The Priest and I

The Priest and I

[b]I was 17 at the time, (this only happened about a year ago) and i had just started a new school. I am 5'5 with 32b breasts that have a good shape, long blonde hair and an average figure because i am a dancer. Anyways, I had moved from a public school to a Catholic School because it was what my parents wanted, and during the first few months i had quite a bit to do with the priest at our school… i am going to call him mike (which isnt his name but i wanna keep his identity safe)
So anway it all started when my parents invited him out to dinner at our place as a way of saying thank you for all he had done for me, helping me settle into school, being new and all. My parents really liked him and trusted him because they are such devout catholics, they think nothing wrong of priests, thats why mum was all keen to let mike take me out for a driving lesson that night.

It was pitch black out side and it was a muggy evening still in the summer time, i drove to the top of a hill and stopped so i could let him drive. We began talking and flirting until i eventualy made the first moce and leant on him, he was still driving so couldnt do much, we eventually found a little space beside a river where we could park up and "talk".

Before we did anything at all he clarified that i was ok with it and that i wouldnt tell anyone at school, which of course i wouldnt because i wouldnt want to destroy my reputation as well as his. We Began to kiss passionately and i reached down to rub his hardening cock whichwas obviously twitching through his jeans. he grabbed my arse, and i could feel my pussy seeping wetter and wetter by the second, i knew we couldnt carry on though because mum expected us home, so i stopped it before it could get any farther that night, i did not want to have sex in a car, as that would mean loosing my viginity in a car which is totally not what i had wanted. So we stopped and drove a bit so his hardon could subside, my mom and i were going to be travelling in and staying at the preistery with him, because i had dancing in town the whole weekend, which meant we could carry on the next night. We drove home to my place and acted like nothing had happened at all.

The Next morning i couldnt get my self ready quick enough i was so excited at what was going to happen, i made sure i packed condoms because if we were to have sex, i couldnt risk a pregnancy especially with a priest, so anyways we arrived at his place around supper time after a day of shoppingwith mum, and had supper with him. Mum and I had got some dvds to watch so we spent a few hours watching them, before long Mum decided she was tired and went to bed (which by the way was upstairs, and i was sleeping downstairs, so was mike in a different room.) when mum gone upstairs i told mike that i would be back in a few minutes, and went and slipped into my jammies, grabbed a condom and slipped it in my bra, when i returned mike was in his jammies as well.

He was sitting on the floor, so i went over to him and sat on him facing him. We held each other for a moment before embracing in a passionate kiss, i could feel all the holy pictures staring at me as i slipped my hands down his jammie pants and held on to his cock, to me it felt big because i had never had any cocks bigger before that night- however i now know that 6 inches is pretty average. Once i had pulled his pants right off i began stroking his bulging penis starting off slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft, building up a slow rythm until his cock was seeping small amounts of pre cum. I decided to take it further and lowered my lips to his cock, i licked his head tasting the sweet pre cum delicacybefore engulfing his cock in my mouth, moving my mouth back and foward on his cock i covered it in a light layer of saliva which lubricated it so i could speed up, the faster i got the more his cock bulged, i had given blow jobs before nd knew he was about to blow so i stopped, looked him in the eyes and told him to take me to his bedroom.

By now i was so turned on my pussy was dripping with love juice and i knew i wanted to fuck him then and there, so flowllowing quickly behind, i was led to his room, where i jumped on his bed and ripped my pants and panties off, i handed him the condom and told him we wouldnt go further without it, so he obliged. He knew it was my first time and told me he would go easy, i opened my legs out so my cunt was exposed, he lent over me and put his finger up it, spreading my natural lubricant around the hole he got his cock ready and began to ease it in. There was little resistance from my hymen which was already more or less gone because of how much i stretch at dancing, but what was left still bloody hurt as he eased in, he seen me wincing and asked if i wanted to stop, i told him no the only way round it was to carry on, so he pushed further in and it became more painful, i told him to start moving, so he thrusted lightly back and forth a few times, and the pain eased off, i joined him and built up a rythmpushing in and pulling out, he was leaning over me and i had my legs wrapped around his ass. He began pushing harder and harder and faster, i could feel his cock pounding the inside of my cunt walls and it felt so so good, the walls of my cunt began to contract slowly, building up to a climax, mike continued fucking me, faster and faster, telling me how good i was and how tight i am "oooooh yes its been yearss ooooh yes oooooh yes" all i could say was "hharder hharder fuck me fuck me!!!"
"ooooh yes kris im gunna blow im guna blow" and the thought of that sent me over the edge as everything in my vagina gave in and i let out a soft but pleasurable moan at the bliss of a sweet orgasm, not long after the moan mike pulled outand i let him blow over my stomach, the years of celibacy showed as he squirted out one massive load, squirt one was big and the other 5 were equaly the same, he collapsed on the bed beside me and looked at me "thanks for that kris, its been years so thanks so much" i looked at him cheekily, reaching for a towel to wipe the muck off my guts, "well ya know its only the first night, and theres still another four to go" with that i put my jammies back on and left the room.

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