yea go on then, thanks' my sister replied, i went into the bathroom and got in the shower to get ready.
A couple of hours later we pulled up and parked in a multistorey car park, as we headed to the lifts to take us to the shopping center floor Jasmine was in front, so with my left hand i planted it on her right arse cheek and stroked it, quickly pulling away before my sister saw. As we were heading down Jasmine turned and smiled at me, she looked so sexy with her hair tied up in a ponytail, wearing light blue tight jeans and a white top, showing off her gorgeous tits. We got out and my sister went to the toilet, as soon as she was out of sight Jasmine turned to me and said 'now ben no more of that or people will think you're my boyfriend'
'you know what i wouldnt mind that at all' i replied,
My sister returned and said they had plans so were now heading off, my sister asked if they could get a lift back later but (much to my dismay) i had to say no as i had to go somewhere and said they would either have to get a bus or get one of our parents to pick them up.
I didnt see Jasmine again that day and was disapointed, plus overall frustrated.

A fortnight later Jasmine turned up again late afternoon, i had thought of her constantly during them two weeks and had to tell her how i felt, so at about 9pm i went into my sisters room and said did they want another drink.
'yes please'
'i'll come help you' Jasmine said, we went through to the kitchen and poured myself a pint before doing my sisters drink of malibu and coke. I knew i had to say it there and then so,
'you're gorgeous, you know'
'thanks ben, your still handsome as i remember, why you saying that anyway?'
'just wanted to tell you thats all' i shrugged
'well you should have said that sooner and asked me out shouldnt you, imagine how much fun we could have had at night'
by now our faces were so close our noses were almost touching and i could smell the sweet perfume she was wearing, those gorgeous lips i wanted to kiss, her silky blonde hair hanging loosely, weaving when she walked.
'shit' i thought, 'control yourself' i was beginning to get an erection but couldnt obviously put my hand down there to move it.
'well come into my room when everyones asleep and i'll show you how i really feel' i said
'maybe' and with that she took my sisters drink and went back to my sisters room.

At 1.30am, my sister and Jasmine had already been in bed for at least an hour. I was gutted.
'she isnt coming' i said to myself, so i turned off the light and went to sleep.

I woke up slowly and felt something stroking my face, i opened my eyes and saw Jasmine on top of me,
'you look so peaceful when you sleep' she said,
'thanks and you do too' i then went on to describe what happened the last time she stayed.
'well well well, i didnt think you were that dirty, you disapoint me'
'yea whatever, you love it' i replied, she then leant forwards and kissed me, i kissed her back and stuck my tongue in her mouth and found hers, i grabbed her right breast and with my left hand touched her arse and realised she was naked, knowing that i moved down and touched her clit. She looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers,
'may i carry on?' i asked, she smiled and nodded so i proceeded to rub her clit with my thumb, with my middle finger over her pussy, then going in,
'mmmmm thats good' she moaned, we rolled over so i was on top, by now i had a massive erection and it was pushing on her stomach leaking precum, she could feel it because she grabbed it and pulled down my foreskin, and with her thumb rubbing the top of my penis, spreading the precum over.
I carried on finger fucking her clit and pussy up until she started arching her back and gasping loudly,
'Are you getting close?' i asked, she nodded, her eyes screwed shut, her mouth opened gasping again. With that i withdrew my finger then went down with my head between her legs and starting to lick her clit, making it wet. Then inserting my finger up her pussy again,
'oh fuck, fuck' she moaned, then her body started shaking, her pussy was tightening up, then relaxing. I knew she was coming, with that i did my trick of putting my other finger up her arse, that sent her over the edge because she was moaning so loudly she put her hand over her mouth.
Afterwards she was breathing heavily, i moved back up. Her knees were bent up with her hands on her thighs.My dick was prodding near her entrance,
'are you a virgin?' i asked, she nodded, smiling. 'Do you have condoms with you?' she shook her head and just said 'get inside me, please'
I hesitated, wondering whether to carry on, but looking at her gorgeous face with those pert breasts and gorgeous lips i made up my mind and gently pushed forward.
Slowly i felt my dick enter her hole, the foreskin being pushed back by her tight pussy. I had never had sex with a virgin and the sensation was the best i'd ever felt. I began a slow rhythm, looking at her she smiled at me, and i bent forwards and kissed her neck. As we continued i started to speed up, the frustration of the last two weeks coming out,with her knees bent up she moved with me, grinding her pussy on my dick. All to soon i started getting close,
' I'd better pull out' i said, 'no come inside me please, i want my first time to be proper' so i carried on and let go and felt my cum gush out, i slowed down until i stopped coming.
We were both gasping, i leant forwards and kissed her, with that i pulled out and hugged her.

An hour later she got up and went back to my sisters room, seeing her lovely arse from behind was great. The next day i broke up with my girlfriend and started dated Jasmine. Although we kept our relationship a secret until she turned 16 a month later.

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