The Public Mens Room

The Public Mens Room

In the Public Mens Room

There is a park that my wife and I sometimes walk in. It has trails and nature walks which is great for meandering or exercising.

I never used the Mens toilet near the parking lot and hadn’t noticed that there were always men near it or sitting in their cars. Always thought they were like me, salesmen who stopped for a quiet lunch in a quiet park.

One autumn day while finishing a walk, before going home, I quickly ducked into the Mens to take a leak. 3 urinals and 3 stalls. There were two men at the urinals which couldn’t be seen from the entrance, so I went into the end stall. Started to pee and noticed a hole in the wall. I peeked into it and saw that it had a hole in the other wall too and could glimpse clothing of a guy in the far stall. He looked into the hole and our eyes met across the empty one. I didn’t know what to make of it until a third guy entered that center stall and shut the door.

He took out his penis but didn’t pee, just stood there stroking it. Now I was a bit intrigued. The guy at the other stall stuck a finger through the hole and the man next to me turned and pushed his prick through, lowered his pants a bit and I knew he would be getting a blowjob!

I returned outside, my wife asked if anyone was in there because she had to go too and the Womens was closed for the winter. The guy from the center stall came out and went away. In a sudden mischievous impulse I said I didn’t think so but the center stall was the only toilet that worked and told her to just go right into that stall and she’d be able to go. I would stand near the door for her. I assumed the two guys at the urinal had left while I was in the cubicle.

She went in and entered the stall quickly, locking the door. I heard her moving about putting paper on the seat and couldn’t resist slipping open the door to the stall beside her and stealthily peeking into the hole. She was sitting on the toilet and looking at the hole in the other wall where the guy was. I could see a fast movement and thought he was probably jacking off and knew she could see him. I stuffed paper into the hole but plucked it enough to see through a fold.

She leaned closer to his hole, then suddenly ducked back and I imagined she had seen his cock. She looked again and finally I saw his cock come through. Mary leaned back. Didn’t seem to know what to do. Finally she reached over and touched the guy’s very hard looking penis, I could tell the man felt the touch because it seemed to harden. Mary stared down at the throbbing cock until finally gripped it softly. I couldn’t see her face so only watched her actions. She stroked it a moment and then got up and redid her clothing.

I moved back to the doorway and stood looking at the autumn leaves. She came out and didn’t say a thing about her experience, but I could see that she was flushed. I was excited that she actually touched that guy’s cock and didn’t even know what he looked like. But I had tickle of lust in my stomach because she wasn’t telling me about it. Something excited me about it. I thought I would maybe go back there sometime alone and see about getting blown myself, remembering how the first guy had sighed in pleasure while pressing into the glory hole.

Since then I have gone there a couple of times and got to know what goes on. You just stand there in a stall and show your cock hard and the guy in the next stall might suck it. It was a fabulous feeling to push my cock through the hole and have an anonymous warm mouth sucking it. I usually came in moments. I began to plan my work route to pause at the park for lunch. My sales job allowed me the freedom of traveling locally.

One day about a month later, I was parked in my car, watching to see who would go into the washroom when I saw my wife’s car pull up and park. Mary often walked here through the week while I was at work. She got out and stretched a bit, then walked off on a trail. I waited, and if she saw me would say I was passing and stopped for a break. When she returned, she seemed to linger while watching the Mens room. Finally she edged closer, pretending to stretch, until she was at the door, then slipped inside.

In surprise I quickly went to the doorway, listened but heard nothing. Two other guys were heading toward the washroom too so I entered. Two of the 3 stall doors were shut. I took the 3rd stall and quickly stuffed toilet paper into the hole again as if I didn’t want to be seen, then carefully poked at it until I had a small slit to peek through. My wife was sitting there watching something in the next hole. Then I could see a cock being pushed through! It was not huge but a nice shape. Mary stared at it a moment before putting her hand on it and stroking it slowly. It got bigger and seemed about to explode.

She leaned close and sniffed at it, then stroked it more, running her finger beneath the head. Her face close to the throbbing cock. I was now sitting there with my own cock out, whacking it! She leaned forward again, and I saw Mary lick at the guy’s cock! I was amazed and filled with wonder! She continued stroking it and then took the head into her mouth, sucking it slowly.

Oh my gawd it was so exciting! I came right then! She then returned to stroking it quicker until I saw the guy come his load while she held paper so he wouldn’t spurt on her. I was amazed and even then still had a hard-on. I heard the man leave and sat there in kind of a stunned but excited state! Was thrilled to hear another guy enter the stall beside her. After a few moments of my wife peeking through the hole, she finally rested her finger on the edge of the hole, and within seconds, a large cock pressed through. Mary immediately began stroking it. I was beautiful and hard and twitching on its own.

This time I watched my wife start to lick the underside of his pink head, then she engulfed it all in her mouth. I also saw her hand go down to her pussy and knew she was stroking herself as she sucked at the anonymous cock! I don’t know if the guy came in her mouth or not, but heard her whimper once while she came herself. Then he was gone.

I was afraid to stick my own cock through my hole because I was afraid she would recognize it. I watched as she stroked herself to another orgasm and then pulled up her pants and quickly left, now I feared she might see my car but as I peeked out, I saw her driving away. As another guy appeared I returned to my stall, he sat in the center stall and watched as I stroked my own cock, then fingered the hole and I stuck my cock through. It was engulfed by his mouth and I came a second time. I hadn’t done that since I was a teenager!

Well now I have been going back to that glory hole almost daily and have noticed quite a few men in the toilets. And I even wrote a thing on the wall about a woman sucking cocks in the center stall! The word is getting around about the female cocksucker who frequents the washroom and she goes there almost daily now, and it is strange, but when I get home from work, she always blows me too, maybe from guilt at doing all those other guys.

Well, I was in there again last week and the stalls were filled and I had to wait my turn. I could hear movement this time. A thumping sound. A guy came out and I ducked into his stall. Peeked through the hole and could see that my wife had her shorts off and was backed up against the hole on the other side! Some anonymous guy was fucking her! I know many men would have been angry at their wife fucking a strange guy, but I was thrilled with it! It was the most erotic thing I could imagine, and she was totally engrossed.

She pressed her finger at the whole and I helplessly pushed my cock through. I immediately felt her mouth on it. She was now sucking me while being fucked by a stranger! I barely could last 2 minutes before I came! My heart pumping wildly and my breathing disjointed. I stepped out of the stall while another guy stepped in, but I held the door while he pushed his cock through the hole, and peeked through the door crack where my wife was and watched her suck his cock while pressing back into the other glory hole! I peeked through that crack too and saw the guy with a large thick cock who was fucking her, very slowly, exactly as she liked it! She was now groaning with pleasure and I had to step away while I came the second time!

One time I peeked in to see her pressing her pussy against the hole, trying to let the guy lick her but the hole seemed to be too small. When she stepped away I could see the guy’s tongue trying to lick up and down and recalled how Mary used to like to have her clit sucked by taking it between my lips and sucking with a fluttering tongue. So one day I wrote on the wall of that stall that maybe someone should make it longer because there was a woman who came there who wanted licking. Even drew a shape extending downward beneath the main hole. After about a week I checked in again and someone had used a jig saw to make it wider and longer! I know I have gone crazy with lust and especially that it was my own wife I was helping to get her sexual fix, I was unable to control my actions because it was so pleasurable to me too! And yes, I love her like hell!

My wife was giving me ultimate pleasures and she didn’t even know it! I am afraid of losing my job now because I have to check out the glory hole every day. But I have her arrival times down to about 2 pm and always park my car in the trees now so she won’t see it. So far I have gotten dozens of blow jobs through the glory hole in that washroom and the best part is that my wife has given me about ten of them herself but doesn’t know it is me! I’ll try to fuck her there too, or suck her clit too but that stall is always occupied!

I am constantly looking for more glory holes too, stopping at every obscure public toilet I can find. But my local park is the best and I hope my situation never ends!

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